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Worksheets from The Best of Lotus, vol. 1.
File BESTLOTU.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Lotus and other Spreadsheets
Worksheets from The Best of Lotus, vol. 1.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AR_AFTER.WK1 4898 1330 deflated
AR_BEFOR.WK1 5049 1221 deflated
BALANCE.WK1 3027 1077 deflated
BEST.TXT 660 280 deflated
BUDGET.WK1 2918 1001 deflated
CASH.WK1 4916 1337 deflated
CHECK.WK1 5939 1800 deflated
HOUSE.WK1 3097 944 deflated
INCOME.WK1 2921 1048 deflated
INTEREST.WK1 6413 1723 deflated
INVEST.WK1 9108 2553 deflated
LABELS.WK1 4653 1622 deflated
LOAN.WK1 27923 3220 deflated
PARSE.WK1 5433 1814 deflated
RETIRE.WK1 3551 1106 deflated
SAVINGS.WK1 5732 2071 deflated
STOCK.WK1 5262 1981 deflated

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Contents of the BEST.TXT file

Enclosed worksheets are from The Best of Lotus, volume 1

budget budget.wk1
cash flow cash.wk1
accts receivable ar_befor.wk1 and ar_after.wk1
check register check.wk1
balance sheet balance.wk1
income statement income.wk1
mortgage house.wk1
college savings savings.wk1
retirement retire.wk1
investment portfolio invest.wk1
stock timing stock.wk1
loan status analyzer loan.wk1
effective interest rate interest.wk1
mailing labels labels.wk1
ascii file parser parse.wk1

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