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% File :
% Author : Richard O'Keefe based on earlier versions due to
% Paul Wilk, Fernando Pereira, David Warren et al.
% Updated: 29 December 1986
% Defines: from/3 and get_cpu_time/1.
% Version: Dec-10 Prolog & Quintus Prolog.

% from(LowerBound, UpperBound, I)
% binds I to successive integers in the range LowerBound..UpperBound.
% It is designed solely for use in this application; for a general
% way of doing this use the standard library predicate between/3, or
% perhaps repeat/1.

from(I, I, I) :- !.
from(L, U, I) :- M is (L+U) >> 1, from(L, M, I).
from(L, U, I) :- M is (L+U) >> 1 + 1, from(M, U, I).

% get_cpu_time(T)
% unifies T with the run time since start-up in milliseconds.
% (We can't use the second element of the list, as some of the
% tests will call statistics/2 and reset it.)

get_cpu_time(T) :-
statistics(runtime, [T,_]).

% report(N, T0, T1, T2)
% takes the three times yielded by get_cpu_time and the number
% of iterations and prints the total, overhead, and average.

report(N, T0, T1, T2) :-
TestTime is T1-T0,
OverHead is T2-T1,
Average is (TestTime-OverHead)/N,
write(' milli-seconds/iteration'), nl.

% bench_mark(Name)
% is the new top level. It calls bench_mark/4 to find out
% how many Iterations of the Action and its Control to perform.
% To get the old effect, do something like
% bench_mark(nrev, 50, nrev(L), dummy(L)) :- data(L).

bench_mark(Name) :-
bench_mark(Name, Iterations, Action, Control),
( repeat(Iterations), call(Action), fail
; get_cpu_time(T1)
( repeat(Iterations), call(Control), fail
; get_cpu_time(T2)
write(Name), write(' took '),
report(Iterations, T0, T1, T2).

% repeat(N)
% succeeds precisely N times.

repeat(N) :-
N > 0,
from(1, N).

from(I, I) :- !.
from(L, U) :- M is (L+U)>>1, from(L, M).
from(L, U) :- M is (L+U)>>1+1, from(M, U).

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Archive   : AIJUN87.ZIP
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