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Documentation for ENRICH.QLL

ENRICH.QLL is a set of add-in functions for Quattro Pro 4.0. To
install, simply copy the file ENRICH.QLL to your QPRO directory.
Once the QLL file is installed, you can load it into Quattro Pro 4.0
by choosing /Tools | Library | Load and choosing ENRICH.QLL from your
QPRO directory.

List of Functions In Library:

Metric Functions:

C2F(Value) -- Converts from Celcius to Fahrenheit
F2C(Value) -- Converts from Fahrenheit to Celcius
C2I(Value) -- Converts from Centimeters to Inches
I2C(Value) -- Converts from Inches to Centimeters
M2K(Value) -- Converts from Miles to Kilometers
K2M(Value) -- Converts from Kilometers to Miles
F2M(Value) -- Converts from Feet to Meters
M2F(Value) -- Converts from Meters to Feet
K2P(Value) -- Converts from Kilograms to Pounds
P2K(Value) -- Converts from Pounds to Kilograms
L2G(Value) -- Converts from Liters to Gallons
G2L(Value) -- Converts from Gallons to Liters

Misc. Functions:

CENTER(String,Block,) -- Centers String over Block

Metric Functions:
The first group of functions do simple conversions from SAE units to
their metric equivalents. Each of these functions have the format
@ENRICH.NAME(Value), where Value is the number you wish to convert.
Value can also be a single cell reference. These functions do not
take block addresses (i.e., A1..B10).

Format: @ENRICH.NNN(X)

NNN = The name of the conversion function.
X = The value you want to convert.

@ENRICH.C2F(100) = 212
@ENRICH.F2C(212) = 100

There are limitations to any conversion. All of these functions are
best used in conjunction with the @ROUND function of Quattro Pro. This
will eliminate the introduction of rounding errors in your spreadsheet.
The metric functions already limit themselves to 4 decimal places of
precision for their answer. The answer returned is truncated at 4
decimal places (1/10,000 of a unit) and can be rounded from there.

Misc. Functions:

Format: @ENRICH.CENTER(String,Block,)

String = The string you wish to center
Block = The block over which you wish to center
Num Char = The number of characters in the block.

@ENRICH.CENTER will center a string over a block in your spreadsheet.
This function works best with non-proportional fonts and in character mode.
The function decides the centering based upon the standard rule used by
typists: go to the center of the area and backup half the number of
characters in what you want to center.

@ENRICH.CENTER requires the first two arguments. The third argument,
Num Char, is optional. When this argument is not used, the function
assumes that each of the columns in the block are of the default width
of 9 characters. If your block has varying column widths, you may
specify the number of characters in the block.

If you try to place a string that is larger than the block you are
centering over, @ENRICH.CENTER will simply return your string.
"Hanging Left" centering is not possible with this function.

In each of the examples, the formula is entered in cell A1. For best
results, the formula should be entered in a row above the block and in
the column that is the leftmost column in the block. Example 1 centers a
title over a block with the default column widths, and does not need the
third argument. Example 2 centers a title over a block with different
sized columns, and shows how to use @CELL to determine the number of
characters in the block.

Example 1

@ENRICH.CENTER("Random Numbers",A2..F2)

1 Random Numbers
2 0.575505 0.078897 0.014898 0.530945 0.633567 0.240323
3 0.110085 0.825912 0.130397 0.109612 0.619648 0.149765
4 0.962476 0.829726 0.342533 0.884205 0.823834 0.671436
5 0.964582 0.223526 0.803665 0.358377 0.239015 0.513799
6 0.830092 0.254531 0.305531 0.431573 0.871069 0.313581

Example 2

@ENRICH.CENTER("Number Table -- 1992",A2..L2,@CELL("rwidth",A2..L2))

1 Number Table -- 1992
2 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
3 2 14 26 38 50 62 74 86 98 110 122 134
4 6 18 30 42 54 66 78 90 102 114 126 138
5 10 22 34 46 58 70 82 94 106 118 130 142

Because of the way @ENRICH.CENTER works, it does not lend itself
directly to proportional fonts and WYSIWYG mode. Because each
font and mixture of characters affects the actual size of the block,
a fudge factor needs to be introduced. By using the third argument,
you can specify that there is a larger or smaller area over which you
are printing. By changing this value, you can adjust where the title
appears over the block.



Format: @ENRICH.TRUNCATE(X,precision)
X = Value to be truncated.
precision = Number of decimal places before truncation

@ENRICH.TRUNCATE takes a value and truncates at a the requested number
of decimal places. This is not the same as rounding. Rounding would
check the value to the left of the truncation point to decide what the
last number would be. This function just truncates at the point

@ENRICH.TRUNCATE(1.234892392,0) = 1.000000000
@ENRICH.TRUNCATE(1.234892392,3) = 1.234000000
@ENRICH.TRUNCATE(1.234892392,4) = 1.234800000
@ENRICH.TRUNCATE(1.234892392,7) = 1.234892300



Format: @ENRICH.MEDIAN(Block,direction)
Block = Block to find the median of
direction = Row or Column block

@ENRICH.MEDIAN finds the median (middle) value in the list. For best
results, the list should be sorted. By changing the second argument
(direction), you tell the function that you are taking the median of a
column of data (0), or of a row of data (1). Any value besides 1 or 0
will result in ERR. This function only calculates the median value of
a single row or column. If you use a block that is multi columnar
(i.e, A1..C10), @ENRICH.MEDIAN will caluclate the median of the first
column or block in the row depending on the value of direction.


1 1.00
2 1.34
3 1.68 Example 1 -- Columnar Median
4 2.02
5 2.36
7 Median 1.68
10 1.00 1.34 1.68 2.02 2.36 2.70
12 Median 1.85 Example 2 -- Row Median

Formula for Example 1: @ENRICH.MEDIAN(B1..B5,0)
Formula for Example 2: @ENRICH.MEDIAN(B10..G10,1)

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