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Lotus 123 add-in manager.
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Lotus 123 add-in manager.
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Contents of the ADNMGR.DOC file

The following instructions are for use in using Lotus Development Corporation's
Add-In Manager. This is necessary to make use of the various add-ins being
distributed by both Lotus and third-party developers.

1. Place the following files in the directory containing 123 (or on the
diskette containing your driver set, usually 123.SET):

Any add-ins you wish to use (.ADN file extension)

Make sure that the file 123.DYN is also in that directory or on that
2. Type the following command:


If your driver set is not named 123.SET, substitute your driver name for
123.SET, for example:


3. The system will give you a message noting that it is adding ADN_MGR to
123.SET (or the driver set which you specified), then that the addition
process is complete.

4. Start 123 as you normally do.

5. Press Alt-F10 to call up the add-in manager menu.

6. Select ATTACH, then the add-ins you wish to use.

7. In order to make the add-ins active, select INVOKE from the add-in manager

8. If you want to have an add-in attach (and invoke, if desired) automatically,
select SETUP from the add-in manager menu.

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