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Lotus 123 3.0 Home Money Manager worksheet.
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Lotus 123 3.0 Home Money Manager worksheet.
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Contents of the PPMUSER.DOC file

Hi. Thank you for downloading my Personal Money Manager
and I hope you find it practical. I have used it myself
for the past year and I have found that it keeps track of
all of the unnessary expenditures. It really keeps you up to
date on where your money is going. I recommend that you be very
carefull when entering your information. Be careful not to overwrite
any of the formulas or move things around because all three
spreadsheets are linked and require certain cells to remain in one
place or otherwise your figures will be incorrect. You might try
putting protection on the fields that will just calculate. It
might help.

I will be working on more of these spreadsheets as I progress into
the finance field. If you find this PMM useful, please register
it by sending $10 to: E. Brooke Whitaker
2005 Bermondsey Drive
Mitchellville, MD 20891

I will send you updated issues to this as I progress. I hope you
find it as useful as I did. Thanks.

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