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** Index of Microsoft Access Files in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/access
** at []
** Last Updated: Mon Jun 20 22:23:59 1994
** 931202 Utility for 931202 Knowledge Base for Microsoft Access for Windows 940406 Access 2.0 Fact Sheets and Press Releases, March 1994 940107 Digest of ACCESS-L@INDYCMS from 2/93 through 12/93 940617 .dbf file of add-ons for the MS-Access DBMS 940121 compact or repair your MS Access databases 930521 Maintain common settings in the MSACCESS.INI file 930521 List of EMS Pro Shareware Libraries for Access 940121 Access Export v1.3 940121 ADSTools is a developer's tool for Microsoft Access 940121 Access database tool 930521 Sample code to change certain printer settings 930803 Managing personal and business contacts in Access 930521 Make labels print at the top of each page on multipages 930521 Outlines diffs on dBase and Access programming
ddl110.exe 930803 Microsoft Access Data Definition Language DLL 940120 Access db to track classical/non-classical recordings 940124 Access db tool 930521 Transaction Processing .mdb file 940121 FIRSTLIB is a Microsoft Access library database 930521 Planetary database with multiple subforms 940121 Access Help Analyzer 931117 An Access tutorial in Winword format 940408 Increment numbers in a mdb with code 930908 DISSERT1.MDB is an academic reference database 930906 Access database for tracking membership information
msajt110.exe 930803 Updated Access Engine Library, v 1.10.0001 940124 Add-in to simplify report exports to winword,Excel,txt 930808 Academic reference database interface for Access 931118 A Security Wizard which will secure your database 940407 SECURE Lan Manager security checking for SQL Server 931117 An Access tutorial file in WinWord format 930807 Help with spelling of object names, field names 940121 Fmt long SQL stmnt and assign to Access or VB variable 940207 ToolBox V1.1 Access Library Toolbox

** Index of Demo Windows Files in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/demo
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** Last Updated: Tue Jun 21 13:22:24 1994
** 920622 1-2-3 Demo for Windows 930715 Control Works Demo of Custom Controls for Win Apps 920415 Demo of 3D RenderLib for Windows 940503 Accent Working Model - multilingual word proc [1.2m] 921208 DOS Graphics Demo of Access for Windows 921127 AmiPro for Windows 3.1 Demo (Disk 1) 921127 AmiPro for Windows 3.1 Demo (Disk 2) 920913 Bar Code Label Printer Demo Program 930215 Bcomm Communications Program Demo 930203 Demo of Bibliotech Version 3.0 (10/27/92) 920301 Print ASCII Bothsides on DeskJet (crippled demo) 911009 Demo of ButtonTool 911009 Ancillary Files for ButtonTool 921102 Demo of Cadenza: A MIDI Sequencer 910412 SQL Windows ComboBox DLL demo 930209 ChemWindow version 2.1 demo 920305 ChessNet Shareware/Demo version 1.1 930728 Eval copy of Windows Fax/Data Communications Program 930728 Eval copy of Windows Fax/Data Communications Program 930728 Eval copy of Windows Fax/Data Communications Program 940105 CleanSheet: Demo of modeling type spreadsheet (1 of 3) 940105 CleanSheet: Demo of modeling type spreadsheet (2 of 3) 940105 CleanSheet: Demo of modeling type spreadsheet (3 of 3) 940210 demo for the Cubase midi sequencer [540kb] 920110 Simu of Sterile Insect Release Method of Pest Control 920602 CakeWalk (Midi) Demo 920622 dbFast Demo (1.1Mb Zipfile) 930302 Sculptura Demo: a 3D modeling package 940316 Demo of Devil's Dictionary, cond ver, by Ambrose Bierce 940214 Full-Featured demo of ECCO Simplicity 1.1 PIM [2.0Mb] 940214 Online help for of ECCO Simplicity 1.1 PIM [1.3Mb] 910524 Demo of EXTRA! for Windows 920415 WinFAX PRO Demo for Windows 921104 Lotus Freelance Graphics (working demo/no save) 921104 Lotus Freelance Graphics (working demo/no save) 921104 Lotus Freelance Graphics (working demo/no save) 920503 FM Demo Sound Kit for Windows
formfact.exe 940210 Demo of combo DOS/MS-Windows and GEOS PDA [1.13mb] 910821 FullShot 1.0: Demo of Image Capturing Utility 940510 Font Works 1.0 demo [1.2mb]
gcp_24.exe 940602 Demo of VBCControls: TCP, UDP, TFTP, TELNET and VT220 931028 Head Coach Football Version 2.0 Demo 920622 Harvard Graphics for Windows Demo (1.1Mb Zipfile) 931019 Demo for HelpBreeze a Windows help authoring tool 930910 Sound Operating System Demo by Human Machine Interfaces 930920 HyperAct Demo 940407 WPCorp Demo of Informs Form Design/Filler System 940302 IPS Image Processing Demo Program (1/2) [485k] 940302 IPS Image Processing Demo Program (2/2) [1.07mb] 920718 Kiddie Puzzles Demo Program 930201 Lotus Organizer Demo (Personal Info Manager) 930329 Demo version of MacDraft for Windows (CAD) 930509 Demo of Mapmaker, a map drawing program 940325 MathViews Version 1.60 demo 911001 MathCad 3.0 Working Model Disk 1 911001 MathCad 3.0 Working Model Disk 2 911001 MathCad 3.0 Working Model Disk 3 931112 MiniHost Mail System Demo for Windows v.1.1 920112 Morning Star Demo: Screen Saver VGAMoire 920520 Windows Movie Demo 931202 MOVIE Animation Utility for Windows 930913 XingIt! MPEG Player Software Demo 910523 Disk 1 of MS Project Working Demo (File is 892K) 910523 Disk 2 of MS Project Working Demo (File is 704K) 930301 Musicator for Windows 3.1 Demo 931116 NetMinder Internet address book program 940524 Neural Network Dev Tool Eval version 0.98b [731k] 920509 HP NewWave 4.0 Demo Part 1 (1.11Mb) 920509 HP NewWave 4.0 Demo Part 2 (1.06Mb) 930225 OriginFX Demo 910412 OSF Demo for Windows 910412 Polaris Software's PackRat Demo (hypercard-like) 940612 Demo version of Power Graph v1.0 for Windows 910222 MicroSoft PowerPoint Demo Part 1 910222 MicroSoft PowerPoint Demo Part 2 940302 ProGen 1.1 Genealogy Demo for Windows [1.19mb] 931022 Version 1.0 of Protel Circuit designer demo 911007 Trial Version of Professional Write Plus (Part 1) 911007 Trial Version of Professional Write Plus (Part 2) 911007 Trial Version of Professional Write Plus (Part 3) 911007 Trial Version of Professional Write Plus (Part 4) 920827 QuasarSQL Server for Windows (DEMO)
recdemo.exe 930908 Recipes for Windows 2.0 Demo by Odyssey Computing 940119 DEMO of Reunion for Windows a Genealogy db program 910412 Demos of MicroApps Manager and the Rocks MicroApp 940314 demo for SearchCity 2.0, a text retrieval util [500k] 931118 WinScenario SF171 demo for Windows 940429 SOS Help! for Windows v2.01 (Demo version) [1.3mb] 930319 Demo of Mini-Host: UUCP for Windows 920729 SPSS/Win Demo 940525 SQL Code Profiler for Windows Test Drive (1/2) [1mb] 940525 SQL Code Profiler for Windows Test Drive (2/2) [614kb] 940525 SQL Sniffer for Windows Version 1.1 Sample 931115 StateMaker: C/C++ CASE tool, state diagrams, code gen 910528 Asymtrix ToolBook version 1.5 Demo Disk 940510 Type Designer 2.5 Demo
tgdemo.exe 930909 TrueGrid, a bound database table control demo for VB 910620 The Circuit Board Thermometer Demo 931005 TIM For Windows: An Image Processing Tool (demo) 940309 TommySoftware CAD/Draw Pro 2.01 [1.27mb] 921125 ** REMOVED: MISBEHAVED PROGRAM ** 940404 Cirrus Logic Power Management Demo Version 1.04W 920702 VB Demos for Microhelp Products 931004 VISUALIB (c) Graphics Library Demo 940311 Vox-L Inc Interact Volume Visualizer (NT) [870k] 940311 Vox-L Inc Interact Volume Visualizer (Win SVGA) [1M] 940311 Vox-L Inc Interact Volume Visualizer (NT) [770k] 940311 Vox-L Inc Interact Volume Visualizer (NT) [840k] 940311 Vox-L Inc Interact Volume Visualizer (Win VGA) [415k] 940330 Visual Products VTSocket VBX ver. 1.0i Demo 940427 Demo for the latest electronic book pub by OmniMedia 931102 Body Insight from Informative Graphics 930922 Cakewalk Pro Midi Sequencer Demo Ver 2 (1 of 2) 930922 Cakewalk Pro Midi Sequencer Demo Ver 2 (2 of 2) 920224 Demo of Windows Cribbage Game 910830 Working Model of WinDraw Drawing Program 930215 Demo of Information Manager (uses multiple databases) 921127 Lotus SmartPic Sampler Working Demo (Windows Graphics) 931115 C++ CASE tool, object diagrams, auto. code generation 940303 WorkingModelDemo:build/analyze mech systms 1/3 [656k] 940303 WorkingModelDemo:build/analyze mech systms 2/3 [564k] 940303 WorkingModelDemo:build/analyze mech systms 3/3 [651k] 930325 Demo of loan and mortgage calculation tool 910810 Blue Sky Software's Demo for Windows Maker Pro 931008 Demo of WinRIP Lite, RIPscrip-based drawing program
wwdemo.exe 940214 Worktime Workout Demo v1.01 [964kb] 910531 New MicroSoft Excel 3 Demo (12/90 version) 921105 Plots of 3-D Mesh Surface Oscillating in Real Time 940428 Functional PC X server under MS Windows 3.1 [1.4m]
** Index of Windows Desktop Apps, Screen, Image, and
** BitMap Files in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/desktop at
** []
** Last Updated: Tue Jun 21 21:24:24 1994
** 940114 Displays rotating box frames as a screen saver (.scr) 921106 Astronomy Clock: Mean/Greenwich/Loocal/Universal Time 931020 Cumulative Clipboard for MS-Windows 3.x 930311 After Dark Screen Saver Module 940516 Create small display ads in Windows 940103 Randomly chosen affirmations popup on desktop 930823 Album1.0:view/print albums of pcx,gif,bmp,wmf w/VC++src 940325 New 3D look for dialogs of most Windows apps 940621 Astronomy Lab 2 for Win32s (includes Win32s software)
amosdpak.exe 921212 Amos Draw Program 940404 AnimDsk is a windows 3.1 3D desktop animator 920705 Ants Scurry Around the Desktop 940228 Allows launch buttons anywhere on the desktop 940405 Application Pad (Version 4.1) 931111 All the Time 3.02 Clock Utility 930429 Automated Windows Wallpaper Management 921209 Another Crazy Balls Screen Saver for Windows 921015 Ball Screen Saver for Windows 940601 Clock, date, resources in the Title Bar of Active Win 940601 Better Colors 1A: change the shades of sys colors 940131 Big Desk v2.34 virtual window manager 940224 Bird in Flight Animation Sequence 940216 Blanker Screen saver with password 910626 BMP->BGI Conversion Program 940203 Click on a bmp/ico file to display image 921118 Random Bitmap Loader (ver 3.01) 930302 Bitmap Saver, Windows 3.1 Screen Saver 920714 AfterDark Screen Saver Module 921021 Win3.1 Screen Saver Module (with source) 940506 ButtonStar Deluxe program launcher [WinMag] 940531 Bugfix 1.01 Animation [821k] 930422 An After Dark for Windows Module 910707 Dynamic Caption Clock Display in Active Title Bar 940310 Capture It! Ver.2.0 Windows Screen Capture Util 931103 Capture Windows Screens 940104 Stay-on-top clock and reminder 931101 clySmic Icon Bar App Launcher 931220 Software Eject for CDROM (req Windows MCI CD driver) 911011 Save Desktop Configuration 930910 Changes the Desktop Wallpaper each n seconds 940307 Graphically displays climatological data 931105 Clip Art files in CorelDRAW library format 940517 Clipboard Extender adds functionality to the Clipboard 931213 Copy clipboard text to 2nd mono monitor 930913 ClipMate for Windows v2.07 Clipboard Enhancement 920915 Hides Unwanted Icons from View 921021 Crito's Clock Ver 4.1 910530 Configurable Analog Clock Display Version 5 (demo) 930719 Icon Displaysthe Current Time and Date 930209 Clockman: Intelligent Alarm Clock for Windows (1 of 2) 930328 Clockman: Intelligent Alarm Clock for Windows (2 of 2) 930917 Chez Otto 4.0-a Win menu system w/icons & text menus 921022 Interactive 16/256 Color Palette Display 930215 ColorMaster: control desktop color schemes 940321 Colours Screen saver (.scr) for Windows 940329 Hide the window bearing a given title 940308 Steal your face BMP (Grateful Dead?) (800x600x256) 930203 Two Pixel Screen Saver Modules (.scr) for Windows 940124 Business graphics/presentation manager (2.3mb) 921117 Crabs Scurry Around the Desktop 940203 Crip for Windows 1.0 Internet Message Program 930501 Automatic color scheme changer (vbrun100.dll req) 940107 Allow mouse to pan off screen to reappear on opp side
