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\comment **************************************
\comment * this is sample form letter script *
\comment **************************************
\display Computer assisted form letter
\display enter date
\rdtext @a1
\display enter full name
\rdtext @b1 = enter full name
\display enter short name (example: MS. Dayton)
\rdtext @c1 = enter short name (example: MS. Dayton)
\display enter address
\rdtext @d1 = enter address
\display enter city, state and zip
\rdtext @e1 = enter city, state and zip
\space 2
\comment the text formatting starts here
\indent 40
\indent 10
\space 3
Dear @c1:
\rmargin 70
With people like you in mind, @c1, ACME has
created a new department. On Monday, August 15, we are
opening our new SOFTWARE KORNER. @c1, you especially are
invited to visit the department during our first week
of service and recieve a free gift and special services.
Conveniently located on the third floor, the SOFTWARE
KORNER will provide you with the latest in Computer
Software Applications and Supplies.
For instance, @c1, to complement your new Computer the
SOFTWARE KORNER will carry a full line of business software.
@c1, you know that Computer Software services and advice
is often difficult to obtain. Therefore, to complement our
SOFTWARE KORNER, we will have a full-service repair unit for
small computers as part of our department. Also, we always will
have a certified software expert on duty. The software expert will
be able to assist you in selecting the right software for your business.
@c1, just bring this letter with you when you visit
the SOFTWARE KORNER between August 15 and August 20
and you will be able to select a free gift from
among twenty different items.
We look forward to seeing you soon and serving you
in the future.
\indent 40
\space 4
Betty Doe, Head
ACME Computer Inc.