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Wildfire Technology Inc.
712 Kearns Building
Salt Lake City
Utah 84101


This is the Wildfire Evaluation and Distribution disk for
Volume 1A of POWER-WORKSHEETS FOR 1-2-3.


In developing applications software for the 1-2-3 market, we
had four specific goals:

1. To provide useful, high quality software that is
easy to use,

2. To supply detailed documentation,

3. To provide ongoing support to our customers, and

4. To deliver our products at reasonable cost (less
than $5 per worksheet).

Initially, we intended to market these worksheets through
established channels. But we quickly discovered that the software
distribution industry is oriented toward the high priced end of
the software market and, frankly, is not geared to deliver
economically priced software to retailers and users. Rather than
foregoing a reasonable reward for our efforts, or restricting the
sale of our products by allowing them to be overpriced, we are
distributing them directly using this Wildfire Evaluation and
Distribution disk.

If you use 1-2-3, give Volume 1A a trial. Note, this disk
represents only one-half of Volume 1. If you find it useful and
wish to purchase it, send us $49 and we'll send you the second
disk. Use the order form at the end of this documentation.
Corporate users may buy in bulk by paying $49 for each separate
location (building) where one or more copies of Power-Worksheets
for 1-2-3 will be used. When we receive your payment, we will
send you a notice of ownership and a disk containing Volume 1B of
Power-Worksheets for 1-2-3.


Before using Power-Worksheets for 1-2-3, we recommend that
you make a copy of this disk using the DOS DISKCOPY command or the
COPY *.* command. The disk is formatted for use with either DOS 1
or DOS 2. Power-Worksheets for 1-2-3 should work on any machine
which runs Lotus 1-2-3 (Version 1A) and reads IBM-PC double-sided

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Please feel free to make as many copies of this Wildfire
Evaluation and Distribution disk as you wish. Give them to your
friends, associates and clients for evaluation. Just remember the
contents belong to us. If you charge more than the price of a
blank disk you will violate our copyright and destroy our
incentive to produce affordable software.

We want every 1-2-3 user to "test drive" our product before
making a purchase decision.


1-2-3 Users
-Provides useful, affordable applications software
-Try before you buy

-An excellent reason to call 1-2-3 users
-Use to sell 1-2-3 and microcomputers


Volume 1 consists of two disks, each containing six POWER
WORKSHEETS FOR 1-2-3. This disk (Volume 1A) represents only the
first half of Volume 1. When we receive your payment we will:

(a) send you the second disk (Volume 1B),

(b) register you as a user eligible for ongoing support,


(c) at your request (see form below), place your name on our
mailing list so we can directly notify you of new


Power-Worksheets relieve you of the need to set up (or
program) and test 1-2-3 worksheets to solve standard problems.
The worksheets are fully automatic from the moment 1-2-3 is
loaded. They are completely menu-driven and do not require
extensive user training. Both first-time and experienced users
can immediately enter data and generate useful results including


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AGENDA allows you to go from one worksheet to another while
remaining entirely under menu control.

BSTAT accepts from one to six sets of data and performs two
major analytical tasks. First, BSTAT provides a basic
statistical summary for each data set. Second, it allows
visual comparison of the data with over 40 graphs.

Loaded with graph options, DEPREC is a comprehensive
worksheet which performs straight line, sum-of-years-digits,
declining balance and ACRS depreciation calculations. Also
provided is a crossover depreciation schedule which
automatically converts from declining balance to straight
line depreciation when appropriate.

Calculates the Net Present Value of a cash flow at a number
of discount rates, and plots Net Present Value against the
discount rates.

A comprehensive profitability and breakeven analysis
worksheet. PROFIT can produce a wide variety of graphs
showing the sensitivity of one factor against another.

Calculates the Rate of Return of a cash flow using three
methods, (1) the Internal Rate of Return, (2) the Modified
Internal Rate of Return and (3) the Financial Management Rate
of Return.

SREGR (for Simple Linear Regression) provides both tabular
and graphical linear regression analysis. In addition to
calculating intercept and slope, this Power-Worksheet also
calculates the correlation coefficient and the value of
Student's t.


