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: AS-EASY-AS Version 5.50 Copyright 1985-93, TRIUS, Inc. :
: P.O. BOX 249, North Andover, MA 01845 :
: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :
: Orders ONLY!: 800-GO-TRIUS (800-468-7487) :
: Info: 508-794-9377 FAX: 508-688-6312 BBS: 508-794-0762 :

This READ.ME file contains information about AS-EASY-AS that did not
make it to the printed manual of Ver. 5.50 It also lists the files
distributed with Ver 5.50, and explains how to upgrade from previous

Please READ THIS FILE THOROUGHLY! It contains very important
information, and reading it now will probably save you time and
trouble later on!

You can print this file by COPYing it to your printer with the
following command:

copy READ.ME prn

If you want to look at the other On-Disk AS-EASY-AS documentation, see
the file list below, which lists all of the documentation files.

Shareware and the Association of Shareware Professionals
____|__ | (tm)
--| | |-------------------
| ____|__ | Association of
| | |_| Shareware
|__| o | Professionals
-----| | |---------------------
|___|___| MEMBER

The shareware concept has made it possible for you to obtain extremely
powerful software at a price you can afford, and it gives you the
opportunity to try the software before you register.

Shareware is kept alive by YOUR support.

Evaluate the program for 30-days and give copies to your friends for
evaluation. If, after the 30 days, you continue to use the program,
then register it by sending us the registration/order form included in
this help file or by calling 800-468-7487 (Orders Only!). You will
receive the Latest version, Printed manual, 90-day free Technical
Phone Support, BBS Technical Support, Quarterly Newsletter, and
Reduced price Upgrades.

º If you purchased a Disk, without a Printed, Professionally º
º Bound, User's Manual bearing the TRIUS Logo and Copyright º
º Notice, or you downloaded a copy from a BBS or other º
º service, or you got a copy of AS-EASY-AS from a CD-ROM, or º
º the program was pre-loaded on your computer, then you have º
º a 30-day evaluation shareware copy. You need to purchase º
º a registered copy after the 30-day evaluation! º

Support new developments in AS-EASY-AS, register your copy today!

Thank you for your support,

AS-EASY-AS is produced by a member of the Association of Shareware
Professionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that the shareware
principle works for you. If you are unable to resolve a shareware-
related problem with an ASP member by contacting the member directly,
ASP may be able to help. The ASP Ombudsman can help you resolve a
dispute or problem with an ASP member, but does not provide technical
support for member's products. Please write to the ASP Ombudsman at:

ASP Ombudsman
545 Grover Road
Muskegon, MI 49442-9427

or send a Compuserve message via CMail to ASP Ombudsman 70007,3536.

The information provided below is to help you start the program for
your hardware configuration. For more details about the operation of
the program press the F1 (function) key once you have started the

The following files are absolutely essential to run AS-EASY-AS:


These files need to reside in the same sub-directory. In addition to
that, if the files ASEASY.HLP, ASEASY.PRT, and ASEASY.CFG are going to
be used, they HAVE to reside in the same (ASEASY) directory as well.

AS-EASY-AS is started from DOS using the command:

C:> ASEASY /Option1/Option2/Option3/..... [ENTER]

Where Option can be one or more of the following:

/4 - Special case for loading WKS files created and last saved
with Version 4.00 of AS-EASY-AS.
/P - Use alternate menu file (ASEASY.MN2) which provides
command compatibility with version 4.00 of AS-EASY-AS.
/ATT - Enables ATT display graphics, video mode $48
/ATT2 - Enables ATT display graphics, video mode $40
/AUTO=File... - Specify the worksheet to be loaded
when the program is started
/BK=x - Set screen blank-out period to x seconds
/BM - Bypass Mono Detection Scheme
/CFG=xxx - Specify the configuration file to use
/CTR - Center column identifying letters
/DIR=Path.. - Set the Path to the WKS files
/DW - Color protected cells after /RL command is used
/E - Enables graphics for EGA
/EM - Enables mono EGA Mode
/EV - Enables Graphics for VGA
/EVM - Enables Graphics VGA mono mode
/H - Enables graphics for Hercules
/H2 - Enables graphics for Hercules, Video Pg. 2
/MONO - Changes colors to white on black (CGA card)
/N486 - Disable 387 Error Trap Masking on 486 systems
/NE - DO NOT use EMS even if found
/NT - No Turbo Keyboard. Also disable status blinking.
/NR - No recalc Linking. Forces Manual Recalc.
/NW - Use Nth bin model rather than Nth+1 (default)
/Q - Quick screen updating for CGA
/RA - Round Absolute (e.g. 1.6 to 2., -1.6 to -2.)
/UK - Set the currency to œ and @DATE to DD/MM/YY
/VM=nnn - Use Virtual (disk) EMS model, nnn-Pages (4k each)
/VP=Path - Set Path for Virtual (disk) memory File
/V1 - Force CGA Emulation (normally on VGA Monitor)
/XM=nnn - Use only nnn pages of EMS (each page is 16K)

