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1. Enter all the stock information (be careful not to put any
information in cells which display a formula).*

* information will be placed ONLY in the columns with the
following headings:
Name..Shares..Investment Value..Current Price..
Purchased Date..QTR.Div..

Now go to the Stocks Yearly Summary Section(range
name "SUM") and under the heading Year Start enter the
years starting price for each stock(can be the actual
year start price or the price when you actually acquired
the stock.)

The next column will be the month you are currently in.
Enter the formula (+F13) and copy the formula down for
as many rows as there are stocks. This will allow you to
view the progress of the stocks on a monthly (or
quarterly or whatever time frame you wish). At the end
of your desired time frame do a range- value conversion
for this column and start the next time sequence by again
using the (+F13) formula in the next column.

2. Go to the range "AIM" (press F5 and enter AIM and press

Under "Stock Value" next to the word "START" in the date
column enter the starting value of the stocks in your

DO NOT enter anything in the "SAFE" column as this cell
contains a formula ( the formula is equal to 10% of the Stock

Under "CASH" enter the same value as the "STOCK VALUE".

Under "Shares (OWNED)" Enter the number of shares in
the portfolio.

Under "PORTFOLIO Control" enter same value as stock Value.

Enter the same figures as above in the row named "CURRENT"

Replace the word "CURRENT" with your beginning date.

The remaining cells DO NOT Require any entry as they
contain formulas.

3. To start a new month run the macro Alt-M and enter the date at the date
prompts. This will copy everything down one row and you are
ready to use the program. At The end of each time frame you
are charting again run the Macro Alt-M.


4. To use the program on a daily basis:

Run the Macro ALT-S..This sets the worksheet to the
current price column where you enter the current stock
prices. After entering the current prices run the Macro
ALT-R..this will recalculate the worksheet and end up in
the AIM section of the worksheet. Now run the Macro ALT-
D which will update all current information in the

5. To start a new month(period) follow 3 above.

6. The formulas in the Buy/Sell columns in the Indicators Section
of the spreadsheet may be tailored for your own needs. They
currently are giving advise to by and sell stocks according
to percentage gains/loses.

To fully understand the buy and sell recommendations of the AIM
program it is suggested to purchase the book "How TO MAKE
$1,000,000 in the Stock Market" by Robert Lichello..Available in
any Dalton Book Store in paperback for about $ 5.00.

If you find this program helpful please send a contribution to:

Beryl Lerner
3710 Pinelea Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21208

This program is Copyright protected and may be copied and shared
with others provided no monetary gain is achieved other than by its
creator..Beryl Lerner..

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Archive   : AIM.ZIP
Filename : AIM.DOC

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