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WordPlan is the first "Living Document Processor" for Lotus 1-2-3
and other applications. WordPlan can read mutiple Lotus 1-2-3 files
and produce custom reports and documents. Unlike other products
which require the user to cut and paste Lotus 1-2-3 values into
their documents whenever values change, with WordPlan you only do it
once. When values change in a Lotus 1-2-3 worksheet WordPlan is able
to update all the numbers and reformat the document.

WordPlan is distributed as a shareware product. The diskette with
WordPlan on it can be freely copied and shared. The latest version
is available from us at $10.00. We encourage users if they find
WordPlan useful to send DEA Software a donation of $49.95. We ask
for your help in distributing WordPlan to others and encouraging
them to send donations to us.

See the WordPlan manual for distribution restrictions.

Send checks to:

DEA Software
P.O. Box 968
Fremont, CA 94537

The current release of WordPlan is version A.00.00

The current distribution disk contains the following files.

The WordPlan program files.


The WordPlan demo script files

MENU.WP - Main demo menu script file
DEMO1.WP - Demo of financial script
DEMO1.WKS - 1-2-3 WKS file needed for DEMO1.WP
DEMO2.WP - Demo of sample form letter script
DEMO3.WP - Demo of summary of sales and cash receipt script

The WordPlan documentaion file


The file you are reading


Note!! all the WordPlan program files must be residing on your
current default directory while running. This restriction will be
changed in a future release of WordPlan.

To run type:


To print out the WordPlan manual press Function Key 1 (Run Script).
This will display the Script processing menu. Enter "WORDPLAN.WP" in
the first field (Input file to process). You can now output the
WordPlan manual to the standard list device (LST:) by pressing
Function Key 1 (Start Process). You can optionally output the manual
to a file or other supported device by filling out the second field
(Output file to write:) on the menu.

The current page length for printing the WordPlan manual is set
to the default of 66 lines per page. If your printer requires
anything different, add the line "\plength xx" where xx is the page
length of your printer.

To run the demo's go to the Run Script menu and enter "MENU.WS". As
above decide on where you want the output printed. Then press Start
Process to run the demos.

WordPlan last minute notes:

1. WordPlan supports the following output devices.

CON: The console device

LST: The list device (output only). Output is sent to the
system's list device, normally the line printer.

AUX: The auxiliary device. Output is sent to COM1:

2. When using WordPlan with a CGA adapter and a Black/White monitor you
may need to use the MODE command before running. The WordPlan Editor
uses Color and may not be readable if the current mode is not BW80
on a B/W monitor.


3. The last line in a WordPlan script MUST be terminated with a CR or
some characters may be lost on output.

4. Remember all WordPlan program files must be available on the current
default dive. We hope to get ride of this restriction in the future.

5. WordPlan only simulates Form Feed (FF) and no actual Form Feed char
is actually sent to the output. It simulates Form Feed by outputing
a number of Carriage Returns (CR) until we reach the top of the next

6. WordPlan has been tested with Lotus 1-2-3 versions 1A and 2. WordPlan
may work with Symphony and other programs that produce WKS type files.
If you try and it works please drop us a line so that we can tell

7. When reporting problems please use the form on the last page of the
WordPlan manual.

Send it to:
DEA Software
Dept. B
P.O. Box 968
Fremont, CA 94537

If you wish a written response please enclose a self addressed /
stamped envelope.

WordPlan wish list:

1. Encryption may be added to allow developers who create applications
written in the WordPlan script language to distribute run only
versions of their work.

2. We are looking into adding a looping command to WordPlan's
script language.

3. We would like to add "Living Graphics" to WordPlan. You will be
able to design business charts and include them in your documents.
But when the data changes in your 1-2-3 or by other means the
charts will dynamically change to reflect the new data when the
document is printed.

4. If you have other ideas for enhancements please send them to us.
You can use the form on the last page of the WordPlan manual.

Send it to:
DEA Software
Dept. E
P.O. Box 968
Fremont, CA 94567