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123Color will allow you to change Lotus' boring color scheme into
something you can be proud of. It works with release 1a and
release 2.XX versions, that are configured for VGA,EGA or CGA text
display. If you are not sure if yours is one of these, try 123color
anyway, it will tell you if it can't change the colors.

To invoke 123color, switch to your Lotus directory, and make sure
123color.exe is in the directory, or in a directory in the search
path, or just be sure to use the full path when starting 123color
(i.e. C:\LOTUS> c:\utility\neatstuf\123color ).

If you have 123 version 1A then make a copy backup copy of the
configuration file by typing the following command at the DOS prompt

copy td.drv td.bak

Version 2.XX users should make a copy of their configuration file
by typing the following at the DOS prompt:

copy 123.set 123.bak

If you are runnning Lotus Release 2.XX and you are using a
configuration file with a different name than the default (123.set)
then start 123color like this:

123color anyname[.set] The .set is optional

Once in 123color, just follow the simple instructions! The up
and down arrows select an item in the menu to change. Then the right
arrow key changes the foreground (text) color. There are 16 colors
to choose from, if you pass the one you want, keep going, you'll
loop back around. The left arrow key changes the background colors.
The background colors are kind of special, there are really only 8
colors to choose from, but one group of 8 causes the foreground (text)
colors to blink!. Like the right arrow key and the foreground colors,
the colors continually loop around with the left arrow too.

There are three more keys that you can use. The "D" key will change
all of the colors back to Lotus' defaults (boring). Once you have
changed the colors back to default, be sure to save your changes with
"E" key.

The "E" key saves the color selections displayed in the Lotus window
to the configuration file and then exits back to DOS. If you accidently
save some real ugly colors, don't worry, you can always get back to
Lotus' originals.

Use the "Q" key to quit without saving any changes you have made. If
you decide that 123color isn't for you, just quit and no damage is done.

One last thing, some foreground and background color combinations
will make your text disappear. Don't worry, another press of
the left or right key will fix it. Have fun!

Many thanks to Douglas and Steven Cobb and the June 13, 1989 issue of
PC Magazine for the location of the color values for 1A and 2.0.
Any questions can be directed to me in the following ways:

Tom Blough
3620 Sandhurst
Arlington TX 76017


123COLOR is distributed as freeware, if you like it, its yours. No charge.
But, you get what you pay for as I make no warranties! USE AT YOUR OWN

For the latest, up to date version, send me a floppy in a stamped self
addressed mailer at the USsnail address above.

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Archive   : 123CLR.ZIP
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