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Linux SLS 0.99.11 free UNIX-like OS disk 5/31.
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Linux SLS 0.99.11 free UNIX-like OS disk 5/31.
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Contents of the README.1ST file


Thank you for your order of SLS Linux from Stephen Balbach.
Following is a description of what is included, how to get started
and warranty information.

CONTENTS: 31 disks.

GETTING STARTED: Disk A1 has all documentation and a disk image of
disk A1 in pkzip format. 1) copy A:*.* to your HD or another disk.
2) delete and re-format disk A1. 3) Pkunzip the disk image. 4) run
rawrite from the directory the disk image is located with disk A1 in
your boot disk drive. 5) disk A1 is now a bootable Linux disk,
reboot your computer and follow instructions.

It is recommended you read SLS FAQ and other documentation if you
unfamiliar with Linux to get a feel for what is going on during the
installation process. Don't worry it is fairly simple.

WARRANTY: In case of damage during shipment I will replace any
damaged disks if necessary via e-mail. If the number of damaged
disks is large contact me and we will work something out. Further if
you find Linux to be so bad, or you can't get it to work for some
unavoidable reason after a period of research into the problem,
return the disks and you will be refunded the cost of the disks minus
any incured shipping and handleing charges.

Good luck in your ventures,


(410) 740-1157

[email protected]

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