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Xload for Linux.
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Xload for Linux.
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Contents of the README file

This is xload for Linux and X11R5 (X386, 1.0).

As I'm neither a X11 nor a Unix-crack, I simply
combined the standard distribution of xload
with part of the tload-code from Branko Lankester.

The executable is linked statically, because

- I don't know how to use the shared libs
(maybe someone who knows makes a shared version?)

- I still have a defunct xdvi, because I don't have
the required xyz_obsolete shared lib. is the code as originally distributed.
I could have added another set of #ifdefs, but
somehow I tend to get lost after the 721th ifdef.

You should have no_update.o with your kernel-source
anyway, but if not, it is included. It is to be
linked to xload.

Michael Hermann
[email protected]

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