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AI EXPERT magazine
December 1986


Catching Knowledge in Neural Nets
by C.C. Jorgensen and C. Matheus

The imitation of biological processes as a basis for AI
computation has a long history marked by periods of feverish
activity, fading interest, and resurrection. A flurry of clever
software and hardware developments has sparked a reevaluation in
the AI community as some amazing 'mind-machine' fusions pull
neural networks away from the future and into focus today.

Intelligence and the Computer:
The Central Role of Representation
by Oscar Firschein and Martin Fischler

Can intelligence be defined as the ability to create and
manipulate descriptions? Will expert systems technology ever
reach the point where machines replace humans in decision-making
tasks? Here we take a look at the central role played by the way
knowledge is encoded.

Understanding Frame Languages, Part II
Implementing PFL
by Tim Finin

Last month we introduced the general, underlying concepts behind
frame-based representation languages. This month let's focus on
a functional description of PFL and show portions of the Common
LISP code that actually implements it.

Knowledge Engineering in Practice
by Walter G. Rolandi

There is some confusion surrounding the actual application of
knowledge engineering within a defined business context. Applied
Behavior Analysis is one methodology within this emerging field
of software development that is quite interesting when compared
to traditional systems analysis.


Brain Waves
"The AI Triangle: R&D, End User,, and Mainstream Markets"
by Lee Hecht, C.E.O., Teknowledge

AI Insider
by Susan Shepard

Expert's Toolbox
"Retrieval from a Frame Data Base"
by Jonathan Amsterdam

AI Apprentice
"Pascal and LISP: A Tale of Two Languages"
by Beverly and Bill Thompson

In Practice
"Second Thoughts About AAAI '86"
by Henry Eric Firdman

"PROLOG by the Book, Guru, Simulation, and Assessment"
by Dr. Lance Eliot

Software Review
"Level Five Research: Insight 2+"
by Mike Fichtelman

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