In addition to utility transfer worksheets and comprehensive
documentation, Volume 1B of Power-Worksheets for 1-2-3 contains
the following worksheets:

ANALYZER is a powerful planning tool. You can enter data for
up to six factors (such as revenue, costs, profits and cash
flow; or grain prices, rainfall and sales of farm equipment).
You can define relationships between the factors. Then you
can examine raw data and results using a variety of graphs.

09/09/84 README - 3

BTIMES (Basic Timeseries) is a forecasting tool. It accepts
a raw timeseries (e.g. stock prices) and calculates 5 linear
moving averages. By plotting the raw data against different
moving averages you may be able to anticipate changes in
trend in the original timeseries. Over 40 graphs are

CORREL calculates the serial correlation coefficients of a
timeseries. Serial correlation coefficients are useful for
identifying periodic or seasonal data and for estimating
parameters of forecasting equations (e.g. of sales).
Graphics include a plot of the correlation coefficients
against the lags (i.e. the correlogram).

This worksheet is particularly useful for analyzing stock and
commodity prices. It calculates the exponential moving
average of a timeseries, (e.g. gold prices). The smoothing
factor is user defined and the average can be made extremely
sensitive to changes in trend. Graphs are available to
display the raw data and the moving average, and a "Detrend"
option highlights cycles in the data.

LREGR is a more sophisticated Linear Regression package than
SREGR. In addition to the schedules provided by SREGR, LREGR
calculates confidence intervals on the regression line and
estimates made from it. It also calculates the significance
level of the regression equation.

Provides a comprehensive payout analysis for a project or
investment, given its cash flow and the borrowing and
reinvestment rates. A 'goal-seeking' option is available to
calculate the breakeven borrowing rate.


Comprehensive documentation is provided in text files with a
".DOC" filename extension. Initially, see files README.1ST and
INTRO.DOC. To print all documentation (note, this is over 70
pages) insert disk into default drive and type PRINTDOC and press
the enter key.


We intend to support registered users of our products, and to
continue to provide low cost applications worksheets.

If you have any questions or need assistance please write to
us describing the specifics of your question or problem. We will
deal with your request without delay and respond either by return
mail, courier, or by telephone.

09/09/84 README - 4


While we have taken great care in designing and producing
Power-Worksheets for 1-2-3, we are providing them only on an "as
is" basis without warranty of any kind, either expressed or
implied. Wildfire Technology Inc. makes no representation or
warranty respecting the contents of these disks, their
merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

Since these worksheets can be used in a wide variety of
situations, including but not limited to investment and financial
evaluations, of which we have no direct knowledge or control,
Wildfire Technology Inc. will not accept liability for any direct,
implied, or consequential damages resulting from the use of these

Some states do not allow the exclusion of implied or
consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to
you. Where not prohibited by state law, the liability of Wildfire
Technology Inc., its agents or employees, shall in no case exceed
the purchase price of the software.

1-2-3 and Symphony are registered
trademarks of Lotus Development

Wildfire Technology Inc. has trademark
applications in process for
Power-Worksheets and Power-Sheets.

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Send to: Form 1A

Wildfire Technology Inc Canadian Residents send to:
712 Kearns Building Wildfire Technology Inc.
Salt Lake City Suite 3020, Box 4082
Utah 84101 Bow Valley Square 3
255 5th Ave S.W.
Calgary Alberta T2P 3G6
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1-2-3 Power-Worksheets
Volume 1 (disks ____ $49 $_________
1A and 1B)

Volume Discount Fee
$49 for each location
or building ____ $49 $_________

Extra copy of Volume 1A
disk. ____ $10 $_________

SUBTOTAL: $_________

Utah residents add 5.75% Utah Sales Tax $_________

TOTAL: $_________

Please make check or money order payable to:

Wildfire Technology Inc.

MasterCard:_____ or Visa:______

Credit card number:__________________________________

Expiration Date:___________ Signature:_______________________




CITY:___________________ STATE:___________ ZIP:___________

( ) Yes, please include my name on your mailing list. I would
like to directly receive information about new products for both
1-2-3 and Symphony as they become available.

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