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Very nice computerized version of the federal employment form SF171. Lotus and Always is needed. Makes SF171 look very professional.
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Very nice computerized version of the federal employment form SF171. Lotus and Always is needed. Makes SF171 look very professional.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

=================== GR8-SF171 version 4.0 =====================
November 14, 1989

Welcome to the world of the Standard Form 171.

Anyone who's ever had the experience of filling out one of these
little jewels has also experienced the frustration of not enough
space, poor photo-copy quality, or even that the damned original
wasn't cut straight at the printing office. Whichever it was, you
may have sensed a little embarassment as you stuffed it in an
envelope and sent it off to perspective employers.

If you believe, as I do, that your application should be a direct
reflection of the type of professional you are, then perhaps this
file will help out. GR8-SF171 is a simple spreadsheet that will
print out a VERY nice finished copy of a SF-171 quickly and easily.

===================== WHAT'S NEW IN v. 4.0 ======================

This is part of the continuing effort to update and improve the
presentation value of the government resume. The SF79-2, or the
"Background Survey Questionaire", appears to have become a standard
requirement with the basic application package. This spreadsheet,
like the GR8-171 file, will make a quick and neat form that re-
quires little modification to tailor it to specific jobs.

The GR8-SF171 form has been updated to copy OPM's SF-171 revision
of June 1988 (you wonder where they've been keeping it for the
last year...), 171-109. All previous forms are good until 12/31/90,
so there's no BIG rush to revise your forms, but then why wait.


Your GR8-SF171 4.0 compressed file should include the following files:

SF171-1 .WK1 SF-171, Page 1
SF171-1 .ALL

SF171-2 .WK1 SF-171, Page 2
SF171-2 .ALL

SF171-3 .WK1 SF-171, Page 3
SF171-3 .ALL

SF171-4 .WK1 SF-171, Page 4
SF171-4 .ALL

SF171-A .WK1 SF-171A, Supplemental Information
SF171-A .ALL Modified to hold ONE job
description per page.

SF171-A2.WK1 SF-171A, Supplemental Information
SF171-A2.ALL Without the SF-171 Heading
and modified to hold ONE job
description per page.

SF171-A3.WK1 Continuation Sheet
SF171-A3.ALL With only Name/SS# header

SF79-2 .WK1 SF79-2, Background Survey Questionnaire
SF79-2 .ALL


Lotus 1-2-3 version 2.0 or 2.01
Allways (a Lotus Add-In)
Lotus 1-2-3 is a registered trademark of
Lotus Development Corporation
Allways is registered trademark of
Funk Software, Incorporated
IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 or compatible
Laser Printer - GR8-SF171 has been tested on both the
Hewlett Packard LaserJet Series II and the
Cannon Laser Printer


GR8-SF171 has been tested on both HP and Cannon laser printers.
One major difference between the two printers is that the HP
LaserJet Series II cannot print white letters on a black field,
while the Cannon can. You will have to modify the black-field/
white-letter headings to grey-field/black-letter headings if you
have an HP LaserJet.

Because the original forms have so many lines and fields to fill
out, the Lotus 1-2-3 worksheet looks a little confusing--at first.
I've protected all but the variable cells and inserted
">" symbols in the cells to help you line up pertinent data (these
will apprear green). It is easiest to use the F2 function key
to edit, as many of the data entry points are either off-centered
or dead-centered in each cell.

All data entry cells are formated for font/size/letter-weight.
Changing the font size to a larger one will delete parts of your
data. If you do wish to change a cell format, double check
in ALLWAYS to see what, if any, impacts it has on neighboring


If you find this program useful and would like to encourage
further updates (new forms are always coming), a contribution
of $15.00 US will be most appreciated. After all, those other
quick and easy SF-171 packages are selling for 50 bucks, and
they're limited to that lousy green form.....

Please send contributions to the following address:

Dana Krupa
7218 Gentian Court
Springfield, Virginia 22152

You can also call MEGAWATTS, TOO (202/586-9901) and leave
a message to the SysOp with any comments.


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