Starts AS-EASY-AS for an EGA type monitor, and instructs the
program that the data files will be located on drive C,
in subdirectory "Data".

Ordering Information
Remember that a shareware copy is an EVALUATION copy that you can use
for up to 30 days. If you continue to use the program, Registration
is Required! You may register using the order form in the ORDER.ME
file, or by calling TRIUS, Inc. and charging your purchase on your
credit card. We suggest that you call, since prices are subject to
change without notice.

You may also order your copy on-line by calling our TRIUS Support BBS
at (508) 794-0762 [12/24/9600,N,8,1 - 24 hrs].

If you live outside the US and Canada you may want to contact TRIUS,
Inc. for a dealer in your country. Purchasing through these dealers
can save you the delay and inconvenience which may be involved in
dealing with currency conversions and international shipping and in
many cases will provide you with faster technical support.

Files on the AS-EASY-AS Distribution Disk(s)
Disk #1 (5.25" disks)
ASEASY.F55 - Compressed Archive
READ.ME - Start-Up instructions (This file)
ORDER.ME - Ready-to-print order form
LICENSE.DOC - Please Read This!!
VENDOR.DOC - Info on Distributing Shareware Copies
INSTALL.EXE - Automated SetUp File

Disk #2 (5.25" disks)
ASA55U.DOC - Information about files on Disk #2
ASA55U.EXE - Archived Sample Worksheets, etc.

If your copy of the program came on a 3.5", then all the
above files should be on a single disk.

To Install on Floppy or Hard Disk:
Although the program will work if installed on 360k diskettes, we
recommend that the program is installed either on a hard disk, or a
high density floppy diskette, since this will permit the help file,
the printer setup files, and other auxiliary files, to be available to
the user.

* If you Install and run AS-EASY-AS from a floppy disk, without
* Expanded memory (EMS), or if the /NE command line switch is
* used, and you remove the AS-EASY-AS program disk from
* the drive while the program is running, you will get an
* error message and will be instructed to re-insert the disk.

If installing on 360k disks, you need to have at least two 360
drives, e.g., A and B. You cannot install the program on a
computer with a single 360 K disk drive and no Hard Disk!

* Place the AS-EASY-AS original diskette in drive A: (or B:)

* Make sure the current logged drive is A: (Type A:, or B:, and
press ENTER, if it is not).

* Type INSTALL and press [ENTER]. Then, follow the simple on-screen
instructions to install your copy of the program on the desired disk(s)
and/or subdirectory.

Note: If you are installing on 360K floppy disks, you will
need multiple blank formatted diskettes!

On-Disk Documentation
The installation process extracts a file called ASEASY.MAN. This is a
ready-to-print formatted, User's manual for the program.

Following the installation, make sure that the ASEASY.MAN file is
indeed on your default directory. Then, to print this manual:

(1) Make sure that the your printer is ON and there is enough
paper in it (the manual is about 102 pages).

(2) From the DOS prompt, type


Note that if your printer is connected to a SERIAL port,
then you need to use the command COPY ASEASY.MAN COM1, or
COPY ASEASY.MAN COM2 (depending on which serial port your
printer is connected to).

Hint for Windows Users
On some systems (in particular older 486 CPU systems), you might
experience difficulties running AS-EASY-AS v5.5 in windowed mode,
under MS Windows 3.1. In order to avoid such difficulties, make sure
you create a .PIF file to run the program (check your Windows manual
for info on .PIF files). When setting up the .PIF file, make sure the
minimum conventional RAM requirement is set to at least 400K and,
also, make sure that the EXCLUSIVE operation box has been selected.

