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1¾«ú GQQQQQRTable of contents:

1. Update information about the mosaic.ini file
2. All features and fixes for the v2.0 alpha series
3. Update infomation about Microsoft's Win32s software


1. Mosaic.ini Update Information

Current Mosaic users, need to add these additional parameters to your mosaic.ini file. If you are a new user, these additional parameters have been included in the default mosaic.ini file. These parameters provide convenient links from the Help pull-down menu to the revelant information.

Help Page=
A Help link to our online user documentation

FAQ Page=
A Help link to our Frequently Asked Questions

Bug list=
A Help link to our Bug and Bug Like Features page

Feature Page=
A Help link to the Mosaic Features page

2. - Bug fixes and enhancement list

NCSA Mosaic v. 2.0 alpha 6

Bug Fixes

- This latest release has focused on speed and memory issues. Our next release, alpha 7, will address many of the bugs which you have reported to us. The following bugs have been fixed in alpha 6:
- The loading of local URLs should no longer produce DNS Lookup failures.
- The loading of local images and sound files no longer deletes the file.
- The loading of images now shows the transfer progress.

Added Features

- A face lift
- Speed
- Kiosk Mosaic
- Additional Help

NCSA Mosaic v. 2.0 alpha 5

Bug Fixes

o There were two large memory leaks which occurred whenever an
inline image was decoded and displayed. These leaks were approx.
1,000 bytes each.
o The document view window was being drawn incorrectly whenever the user was
at the bottom of a document, and Mosaic was re-sized.
o XBM images are now properly read and do not result in an ERROR graphic.
o XBM images used to require a LARGE amount of time to decode. The
code was re-written and now .xbm's decode approximately 100 times faster.
o The Printing bugs; large files, images, bold text, .txt files.
o Some minor problems with dialog boxes were fixed.
o The CRASH caused by incorrect HTML,
tags without the
was corrected. Mosaic is a little more forgiving, but not much. ;^)
o The navigate back should now take you back to the last document viewed.
Previously, Mosaic did not update the history when users accessed
documents that were cached.


o It is now possible to edit the Document URL line directly to enter a URL.
Enter the URL and Press return will open the edited URL.
o The Vertical Scroll Bar is currently a permanent fixture on the
document view window. This eliminates an extra screen redraw which would
occur whenever the user went from a short document (less than one screenful) to
a long document or vice versa. Ideally we'd like the vertical scroll bar
to be dynamic without the extra redraws, but this will improve things for now.
o The buttons on the button bar are now in color.
o The "FIND" button was redrawn with a more intuitive picture. It used to
look like a thermometer and may have lead people to believe it was for
the hotlist.

NCSA Mosaic v. 2.0 alpha 4

Bug fixes

Fixed NEWS: URLs
Fixed underline anchor bug
Fixed problem with resizing when no document loaded
Fixed problem with scrolling ISINDEX documents
Fixed updating of NCSA icon
Fixes problem with view source on cached documents
Fixed bug with naming of temp files under Win31 (lost slash bug)

NCSA Mosaic v. 2.0 alpha 3

Bug fix/Enhancement list

Mosaic is now a 32-bit application
printing (still has problems with bold, long documents, and images)
Viewing/Saving of document source
Access authentication
GPF on forms reloading fixed
Case insensitive find implemented
GPF with Find Dialog fixed
Vertical scrollbars no longer disappear in large files
horizontal scrollbars now appear for documents wider than the screen
(Still have problems with the history window)
Improved internal audio support - allows playing of .au files on 8-bit cards
Bug with deeply nested tags fixed
"-i " command-line option for INI file location