Dec 112017
SPICE 2g.6 for LINUX electronic circuit simulator.

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Spice for Linux -- the famous electronic
circuit design simulator ported to Linux.

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SPICE 2g.6 for LINUX electronic circuit simulator.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE_ID.DIZ 85 78 deflated
SPICE2G6.TGZ 560340 559100 deflated
SPICE2G6.TXT 1255 627 deflated

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Contents of the SPICE2G6.TXT file

Package-Name: spice2g6.tar.z
Title: Spice
Version: 2g6
Description: Analog Circuit Simulator
Author: University of California, Berkeley
Maintained-by: [email protected]
Maintained-at: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 2263.
Platforms: Unknown
Copying-Policy: Nonprofit use and distribution only
Keywords: Circuit Simulator Spice
Approx-Size: 500K
Last-3-Release: Unknown
Comments: This is the last release of the Fortran version of spice from
Berkeley. The current releases, numbered 3.0 and above
were rewritten in C. I do not think that any attemp is being
made by Berkeley to support this (2g6) software. Spice 2g6
is quite mature, and should be relitivly bug free.

I obtained the source code from the 386BSD project. They
are apparently maintaining the code. I have noticed that
they have patched spice so that it now recognizes tabs in
its input file, and that they have changed some of the
output to use lower case letters. I suspect that they have
cleaned up the code significantly also.

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