cuseemez.exe 940618 Desktop Videoconferencing Software from Cornell Univ 940311 CustWin 1.0 tool for customizing the Win environment 920512 Color View: JPEG/GIF/BMP Viewer for Windows 940111 System monitor with a dashboard look 931129 Vector-based drawing program 930323 Dancing Bear Windows Screen Saver (.scr/vbrun200.dll) 931101 Screen melting Windows Screen Saver (.scr) 921116 Bugs, Fried, Burst, Wiz, Eye, Face, Mole, Closer Apps 940331 A desktop animation utility 931105 Desktop Assistant Personal Info Mgr for Windows 940302 BackDesk/BigDesk Desktop Tools For Windows 3.x [513k] 940323 Program launcher, clock, resource monitor, taskman 930903 Replacement or addition to the Program Manager 921001 Metz Desktop Navigator for Windows 940103 DeskTools is a PIM, a Personal Information Manager 931005 Metz Desktop Manager 930924 Wallpaper Utility 910511 Mac-like Interface For Windows 940316 Desktop Helper: Windows Desktop Utility 921001 Metz Telephone Dialer 940511 Bouncing Diamond Screen saver (.scr) 930728 Windows Diary System 930728 Reverse plotting program 910409 Yet Another Digital Clock 940318 Desktop Icon Hider 930314 Replacement for progman and winfile: like a MAC desktop 930217 A bitmap image of a doll 940109 350x220 RLE-4 image of id's "Doom" opening screen 940325 DosBar V1.31 - A Toolbar for DOS-Windows 930820 A simple RIP graphics editor 930805 Drag And View v.2.0 - File Viewers for File Manager 930723 perform drag and drop to the Windows desktop 920829 Yet Another Drag and Drop Utility 931021 Drop files you want to delete onto the icon 931001 Desktop Intercepter 921031 Desktop Bitmap Randomizer (10-31-92 ver) 940329 DeskWall - Change wallpaper from DOS and Windows 940304 DeskTools Personal Information Manager 930308 Windows Macintrash-like Garbage Can Utility 930519 Drag And Zip for Windows 940418 Earth's Sunny Side in Dynamic Icon 940218 The Ecologic Trash (ver 1.01) drag-n-drop trashcan 940328 Earth Centered Universe v1.5 Computerized Planetarium 930226 Real-time graphical display of CPU usage 940125 version 2.0.0 of Enhanced Desktop 931208 Sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, % full moon for loc 930519 Eyes/Position/Qtime/Status Util for Windows 931021 Equator: Reverse Polish Notation Desktop Calculator 910818 Quickly Launch Windows Apps 920222 DOS/Windows Screen Blanker 931129 Pops up a screen of your chosen text with hotkeys 921102 FileBoy's Status Bar Application Ver 4.1 920503 Launch Frequently Used Apps from Pick List 931101 Ferkel is an MS Windows 3.1 screen saver 921125 Add Useful Tool Icons to FileManager 921216 Allows the keyboard focus to follow the mouse 930329 A Mac Finder clone for Windows 940104 Adds task-switch icon to active title bar 910312 Fireworks Screen Saver 940224 Simple menu utility for Microsoft Windows 3.1 921103 Arrange ProgMgr Folders Alphabetically on the Screen 940616 A fortune printing screen saver (.scr) [263kb] 910623 Fractal Paint 1.04 940621 FracView for Win 3.1 v. 1.05 930713 Fractint Extras Collection for Fractint (large ver) 940619 Freedock is another Windows dock program (w/src) 940303 Frog Animation Sequences 930228 Fractint Extras Collection for Fractint (small ver) 931101 File Viewer 2.0 940504 FireWorks Screen saver 940311 GammaCAD v1.10 - Full featured CAD program 910820 Display, Manipulate, Convert Picture Files 940329 Desktop Menu program for Windows 3.1 931103 Windows desktop management package 930731 GHOST App-launcher ver 1.2 910820 Convert .GIF Files to .BMP Files 920912 Go Bears Screen Saver 920415 Display Away Messages on Windows Screen 921025 GrabIt Pro Ver 3.1: Screen Capture Utility 920503 Grafiti: Auto Change BMP at Regular Intervals 931208 Study parameterized functions in an interactive way 940519 Add popup menu to the active window system menu 940518 Alchemy Mindworks Graphic Workshop for Win 1.1l [916k] 930907 Handyman Wallpaper Hanger 1.1 (vbrun300 req)
heyblox.zIp 930913 Create 3D objects out of cubes 930420 HideApp lets you start an application hidden 920807 Hide Windows or Icons from Windows Desktop 940516 Hot Button For Windows: BMP/GIF/Txt/etc Viewer 910517 HOTPOP: Complete Pop Down Menu Kit 920810 HotSpot: Hot Screen Corners for Win3.1 Screen Saver 930316 Progman and Winfile replacement 920512 HalfShell: Minimal Replacement for Win ProgMgr 920124 HotSpot: Quickly Launch Frequently-Used Apps 940502 Hubble solar system simulator [400k] 940216 HyperPoint Hypertext/media author/presenter [650k] 940621 IconBar Ver 2.0 Icon Docking Bar 931213 Image'n'Bits image converter/processor 940429 Image processor for windows with FITS support 940216 ImageCommander v1.0 image mgr and manipulation 921221 Image conversion utility works with File Manager 921027 ImagePrep: Graphics File Converter and Image Editor 940530 ImageOrganizer papersaving Information Archive [1.3mb] 921025 Command Shell Enhancement for Windows 931208 30 Enhancements to Window Event boxes 940104 InfoRecall PIM info organizer and retriever 921117 ISOMedia Utilities for the Controlanel 930715 JetChute Windows Animation 940207 Simple desktop stopwatch program 940523 WinJottr v1.0 - EverReady Desktop Notepad 930712 1024x768x16 BMP of Jurassic Park logo 920914 JPEG Viewer for Windows 930419 Kaleidoscopic Simulation Windows Screen Saver (SCR) 930314 AppBar Replacement for ProgMgr (vbrun100.dll req) 910412 Color Registration Codes for Windows 930721 Kwikdraw: An Object Oriented Drawing Program 931116 On-screen odometer for your keyboard 921219 Liven up your windows with Kolor Kruncher MK IV 920718 The Kitchen Sink AppBar AppLauncher 940323 KwikEdit - Not Another Button-bar 930309 MicroLathe/MiniMovie Image Program 920512 Launch Programs from Desktop (3/92 ver) 940429 Launch! version 1.8, toolbox style app (WinMag) 900812 Automatically Arrange/Save Window Positions Util 921205 JPG Image Compression/Decompression/Conversion 930910 BMP for Lego Lovers 920818 Lens 1.3 : A Windows Magnifier 930309 LI: File viewer/finder/editor/remover/printer,etc. 921215 Prerelease PostScript File Viewer for Windows 930421 Life game module for After Dark 931116 load and change your Wallpaper and Sounds 931129 Password-protect your desktop 940225 Util to change your startup logo 920826 Change your startup logo with this program 940411 Launch Pad: pallete of 24 buttons to launch apps 930921 Image Viewer (JPEG JFIF, GIF, Truevision, Targa, BMP) 920305 Magic Windows Screen Saver Version 1.11 930718 Magnify a portion of your screen 920920 Makeover for Win: Changes look of 2-D Win to 3-D 940304 Sir Mousalot: Finally Use the Middle and Right Buttons 920503 Produces a display of the Mandelbrot Set 940324 .FLI morph of a man turning into a dog [1.15mb] 930302 Martin Fractals, Windows 3.1 Screen Saver 920101 Ver 2.4.1: Plot the Graph of User Defined Functions
matisseg.exe 931215 Grayscale version of paint package Fauve Matisse 900920 Maze Pattern for Screen Peace Util 940113 BlastOFF: Drag-n-Drop Multimedia Player 920515 MenuBar Toolbar Version 1.1 920305 Mandelbrot for Windows 930714 More Control: Enhanced Control Panel for Win31 920415 Clock/Alarm for Windows 931215 an extention of the windows control panel 940325 Windows resource monitor 940104 MDraw, object-oriented drawing program 910817 Meltdown Screen Module for AfterDark 910820 Metz Desktop Navigator Util (ver 2.50) 910820 Metz Desktop Util (ver 3.20)
miata.gif 920731 Miata GIF
miataguy.gif 920731 Another Miata Gif 940531 Mini Status Bar (GDI Resources, etc.)
missm.bmp 920831 Marilyn Monroe in 640x480 256 grey scale BMP file 930901 Michael Jackson MPEG with audio 930903 Yes, another Michael Jackson MPEG with audio 910504 MKH (ver 1.2) Screen Peace Saver Module 931129 MetaMouse to make cursor more visible 940224 ManyThings v2.0 Screen Saver 931020 Counts your mouse's mileage as you move it around 940221 3-d modem status iconic indicator 900925 Can of Worms/Life Saver SPX Files for Screen Peace 930303 BMP of the Motorola Logo in 3-D w/ a marble backgrnd 930329 MPEG Player for Windows 920610 VTMotion Scalable MPEG Player 930913 ShareWARE magnification product 910820 Monitor Saver 2.0b Windows 3 screen blanker Util 931003 Saver/wlppr/snds tribute to MysteryScienceTheater3000 930727 Win Screen Saver (SCR): Show AVI movies or gif,pcx,bmpz 930222 UL-Fish is an Aquarium Simulation for Windows 920718 Force a Window (nail it) to the Top of the Stack 910710 Metz Desktop Navigator 931024 Wallpaper Randomizer 920809 System.Ini Rotator for Various Video Configs 900812 Two New Patterns (dragon, solids) for Screen Peace 930730 Construct your own planetary or solar system 920629 Nine Inch Nails Album Cover (BMP) 940608 New Menus: Win-Shell and Enhncmnt like OpenLook 930317 Collection of add ins to the Control Panel (ATM,etc) 940412 NoShell is a replacement for Windows' Program Manager 940607 Leave notes for yourself 920605 Button's Random Wallpaper Util (with C source) Ver 2.0
oberv4nt.exe 931222 Oberon for Windows 3.1 and NT 940104 OmniDay personal calendar/journal 921021 BTNBAR.DLL: create buttons and button bars 931116 On-screen odometer for your mouse 931020 Window management tool to keep apps on top of others 920904 Windows Color Palette Exerciser 930302 Windows 3.1 Sreen Saver Module 940125 Wallpaper Changer: auto wallpaper changer/manager 940418 Windows Farsi/Arabic/Urdo Editor with TTF [784k] 921222 Convert PCX->BMP and back (vbrun200.dll req) 940120 Freeware desktop menuing utility/fast program launch 940124 Windows PhoneBar 2.1 931116 ver 1.5 of PhishSaver the Windows 3.1 screensaver 930226 PhotoLab, view and manipulate image files 940620 Map Each Pixel of a Small Bitmap Picture to a Character 940506 PixFolio Image Catalog System Version 2.0.126 [647k] 931129 Fix damaged headers in graphics files 940418 Pixfolio 2.0.122 WIN32S files [816k] 931024 DOS app to swap wallpaper, screen saver, and sounds 940607 PlanetWatch 2.0: simulation and atlas of the Solar Sys 920721 Plasma Fractal BMP 940603 PLUG-IN for Windows v2.11: Fills the holes in Windows 940614 Graphics manipulation program 940504 Protect Your Program Manager Layout 921125 Add Custom Menus to Any Apps with a Menu 940125 Polygeometrics Screen Saver (.scr) (nagware) 940217 Popout v1.1 Windows Stereogram Generato 940118 Stickup notes program for Windows 931129 3D CAD program for Povray 2.0 900719 PaperBoy: Random Presentation Utility of Wallpaper 930921 Integrated todo list and program launcher 940325 Groups in groups with program manager 930303 BMP of Origin's upcoming Privateer game 940321 Projector is a Windows 3.1+ standard screensaver 920530 Transform BMPs via Fast Fourier Transfer 911215 Paint Shop Version 2.02 930722 PS2ICON is program for users of PAAI_SHELL 2.09c 910820 ProShape 1.1: A Paint Program for Microsoft Windows 930825 Paint Shop Pro Ver 2.00 930330 AVI Video Movie File 931020 Viewer for icon, metafile, bitmap files 930223 Icon Bar App Launcher 921217 BMP of Landsat Image of Pyramid Lake, NV USA 940103 Small, quick, and easy calendar 940516 Assign actions to the corners of the screen 940404 QuikGraf 1.0 ZIP 1 of 3: A Windows Graph Creator (1/3) 940404 QuikGraf 1.0 ZIP 1 of 3: A Windows Graph Creator (2/3) 940404 QuikGraf 1.0 ZIP 1 of 3: A Windows Graph Creator (3/3) 910830 Another ScreenPeace Saver Module 920725 Simple File Launcher 940524 QuickTime for Windows v1.1.1 930827 A Program Mngr Replacement/Application Launcher
quik16.txt 930904 Quick Note is a notepad/jotter 921213 Quick file viewer - picture and text formats 930806 28 Animated Icons for Route 1.4 930829 A Program Mngr Replacement/Application Launcher 940621 Random dot stereogram generator 940330 High resolution (1024x768x256) ray-traced BMPs [791k] 940330 High resolution (1024x768x256) ray-traced BMPs [534k] 940330 High resolution (1024x768x256) ray-traced BMPs [1.15m] 940330 High resolution (1024x768x256) ray-traced BMPs [581k] 940330 High resolution (1024x768x256) ray-traced BMPs [376k] 940330 High resolution (1024x768x256) ray-traced BMPs [750k] 940214 PCMAG: provides a pop-up menu at cursor position 931208 Windows Restart and Resource panel/strip 940128 RESMON 1.1 resource monitor for Windows 920920 Resta Powerful Windows Screen Saver 920829 Restart button for windows 940502 App drag and drop launcher, memry and resrc mon, clock 930814 Graphical display of drive usage 940523 RightOn 2.3, a mouse utility for Windows 3.1 930916 Randomize your sounds and wallpaper on startup 910526 Windows 3 program to draw Lissajous-type figures. 931206 Interactive rose diagram plotting program 940405 Random display of Polar Roses - Screen saver (.scr) 930912 Another Sophisticated Icon Bar App 931020 MS-Win RPN style scientific calculator 930628 After Dark modules: Messeuse, Pattern Tiler, YABL 920925 Double Click Desktop to Get Favorite App List 921214 Santa Screen Saver 910719 Screen Saver (Randomly Displays Chinese Chars) 920530 Windows Screen Saver 940221 Set of screen savers for Windows 3.1 931101 Screen saver manager, bypass Control Panel 920907 Collection of Windows Screen Blank Modules (.SCR) 931111 Windows Screen Capture Utility 1.3 920318 Allow Drag/Drop Routines into a Trashcan 930923 Schematic drawing, printing, and metafile export 930712 Supercoast Roller Coaster Screen Saver (scr) File 940126 Hot spot Screen Saver Activator - version 1.0 940520 Scratch Pad Application 940106 Hot spot for mouse to invoke Windows Screen Saver 920912 Scribbler/Doodle Pad for Windows 920927 Activate Windows Screen Blanker with Hot Spots 900831 New Screen Peace Windows3 Screen Saver Util 910823 {S,V,E}GA Screen Blanker Util Ver 9.1 (was egautil) 930727 Seascape, a screen saver for Windows 3.1 930221 SeaShell Program Launcher and Status Display Util 930719 SecureGroup - Protect your program manager groups 940207 Activates a window by just moving the mousecursor on it 930303 BMP of Origin's upcoming Ultima 7: Serpent's Isle game
sh93v100.lzh 930927 Front-End Shell for Windows 910214 Screen Shuffler SPX File (ver 1.2) for Screen Peace 920601 Shoot!: Yet Another Screen Image Grabber 931102 Hide or show the cursor in Windows 931207 System information/Task Manager replacement 910518 SizeIt Util Make Apps Remember Window Size/Position 920415 Sizer Remembers Windows Size/Position 940418 SkyView 3.0 is a free planetarium simulator [730k] 940616 Slideshow is a Windows slideshow program 931026 Create a slideshow of bitmaps 920518 Sloop Manager: Complete Graphical Replacement ProgMgr 940218 Windows system toolbar applets 931028 After Dark Screen Saver Module 940111 Puts wallpaper inside Program Manager or File Manager 940111 SmartTop 1.1 - Always-on-Top utility for Windows 910421 SnagIt Ver 1.6 Screen Capture/Print Utility 920415 Screen Snapshot Utility 940322 SOLARTME 1.1 displays a worldmap showing the terminator 940221 Macintosh/Win4.0 like file management shell for Win3.1 921220 Sperm - a Screen Peace SPX for Mircosoft Windows 900717 Package to Create Screen Peace Saver Extensions Util 920520 Spinner SPX Module for Screen Peace
