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AI quiry of 123 worksheet data.
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AI quiry of 123 worksheet data.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
GOFER.COM 64634 29870 deflated
GOFER.DOC 48861 13335 deflated
GOFER.FRM 1127 287 deflated
MINI.COM 23585 13439 deflated
PAPER.A 288 58 deflated
PAPER.E 1152 190 deflated
PAPER.K 676 143 deflated
PAPER.R 864 181 deflated
PAPER.WKS 817 406 deflated
RADIO.A 288 58 deflated
RADIO.E 1440 202 deflated
RADIO.K 676 144 deflated
RADIO.R 1296 338 deflated
RADIO.WKS 817 404 deflated
READ.ME 2453 1022 deflated
SALES.DBF 703 93 deflated
TELEV.WKS 822 409 deflated
TV.A 288 58 deflated
TV.E 1440 203 deflated
TV.K 676 147 deflated
TV.R 864 178 deflated
XXXPERT.COM 64634 29871 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Documentation for 3-2-1-GOFER is in the file named GOFER.DOC
and is already formatted for printing. You may print a copy
with the following commmand:

type gofer.doc>prn

WARNING: the CHN@ feature should not be used in versions
prior to V 12. There is a damaged file on the distribution
disk for some copies of previous versions. All registered
users have been informed of this problem.


This software is under the protection of U.S. copyright law
and treaties with other nations. If you have not paid me
for this software then you are granted a limited license to
try this software for 30 days. You may not use the software
after that unless you have paid for it. Once you acquire a
paid-for copy of 3-2-1-GOFER, you must treat this software
in the manner you treat a book--you must insure that any
copy is used by not more than one person at a time. A copy
of this software may only be made for archival or
installation purposes subject to the limitation above.


The physical media housing the software product as delivered
is warranted for a period of 30 days provided that you have
paid me for it. The remedy for this warranty shall be
limited to replacement and shall not cover any other damages
of any kind whatsoever.

All other warranties expressed or implied are specifically
disclaimed and no representation is made as to fitness for
any particular use or purpose. It is the responsibility of
the user to determine appropriate uses and no recommendation
is made by the author or distributor with respect to any
such use. In no event shall the author or distributor be
liable for any loss of profit or other commercial damage not
limited to, but including special, incidental, consequential
or other damages. The warranty and license shall be
governed, interpreted and construed by the laws of the State
of Virginia.

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