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Linux source code for Minicom the Telix clone comm program.
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Linux source code for Minicom the Telix clone comm program.
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In article <[email protected]>
[email protected] (Steve Palm) writes:

> [email protected] (Anthony Rumble) writes:
> :
> : If *SOMONE* could post a *GOOD* port of Minicom (One that works) we
> : might just have a good Comms package..

> Before I post . . .

> I have Minicom working just great. It only has ONE problem on my system.

> For up/downloads, it opens a window to show status. It's opening a pipe
> to capture the output of the transfer command, and sending that to the
> input of the window...

> Are pipes buffered? Because output to that window is only updated after
> quite some stuff has flowed through, making it useless as a status box.

> If this doesn't bother anyone, I'll put it up somewhere.

Uhh, I uploaded a completely working version of minicom, along with a
port of the newest version of sz/rz (with zmodem recover, etc) to tsx-11. It's
sitting in /incoming and should be up in a few days. I guess I'll go throw a
copy up on banjo in /pun/Linux/Incoming as well after I catch up news. Look
for it in a couple hours 🙂

Joe Waters ("Falc") [[email protected]]
"If brute force can't fix the problem, it means you're not using enough."
Linux is better.

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