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Demo of Save our SpreadSheets Lotus 1-2-3 Add-in. This TSR will save your spreadsheet every few minutes in case of power outage.
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Demo of Save our SpreadSheets Lotus 1-2-3 Add-in. This TSR will save your spreadsheet every few minutes in case of power outage.
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Download File SOSDEMO.ZIP Here

Contents of the SOSDEMO.DOC file

Thank your for downloading the SOS demo.

The file you downloaded (SOS.COM) is a limited-capability version of
Save Our Spreadsheet (SOS), Version 2.0 for LOTUS 1-2-3. SOS is the
standard for protecting worksheet data. It's features include:

1) Saving worksheet data in memory to disk to prevent
data loss.

2) Reconstruct damaged worksheet files on disk
that are unretrievable into your spreadsheet.

This demo will perform all the features of the regular version of SOS
with the exception that all functionality will cease after five (5) minutes.

To see how SOS works, just type:


before running LOTUS 1-2-3. SOS will save your worksheet in memory to disk
every two (2) minutes. "Hot-keys" are available to set certain functions
of SOS. One such "hot-key" brings up a menu of choices of SOS functions.
It can be seen by pressing:


All SOS functions can also be accessed via a specific "hot-key". Below is
a list of features and "hot-keys":

***Set colorsAlt-C

Set the colors to be used for SOS windows

***Display settingsAlt-D

Shows current settings for SOS.

***Set the SOS FilenameAlt-F

Set the name of the filename to be saved to
when the choice is the SOS filename (default is SOS.WK1)

***Set save interval to keystrokesAlt-K

Set the save interval to be based on number
of keystrokes.

***Display SOS menuAlt-M

Choose SOS settings from a menu

***Set save filename optionAlt-O

Choose to save to:

a) SOS filename
b) Your retrieved filename
c) Your retrieved filename with extension .SOS

***Set path for saveAlt-P

Enter a path to save to

***Turn sequential save (snapshot) onAlt-Q

Save to be done to sequentially-named file
(First save to SOS1.WK1, next to SOS2.WK1 ...)

***Set customized save promptAlt-S

Have SOS prompt you to save when your save interval is up

***Set time intervalAlt-T

Reset time interval between saves

***Unload SOS from memoryAlt-U

Remove SOS from memory (Perform only at DOS prompt)

***Save Values onlyAlt-V

Save just the values in the worksheet (Use / File
Combine to restore with original template)

***Set warning on changeAlt-W

Have SOS warn you when you are about to make a major
change to your worksheet

***Enable SOSAlt-Ins

Turn SOS functions on.

***Disable SOSAlt-Del

Turn SOS functions off.


File reconstruction of damaged worksheets is done with SOS' MayDay feature.
This is not included in the demo you have downloaded.

If you have any specific questions or comments, please feel free to call
the GOLDline, our hotline at (215) 525-1098.

To place an order, please call our toll-free order desk at (800) 432-3267.
As with all GOLDATA products, SOS comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Thank you,

GOLDATA Computer Services, Inc.
2 Bryn Mawr Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

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