If you are still having difficulties, you might need to turn the 80387
off and use the program's 80387 emulation instead. To do that, prior
to running Windows, at the DOS prompt, type 'SET 87=N' (without the
quotes) and press [ENTER].

Modification in Release 5.50E
1. A modification was made to ensure that .PIC files containing legend
information would import into major word processing programs
(WordPerfect, MS-Word, etc.), without problems.

2. The @NPV function implementation was modified so that now, if the
user inadvertently includes blank cells in the selected range, they
are ignored in the calculations of the returned value.

3. A correction was made to the keyboard status indicators, so that they
are not displayed when the {borderoff} macro is invoked. The cell
reference and the flash mode indicator are not displayed, as well,
when the above macro is active.

4. The matrix inversion operation in AS-EASY-AS was amended to detect
singular matrices when the coefficients of one equation are simple
scalar offsets of the coefficients of another (by simply detecting
and tagging a zero determinant in the calculation).

5. A modification was made to re-enable the {INSON} {INSOFF} macro

6. A correction was made to the Print, preView function to treat the
left margin settings correctly (earlier versions used to account for
the left margin twice).

7. A modification was made to the exponential scale graphing of the
program. In earlier versions, the Y-axis would revert to displaying
values with round-off errors (9.9E-12 instead of 1.0E-11), because
the value of e = 2.3025850930 was being used rather than e =

8. {INVALUE} and {INLABEL} macro syntax is now checked to see if matched
double quotes have been used, and a message is displayed if they

9. A modification was made to the way the Range, Copy command treated
source "virgin" cells. A value of zero is now assumed for all such
cells in the source range (target range is overwritten with zeros).

10. The indirect cell addressing function (@@) was modified so that it
now may be used as an argument to the @LENGTH and the @CELL

11. Two new functions were introduced in the program. @Path returns the
current path and @Filename returns the name of the worksheet
currently loaded in AS-EASY-AS.

12. A modification was made to the {RMDIR} macro so that it now operates
as expected.

13. The Bar graph option was modified so that it now consistently
displays the bars, regardless of whether the upper and lower limits
are set automatically or manually.

14. A correction was made so that cells formatted with the Box format
option are not filtered out when the /File, Option command is used.

15. In earlier versions of the program, trying to print combined text and
graphics with a "none" pitch option would produce corrupted output.
A warning message is now issued when the user attempts that!

16. A correction was made to the program to now support Windows and
Borders, a capability that was there with Ver. 5.01 and earlier

17. After a lot of thought (and user prompting), the DATE functions in
the program were modified to use a 200 span method (similar to some
other spreadsheet programs in the industry), eliminating the wrap
around present in earlier versions. Here are some examples under the
new model:

@DATE(93,1,1) = 1993
@DATE(102,1,1) = 2002
@DATE(40,1,1) = 1940

Modification in Release 5.50F
1. A change was made to the Graphics Stroked font implementation to avoid
inappropriate spacing for some characters on the Y-Axis.

2. An error was corrected that would cause an @FV reference to a blank
cell to result in a corrupted string in the target cell.

3. The @LENGTH function, in this version, correctly returns the length
when referring to a cell that contains a value.

4. A modification was made to correct the behavior where if the
horizontal windows option was enabled and the cursor was positioned in
the top window, the separation column indicator bar would be removed
from the display.

5. An error was corrected that would result only in 30 fields being
allowed when using the /Data Form Input command. (The user's manual
correctly indicated that the limit was 50 fields).

6. The number of Range names was again increased to 250 (the prior
release somehow only supported 240 Named Ranges).

7. An error was corrected that would cause the Hercules Graphics mode to
be reset to 80 columns (instead of 90), after exiting the Help file.

8. A modification was made to avoid the problem of not being able to load
worksheet files of a specific size. In earlier versions, when this
happened, "Alt-Read" would be displayed on the screen.

9. An error was corrected in the Matrix Invert and Matrix Esolve routines,
that would result in incorrect values being returned. This was
apparently introduced when the new check for singularity was implemented
in version 5.50e.

------------------ END

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