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Checkbook Tracking and Reconciliation program. (Lotus 1-2-3).
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Checkbook Tracking and Reconciliation program. (Lotus 1-2-3).
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Damar Group
4720 Leyden Way
Ellicott City, MD 21043

Lotus 1-2-3 (tm)
Checkbook Template

version 1.0


This macro-driven checkbook template is useful for reconciling your
checking account when you receive the end-of-period statement from
your bank or credit union. This checkbook template is designed for
Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2/2.01/2.2. It requires a minimal amount of
Random Access Memory (RAM) to load (256K); however, as you use the
program you may find that 512K or even 640K RAM is needed. This
will entirely depend upon how many entries you keep active. We
suggest that you track your RAM use through the /Worksheet Status


The template columns appear in standard format:

OK Date Description Amount Deposit Balance

OK Column

The OK column is your cross-check of your bank or credit union's
processing your check on time. That is, this column is not macro-
driven, you may manually enter a character (we suggest an X) for
each entry that is completed. Later, the macro will drop to the
next available row (actually, the first blank cell in the A

Date Column

The Date information is entered through a macro prompt in the
control panel (the top two lines of your screen, just above and to
the left of your worksheet). You may enter a date in mm/dd/yy
format, and the macro will perform an @DATEVALUE function and place
the date in the next column.

Description Column

The Description is a label entry to designate to whom you have
written a check or from whom your payment is received.

Page 2 Checkbook Template

Amount Column

The Amount column is a numerical column, formatted for currency
with two decimal places. If you have an entry to make, please only
type numerals (or decimals). If you do not have an entry, please
type a zero. This will not appear on the final worksheet, as the
entire worksheet is zero-suppressed.

Deposit Column

The Deposit column, like the Amount, is numerical, formatted for
currency with two decimal places. Again, if you do not have a
deposit to record, please enter a zero.

NOTE: If you were to enter a space or no character in the Amount
or Deposit columns, the formulae in the Balance column may return
an error. Finally, the Balance column is a macro-driven formula,
formatted for currency, with two decimal places.


The template is entirely macro driven; that is, you will be
prompted to enter data. The macro will place it and format your
cells as necessary. You will see a 4-option menu system appear
when you load the template. The first option, Edit, allows data
records to be entered into the program. However, your first entry
should be done manually (see the Quit Macro for more information).
Change the data which comes with the template to reflect your first
checking entry.


The second option of the menu is Save. This will perform a /File
Save operation, saving the worksheet with the cellpointer in the
Home position. The process should take a few moments, and the WAIT
mode will be evident in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
When the menu returns, the mode will return to READY, and another
menu selection may be made.


The third option, Balance, allows you to cross-check the
information you have entered into the program with the information
the bank or credit union has given you. This is exactly the
process that should be done with every bank statement (balance the

Page 3 Checkbook Template

Select Balance, the macro program will extract all records which
do not have an X (or other character) in the OK column. The
information will be compared to the end balance of the template's
information, and you will be prompted to enter the bank's final
balance for your account. Then you will see a screen with the
following information:

Statement: //your bank's information//

Checking: //your balance, as entered//

Outstanding: //the difference between the amount of
debits and credits which your bank
has and has not yet posted to your

Difference: //The difference between your bank's
balance of your account and the
balance which is created in the

This cross-check ensures that you and your bank agree on your
account balance. If the Difference amount were below the
Outstanding, either your bank has a low balance or you have a high
balance (or a combination of both!). If the opposite relationship
were true, the Difference would reflect a higher amount than the
Outstanding. For all to be well, the Difference and Outstanding
should be equal.

Tip for experienced Lotus 1-2-3 users:

If your account doesn't balance, try looking in the range beginning
with OUTRANGE. This is the data extracted from the checking
account which has not been posted to your account. If you can't
find the discrepancy there, you may have a mis-typed Amount or
Deposit, or your bank may have erred.


Finally, the menu's Quit option stops all macro operations and
returns the worksheet to standard 1-2-3 keyboard functions. This
template is designed using routine budget practices and requires
no special knowledge of financial matters.

Page 4 Checkbook Template


To restart macro operation, press . The menu will appear.


Please feel free to use this template for 30 days, free of charge.
Then, if you use it either in it's macro form or in a keyboard
operation, please send $20.00 to the Damar Group. An invoice is
included as part of this document. Please use it for your

Thank you for using this software. We are committed to providing
high quality consulting services. If you have a request or any
questions, please feel free to write us. We very much appreciate
your support.


1-2-3 is a registered trademark of the Lotus Development

The template and instructions may not be reproduced or stored in
any manner, electronically or manually, without the written
permission of the authors. All rights reserved, Damar Group, 1989.

Copyright 1989, Damar Group.


Damar Group
4720 Leyden Way
Ellicott City, MD 21043

Damar Group
4720 Leyden Way
Ellicott City, MD 21043

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Lotus 1-2-3 (tm) Checkbook Template

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The Damar Group is committed to the excellence of professionals
in all disciplines. If you would like more information regarding
our consulting services, please write us.

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