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Linux related software - ALL - available Mail-Order

Q: What is our service?

The Linux Software Map contains over half a meg of descriptions of programs
and files related to Linux. Most of them are free but until now the only
way to obtain them was downloading yourself, and that was if you knew they
existed or could even find them. Thanks to the Linux Software Map we offer
a chance to receive these programs without doing the grunt work of tracking
the files locations, downloading or even having access to them at all.
You tell us which files from the Linux Software Map you would like and they
will sent on disk directly to you.

Q: How much does it cost?

Program Size Cost
1k to <= 400k 2.00 US per (add .20 for 3.5" 1.44)
>400k to <= 1.2megs 2.50 US per (add .20 for 3.5" 1.44)
>1.2megs 2.50 per meg or fractional part
(e.g. 2.7megs = 7.50/5.25" or 8.10/3.5")

o Minimum Order: $50.00 US


o Out of USA orders welcome and encouraged.

o All orders shipped on HD 1.2 DOS format floppy disks. Programs will
remain tar's/gzip'd/compressed as described in the LSM, but will be
renamed to conform to DOS 8.3 character naming convention. Use the
Linux dosemu to copy files from DOS format disks.

o Orders include printed invoice of files.

Q: What is the Linux Software Map and where do I get it?

The Linux Software Map is a volunteer effort to catalog all software,
text files, FAQ... available for Linux. LSM may be found on Usenet
comp.os.linux.announce periodically or at FTP site to
name one site. Fidonet users -> Linux Software Map is available on
Programmers Corner BBS in Columbia, MD at (301) 596-7696 [14.4]

Q: Where do you get the files from?

Because of the large number of programs available, and the constant
revisions, it would be nearly impossible to keep a repository locally of
the entire Linux Software Map. So each program is individually downloaded,
at the time of order, from the location noted in the Linux Software Map.
This also insures you will receive the most up to date version.

Q: Do you have a special deal for just the Linux OS?

Yes! I sell the SLS version of Linux on 5.25" disk and 3.5" disk.
This is as always the most up to date version available.

30 5.25" disks (complete SLS release 1.02): $55
30 3.5" disks (complete SLS release 1.02): $43

Please inquire for more information about this service.

Q: Do you offer support? Warranty?

No support is offered at this time. Warranty includes replacement of
defective files by e-mail first, or mail if needed.

Q: What about Copyrights?

Most software available for Linux is freely distributable. I'm charging
for a value added service of finding/downloading/copying/mailing, not
for the actual software. If the licence for a piece of software
prevents me for charging for this service it can not be ordered.

Q: How do I order?

First you must have a copy of the Linux Software Map. This will serve as
a common point of reference so as to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding
of the exact programs ordered. Then simply go through and pick out the
files you would like making a list like the following.

Example order form:

Urname Hier
Technoville, MD
USA 55555

(555) 555-5555

Disk Type: 5.25" HD

Program Name(1) Size(2) Cost
xdos02.tar.z 410990 2.00

(1) The program name must be obtained from the Linux Software Map from the
first field 'Program Name'. If I can't find it in the LSM than I can't
send it to you.

(2) Size must also be obtained from the LSM 'Size' field. If the actual
size differs the actual size prevails.

Orders may be Certified Funds (Money Order, Cashiers Check, Postal Money
Order), personal check (5 day hold) or wire transfer ($10 bank charge).

Orders may be sent to:

Stephen Balbach
5437 Enberend Terrace
Columbia, MD 21045

(410) 740-1157

Please include return address, e-mail address and phone number, thanks.

Do you have any questions? Internet: [email protected] *or*
[email protected]
Fidonet: reply to appropriate sub
public or private.

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