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Excel v5.0 PowerPak Utilities. Includes 17 helpful utilities.

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Excel V5.0 PowerPak Includes 17 Helpful

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Excel v5.0 PowerPak Utilities. Includes 17 helpful utilities.
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BATPRINT.UTL 26112 12194 deflated
CONTENTS.UTL 22528 9894 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 51 51 stored
INSDATE.UTL 39936 17338 deflated
OBJALIGN.UTL 34816 13715 deflated
PERPCAL.UTL 37888 18002 deflated
POPCALC.UTL 34816 14618 deflated
POWER.HLP 57092 13915 deflated
POWER.XLA 159744 41434 deflated
PROPINSP.UTL 23552 10034 deflated
README.WRI 11008 4003 deflated
REGISTER.XLS 32256 9721 deflated
REMALARM.UTL 22016 9215 deflated
REMNOTE.UTL 21504 8920 deflated
SAVEBKUP.UTL 19456 7567 deflated
SELBYVAL.UTL 24576 9460 deflated
SHADE3D.UTL 36352 15935 deflated
SUPERGT.UTL 38912 15973 deflated
TEXTOOLS.UTL 30720 13089 deflated
TIMEDATE.UTL 23040 10286 deflated
TIMETRAK.UTL 34304 14482 deflated
ZOOMER.UTL 27648 10885 deflated

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Contents of the README.WRI file

Excel V5.0 PowerPak Includes 17 Helpful
Utilities1>UUUUUVThe Power Utility Pak for Excel
Version 1.0

Thanks for your interest in the Power Utility Pak. Please read through this document before you install the product.

<< For complete registration information >>
<< open the REGISTER.XLS workbook. >>

About the Power Utility Pak:
The Power Utility Pak is an add-in that significantly improves Microsoft Excel 5.0 for Windows. It includes 17 new utilities, 17 new worksheet functions, and provides enhanced shortcut menus. In addition, it adds a new Utilities menu and a custom toolbar.

The best way to become familiar with the Power Utility Pak is to install it and play around with it. You'll find that the new utilities and worksheet functions work exactly like the features built into Excel. For example, the dialog box style is virtually identical to those used in Excel. The Power Utilit Pak custom toolbar displays tool tips and a brief explanation in the status bar. And you can even use the Function Wizard to insert any of the new worksheet functions (the new functions are in the Power Utility Pak function category).

* Microsoft Excel for Windows 5.0 or later
* Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later
* At least 4 megabytes of RAM (although 8-16 is more realistic)
* Approximately 800 Kbytes of disk space to hold the utilities

Installation Instructions:
1.Create a subdirectory* off of your EXCEL\LIBRARY directory, and name it POWER.
2.Copy all of the files except POWER.HLP to the EXCEL\LIBRARY\POWER directory.
3.Copy POWER.HLP to your EXCEL directory.
4.Start Excel.
5.Choose the Tools Add-Ins command.
6.Click the Browse button, and select POWER.XLA in the EXCEL\LIBRARY\POWER directory.

* Note: The Power Utility Pak can be installed in any directory, but we strongly suggest creating an EXCEL\LIBRARY\POWER directory and installing it there.

Loading/Unloading Instructions:
Once POWER.XLA is installed using the Tools Add-Ins command, it will be loaded automatically whenever you start Excel. To completely remove the Power Utility Pak, select the Tools Add-Ins command and uncheck Power Utility Pak. If you quit Excel with Power Utility Pak unchecked, it will not load automatically.

File List:
XLPOWR10.ZIP should include the following files:

BATPRINT.UTLBatch Printing utility
CONTENTS.UTLWorkbook Contents utility
INSDATE.UTLInsert-a-Date utility
PERPCAL.UTLPerpetual Calendar utility
POPCALC.UTLCalculator utility
PROPINSP.UTLObject Properties utility
REMALARM.UTLReminder Alarm utility
REMNOTE.UTLReminder Note utility
SAVEBKUP.UTLSave With Backup utility
SELBYVAL.UTLSelect by Value utility
SHADE3D.UTL3D Cell Shading utility
SUPERGT.UTLSuper GoTo utility
TEXTOOLS.UTLText Tools utility
TIMEDATE.UTLTime and Date utility
ZOOMER.UTLInteractive Zooming utility
TIMETRAK.UTLTime Tracker utility
POWER.XLA Power Utility Pak add-in (this is the file that gets installed)
POWER.HLPPower Utility Pak help file (put it in your EXCEL directory)
REGISTER.XLSRegistration information and form
OBJALIGN.UTLObject Align, Size and Space utility

About the Shareware Version:
The shareware version of the Power Utility Pak is fully functional and is not crippled in any way. But true to the shareware tradition, you will see periodic nag messages when you access the utilities. Also, the HLP file included with the shareware version is seriously deficient in terms of the amount of information it contains. It's basically the help file for the registered version, but with all of the good stuff removed.

You may use the shareware version for up to 30 days. After 30 days, you must either register it or delete it from your hard drive.

Registering the Software:
The registration fee is $39.95. This fee gets you the following:

1.The latest version. This product is continually being fine-tuned and revised, so registering ensures that you have the latest version.

2.A slick installation program. This program, written in Excel VBA, will install the new files directly from Excel, with no effort on your part.

3.Comprehensive on-line help. You can get instant (context-sensitive) assistance for any of the utilities, worksheet functions, or enhanced shortcut menus. It also includes lots of tips on how to get the most from this product.

4.A free copy of the Power Game Pak for Excel. This is a collection of professional quality strategy games that you can play in Excel. The games are Video Poker, Triple Yahtzee, and Bomb Hunt (a Minesweeper clone). These are standard XLS files, so you can examine the VBA macros to see how they work. You probably never thought Excel could do this kind of stuff.

5.Free technical support. The Power Utility Pak developer will answer your questions about this product using the e-mail system of your choice (Internet, MCI Mail, CompuServe, or America On-Line). He's also open to suggestions for improvements, and has been known to take on consulting jobs.

6.The opportunity to purchase the complete source code. Registered users can purchase the original XLS files for the Power Utility Pak for an additional $20. If you want to learn VBA programming, you'll find a wealth of information and useful techniques that cannot be found anywhere else. This is much cheapter than a VBA book, and you'll probably learn more by studying actual code.

For complete registration information, open the REGISTER.XLS workbook. You can register by phone (with a credit card) or by mail (with a check or money order).

For fastest service, use any major credit card and register by calling the Public (software) Library at 1-800-242-4775. THIS NUMBER IS FOR ORDERS ONLY. THEY CANNOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE SOFTWARE.

Contacting the Author:
I welcome any and all comments about this product, including suggestions for enhancements and bug reports (yeah, there are probably a few remaining). You can reach me at any of the following e-mail addresses (which I check at least once daily):
Internet:[email protected]
MCI Mail:329-9078
If you prefer more low-tech communication methods, my snail mail address is:
JWalk and Associates
8726 Villa La Jolla Dr., Suite 80
La Jolla, CA 92037

Sorry, but I'm not in a position to take phone calls at this time.

I think you'll enjoy this product, and I hope you decide to register it. Please feel free to distribute the shareware version to your friends and associates, and upload the original XLPOWR10.ZIP file to any bulletin boards or on-line services you may use.

Best Regards,

John Walkenbach

UTLTime Tracker utility
POWER.XLA Power Utility Pak add-in (this is xtpmie)ad]eYqUrQM$$wrnie`\WISOOKMvrmBiGea\&X'S0O1JM1wrni:eD`\


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