spltsfx2.exe 940110 a GIS contouring tool 920823 SuperClock: The "Definitive" Alarm/Clock System 900831 New SPX Graphic Images for the New Screen Peace Util 910925 Personal LOGO Saver extension for Screen Peace 910412 Yet Another Screen Saver (version 1.4) 920730 Screen Saving "Blinds" for Each Window 930323 Screen saver lets you use your own .bmp logo 940620 Screen Saver Pack for Win 3.1 - 7 Screen Savers [456k] 940526 Randomizer 1.1 - Screen Saver Randomizer 940406 Toggle Win screen saver without using Control Panel 931101 Sound and Sights - view GIF files and play .WAV files 940504 Stickies! 2.5 is a shareware note manager 910820 Moving Stars for Windows Background 931022 Start apps: standard, normal, max, min, hidden 921204 Five BMP Sequences from Star Trek 940411 System Resource Monitor Status Line 940311 Another status util: date, time, resources, diskfree 920913 Sticky Notes Util for Windows 930226 Super Task Manager: Replacement for Win Task Mgr 930812 Standard, Military, Present Stardate based on STTNG 930907 Change the Microsoft Windows startup screen. 930817 Swift Access Version 1.5: Iconbar for Apps 940524 Version 1.4 of Jerry Petet's screen saver switch 910808 Change the 256 colors from 256,000 color pallette 930920 Powerful user friendly animation program 940310 Define a toolbar for a particular task 940408 Time and Chaos: Appt/Cal/Phonebook Util for Win 940620 Talking Clock for Win 3.1 v. 1.08 940610 Technetium 1.5 X-Window Style Menus for Windows 940324 Your very own Tiny Elvis 920904 Terminator: An Electronic File Shredder 920728 Animated Text: Moving Message Display for Windows 920807 Yet Another Trashcan Utility for Windows 940202 Tick-It! customizable replacement for the Clock 910518 Digital Clock for the Topmost Window's Caption Bar 920720 Cosmic Wristwatch BMP/GIF 940611 Draw & analyze Timing Diagrams on your PC 930204 TIP for Appbar (requires 920913 The Interactive Task Switcher Utility 931022 Drag-and-drop toolbar and shell replacement 940111 Replacement for the Task Manager 920503 Mac-like Trashcan Utility 920723 Virtual Windows for Windows 940225 TOP DRAW v1.0b object-oriented drawing (1/2) [329k] 940225 TOP DRAW v1.0b object-oriented drawing (1/2) [393k] 940520 TOPTOOLS adds a float button bar in CorelDraw desktop 920515 Mac-Like Trashcan Utility (w/sound) 930302 Windows Screen Saver Module 920414 Mac-Like Trashcan Utility 930825 Star Trek BMPs 931012 TribalDraw 2.1 for Windows 940110 Display and print ternary (trilinear) diagrams 930817 Always-on-top desktop information panel
tscd11a.exe 940309 TommySoftware CAD/Draw v1.11a Part 1/4
tscd11b.exe 940309 TommySoftware CAD/Draw v1.11a Part 1/4 [291k]
tscd11c.exe 940309 TommySoftware CAD/Draw v1.11a Part 1/4 [333k]
tscd11d.exe 940309 TommySoftware CAD/Draw v1.11a Part 1/4 [353k] 940429 Always-on-top desktop information panel 930807 Windows appointment book/calendar 940505 Thumbsup: Picture viewer/organizer/finder v1.3d [373k] 920413 Teenage Mutant Ninja Bitmaps 940315 Twilight Dream AfterDark Module 930212 UltraClip: Clipboard Extender (OLE aware) 930910 Screen blanker that bounces picture in a window 900731 Clean, Closer, Run, Win 3 Utils to manage your desktop 940429 Voice Clock!, Version 2.0 940204 Visual Calendar Planner 1.1 for MS Windows 3.x 931203 Virtual desktop, group manager(nice toolbar), dsk mgr 940404 MS Video for Windows runtime, v1.1a [1.3mb] 910719 Allows Selection of 16 Colors from 262,144 Pallette 910628 Module for AfterDark Screen Saver 931020 Play .AVI videos and views most still graphics formats 940322 VIP 2.3 phonebook (supports .BMPs and .AVIs) 940405 Virtual Desktop version 1.0 931129 Switch video modes without Control Panel 920503 Virtual Tablet Interfac: high performance digitizer 940428 Windows JPEG/GIF Display & Print Utility 940428 Win Screen Saver (.scr): Random GIF JPEG JPG BMP viewer 920418 AAPLAY.DLL: play Autodesk Animator Animation Files 921213 WallPeeper: Wallpaper Manager 920805 Miscellaneous Homemade BMPs 930814 Change mouse cursor/make it re-enter at side of screen 940503 Windows 3.1 alarm clock that plays WAV files 920819 WAV/BMP Randomizer 930814 Makes caps lock key work like a typewriter 940505 transparent clock inherits underlying wallpaper as bgnd 940411 WillDock: toolbar and a global popup menu 930223 Fast .JPEG viewer for Windows 930219 Wallpaper Gallery BMP Randomizer 930311 Wild Forest and Sky in the Night ScreenPeace modules 930323 Collection of small image viewers, various formats 940614 Win3D is an interactive 3D drawing program 920413 Win3.x Screen Saver for Toshiba Laptops 930519 displays info in the caption bar of the active windo 910724 PCMag Utility to Customize Colors 921130 Combination Calendar/Diary 920723 Windows SVGA Screen Dimmer (Blanker) 930727 drag and drop program launcher for Windows with hotkey 940310 A Windows Desktop Util: launch;dir browse;task switch 940118 View Autodesk Animator files from within windows 910820 WinGIF: View GIF Files 930823 PC-Hurricane moviegrabber 911022 Init Desktop from list of apps/window sizes in WIN.INI 940404 WinJPEG v.2.51 image viewer/processor/convertor 931213 WinLab: display and converts various image formats 940601 WinLamps: free RAM, HDD space, and clock in display 921108 Float, Sink, and Exit Windows 940523 Display mazes in 3D in Windows 3.1 931129 Status Lite Display Util for Internal Modems 940224 Windows-based menuing system 940321 WinMenu Shareware Menu Program for Windows 3.1 931101 WinOCR 2.0: Optical Character Recognition program 930309 Collection of eight animated screen savers (.scr) 931208 Lock Windows from snoopers 920316 Configure Windows Pointer (PCMag) 930726 symmetric fractal generator for Windows 910614 Change Your Multisync's Resolution On-the-fly 910425 Restore Windows Session as You Left It 931108 Secure your windows 940308 Replace startup screen with steal your face image 930921 Port of Sam Leffler's TIFF Library to MS_Window 3.1 930814 World TimeZones: disp time in many major world cities 921220 Windows BMP Wallpaper Loader (vbrun200.dll req.) 920603 A Collection of 40+ BMP Patterns 930723 granite WinLogo floating over a water scene 940119 Organize your Windows Wallpaper 940426 WinX 1.5: Windows User Interface Extensions 940119 WinLock - Access Control System for Windows 940202 WinLab V2.0: image editing processing/viewer/converter 940120 WillNotes 2.1 Sticky Notes System 930907 Easily Assign Icon to PM Group or Application Icon 930814 Convert .WMF metafiles to .BMP format 931008 WinBrowse: Windows File Browser 930908 SCR Screen Saver with Wolf 3D Bosses 940204 WorldClock 2.1 - daylight position map 940318 What Happened On This Day In History 910902 Yet Another ScreenPeace Saver Module 931130 Shareware Custom Wallpaper 940218 WinPopUp 1.0: click windows to pop them to the front 930712 PostIt Notes for Windows Version 3.2b 930916 Wallpaper Randomizer 920915 WokShift Graphical Virtual Desktop (ver 1.6) 931108 Weresoft Logo v.1.1 teaches geometry,programming,logic 930318 Virtual desktop for Windows 921015 Sync PC Clock with Naval Observatory Time (PCMag) 930804 WorldTime 2.1d for Windows 930628 PIM, rolodex, autodialer, labels - Address Book 940222 WinWall Plus:wallpaper randomizer/manager/editor [420k] 901117 Drawing Program 930820 Yet Another Clipboard Collector 920913 Talking Clock for the Desktop 940310 Yellow Sticky v2.0 - A "To Do" manager 940616 Business/Technical Graphs for MS-Windows and Windows NT 920728 Zip Paper: Displays Random BMPs

** Index of MicroSoft Excel Files in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/excel
** at []
** Last Updated: Mon Jan 31 22:32:52 1994
** 940118 Astute Statistics Add-In for Microsoft Excel 4 and 5 921221 Business Plan Master, creates small business plans 930712 Spreadsheet Calculates Clinton's effects on taxes 930827 Another Sheet for Clinton's Tax Plan 920811 Excel Macro to Shade Alternate Lines in Spreadsheet 920811 Toolbar Util for Excel 3
we0125.exe 920418 MS App Note: Excel Cell Referencing from a Macro
we0127.exe 920418 MS App Note: Excel Dates and Times
we0146.exe 920418 MS App Note: Excel Most Frequently Asked Questions
we0404.exe 920418 Excel Custom Help File Conversion Utility
we0801.exe 940126 excel macro for reading in text files (delimited)
we0820.exe 940126 excel macros for interpolating smooth curves w/beziers 931213 Excel add-in for matrix manipulation, smoothing, etc
xl3qa.exe 920418 Questions and Answers for Excel 3 (install,print, etc)

** Index of Printer Drivers for Windows in
** ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/drivers/printer at []
** Last Updated: Thu Jun 2 21:50:50 1994
** 910320 Enhanced Drivers for 24-pin Epsons (and compatibles) 930902 Canon BJ-200 Windows Printer Driver (10/1/92) 940321 Canon BJC-600 v2.0 printer drivers [640k] 930927 Brother HL Laser Printer Drivers 921111 CalComp ColorMaster Plus (PostScript) printer driver 921109 Citizen GSX-140 Drivers (ver 2) 920211 Ver 1.05 Citizen printer drivers 940202 produce a leading Ctrl-D in the pr data stream (PS) 940512 May 94 Drivers for the HP DeskJet 500 series printers
escp2.exe 920615 Epson LQ-570/870/1070/1170 esc/p 2 Win 3.1 (4/92)
ep24.exe 920828 Epson 24pin Printer Drivers (08/12/92)
ep9.exe 920831 Epson 9pin Printer Drivers (07/27/92)
eplq.exe 920615 Epson LQ-570/870/1070/1170 Scalable Fonts Driver
epsdrv.exe 930510 Epson Stylus 800 & updated printer drivers (4/15/93)
epson.exe 930921 Epson Printer Drivers (Mar 93) 931028 More Epson Printer Drivers 911104 Drivers for the Fujitsu 24 Pin B&W/Color Printers
gendrv.exe 930217 IBM (Lexmark) laser printer drivers 940217 v3.1.27 drivers for the HP Laserjet 4s (11/93) [360k] 940218 HP Deskjet drivers (11/93) [1mb] *REMOVED: BETA-WARE* 921002 DeskJet 500C, DeskJet 500, DeskJet Plus for Win3.1 930803 07/93 Versions of HP line of printer drivers 931028 Drivers for all HP LaserJet Printers 931028 Drivers for all HP non-LaserJet output devices 921125 HPPCL Driver Version 10-22-92
hppjet.exe 920828 HP PaintJet Drivers Version 8/12/92 920317 PCL5A Driver Version 10/25/91 (Supports IIIP/IIISi) 910513 HP PostScript Driver 3.4 for IIP,IID,III,IIID and IIISi 910820 HP QuietJet 192x96 DPI Driver 940426 W4WG: print to HP net prns with JetDirect/EX pserver
ib2390.exe 920803 IBM 2390 Series Printer Drivers 920320 Connect/Disconnect Network Printers in Windows
lino.exe 920831 Linotronic Drivers for Windows 3.1 (08-12-92) 930804 Various drvrs for the HP range. LJ4 inc, dated 7/14/93
lj4win31.exe 921109 Windows 3.1 driver for the LaserJet 4
necp24.exe 921207 NEC Drivers (CP{6,7},P{5XL,6,7,9XL,2200,5200,5300},etc.
necpin.exe 920615 NEC P3200/3300/6200/6300/9300 Win 3.1 Driver 910531 Driver for NEC 24-pin Pinwriters
oki24.exe 920831 Okidata 24pin Printer Drivers (08/12/92) 911204 Oki L400 Windows 3.0 Driver ver .31
pan24.exe 921031 10-16-92 Drivers for 24pin Panasonic printers 911209 Panasonic 09-Pin Drivers
panakx.exe 920504 Panasonic Printer Drivers for Win3.1 931028 Drivers for most all Panasonic printers
panaw31c.exe 920708 More Panasonic Printer Drivers for Win 3.1 920118 Panasonic Laser Drivers 931026 V3.1 PPRTR: DLL that allows massive printer control
pscrip.exe 920828 PostScript Printer Driver (07/23/92)
star.exe 920808 Win 3.1 Drivers for all STAR printers (from MS BBS) 910605 Star Micronics Driver 920209 Jan91 Star Micronics 9 pin driver
unidrv.exe 920828 Microsoft 6-29-92 Version of Unidrv.Dll 920214 NWWINFIX - Fix for Windows Garbage Printing on NetWare 920130 Roland 9/24 Pin Drivers

** Index of Video Files, Drivers for Windows in
** ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/drivers/video at []
** Last Updated: Tue Jun 21 12:47:17 1994

1280bnch.txt 911030 Benchmarks for Orchid ProIIs vs Fahrenheit 1280 Card 940524 MGA Power Drivers, v 1.41.1 [1.2mb] 1 of 2 940524 MGA Power Drivers, v 1.41.1 [730k] 2 of 2
24_all.exe 930813 Diamond Stealth24 ISA video (8/11/93 ver)
24x_beta.exe 931023 SpeedStar 24X - Windows 3.1 ver 2.04 Beta Drivers 921026 Diamond Speedstar 24x video drivers 930726 Ver 1.32 drivers for the Cirrus logic GD-5426 card
542xvga.exe 940404 Cirrus CL-GD542X Display Drivers and Utilities 910820 Everex EVGA Drivers (1024x768x16/800x600x16/640x480x16) 921014 Paradise/WD SVGA 640x480x256/1024x768x16/1024x768x2 930501 GraphicsENGINE Software Driver Rev. 1.3 (1 of 2) 930501 GraphicsENGINE Software Driver Rev. 1.3 (2 of 2) 920913 Ahead VGA Video Driver for Windows 3.1 930702 Control panel applet for Mach FlexDesk driver 930325 Win 3.1 Drivers for ATI Ultra series as of 22-Feb-93 920425 ATI Wonder{Plus,XL}, Integra Video Drivers for Win3.1 910922 New (08-29-91) ATI Windows 3 Drivers
atiw3256.exe 910802 256 Color Drivers for ATI Cards
atiw3400.exe 910918 Upgrade for ATI 640x400x256 Driver (needs atiw3256.exe)
atiult.exe 920612 ATI 8514/Ultra drvr for Win 3.1 dated 4/6/92 911102 Speed Up Windowing on Large (1024x768) Displays 921014 Boca SXVGA drivers for Windows 3.1 (Tseng 4000 compat.)
