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Linux binary for zoo file archiver.
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Linux binary for zoo file archiver.
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ZOOBIN.TAR 153600 65978 deflated
ZOOZIP.TXT 1001 588 deflated

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From: [email protected] (william E Davidsen)
Reply-To: [email protected] (bill davidsen)

This weekend I ported the zoo archiver to Linux and have just uploaded
it to banjo and tsx-11. I uploaded a static linked zoo binary
(zoobin.tar.Z) and the sources (zoosrc.zoo). I don't intend to upload
zoo files as a practice, but since this was zoo source and the zoo file
was about 1/3 smaller than the tar.Z, and I had to bring it to work on a

I also compiled the latest zip and unzip from info-zip, and have
reported one odd happening to the group. I am NOT taking over the linux
port of zip, I just wanted to try it, since new zip is faster than zoo,
and maybe a percent or two smaller in some cases.
bill davidsen, GE Corp. R&D Center; Box 8; Schenectady NY 12345
It never ceases to amaze me that otherwise rational people, able to
understand calculus, compound interest, and the income tax form, can
continue to believe that poker is a game of chance.

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