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Checkbook sheet for Lotus 1-2-3.
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Checkbook sheet for Lotus 1-2-3.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Thank you for downloading my CHECKBUK manager. It is a file
created on and requires Lotus (c) 1-2-3 (c) ver. 2.01, it may
work on later versions of 1-2-3 by I am not sure. I wrote this
file with macros because I was fed up with other checking balance
programs which had frills I didn't need. This one is modelled
straight out of my checkbook and offers nothing more than two
macros, described later, to help with the upkeep of your

Column A is for the check number.
Column C is for the date, the format is shown in row 3, I
just enter it as text, to me it was just as easy.
Column E is for the description of your transaction.
Column G is for your DEBIT amounts, checks, withdrawals and
any other form of money leaving your account (IMPORTANT: Enter a
value in this and the CREDIT columns).
Column I is for marking your transaction when the bank sends
you your "end of the month" (more like -> anytime of the month)
statement. I just use a "*", without the quotes, but any type of
label, nonnumeric character, will work. It is IMPORTANT to put
these in because that is how the balancing macro works.
Column K is for your CREDIT amounts, anything (including
that little thing called a paycheck from being overworked and
underpaid) that manages to put money into your account.

The last column (M) does not need any input on your part
whatsoever, it is just the running balance of your account, watch
this column carefully if you like to keep you account near the
point where the bank charges for insufficient funds.

The width of the columns can be made narrower if you would
like to have all the columns displayed on the screen at the same

Now, to run this puppy. Retrieve this file (CHECKBUK.WK1)
while in Lotus 1-2-3. A one time, first time only macro will ask
you for your initial balance, so have that amount ready. The
"table" is all set for the second entry (your initial balance was
the first). Just go to column A, row 4 and start entering stuff
as indicated above as to what goes in what column (NO! I am NOT
going to explain the columns again!).
If you're all finished with that entry, now the fun begins.
Before you start your next entry hold down the "ALT" button and
tap the letter "C" (you can now release the "ALT" button). The
bad news is that almost everything you entered before has been
copied to the next row but here's the kicker, do like you did
before, just enter stuff required for each column (it
automatically overwrites the unnecessary items) and don't forget
to overwrite unnecessary amounts with zeros.
Now's when things get hairy, when your statement comes from
the bank make sure you put some type of mark in column I (as
described above) for all those items listed on your statement
(don't touch those marks from previous statements, those are
needed also). When you're all done with the marks & the bank
statement hold down the "ALT" button and tap the letter "B"
(release "ALT"). This will make your screen jump quite a bit but
when its all done it will show you an amount which should be
equal to the final balance on your statement, if not, check your
marks in column I and the amounts you entered in columns G & K.
I've used this for a couple of months with no problems (except
bank problems but they NEVER make mistakes at the bank do
they!?!) so there should be no problem with the macro.

I know this is not a very "neat" setup but it works and I
really don't need pretty when working on my checking account
(what I need is more money, but who doesn't). The reason for the
window is when your checkbook grows forever longer you won't be
able to see which column's what, without the window that is.

Just so you can check for viruses here is the size of the
README.1ST = 4175

Don't forget any copywrite's and anything else legal I'm
suppose to mention but I'm not a lawyer so I don't know put them
in but consider them in so I'm not forced to do 20 years hard
labor for missing something.

One last thing, I hope you find this thing more helpful than
those other programs.

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