bwmir156.exe 940406 02/94 SPEA V7 Mirage Windows Driver Update [1.08mb] 931129 Orchid Celsius VLB driver v1.3 (Oct 1993) 920414 VGA drivers for Cirrus Logic VGA controllers 921022 Diamond Stealth VRAM Win3.1 Video Drivers (9-25-92) 931023 Windows 3.0 DIB display driver 900902 Eizo Windows Video Drivers 920414 Tseng ET3000 - Windows 3.0 and 3.0a Display Drivers 911002 "DynaLink" for the Orchid ProDsgnrII (chgs rfresh rate) 920728 ColorView Windows 3.1 Video Drivers 940606 Tseng Drivers for the W32/i/p cards [604kb] 900828 EV-673 Windows 3.0 Drivers 930712 Orchid Fahrenheit 1280 card Drivers (6/93 release) 940114 Version 6.0 drivers for Orchid Fahrenheit 1280+
g1221w.exe 940610 Hercules Graphite 1MB Drivers rel 2.21 [536k] 920414 S3 Carrera Display Driver for GEM 910820 Genoa SVGA Drivers (800x600x256/1024x768x16/800x600x16)
gr221i.exe 940610 Hercules Graphite Series Installation Diskette
gss1000.exe 920502 Updated DGIS firmware for AT1000 series video card 921009 Tweak Crystal Fonts w/the ATI Graphics Accel Cards 940412 9GXE Windows Driver Ver. 4.12 [720k] 940329 STB Horizon VL Video Card drivers v1.32b 921127 **COPYRIGHTED PROGRAM REMOVED** 930825 TIGA 2.05 files for HP IGC-20 video card (1 of 2) 930825 TIGA 2.05 files for HP IGC-20 video card (2 of 2) 940404 Cirrus Logic GD542x JWindows 3.1 Drivers [1.18mb] 930201 ATI driver installation utility 940124 Win 3.1 drivers VER 1.32b for cirrus 5426/5428 v1.41 940404 Cirrus acad/3ds drivers disk 1 [576k] 940404 Cirrus acad/3ds drivers disk 3 [1.30mb] 940404 Cirrus acad/3ds drivers disk 4 [390k] 940404 Win 3.1 drivers for Cirrus GD5422 [720k] 940404 NT drivers for Cirrus GD5422 940404 Win 3.1 drivers for Cirrus GD5426 [876k] 940404 NT drivers for Cirrus GD5426 [876k] 931129 Cirrus Logic drivers 542x based video cards
kelv5434.exe 940612 Kelvin Install/Driver Disk version 1.21 (Orchid) [1.3m] 940525 Install/Config Utils for ATI Mach32 Cards v2.3 940525 ATI mach32 Windows drivers v2.3 [612k] 940303 v2.3 drivers for the ATI Mach8 board [600k]
mgetiga.exe 921106 TIGA 2.05 Driver for the NEC MGE board
mgewn31.exe 921106 DGIS Display Driver for NEC board
mmdisp.exe 921201 Drivers from the MS DL BBS for all VGA cards 911019 9-91 Tseng Drivers (640x480,800x600,1024x768/16+256) 931028 Drivers for most all Trident video cards 931028 Drivers for most all Oak video cards 930730 Oak Technologies (OTI) 67/77 based VGA cards 5/26/93 940201 Orchid's P9000 Windows driver release date November 93 931026 Orchid Fahrenheit VA/VLB video cards (v5.1) 920531 New Orchid Video Drivers for Windows 3.1 (5/19/92)
p2win31.exe 930720 6/15/93 drivers for Orchid ProdesignerIIs video card
p9000.exe 940316 Orchid P9000 release disk v1.3 [947k] 920429 Paradise Drivers for Windows 3.1 931028 Drivers for most of the Paradise video cards 910919 PageMaker4 (?) 640x480x32768/800x600x32768 VGA Drivers
pvga1024.exe 930211 All Paradise/Western Digital 90c30 drivers (1/18/93) 920817 Remove Display Driver: lists/deletes unwanted drvrs 940307 RealTek VGA display card drivers [1.01mb]
s3-924.exe 940222 drivers for S3-924-based Video cards [1.09mb]
s3-928.exe 940222 drivers for S3-928-based Video cards [550k]
s32win.exe 940617 Diamond Stealth 32 Drivers for Windows v1.02 [955kb] 940214 S3FLAT.DRV v2.21 for S3C805 VLB card [692kb] 920617 1024x760 ProII Driver for Ventura Publisher 911230 Speed up Tseng-based video cards with dual monitors
sko1430.exe 910919 Tweeks 800x600 ProDesigner board w/Seiko 1430 Display 931203 SpeedStar 24x Drivers 931220 Speedstar 24x drivers FULL version 2.03 (1 of 2) 931220 Speedstar 24x drivers FULL version 2.03 (2 of 2)
sspro.exe 940504 SpeedStar PRO Drivers
st2430.exe 940607 v3.00 drivers for the Diamond Stealth 24 [883k] 920521 STB PowerGraph and ERGO Video Drivers 940107 Stealth 24 drivers (v2.01) for bios 2.00 940616 Ver 3.00 of the drivers disk for Diamond Stealth 24 920622 Diamond Stealth VRAM Benchmark Results 940503 BETA windows 3.1 drivers for the Stealth VRAM cards
stlp30.exe 940615 Diamond Stealth Pro Video Drivers - Version 3.00
stpro2.exe 940310 Beta drivers V3.0 for Diamond Stealth Pro [835k]
sv800.arc 900613 Generic 800x600x16 SVGA Driver for Windows 3
svga.exe 930907 Generic SVGA drivers (4/93) 920223 Switcher: Windows Video Mode Switcher 900918 Swan Computers VGA Video Drivers 910810 Tseng ET-3000 800x600x256 Windows3 driver 920903 S3.DLL File for S3 Chip Support 930826 Ver C4.50S/May 1993 TRIDENT TVGA8900CL/9200CX Drivers 910711 Tseng 4000 Drivers (New/Improved over 920908 Final Drivers for All Trident8900c/9000 Cards (1 of 2) 930310 Final Drivers for All Trident8900c/9000 Cards (2 of 2) 910722 Run 800x600x16 on Standard VGA Cards 911210 Diamond SpeedSTAR video drivers (dated 10-31-91)
v7m1293.exe 931213 Latest (12/93) SPEA V7 Mirage Windows Driver Disk
v7mirage.exe 931206 (rel. 993.0) for the SPEA V7 Mirage graphics card 921219 Microsoft's Video for Windows runtime 940428 STB VL-24 graphics adaptor drivers 911025 Select the SONY 1304/Crystal Scan 1024NI as Monitors.
vpciwn31.exe 940316 Viper PCI Win 3.1 v.3.02 + utilities [603kb]
vpr200.exe 931103 Viper VLB v2.00 Win 3.1 drivers
vprm202.exe 931207 version (2.02) of viper vesa drivers and mode setter 931116 A Collection of Viper VLB v2.00 Win 3.1 Drivers 931202 B rev of VESA driver for the Diamond Viper 940307 ShareWare VESA driver for the Diamond Viper,v1.2 rev F
w256-31.exe 920504 Ahead Wizard VGA Drivers for Windows 3.1
w31_3000.exe 920502 Orchid ProDesigner+ (512K) Drivers for Win3.1 920505 Beta Trident 3.1 Video Drivers (4/27/92)
w31dgis.exe 920502 Win3.1 Drivers for DGIS Spectragraphics Cards 930329 March 1, 1993 revision of the ET4000 drivers for Win31 920803 NCR 77C22E Chipset Video Drivers 930302 Windows 3.1 ATI video drivers (08/92) 931206 12-1-93 Tseng ET-4000/W32 drivers (inc W32i drivers) 940614 WD90C31 drivers (March '93) [1.1mb] 931201 Windows drivers for Actix GE 32 (v2.2c Nov93)
win3_16.exe 910313 Paradise 16 Color Drivers (Self-Extracting)
win3_16f.exe 910313 Paradise Fast 16 Color Drivers (Self-Extracting)
win3_256.exe 910313 Paradise 256 Color Drivers (Self-Extracting) 910115 Latest Paradise Chipset Extended Video Drivers 920619 Video 7 Drivers for Win3.1 (6/12/92 ver) 920614 ATI Windows 3.1 Accelerator Drivers 920719 ATI Crystal Font Driver for Win31 (7/16/92 ver) 901004 Orchard VGA Drivers 930825 TIGA Windows drivers (Jul 93)
win3xdrv.exe 920414 Win31 Drivers for Video7 Cards 920312 Latest (03/92) Trident VGA Drivers (8900 chipset)
winflow.txt 920312 Flowchart for Video Driver Trouble (Trident) 900812 VGA Wizard VGA Drivers 910416 Wy-700 Video Drivers 930723 XGA Windows Drivers Version 2.10 910224 Zymos Poach VGA (Northgate) Video Drivers

** Index of Windows Font Files in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/fonts
** at []
** Last Updated: Tue Jun 14 16:38:06 1994
** 920610 Aardvark Font 910624 Animal Shape Font 920831 Another Font Viewer 930813 Armenian Language font (TT and ATM) 931028 Armenian Allcaps-Decorative font (TT and ATM) 931028 Armenian Decorative Font (All Caps/Hollow; TT and ATM) 910624 Yet Another Architect Font 910110 Architect Handwriting Type 1 Font 910705 HP AutoFont Support System 940608 Musicological font (symbols and numbers/Type 1+TT) 910425 Bedrock Font 930209 Scale fonts to fit document to page 920610 Display Caps-Only Font of Shadowed Bizarre Chars 910110 Black Chancery Type 1 Font 921213 CheckAllFonts, verification/search for PostScript fonts 910114 Crude Calligraphic Bitmap Type 1 Font 910114 Chicago-like Type 1 Font 920413 Chinese characters in Kaishu style 921121 View Fonts/Compose Chars 920610 Coca Cola Font 910623 Engraver-Light PS Font 920725 Cyrillic (Russian) keyboard driver and screen fonts 920725 Source for 910114 San Diego?-like Type 1 Font 920720 DumpPfm: Printer Font Metrics Dumper (ver 1.53) 910813 Change Fonts in DOS Window 910624 Durango Font 920725 DownWind: Soft font downloader 930316 True Type Font of Enya album lettering (Freeware) 931129 European letters with diacritical marks (TT and ATM) 910905 FontInfo: Print/Display All Fonts 940606 Font Monster v3.5 Font Management Util (ATM/TT) 921204 FontSee: Print All Available Fonts 920723 Font Control Panel 930323 Stretch or rotate a line of text 930323 PCMAG's Font Cataloging Utility and Source 940506 FONTBOOK view onscreen or print typeface specimens 930323 View, print, select from all installed fonts 910705 Font Enumeration Program (with C Source)
fonts.lzh 900813 PostScript Type 1 Screen Fonts 920911 FontShow Version 5
fontslzh.txt 900930 Listing of files in fonts.lzh 940126 FontSpec Pro Font Utility Program 930724 FontPower is a font management system 910114 Garamond Type 1 Font 910416 Yet Another Font 910423 120 DPI (8514 resolution) 1:1 Aspect Ratio Screen Fonts 910423 96 DPI (VGA resolution) 1:1 Aspect Ratio Screen Fonts 910114 GraphicLight Type 1 Font 910114 Calligraphic Heidelberg Font Like MacHumaine) 920123 Hewlett Packard Intellifont Kit Ver 1.1 910114 Iglesia Font 901102 Kaufmann:Bold Screen Font 921006 Point-and-Shoot Fonts to the Printer 931020 Mac => PC Font Conversion Toolkit (Type 1 and Truetype) 910624 MachineBlock Font 901102 Mariage Screen Font 931028 Armenian Text font. (Previously Ararat; both ATM/TT) 931028 Narrow version of Masis Font (Armenian Lang; ATM/TT) 910518 Miami Beach Light Font 910114 Middleton Type 1 Font 901102 News Screen Font 921130 Util to Check Systems Fonts 901102 Old Town Screen Font 940120 Printer's Apprentice Font Management System (v5.70) 910624 Palladam Tamil Font 921006 Convert mono .PCX images to HPLJ portrait soft font 911212 PFB File Viewer (beta) 910711 Preview1.0: A Tool to Preview Windows Fonts 920116 PSX - PostScript Soft Font Downloader 910624 Recycle Font 910624 RedLetter Font 920211 Type 1 Font Utility: Use MAC Type 1 w/Windows ATM 920819 DOS Util to Rename TrueType Fonts 901102 Roissy:Bold Screen Font 910624 SaloonExt Font 940228 Armenian Language Font (Sassoun) TT/ATM 910624 Savannah Fats Font 940124 Greek/Hebrew/Latin fonts & Right to Left Util 920624 Bengali Fonts for Windows 910416 Type 1 Font 910624 SlabFace Font (very bold) 940111 SmartFont font previewer with stay-on-top option 910110 Mac San Francisco Font 910624 Stencil Font 940113 Handwriting font with all standard accents (tt/atm) 910624 StFrancis Font (like Mac San Francisco) 901102 Symbol Screen Font 931201 Create your own Windows system fonts. 910416 Type 1 Font 940216 Stock ticker tape letters & symbols font (TT/ATM) 940216 Torah style Hebrew font (TTF & ATM) 920801 TrueType Information Utility 940404 Typefacial is a powerful typeface viewer 910902 TypeView: Display/Print Available Faces (uses ATM) 910624 UltraBlack Font 911106 Display/Print Available Fonts 900913 Scalable Vector Screen Fonts 940117 A small, simple, but attractive font previewer 910624 VireoFonts Font 910416 Type 1 Font like the New Yorker Magazine 910815 ViewBDF: X11R4 .bdf font files w/font size 16x16 930307 WinGreek: Greek and Hebrew Package for Windows 3.x 930928 Larger Screen fonts for Windows DOS boxes in SVGA modes

** Index of Windows ATM Font Files in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/fonts/atm
** at []
** Last Updated: Mon May 16 22:59:26 1994
** 910121 36 Type 1 Fonts for Adobe Type Manager (ATM)/Windows
afms.zoo 910729 240 Adobe Font Metric Files (AFM) for CICAs Fonts 921113 AlfredDrake Arabic-like Font 921113 From the Scriptorium Font Library 920610 Ann Stone Dropcap Woodcut Font (includes AFM file) 921113 Apollo Font 920414 ATM Font Info Program 910416 Ballet Engraved Font 920610 920610 920610 920610 920610 920610 920610 920610 910416 Florence/Florence-Light Font 920610 920610 920610 920610 920610 920610 920610 920610 920610 920610 920610 910416 Muriel Font 920610 920610 910416 Old Towne Font 910417 Post Antiqua Roman Font 920610 920610 910416 Tekton Font 910409 ATM/Ventura Discussion 911107 A Collection of ATM Fonts 940301 Baghdad Arabic (Persian, Urdu) ATM font 921018 Baskerville Font 910624 BlackForest Font 921113 BoneBlack Font 910624 BodidlyBold Font 931214 Braille Type 1 Postscript Fonts 921113 Brushtroke Paint Brush Typeface 931109 Burgundian v.1.0 - Scriptorium Font Library 910417 Sinaloa-like Font 910624 CartWright Font (like Adobe Ponderosa) 920924 Rakowski: Cap Font 921113 Font for printing TV listings 910624 Adobe "Cheq" Font 910416 More Type 1 Fonts for Adobe Type Manager 921113 ComicsCarToon Font (like used in cartoon dialogs) 910624 StarTrek-like Font 910416 Cuneiform-like Font 910624 DavysDingbats Font 920610 DavysOther Dingbats 921113 Dolmen Font 910624 DragonWick Font 921002 Casual Script Font 931101 Eglantine v1.1 - Scriptorium Font Library (ATM) 920910 Eileens-Medium Zodiac-Regular Font (Rakowski) 940504 English-Russian Architect ATM Font 940504 English-Russian Courier ATM Font 910416 ATM Fonts 910624 Genoa Font (like "Venice") 931101 Goodfellow v. 2.6 - Scriptorium Font Library (ATM) 920910 Grauman Font 920610 Harting Font: Typewriter Running out of ribbon font 921002 Handwriting Script Font (Allard) 931109 Heraldry v 1.0 -- Scriptorium Font Library (ATM) 921113 Macintosh Type 1 PostScript font 920623 Ian-Bent Dropcap Art-Nouveau Font 910624 IglooLaser Font 921002 Barnum-like Typeface (Allard) 910624 Judas Font (like Adobe "Ironwood") 921002 Bold/classy handwriting font (Allard) 910624 Karkode Font (based on Goudy OldStyle) 920910 Karloff Haloween Font 920910 KellyBrown Cursive Font 921113 Ragnarok's scriptorium Font 921113 KavalerKursive bold cursive font 921002 KellyAnn Gothic Font (Allard) 920910 KrtRussel Font 921002 LaurenScript Cursive Font (Allard) 910624 LeftyCasual Font 920924 Lintsec Stencil Font (Rakowski) 921113 LauraMcCrary: A Narrow Semibold Sans-Serif Font 910624 LoopDeLoop Font (like "Bee Line") 920924 LSC Script Font 910417 ATM Fonts 930301 Launch ATM Control Panel from Windows Control Panel 910624 Manzanita Font (like Victorian wood type) 910624 Mazama Font (based on MGB Patrician) 910624 Mesozoic Gothic Font (based on Publicity Gothic) 921001 Handwritten Cursive Font (Allard) 910624 Muriel Font 921018 Oswald Black Font (Fontographer Shareware) 910624 Paris Metro Font 921002 PerryGothic Font (Allard) 910624 Polo-SemiScript Font 920910 Chisled Rechtman-Script Font (Rakowski) 910624 RhyoLite Vertical Font (based on Huxley Vertical) 921002 Romeo Old Style Serif Font (Allard) 910624 RoostHeavy Font 910624 Rudelsberg Font 920610 Salter Font 910624 SecretCode/UnSecretCode Fonts 921114 ShalomOldStyle Font 921114 ShalomScript Font 921114 ShalomStick Font 910624 SharkTooth Font 910624 ShowBoat Font 921113 SpookyPlain Shareware Font 921113 Sumdumgoi Oriental Display Face 921002 Taranis Shareware Font 920608 TechPhonetic Int'l Phonetic Alphabet Font 910624 Tempo Font 910624 Tribeca Font 910624 UpperEastSide Font 910624 UpperWestSide Font 921113 Victorias-Secret Handwriting Font 910624 VarahCaps Font 920910 Viking Font (Allard) 921002 Walrod Initials Font (Shareware) 921113 Western Style Poster Fonts 910624 Windsor Font 910128 How to Convert Fonts for use with Adobe Type Manager 910624 ZaleskiCaps Font

** Index of TrueType Font Files in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/fonts/truetype
** at []
** Last Updated: Mon Jan 24 20:48:22 1994
** 930816 3 of 9 Barcode Font for Windows (TrueType) 920518 Barcode Font 930803 Beth-Luis-Nion Celtic ogham characters 931109 Burgundian v.1.0 - Scriptorium Font Library (TT) 920916 Cryllic TrueType Kit 931101 Eglantine v1.1 - Scriptorium Font Library 930316 Inspired by Enya's Watermark Album 931004 Irish/Gaelic/Gaeilge TrueType Font 930915 Gallaudet TrueType font
gc0651.exe 930302 Latest update of the MS LineDraw font 931101 Goodfellow v. 2.6 - Scriptorium Font Library 931109 Heraldry v 1.0 -- Scriptorium Font Library (TT) 931109 Jugend v 1.3 -- Scriptorium Font Library (TT) 930209 Houses Of The Holy/Led Zepplin Font 940117 2 Malayalam Language TrueType Fonts for Windows 930321 Persian/Farsi True Type Fonts for Windows 3.1 930803 Pie charts for maps - TrueType symbol font 940112 Win3.1 Truetype font, Tengwar-Quenya ver 1.1 920804 Romulus and Safari Demo True Type Fonts 930328 SIL Encore IPA Fonts (includes Type 1 fonts) 931017 Korean (Hangul) truetype font 931109 Theodoric v. 1.0 - Scriptorium Font Library 930308 StarTrek: The Next Generation True Type Font 920605 TrueType Font Installation Program

