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Q: Why doesn't ???? work.
A: First read the man pages on ???? and look in this FAQ and the readme.
Relevant manpages can be located using "man -k ????".

Q: Why do I get "shell-init failed"?
A: chmod a+rx /

Q: Why do I get "can not find fixed font"
A: Look in /usr/lib/X11/fonts. Do the fonts.dir and fonts.alias = the fonts
there? If not, try mkfontdir.

Q: Why doesn't makewhatis work?
A: Because the man pages are compressed.

Q: Why do is see "magic match failed" on disk a3?
A: Ignore it it is normal. Sysinstall has to switch from Minix to Dos disks
at a3.

Q: Why do I see "no bmap support" when installing disks?
A: Ignore it it is normal. Dos disks generate this message when mounted.

Q: Why won't the install recognize my disks.
A: Perhaps you have a bad disk, a hardware problem, the download failed or
something else. Some versions of DOS don't seem to like linux. Try
formatting disks on someone elses DOS. Really, you are on your own here.
What I want done, is have the "file loop" patches added to a Linux system,
and then store the Images to SLS, with mountings to also access their
contents (someday). Meanwhile. bon chance.

Q: How do I upgrade SLS
A: If from .96, you don't. You must re-install from scratch. Otherwise,
read the ChangeLog file and download just the needed files manually.

Q: Can I install a new version of SLS over an old one?
A: Best not to. Save what you want somewhere and use mk[*]fs. SLS may
be best for base installs. Updates you can often get anywere on the net.
That is, unless you follow the upgrades to SLS religously.

Q: What version of X11 does SLS use?
A: XFree 1.2. Yes, it does use shared DLL jump libs.

Q: Can I install from the Hard drive?
A: Yes. Even from a Dos HD, but you can't use "doinstall". It goes like:
"sysinstall -instsrc /user -instroot /root -all"

Q: How can I set the video-mode automatically when booting?
A: Use "rdev -v /dev/fd0 1" to simulate typing '1', etc. (-1 sets default vga,
-3 set ask). Try "rdev -help" for more info.

Q: I have only 2Meg of ram...
A: Use hlu's root disk, in GCC

Q: How do I get TCP/IP or NFS working?
A: Get SLS .98p5 92/12/03 or later. Look at in /etc/inet

Q: How come "mdir a:" don't recognize my 3.5 A: drive?
A: Edit /etc/mtools.

Q: Why does "sysinstall -special t" not work or, why the "*.tar" not found
messages, or why do I get "can't write to disk" on installations?
A: Get the new a4/menus.taz. It has a new sysinstall, that uses "-series".

Q: Why do I see "link failed" messages when I install?
A: Ignore them, they are harmless.

Q: How do I install disks afterwards?
A: sysinstall -disk. Try reading sysinstall for more info.

Q: How do I uninstall a package?
A: sysinstall -remove pkg. To see all pkgs, do "ls /install/installed"

Q: How do I find out what disk a package is on, if I uninstall it?
A: grep pkg /install/disks/*

Q: I just upgraded to [X11, gs, ..] and I get "can't load library /lib/lib*"
A: A new library must have come out. Get the new lib(s) to.

Q: How do I find which version of SLS I am using
A: uname -a

Q: How do I find out what is in a package?
A: Install it, look at it, uninstall it if not desired.

Q: What is the meaning life
A: it's coming in the next release.

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