** Index of Windows Games in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/games at
** []
** Note---The Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime Library (vbrun100.dll)
** Version 1 may be found in win3/util/ Version 2
** of the Runtime Library (vbrun200.dll) is also in the
** win3/util subdirectory. Version 3 of the Runtime Library
** (vbrun300.dll) also lives in the win3/util subdirectory.
** One of these versions will indeed be necessary to operate
** and run most Visual Basic applications contained herein.
** Last Updated: Tue Jun 21 21:16:45 1994
** 930306 Noughts And Crosses Game 921218 1stMate - The Pilot - navigation program 920920 Cyberspace Crossword Puzzle 931215 Solitare game (requires VBRUN300.DLL) 940104 Windows version of the classic Connect 4 game 931207 Another version of the classic Connect 4(TM) game 940323 Magic Eight Ball for Windows v1.0 930726 A Windows 3.X version of the old Atari Missile Command 931118 Solitaire card game where the entire deck is visible
advsln.zoo 930209 Text of a Perfect 550-point Adventure Game 920415 AlienForce Shoot-Em Up Game 920907 Alien TicTacToe Game 940408 Mission Alphatron (a Scramble variant) 940208 3D maze game for Windows 3.x 920415 Arachnid Card Game 920415 Archery Game for Toolbook 931206 Strategy game for MS Windows 3.1 930814 Each morning's horoscope for the day utility 900831 Asteriods Game 920718 Atoms Game 910327 A Reversi-like Strategy Game 930814 Ancient Aztec puzzle 940208 Backup v1.3 - MS Windows board game 920123 Boggle Game for Windows 920912 Machine Gun/Hand Grenade Game 910115 Yet Another Shoot 'Em Up Game 921020 Additional Sounds for game 930320 Barteyes II: Mouse Tracker/Screen Saver w/digital snd 920916 BrainCubes Version 1.00 Game for Windows 930419 Battles In A Distant Desert Battle Game 921105 Video Draw Poker Challenge Game 910201 Backgammon Version 0.06 for Windows 920102 Brain Games for Windows (requires VBasic Runtime DLL) 930422 Find all the Whatsits hidden in the Black Box 920305 Seek and Find Game 911115 Block Breaker 1.2 910828 Helicopter Gunship Game 910404 A Black Jack Game 930816 Block-Logic (Version 3.50) for Windows 940620 Bog Word Game for Win 3.1 v. 1.07 920321 Box Game 901118 Mindless Breakout Game (Pong-like) 940616 3D graphics screen saver game 931214 Puzzle: goal to turn all buttons gray 940308 Black Box is a logic board game 930419 Create, edit and solve simple mazes 920724 Canfield Game 940504 CardsWorkShop V1.7f for Windows 3.x
castle1z.exe 920918 Epic MegaGames Castle of the Winds Adventure 940331 Cat on your desktop follows the mouse cursor 940316 Pairings for the mens 1994 NCAA tourney for CBPOOL1 940310 College Basketball Pool Manager 930215 Cell War Game for Windows 930419 Check off which cards have been played in a card game 900904 Checkers Game
chess200.exe 940331 Modem Chess for Windows [470kb] 910819 Gnu Chess Version 3.21 Game for Windows 3 920912 Double-Click Dexterity Game for Windows 930510 CoffeeMug Spills on Desktop 910712 Columns Game for Windows 940428 Comet Busters: high-speed arcade game for Win 3.1 930520 Confound It game for Windows 940621 Windows 3.1 card game Constitution 930419 An "annoying" addictive little word game 910107 Fortune Cookie Program 920727 Cribbage Game 931003 Cribbage the card game for Windows 920912 Croquet Solitare Card Game 930419 CardShark Bridge Tutor 930226 Card Shark Hearts, play the computer 930419 Casino Black Jack for Windows V.2.1s 930814 CornrStone: Rubick's-Cube-type of puzzle 921209 Rubik's cube for Windows 930718 Cross Words Deluxe v1.0 940215 Computer Word Search: Find hidden words 930309 Dare to Dream: Graphic adventure game 930718 Double Match - match pics, then guess secret phrase 911105 Deep Sea Adventure Game 920903 Destroyer Game 910409 Desktop Animation 921007 Create All Possible Words from Telephone Numbers 930419 Discard: Windows Solitaire game meant to drive you nuts 920503 Dogcow Animated Icon 930216 Draughts/Checkers player and tutorial system 921022 Draw Poker Game 911109 Icons Drift All Over the Place 931124 Kill as many ducks as you can *CORRUPT REMOVED 12/20/93 930323 "Egg Carton" strategy game 930510 Elvis Scanner for your Windows System 930923 Freeware card game Euchre for Windows 3.1 940520 F18: No Fly Zone Game [1.26mb] 940615 First International Internet Backgammon Server [FIBS] 940509 WAV files for FIBS 900831 Microsoft Fish! 910412 Strobe Lights for Windows 930914 Fractint for Windows (ver 17.30) 930930 New solitaire for Windows 900613 Yet Another Fuse Program/Game for Windows 3 910225 Annoying Noisy Game to Riddle the Screen w/Bullet Holes 930718 Windows brain-teaser: turn all gems from red to green 930818 Conway's "Game of Life" 911104 Gold Hunt Version 1.1 Treasure Hunt Game 920131 Graditor is an action game for Windows 940620 Hangman 2 Word Game for Win 4.0, NT, and Win32s 921106 Hangman Game for Windows 940321 Hanoi game 940426 Here They Come! is a fast-paced shoot 'em up game 910226 Yet Another Tetris Game 940207 Hang Man word puzzle game 930728 Hit -or- Miss Fast Action Arcade Game 900831 Galloping Horse in an Icon 911115 Asteriods Game w/Source 920429 Tiles Game for Windows 920914 Tetris-type Game of Dropping Jewels 920503 Updated Jewel Thief Game 901126 Tetris-like game for Windows 3 (version 2.11a) 930509 Kismet dice game for Windows 930718 Kloks v1.0 Puzzle for MS-Windows 3.1 921101 Knight's Tour Game for Windows 920515 Pacman Like Game 900710 Lunar Lander Game for Windows 3 940216 Laser Trace game based on the Black Box game 910412 Lava Lamp for Windows 910528 Windows Implementation of Conway's Life 920503 Electric Light Game 930818 Lost In Labyrinth 256 Color Game 940321 LINK FOUR Version 1.30 - A Strategy Game 921106 LAN Version (also Standalone) Battleship Game 920511 A Plant Disease Management Game 930422 A game of action/reflexion 921213 Frustrating puzzle game 920518 Destroy the Evil Fruit Empire 910722 Dominoes for Windows 920819 Mile Bones Automobile Card Game 930302 Program cheats at MS-Minesweeper w/tpw-src 940209 Wargame set in Medieval times 911029 The Memory Game, Version 1.0 921129 Merlin: A Windows Game 930405 Action-adventure game for Windows 3.1 940621 Another MasterMind For Windows 920426 Help for Minesweeper Game 910820 Minefield Game for Windows 3 (with source) 920914 Missile Attack! Game (with sound) 920909 Another Missile Game (vbrun100.dll req) 931130 Mah Jongg for Windows 940217 Based on the board game, Hotels [367k] 940329 Mother Of All Battles! v1.2b 901020 Tile/Bagel Game for Windows 921106 PacMan Type Game for Windows 911119 Cats Running All Over 920928 Star Trek game 930814 Neural network to train a little critter 920928 Neko the Cat Chases Your Mouse Around 931208 Nine Men's Morris Chesslike Game (ver 0.8) 930501 Rotate and move hex nuts so numbers match up
omywd1e.exe 930819 Find the 5 letter word chosen by the computer 930330 Ouija Board for Windows 930323 Electronic Ouija Board 921021 PaiGow Poker for Windows Ver 1.0b 920903 Dragon's Plight Game for Windows (vbrun100.dll req) 920306 Collect all the Pills in the Labyrinth 910608 A Peg-jumping Puzzle 940310 Pendulous: Win3/3.1 strategy game based on warfare 921022 Pentomino Puzzle for Windows 940502 Try and fill a rectangle with pentominoes 921016 Pensate Strategy Game for Windows 920903 Panzerkrieg Two Player WWII Game 910327 A Pipe-laying Game 910118 Draw Poker for Windows 940530 Poker Patience Game 940331 Windows Trick Drags your desktop around 910412 PopUp Useless Sayings 921007 A Puzzle Game 940620 Puzzle-8 for Win 3.1 v. 1.04 940412 Shoot-everything-that-moves Space adventure [1.39mb] 931014 Rangoon is a game of solitaire 920422 Microsoft Update to Reversi 910722 Roaches Everywhere! 931021 Robots is a solitaire-like game 930727 Roulette Version 1.0 930902 Runner is a fast paced arcade game for Windows
s& 921221 Search & Destroy battleship game with sound 920212 Scared Windows Toy 930317 Strategic space game of colonization and conquest 940406 v1.0 of Seahaven Towers, a solitaire card game 930727 Sokoban for Windows Release 2.2.5 940422 Solitaire graphical game maker and player 901129 Shoot the center of the rotating walls 930701 Span-It! is a two-player connect-the-dot game 940211 A centipede-like game for Windows with extras 930715 THE BattleShip game for Windows with a twist! 920723 Stellar Explorer Game Ver 1.0 930814 Stellar Empires, conquer the stars 940507 Stopbus v1.11 for Windows is a card game3 940609 Story Twister for Windows Version 1.0 930323 Select subliminal messages to appear in Windows 930718 Swat objects as they appear on screen 900613 Taipei Game 920920 Target: Dart Shooting Game 940214 Tetris, Version 1.1 900613 Yet Another Tetris Game 930814 Thieves and Kings card game 930909 TicTacToe game 930309 Tiles and Tribulations v1.0 is an action arcade game 930318 Game of tiles 911118 Tobor Shoot 'Em Game 940503 4 Towers Solitare Game 931116 Italian Tresette game 940223 BrickBreaker II brick-breaking game [360k] 920901 Slot Machine Game for Windows 940104 UFO Tracker, space shoot-em-up w/sound support 910813 Daleks Game for Windows 921023 Squish Bugs Game 900831 Hop-Over Puzzle Game for Windows 940617 The game of Hack for WinOne Windows Shell 920515 War Head City-Missle Attack Game 921125 Empire game for Windows 920415 Yet Another Eyes App 920120 Windows Football Game 930210 WinFight Version 0.8 940327 Windows Anagram Word puzzle game 920210 Hearts Card Game for Windows 930727 Windows STONE-AGE DELUXE Game 920608 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Windows Game Tool 921026 Colossal Cave Adventure for Windows 920515 Windows Chess Game
wincow.lzh 920612 Windows Cow Game 930814 Prairie Dog Hunt, arcade-style game 901029 New WinEyes with Source 930728 Game of Go for Windows 920515 Windows BlackJack Game 901108 Poker! for Windows 930203 Conquer the world game 940607 Generate money like a money machine 930306 Windows Billiards Game 930726 Siege! strategy game to capture land 920515 Windows Slot Machine 920616 Sokoban Game for Windows 920223 Windows Solitare (Ver 92.01.04) 920515 Windows Spider Solitare Game 920520 Windows Alien Destruction Game 920120 WinTrek 2.0 Game 900730 Yet Another Tetris Game 910719 3D Tic-Tac-Toe Game 921021 Windows Hint System for Games 930330 Winzee V2.21: A Yahtzee (dice) game; 6 cols, 6 players 920912 Windows Lotto Game 920712 Five-in-a-Row Game for Windows 921207 Computerized Version of a Word Search Puzzle 931214 A pac-man clone 920920 Word Stalk Game 920921 Worms all over the place game (with source) 901222 Centipede-like Game 911115 Pong Game 931004 Version of Asteroids Game for Windows 920709 Windows Slot Machine Game 940321 WordSearch Mania v1.0 - Solve Word Search Puzzles 930226 Automatic Tarot card spread - tell your fortunes 920108 Yet Another Eyes App 940221 Windows version of the popular dice game Yahtzee 940511 Chinese dice game called Yahtzee 910610 Yacht-Z: A dice strategy game 910222 Crossword Puzzler 930908 Yet Another implementation of the game of Life 920415 Yet Another Tetris Game (23 Mar 92 ver) 930217 Yet Another Tetris Clone Game 940301 Yet Another Version of Attacks: Othello-like Game 911102 WinYow - An Interactive GUI Fortune for Windows 920321 Source to WinYow
** Index of Windows Icons and Icon Related Files in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/icons
** at []
** Last Updated: Tue Jun 7 21:35:10 1994
** 920913 AZ Icon Edit Program (ver 1.8) 930905 PCMAG: Icon Animator 930720 35 icons for Bible programs 910409 Colorize Your Buttons! 900709 A Collection of Icons 940520 Desktop Icon Hider (DIH) v3.10 920226 Display minimized DOS apps with user defined icons 911107 Afflict Your Icons with "Cursorphobia"
gameicon.zoo 920929 Icons for Historik and Lemmings Game 920926 Modify Program Group Icons 940217 Jupiter's Great Red Spot in an icon 910710 A Collection of Icon (.icn) Files
huskies.ico 921204 Washington Huskies Icon 940506 Icon Manager Version 3.4 (WinMag) 930223 View & clean unwanted .ICO files off your disk 921007 IconPower: Multiple Icon File Management Tool 920226 Read and icon, extract colors to BMP 930516 Windows 3.1 utility to convert .ICO files to .BMPs 910811 Categorize/Delete/Choose .ICOS w/Drag-Drop Operations 940516 Extract/save as .ICO files icons from exe/dll files 930805 A collection of over 3000 icons in 66 catgories 930814 Icon Magic icon editor 920508 IconMaster 900924 ICONLIB.EXE: Compilation of icons from Compuserve 900904 Icon.exe version of ICON.DLL 930223 VB Icon Browser; list, view icon files 931104 350 railroad-related icons for Windows 930519 Icon Maker 242 version 2.05 930807 IconWorks - create, view, and edit icon files 930228 Program to convert icon files to DLL file 910710 Icon Editor (8-16-90 version) 900904 Collection of Icons in icon.dll 900904 Another Collection of Icons 911119 Yet Another Collection of Icons 940526 Collection of 165 Simpsons icons 920117 Fix Background of DOS Icons (ver 1.10) 910323 Icons for the Windows Environment 910716 Ike the Icon Editor 920226 IconMaster: Another Icon Manager Util 920819 Icon Palette Ver 1.1 920907 IcoShow 1.2: Icon Management Tool 910820 DOS Utility to Display Windows Icons (VGA/EGA req) 940217 MarsIcon-Current view of Mars in icon w/clock 901124 A Collection of over 400 .ICO Files 920920 Nicon Icon Editor 921204 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration logos 910507 Eliminates Standard DOS Icons for non-Windows Apps 901124 pbIcon 1.1: Customize Program Group Icons 901222 Two Icons for PC-Link 931129 Assign icons to Program Manager groups 900904 Attach recorder macros to your Icons Util 910322 Icon Viewer 940217 SolSys-Solar System's nine planets in an icon 920817 Over Ninety Sport-Related Icons 901214 Icon Tamer: Icon Management Program 910628 TheGate's Collection of Icons 901212 Views Windows 3.0 icons on the screen 910828 Yet Another Icon Editor
watch.zoo 940208 a little icon with eyes that follows mouse 930301 WindowsMagic: Create a palette of icons 911104 WorldWin displays a Spinning Globe that Runs as an Icon

** Index of Miscellaneous Windows Files in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/misc
** at [].
** Last Updated: Tue Jun 21 12:43:18 1994
** 930701 Crosstalk for Windows v2.0 maint rel for use w/rev b 931028 3Com NIC Drivers for Windows for Workgroups
acc-sec.txt 930702 Additional Microsoft Access Security document
accbug.txt 930304 MicroSoft Access Anomolies
accp.exe 930716 Windows Access Aids for Individuals with Disabilities 940210 Aesop's Fables in Windows .HLP File Format 931208 Two AMI Pro Macros 931022 41 Files of AmiPro Macros and style sheets 910503 Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks for Ami Pro! 931101 Aviation calculator for pilots: conversion, fuel, etc. 931109 Baseball statistics manager 930922 Holy Bible for Windows 2.0 King James Version 930922 Holy Bible for Windows 2.0 King James Version 930922 Holy Bible for Windows 2.0 King James Version 930922 Holy Bible for Windows 2.0 King James Version 930922 Holy Bible for Windows 2.0 King James Version 930922 Holy Bible for Windows 2.0 King James Version 920920 BioRythym Program for Windows 940203 Biorhythm Plotting Program 940616 Biorhythm for Windows 940422 Track your homebrewing [455k] 920518 The Best of Windows Shareware List 910425 Discussion of Cardfile format 931006 version 1.10 of the Cookbook Manager for Windows 901208 Toolbook File Example (?) 930728 Displays fonts used in CorelDraw Files
cdrom.inf 920318 Info on Getting CICA Windows files on CD-ROM 930902 Win app to teach and learn statistics and probability 940221 Cash For Kids 1.0T: Teach kids to save/spend wisely 930419 Convert CICA Index Files to comma-sep Version 2.2 920910 Convert CICA Index files into comma delim (BAS src) 940519 Convert CICA Index files into SimTel format 931103 Find a location when you enter a CIS node 910406 MicroSoft Clip Art for Windows Write and Paint 930827 Clinton Tax Worksheet for Improv 931111 Windows .HLP files of CompuNews Online 931111 Windows .HLP files of CompuNews Online 931111 Windows .HLP files of CompuNews Online 940531 Converts the CICA INDEX file to the IDX format 930820 College Football Datebook Program for Windows 931117 ShareWare educational coloring program 930822 Audio/visual color educational tutor for kids 910412 Windows Cardfile of Computer-related Businesses 930731 replacement for the MS Windows serial port driver 930923 New version of COMMDLG.DLL 931028 Win4WkGrps:drivers for a Connex 1000 EtherNet card 921007 Windows Cardfile of Chemical/Physical Constants 910518 PFBFix 1.1 fixes Adobe Type I fonts created by WFNBOSS 930903 Correct! is a multiple choice quiz program 930217 Convert cardfile (.CRD) files to stickies (.STN) format 940516 Convert cardfile (.CRD) to an ASCII delimited file 921021 Preset working Dir for Premias CodeWright 4 for Win 931213 Replacement COMM.DRV for 3/486's with 16550 UARTs 921029 Coin Collection Management System for Windows 940104 Design-a-Room:design by arrange walls, furn, fixtures 940510 Learn how to determine if somebody is lying 940408 The Devil's Dictionary in WinHelp format 940311 Directory of Internet Resources 1.0 (.HLP) [1.2mb] 910409 Windows/DMDRVR Discussion from Compu$erve 920511 Free more UMBs for DOSApps w/Qemm 5.1x 910516 Version 0.9 of the DPMI specification 920316 Deskview Help 931012 TeX DVI Driver for Windows 3.x 920223 Installation Utility for Custom Applications 910501 Drivers for the Hayes Enh Serial Port Board 930728 Adds more functionality to EtCetera 1.30 940221 GUI terminal app needed for an Excalibur BBS [409k] 940527 Extracts ASCII datafiles into comma delimited files 940311 FASTDISK drivers for WD Caviar drives [328k] 940324 FreqAskedQuestions: Windows Programmer (from Usenet) 940324 FreqAskedQuestions: Microsoft Windows (from Usenet) 930218 Fat & cholesterol counter, analyze your diet 940119 Windows 3.1 Book, The Federalist Papers
filemgr.trk 910117 Tricks for FileManager 920320 Using Type1 Fonts with WordPerfect 931004 Drivers for Mouse Systems' 2- and 3-button mice 940405 Mitsumi FX series CD-ROM drivers, version 1.13 910402 Fix Arrow Pointer When it Dissappears 940113 GoCIS: Win-based Compuserve session manager 940221 Calc CIS online time and charges from GoCIS log files 930911 General Purpose Simulator of Metabolic Pathways 940119 Grocery, Menu and Food Shopping Organizer 930826 Study parameterized functions in an interactive way 930922 Gradebook for Windows 940201 Graphmatica for Windows beta test version 1.26 930902 Source code of GEPASI 2.0, release 2.08a 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 01 of 12) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 02 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 03 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 04 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 05 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 06 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 07 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 08 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 09 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 10 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 11 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 12 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 13 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 14 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 15 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 16 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 17 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 18 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 19 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 20 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 21 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 22 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 23 of 24) 931130 God's Word For Windows Ver 1.2 (part 24 of 24)
hebcl54.txt 940428 Hebrew Calendar for Windows, version 5.4
help30.exe 940119 Ami Pro macros to create RTFs to .HLP documents 940119 Text file to help you w/the MS Windows Help Complier
hc505.exe 931209 Version 3.10.505 of the Microsoft Help Compiler 940207 HTML Doc Writer Assistant (v1/9/94 Version Alpha .25) 940103 Extensions to edit/create HTML hypertext docs for WWW 931201 App attaches to Winhelp for extra Help functionality 930419 Microsoft Windows IBM Joystick Driver w/ctrl panel 940607 IDXMAN, CICA Index Manager, ver. .01 beta [703k] 930814 International Keyboard Kit, use several langs at once 921029 Complete Personal Contact Manager for Windows 931028 Racal-Interlan EtherNet Cards for Win4WkGrps 920507 DLL for Internationalizing Windows Programs 940218 InfoPop Internet Guide for Windows (.hlp) 930913 Convert and import quotes into Quicken 920920 Thirty-Minute IQ Test Program for Windows 921006 Interviews 2.6 port to Windows 3.0 (not for the queasy) 931019 Interactive Cross Reference for Windows 930728 Jargon file, version 2.9.12 (.hlp format) 940120 Japanese Verbs reference and study program 931020 Program for studying aircraft systems and related items 940519 Landscape Explorer: Manipulate Earth's landsacpe [507k] 940614 Drivers for Lantastic 4.1 and WfWg 3.11 930730 Lingua Latina III.iv for Windows 940210 MCI videodisc driver collection for Windows3.x 910411 LogiTech Mouse Routines for Windows 920103 Print Out Hexagon-Grid Maps 920228 Hexmap Editing Program 910412 Notes on High Memory Usage with Windows 911204 Create Sample Win-based Graphical Installation Program 921025 LAN Installation Assistant 910510 Windows Sample Demo with Source on Using SDK 920303 Plot/Zoom into Bifurcation Diags of Logistic Equations 931020 PC-NFS Lifeline 2.0 Mail Notification Program 940218 Dynamic intro to Archie,Telnet,Gopher,FTP (.hlp) [500k] 930419 METZ Task Manager support under Cent Point PCTools4Win 940201 Mathcad: angular data from sexagesimal units to radians 940503 Mie scattering program for Microsoft Windows 3.x 940318 Mitsumi CD ROM Drivers 910826 Multimedia Prsnl Computing: The Microsoft View (doc) 920223 MasterMind Typing Tutor (1 of 2) 920223 MasterMind Typing Tutor (2 of 2) 940516 Computes az/el of sun and moon by date 910417 Moon Tool (Phases of the Moon)
mouse800.exe 931220 Mouse Systems Drivers 8.0 920908 Music Quest MultiMedia Drivers for Windows 930405 Microsoft BBS Index file 921126 Microsoft BBS Information 920414 Microsoft CD-ROM Extensions 920603 Microsoft CD-ROM Extensions 2.1 Description 920414 Microsoft MSDOS Executive 940520 Search SLLIST.TXT at 910312 Serial Port and Mouse Discussion 930807 Help file on Microsoft support
ndw.faq 940613 FAQ for Norton Desktop for Windows 940228 Foreign Language Tutor 920904 National Football League Teams Tracking Utility 930804 OWL prog: track an office football pool
nobanner.txt 910117 How to Skip Win3 Opening Banner 910412 Use Debug to Remove Opening Banner (see nobanner.txt) 940127 Windows English-Norwegian,Norwegian-English Translator 931220 Provides dummy SHARE functions (for Winword) 931001 Allows diabetics to calculate and monitor their diet 931019 NutriSoft: ControlHigh Blood Pressure version 2.2 931208 NutriSoft: Heart Perfect v. 2.3: reduce heart disease 931001 NutriSoft: Pregnancy Nutrition version 2.1 940503 NutriSoft: Reduce Cancer Risk version 3.0 940517 NutriSoft Weight Perfect 3.0: weight control program 910821 PS/TXT/RTF of "The Windows 32-bit API: An Overview" 940103 NetMinder Internet network address database 910412 Notes Using Norton Utilities Ver 5 with Windows 940218 Users Guide to the Internet Windows Program 920303 NewWave Technical Support Disk (1/23/92) 920826 Extensible Application Protocols: OLE Spec Docs (MS) 940117 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 1/13 940117 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 2/13 940117 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 3/13 940117 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 4/13 940117 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 5/13 940117 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 6/13 940117 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 7/13 940117 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 8/13 940117 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 9/13 940117 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 10/13 940117 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 11/13 940117 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 12/13 940117 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 13/13
packy104.xe 940216 host-mode packet radio app for AEA PK232 or PK88 ctrlr 931101 Parents, genealogy database for your family tree 931028 FTP SW PC-TCP network drivers for Win4Wrkgrps 930316 Procomm Plus Win Maintenance Release 930805 Load cica INDEX file into Paradox; display; ver 1.1 931020 Petri Nets reachability and minimal structure analysis
phnlist.exe 930906 Manager of employee phone extensions 921014 Packet TNC Controller for Windows (Ham Radio) 940511 Monthly magazine with PC news and reviews May94 940511 Monthly magazine with PC news and reviews w/pix May94 910821 PS/TXT/RTF of Paper on Preparing for 32-bit WIN SDK 940523 WinPrice v1.0: select best pricing between two choices 921022 Observe Data from Acquisition Devices in Windows 920120 Rename Program Groups 930823 Keep QWK packets from same source in dl dir at one time 940616 ProComm +/Win QWK/REP management util 930628 Perodic table v2.02 - Elements/chemicals/atomic wt. 931019 Understand the diversity and dynamics of personalities 921030 Quarterdeck Dos Protected Mode Interface (QEMM req) 910409 Bug Fix for QEMM 5.11f High Mem Driver 910409 Quarterdeck Tech Talk on QEMM+Windows 930713 Create; edit; merge and print quiz files from Windows 931116 Suggestions (.txt/.wri) for QVTNet/WinQVT 940530 Reviewers Guide to Chicago Beta-1 (Word fmt) [1.03mb] 920511 Fungicide Pathogen Simulation Program 910425 RichTextFormat Discussion 940425 Utility for Runners [421k] 940131 RunTrak: running (as in jog) logbook program for 930910 RussianTutor for Windows V1.0 931028 SCSI CD-ROM driver for TOSHIBA CD-ROM 3xxxxx drives 930712 Secret Easter Eggs in Windows Revealed! 930823 Dialog input box for PageMaker 5.0 930913 Anything you ever wanted to to know about SCSI (.hlp) 930901 Shareware & Freeware Report-Beta Newsletter 930902 The Sign Maker program for Windows 930901 Search, browse, and view the Simtel file index 930928 Software metering system for Novell Netware Servers 931207 Contouring tool for GIS users 940103 DLL for creating/interpolating spline curves in 2D/3D 930807 Staff Sargeant 1.0: Print Blank Music Sheets 910412 How to Modify Win3 Opening Banner (Version 2) 930727 Baseball Stats Program 911011 Diagnose/Cure Probs w/Stealth feat of QEMM-386, ver 6 920831 New York City Street Finder 930217 Force Yourself to take Breaks at the Computer 940513 Calculate Sun's Azimuth/Elevation by Date 940120 Super!Market v1.10 creates shopping list quickly 921102 Convert WP Docs into Windows Hypertext-like Help Files 931026 Converts LaTeX to linear or Windows Help RTF, and HTML 940207 Theosophy Beliefs via Windows .HLP file format 940307 Cnvrt files of dl'ed stock/mut funds into Quicken 940422 The Shareware/Freeware Report '94 - #1 940601 The Shareware/Freeware Report '94 - #2 940601 The Shareware/Freeware Report (Aug '93 & Nov/Dec '93)
twain103.exe 940323 Epson Scanner Utility [300k]
twn0394.exe 940302 The Other World BBS News Journal (.wri w/color/sound) 910412 How to Run TeleMate under Windows 931102 The Shareware/Freeware Report: Nov/Dec 1993 (.HLP) 921007 Touch Type Tutor for Windows 910529 TXT2RTF - Text to Rich Text Converter Version 1.0 931024 USENET Cookbook in Windows Help format (500+ recipes) 920906 Drivers for Ultrastor Controller Card for 32bit Access 920307 UpperMem Device Driver 910830 Print All Windows Undocumented Function Calls 920621 Contribute to Undoc Windows Function Book 940103 Unicon: unit conversion app for length, area, mass,etc 940509 Windows keyboard simulator, for the physical deficient 900706 MS Windows Ad for Win3 misc 931004 UUPC/extended 1.12b documents and sample files 931004 UUPC/extended 1.12b documents in PostScript format 931004 UUPC/extended 1.12b Word for Windows Document Source 931129 U.S. weather map shows average temps, rain,sun, etc 940217 VT220 keyboard mapping for ProComm+ for Windows
wallpapr.txt 900613 Keystrokes to get Win3 Authors Listed as Wallpaper misc 930809 Procomm Plus for Win ASPECT language tutorial (.wri) 940519 Generates Trig & Custom Wave Forms for General Use 930807 Windows app to track and valuate Series EE bonds 940616 World Cup Manager Version 2.0 930324 Convert CICA Index files into comma separated file
wcmacref.txt 901023 Windows Macro Statement Reference Guide 921125 Organize Ballgame Cards and Track Their Values 940405 Non Weighted Linear Least Squares fitting program 931129 Temp disable WinFax auto-receive to run DOS comm pgm 910128 How to insert a space in WFNBOSS-gen'd font 940218 Dial-in Access from remote PC (W4WG only) [336k] 930628 WinFAX PRO 3.0 comm driver March 31,93 931029 WinInterfcLang Technical Reference - 1.1 Documentation 910117 MicroSoft Document on Unrecoverable App Errors 901029 Run Windows with PC-NFS
win3.bug 910507 Discussion of SmartDrive Bugs
win3infosrc 900613 Windows Information Source(s) misc 910826 MSWindows Floating Point Coprocessor/Emulator Library 930330 S.Gibson's Benchmarks on ISA/VESA LB Win Accel Cards
winarea2zip 940618 WinArea is a small utility for looking up area codes 940321 Permet de suivre tous les championnats D1 , D2 ou dist 940207 Windows 3.1 FastDisk Drivers with HardCard 940612 WineBase:shareware cellar mangement software [859k] 921125 Freq Asked Questions About Win3 in .HLP Format ( 930628 Non Linear Least Square fitting prgm - Levenberg-Marq 930804 Track your frequent flyer miles in Windows
winfreq.ask 920831 Freq Asked Questions About Win3 (from 940120 Japanese Dictionary for Windows (WinJDIC) 931207 WINMAP calculate and map german road-routes 940126 Analyze human illness and disease (1 of 3) [953k] 940126 Analyze human illness and disease (2 of 3) [885k] 940126 Analyze human illness and disease (3 of 3) [575k]
winstack.zoo 940103 Help format db of Naturist/Nudist clubs/resorts in USA 930727 Windows storm/hurricane viewer 911208 Toshiba T2000SX Windows Control Panel 920703 Display modes of vibrations for molecules 931002 Windows-based Usenet News Reader (like VN/Winsock) 931111 THE WINDOWS JOURNAL - Vol. 1, No. 4 910213 Change Windows Opening Screen 940615 Windows Latin Tutor [536kb] 940619 Windows Internet ("Winter") Software Packages 930924 WinOnLine Review SHAREWARE EDITION #22 931103 WinOnLine Review SHAREWARE EDITION #27 940117 WinOnLine Review SHAREWARE EDITION #36 930211 Windows Online Review magazine in Win 3.1 help format 930628 On-line Review, Shareware edition, #7 930701 On-line Review, Shareware edition, #75 940104 WinOnLine Review, Shareware edition, #81 940104 Windows On-line Shareware Review #35 940620 Windows On-Line Review, Shareware edition, #42 940207 Windows On-line Shareware Review #37 920515 Windows OnLine Newsletter 39 920515 Windows OnLine Newsletter 40 920606 Windows OnLine Newsletter 43 940504 Windows un-installer, German version
wrk_doc.exe 920414 Win Resource Kit: Approx 550 pages of tech info 940221 Display/handle/analyze time-of-flight spectra [576k] 940601 Simtel/CICA and others index search program 940412 Level 3 diags for IBM MWave WindSurfer crd 1/3 [1.08mb] 940412 Level 3 diags for IBM MWave WindSurfer crd 2/3 [694k] 940412 Level 3 diags for IBM MWave WindSurfer crd 3/3 [838k] 940119 Windows 3.1 Book, Study of Democracy 910223 Microsoft's updated network documentation (11-27-90) 920415 MS App Note: Memory Management with Windows3.1 920415 MS App Note: Troubleshooting GP Faults (UAEs) Win3.1 920415 MS App Note: T-shooting 386 Enhanced Mode Probs (w3.1) 920415 MS App Note: T-shooting Win3.1 Setup 920415 MS App Note: New Features in Windows 3.1 920415 MS App Note: Fonts in Windows 3.1 920415 MS App Note: SMARTDrive and 32-Bit Disk Access (3.1) 920415 MS App Note: Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) 930312 Control X10 lights, appliances, etc. from your PC 930810 V1N1 of the ZiffNet Monthly Shareware Review (.HLP)

** Index of Windows NT Files in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/nt
** at []
** Note--For a most complete set of NT apps and utilities,
** check (aka
** at address [].
** Final Note--Files whose descriptions begin with "*" need
** "tar" to untar files in the zipfile.
** See for binaries.
** Last Updated: Tue Jun 21 21:12:35 1994
** 930406 Always IN2000 SCSI Driver for NT
4mms2.exe 940615 winNT driver for 4mm DDS2 DAT drives 940303 4dos for Windows NT (4nt) version 2.0
82595.exe 931106 winNT driver for Intel PCLA82xx ethernet adapter 940530 Ataman Rlogind Service (Alpha AXP) 940620 Astronomy Clock 2 for Win 4.0, NT, and Win32s 930916 Pre-beta Hercules Graphite drivers for Windows NT 940620 Astronomy Lab 2 for Win 4.0, NT, and Win32s 921215 Anagram finder for Windows NT 931029 Another collection of .ANI animated cursors 931106 Collection of .ANI and .CUR animated and normal cursors
ami48.exe 940322 WinNT drivers for AMI SCSI card 930301 Application Compatibility Guide for Chicago
artgrp.exe 940322 WinNT drivers for Artist Graphics video card 930420 ATI Drivers (3/26/93) for Windows NT 931020 Digital Portable Math Library (DPML) for Alpha AXP w/NT 931006 C version of TeX 3.1415, Metafont 2.71 for NT 931020 Fix exe/dlls that were built for NT prior to Beta 2
bg.c 930219 Util to put an NT program in the background 940617 Bitmap Changer for NT v1.0 (Intel) 930317 Boggle Game for MS Windows NT, October Beta or later
c320nt.exe 940322 winNT drivers for Crescendo C320 FDDI/CDDI NIC 921215 Microsoft Windows NT Call Profiler 930714 NT App to Quickly Change Subdirectories 940210 WinNT drivers for Chinon CD-ROM w/ unsupported SCSI
cmd600.exe 940322 WinNT drivers for CMD EISA CSA-6000 SCSI card 930205 Set Color of your Console in Windows NT 930419 Windows NT freeware button accordion 931007 **please get revised update in file spi386.exe** 940323 Documents describing Hamilton C shell for Win/NT 940323 PostScript User Guide/Lang Ref for Hamilton C shell 940323 ASCII User Guide/Lang Ref for Hamilton C shell 940602 Hamilton C shell and utilities package (Alpha) [2.32mb] 940602 Hamilton C shell and utilities package (Intel) [893k] 940602 Hamilton C shell and utilities package (Mips) [1.65mb]
ctf30.exe 940322 WinNT drivers for Cabletron F30XX FDDI DNI NIC
ctf70.exe 940322 WinNT drivers for Cabletron F70XX FDDI DNI NIC
ctt20.exe 940322 WinNT drivers for Cabletron T20XX token-ring NIC
ctt30.exe 940322 WinNT drivers for Cabletron F30XX token-ring NIC 930315 C++ Programming for Windows Oct NT 930301 License agreement for the DDK 931201 Updated MAKEFILE.DEF for MS VC++/NT on x86 940616 Dump permissions (ACLs) for file system and registry 940221 Info on Delphi Online Windows NT User Group 930224 Jan93 drivers for the DTC3290 controller for NT 921215 Sample to show how to create Win32 dialogs 931201 Application launcher for NT
ee16nt.exe 940106 Intel ethernet adapter drivers for WinNT 930716 NT driver for 3Com Etherlink III (3C509) adapter 940106 *emacs v19.17 WinNT port. intel, mips, alpha binaries 940106 *emacs v19.17 WinNT port. source 930301 Embedded animated Help-Objects for *.HLP files
ex2501.exe 940615 winNT driver for exabyte 2501 tape drive 931215 trash can like utility for Windows NT on Intel-Systems 930301 File I/O Benchmark
fl32nt.exe 940322 WinNT drivers for intel etherexpress flash32 NIC 921215 Flagger - A batch porting tool for Oct 92 Beta 921215 DLL for File Manager Extensions for Oct 92 Beta 940210 FM Applic (NT) 1.1d - Applications menu for NT 940621 FracView 2 for Windows 4.0, NT, and Win32s 940111 Modified sources to build GNU diff v2.5 for NT 940221 NT sources of GNU grep and Intel binaries 921215 Revision Control System for NT 940616 GrabIt Pro 4.1 for NT/Intel 940111 GNU Diff and GNU RCS Binaries for NT 940216 exe/docs for NT GNU RCS v5.6.4 w/exes of GNU diff v2.5 940111 modified sources to build GNU RCS v5.6.4 for NT 930301 Gnu grep and egrep 1.6 (src+MIPS-EXE) 931007 Grep for NT 940411 Port of Ghostscript 2.61 to Windows NT [1.5mb] 940106 *gzip v1.2.4 WinNT port. intel, mips, alpha binaries 940106 *gzip v1.2.4 WinNT port. source 930317 Hangman for MS Windows NT, October Beta or later 940330 HEdit32 v1.2, Hexadecimal Ed for Binary Files (Intel) 921215 Convert OS/2 IPF files to Windows RTF
hg-nt.exe 930926 Beta NT display driver for the Hercules Graphite cards 921215 HOLEPORT porting tool
hpisa.exe 931109 winNT drivers for HP ISA ethernet adapters
hpmca.exe 931106 winNT driver for HP MC LAN adapter/16 TP 940615 HP ScanJet drivers 10/93 update for NT [1.09mb] 940530 Ataman Rlogind (Intel) W../indows NT 930219 NT GNU Bison for i386+ processors (Feb 1993 build)
ibm4mm.exe 940322 WinNT drivers for IBM 2gig 4mm tape drive 930301 IBM Multiprotocol Adapter Driver SRC 930219 NT GNU Compress for i386+ processors (Feb 1993 build) 940505 IconBar for Windows NT Version 1.01 930219 NT GNU Diff for i386+ processors (Feb 1993 build) 930219 NT GNU Flex for i386+ processors (Feb 1993 build)
iftpd.exe 930503 03May93 Ver FTP-Daemon for NT (runs as a service) 80x86 930219 NT GNU grep/egrep for i386+ processors (Feb 1993 build) 940616 Icon Manager for Windows NT version 3.4 930219 NT GNU Sed for i386+ processors (Feb 1993 build)
iunzip.exe 930219 NT Unzip for i386+ processors (Feb 1993 build) 930219 NT Zip for i386+ processors (Feb 1993 build) 940609 Jax4th Forth Compiler for Windows NT 940124 GD5426/28 Drivers for Win NT 3.1 release 1.41 940315 Script renames WinNT KnowledgeBase files to full names
kbuser.txt 930301 How to use the MS Knowledge Base on CI$ 940621 KeyClick Utility for Win 4.0 and NT 931101 Klotz game for NT version 3.05 930205 Replacement Tables of Contents/Glossary for NT Beta 940201 Three little NT console apps (kill,ps,nice)
lmousent.exe 930224 Logitech Windows NT mouse drivers 921215 lpr, lpq, lprm - TCP/IP printing to remote hosts 930914 ls - unix DIR command for windows NT 930321 ATI MACH8/MACH32 MARCH 93 BETA Windows NT Drivers 921215 Oct 92 Beta version of the source to make a FON file 930319 Hardware compatibilty list for March beta of Windows NT 930301 Device Driver to map physical Memory 930219 NT GNU Bison for MIPS R4000 processors (Feb 1993 build) 930219 NT GNU Compress for MIPS R4000 (Feb 1993 build) 930219 NT GNU Diff for MIPS R4000 processors (Feb 1993 build) 930301 MDI Template 930205 Programmer's Editor w/multiple windows for NT 921215 Melt Screen Saver module for NT Oct 92 beta 920402 MicroEMACS for Mar93 NT exe 920402 MicroEMACS for Mar93 NT src changes for 1.1a
mftpd.exe 930503 03May93 Ver FTP-Daemon for NT (runs as a service) R4000 930301 Updated Example from the October SDK 930219 NT GNU Flex for MIPS R4000 processors (Feb 1993 build) 930219 NT GNU Awk for MIPS R4000 processors (Feb 1993 build) 930219 NT GNU Grep/Egrep for MIPS R4000 (Feb 1993 build) 921215 October beta WINBEZ demo program for MIPS platform 930317 MIDI JukeBox for MS Windows NT, October Beta or later 930219 NT GNU RCS for MIPS R4000 processors (Feb 1993 build) 930315 Port of Berkeley Public Domain MPEG player for NT 931207 Version 1.50 of port of the Berkeley mpeg player 930219 NT GNU Sed for MIPS R4000 processors (Feb 1993 build) 921215 Messages from Week 1 of the MSWIN32 forum on CompuServe 921215 Messages from Week 2 of the MSWIN32 forum on CompuServe 921215 Messages from Week 3 of the MSWIN32 forum on CompuServe 940314 Mitsumi CD-ROM drivers for NT
munzip.exe 930219 NT Unzip for MIPS R4000 processors (Feb 1993 build) 930219 NT Zip/Unzip for MIPS R4000 processors (Feb 1993 build) 930218 ATI's NT drivers for 8514/Ultra, Ultra+, Ultra Pro,etc 930915 NetHack 3.1.2 for NT 921215 Build environment. New make file for shrmem
nflex.exe 940322 WinNT drivers for compaq netflex NIC 930930 Win NT drivers for Racal-Interlan NI6510 ethernet card 921215 A Windows New Technology Text Editor for Huge Files 931201 NoteZ is a simple information manager. 940221 rlogin client/server for Windows NT (x86 src/exe)
nt-130.exe 921215 Trantor NT drivers for T130 SCSI adapter,etc. 940315 Alternative WinNT logon screen 940315 Another alternative WinNT logon screen 940315 Yet another alternative WinNT logon screen
nt_13.lzh 921215 news (Oct 3-10)
nt_14.lzh 921215 news (Oct 10-17) 940403 DOS client software for WinNT [4.6mb] 940303 OS/2 client software for WinNT [2.98mb] 930319 Intro to NT (DOS program) 940428 S3 Video Drivers for Windows 940121 FAQ to list Win-16 Software that will run under NT 921215 Customize DLL for controlling NT Dialog Editor 940322 Memory monitor for Windows NT 921215 Drag 'n' Drop and EXETYPE Utilities for NT 940322 File finder for Windows NT 930915 winNT logon screen (.bmp) 940315 All WinNT KnowledgeBase files as of 3/11/94 [2.1M] 940111 Berkeley LPD client for the NT console 940111 ls - Windows NT directory listing utility (version 1.7)
ntperf.exe 931028 NT Perfomance utils for NT ResKit (2.1mb file) 930915 Perl for windows NT 930915 Source for Perl for windows NT 930930 Provides the remote start function in NT
ntreskit.exe 931028 Windows NT Resource kit (Note: a 4.2mb file)
ntreskit.txt 940103 Listing of files in the Windows NT Resource kit 940418 NT adaptation of the X program, xroach 930301 Korn-like-Shell for NT 940322 SOLARTME 1.2 for NT: worldmap showing the terminator 921215 Spin control for NT Dialog Editor 940304 Windows NT Tools (logoff,shutdown,reboot,etc) 921215 Clysmic Drag 'N' Drop Utilities for NT 940322 Phonebook for NT (supports BMPs and AVIs) 921215 XStatic control for NT Dialog Editor 940207 NetWare redirector public beta release 2 [1.06Mb] 921215 Porting NT to OS/2
p9_nt.exe 940316 Windows nt drivers for orchid p9000
perf.mak 921215 Nmake macros for building Windows 32-Bit apps 940114 v0.05.006 of Programmer's File Editor for NT/Intel 940416 PixFolio NT Image Catalog System version 2.0.128 940303 POVray v2.2 raytracer WinNT port 930205 Replacement missing from Oct Beta 921215 Win32 PostScript Viewer 940617 v04bp19 of PTerm, the multi-threaded Zmodem term prog 940616 PWatch reports usage of NT system resources 930317 Puzzle-8 for MS Windows NT, October Beta or later
qlogic.exe 940615 winNT driver for Qlogic SCSI adapters 940217 TCP/IP rlogin daemon for NT 940228 3.97 release of WinQVT/Net for Windows NT 931104 QWS3270 3270 terminal for winNT version 2.0a 921215 DosQueue functions of OS/2 ported to NT 930317 Talking RPN Calculator for MS Windows NT, Oct Beta 921215 Utility (for MIPS platform) to Capture Sysinfo 921215 Utility (for x86 platform) to Capture Sysinfo 921215 Updates to the tools in ResConv and Annotate 921215 Oct Beta Ver of samples\resdll files 921215 Win32 Binary resource formats 940510 RipBar 6.0: Iconbar program for Windows NT (Intel) 940616 RipSpace 2.5: Analyze disk space usage
s4mm.exe 940322 WinNT drivers for Sony SCSI tape drive
sankyo.exe 940322 WinNT drivers for Sankyo SCSI tape drive
sb_nt.exe 940503 Final Release of Creative WinNT drvrs: SBP2/SB16/CDROM 940510 Screen (desktop) capture for Windows NT on DEC Alpha 940510 Screen (desktop) capture for Windows NT on Intel 930301 Simple Service Example for NT 930317 Sets the volume of your sound card (w/src) for NT
smc16.exe 940322 WinNT drivers for SMC 16-bit ethernet NIC
smc32.exe 940322 WinNT drivers for SMC ethercard elite 32 ultra NIC 931130 A port of the SOSS NFS server program to NT
source.exe 931106 winNT POSIX utilities source code
sp2i86.exe 940207 WinNT US Service Pack 2 for Intel [10.03Mb]
spi386.exe 931106 Win NT US Service Pack 1. 11/1/93 NT update (6.4Mb!) 921215 Spooks Screen Saver module for NT Oct Beta 940616 WinNT netware services rel version for alpha [1.83mb] 940616 WinNT netware services rel version for intel [1.34mb] 940616 WinNT netware services rel version for mips [1.66mb] 931203 NT Screen Saver Pack 930317 Stopwatch for MS Windows NT, October Beta or later 931203 SwitcheZ is a simple task switcher for NT 940106 tar v1.11.2 WinNT port. intel, mips, alpha binaries 940106 *tar v1.11.2 WinNT port. source 940201 32 bit native client-server based Class 2 Fax software 930317 Talking Clock for MS Windows NT, October Beta or later
tctok.exe 940322 WinNT drivers for thomas-conrad token-ring NIC 940620 Telephone Puzzle 2 Word Game for Win 4.0, NT,and Win32s 940317 Time Synchronizer v1.0 for Windows NT 930301 Time and Money-Tracker 930313 Available NT Development Tools in Excel and Word Format 921215 Trash Manager for NT Help Contents 921215 TTY Sample allowing TELNET connections 931203 MicroEMACS 3.12 for Windows NT (i386) 931116 Windows NT Animated Cursor 921215 Input Unicode characters with the mouse 931017 unzip 5.0p1 compiled for NT 931004 UUPC/Extended UUCP Clone for NT 931004 UUPC/Extended UUCP Clone for NT 931004 UUPC/Extended UUCP Clone for NT
v7mirnt.exe 940118 Latest Spea V7 Mirage Video drivers for Windows/NT 921215 PostScript TEXT viewer - NT version: Beta October 92 940323 Conway's Life for WinNT 930727 VanceMail: SMTP Send mail agent for NT
vnt101.exe 940526 Viper VLB Windows NT release 1.01
vpcint.exe 940316 Viper PCI Windows NT drivers v.1.00
vprnt100.exe 931115 Diamond Viper drivers for MS Windows NT,version 1.00 921215 While You Were Out Msg System for NT
wavlan.exe 931106 winNT driver for NCR WaveLAN AT and MCA adapters
wavout.exe 930205 Wave Output Controller for NT 931029 WinEdit for Windows NT Ver 0.99D (DEC Alpha) 931029 WinEdit for Windows NT Ver 0.99D (Intel) 931029 WinEdit for Windows NT Ver 0.99D (MIPS) 921215 Messages from Week 15 of the WINNT forum on CompuServe 921215 Messages from Week 16 of the WINNT forum on CompuServe 921215 Messages from Week 17 of the WINNT forum on CompuServe 940221 Intel bins for cat,chmod,cp,du,head,ls,mv,pr,rm,etc. 921215 October beta of WINBEZ demo program for x86 platform 930313 Available NT Development Tools in OS/2 .INF Format 921215 NT Programming Environment
winnt.txt 930205 Contents of WINNT forum libraries on CIS (31 Jan 93) 940310 GNU tar NT console app 930215 Win-NT-Net File Distribution Network Info 921027 MOD-Player for Windows/NT 940322 WinNT disabled users access info 921215 NT, Beta October 1992 - Boot Workaround 930205 Fixes for HP Deskjet printing with NT 930205 Fixes bug with Floppy based install of NT 930301 Fixes the problem with Cirrus Video Cards
wntdl.txt 931106 Microsoft Windows NT Driver Library contents 10/28/93 940210 WinNT Tseng W32/W32i/W32p Video Driver 12/30/93 931202 WinVN the NNTP newsreader compiled for NT (alpha) 931202 WinVN the NNTP newsreader compiled for NT (i386) 940619 WAIS Toolkit for NT [467kb] 930301 While you were out NT Version 931030 Clipboard enhancement tool for Windows NT 921215 Holeport OS/2 to Nt porting example 940616 xvi for WinNT [470k]
xvi.exe 930215 Port of xvi for NT (exe) 930215 Port of xvi for NT (src diffs) 930215 port of xvi for NT (src) 931203 Zip Manager for Windows NT 931209 Info-Zip zip v1.9 and unzip v5.0 for WinNT

** Index of Aldus PageMaker Files in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/pagemkr
** at [].
** Last Updated: Mon Jan 24 22:05:40 1994
** 940121 Installs a GIF graphics import filter for PM (any ver) 940124 Aldus Pagemaker 5.0a Interim Release Update Files 940124 Aldus Technical Docs on Pagemaker
pminfo.exe 940124 Print info about Page Setup and Styles in a PM5 File
pmtags.exe 940124 Check/fix style tags in PageMaker ASCII import files 940121 Update for Aldus Pagemaker Table Editor
** Index of Windows Applications Patch and Program Update files in
** ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/patches at []
** Last Updated: Mon Jun 6 22:24:52 1994
** 940516 Patch from v2.0-2.0b to After Dark v2.0c 930713 Maintenance Update to AMIPRO 3.0 (1 of 3) 930713 Maintenance Update to AMIPRO 3.0 (2 of 3) 930713 Maintenance Update to AMIPRO 3.0 (3 of 3) 921006 Microsoft patch file for C/C++ 7.0 910527 Updated MS CodeView Modules (5-16-91 version) 930728 Patch applicable to Dashboard for Windows 1.0 940513 DocuPower Pro Supplemental Utility Pack
ds4aptch.exe 940204 Micrografx Designer upgrade 4.0 to 4.0a [1.5mb] 940530 Patch for Freeman Installer & Uninstaller v1.1 beta 920723 Patch to Fix WinFax to Work on High Speed Modems 910412 Updated HIMEM.SYS, RAMDRIVE.SYS, SMARTDRV.SYS from MS 931025 Netroom 3.02 Free Upgrade Patch 931029 PC-NFS 5.0b upgrade patch 920728 PageMaker 4 Filter/Driver Update (7/12/92)
pw100.exe 930913 Procomm 1.00 to 1.02 upgrade
pw101.exe 930913 Procomm 1.01 to 1.02 upgrade 940317 Upgrade Quicken for Windows Version 3.0r7 [711k] 931023 Upgrade to threed.vbx for Visual Basic 3.0
upda.exe 930909 Update from Lotus Improv 2.0 to Improv 2.1 (1 of 3)
updb.exe 930909 Update from Lotus Improv 2.0 to Improv 2.1 (2 of 3)
updinf.exe 930909 Update from Lotus Improv 2.0 to Improv 2.1 (3 of 3) 930727 Visual C++ Version 1.0 DLL Runtime Library Patch #1 930727 Additional Visual C++ Ver 1.0 Patches 930727 Additional Visual C++ Ver 1.0 Patches 930727 Additional Visual C++ Ver 1.0 Patchesb 930628 WinCIS patches.
wfnpch.lzh 910129 Corel Draw Patch for Converted WFN to ATM fonts 940221 Patch for Derina Winfax for Windows V.3 [432k] 930918 WinFax PRO 3.0 Maintenance Release (1 of 2) 930918 WinFax PRO 3.0 Maintenance Release (2 of 2) 931025 Modem configuration file for Procomm Plus for Windows 920807 ProComm for Windows Patch 940412 Updated WinFax software for IBM MWave WindSurfer Card 921125 MS App Note: Win87em.dll Patch for Intel 80387
ww0981.exe 940214 Win 3.11 Upd:COMMDLG,GDI,KRNL386,PSCRIPT,UNIDRV,SHELL
xbs110.exe 930803 Updated XBase driver, version 1.00.0002
zip2x.txt 931206 Central Point Sftwr patch to PCT-WIN: Supports v2 zips
** Index of Windows Applications Patch files for Symantec
** Products in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/patches/symantec at
** []
** Last Updated: Tue Jun 14 17:00:34 1994
** 940118 NAV 3.0's definitions update 2 for AntiVirus Lab 940128 NAV 3.0's definitions update 3 for AntiVirus Lab 940218 NAV 3.0's definitions update 4 for AntiVirus Lab 940614 Norton AntiVirus 3.0 Virus Definitions update
cmpa15.exe 931022 Symantec C++ 6.00 COMPILER patch to ver 6.01a15
com611.exe 940422 Symantec C++ Compiler update to version 6.11
idde-a5.exe 931004 Symantec C++ 6.00 IDDE patch to ver 6.01a5
lnka08.exe 931022 Symantec C++ 6.00 32-Bit Linker patch to ver 6.01A8
mfclib.exe 931007 Latest version of the Symantec C++ 6.00 MFC libraries
mfcsim.exe 931102 Symantec C++ MFC SIM update
mfcsm2.exe 931102 Symantec C++ MFC SIM update 940614 June update for network version of NAV
pro61.exe 940104 Symantec C++ Professional Edition 6.1 Update (4.37MB)
rtl611.exe 940422 Symantec C++ version 6.11 update to Run Time Libraries
rtlall.exe 931007 Symantec C++ Patch Series (see rtlupd.txt)
rtldos.exe 931007 Symantec C++ Patch Series (see rtlupd.txt)
rtlinc.exe 931007 Symantec C++ Patch Series (see rtlupd.txt)
rtllib.exe 931007 Symantec C++ Patch Series (see rtlupd.txt)
rtlsnn.exe 931007 Symantec C++ Patch Series (see rtlupd.txt)
rtlsrc.exe 931007 Symantec C++ Patch Series (see rtlupd.txt)
rtlwin.exe 931007 Symantec C++ Patch Series (see rtlupd.txt)
src611.exe 940422 Symantec C++ version 6.11 update to Run Time Lib Srcs
std61.exe 940104 Symantec C++ Standard Edition 6.1 Update (2.25Mb)
updcvp.exe 931007 Latest version of CVPACK Symantec C++ 6.00

** Index of Paradox for Windows Files in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/pdoxwin
** at []
** Last Updated: Wed Apr 6 21:57:16 1994
** 940405 Load/Display version of cica INDEX using Pdoxwin 4.5 930217 Sports Card Database for Paradox Engine

** Index of Windows Code, Programming Files and Utilities
** in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/programr at
** [].
** Last Updated: Mon Jun 20 22:41:30 1994
** 940315 C++ & Pascal 3D graphic animation package (1/2) 940315 C++ & Pascal 3D graphic animation package (2/2) 921215 Unicode 1.0.1 Addendum 930428 Animated Cursor Resource (.ANI) File Format Compiler 931008 AppWizard-like utility for use with MS Visual C++ 940503 The complete sources of AppBar 4.00.6 [532k] 940104 DLLs to create Tool Bar & Status Bar v1.2 w/demo 940519 Advanced Toolbar Control developer library demo 930210 DLL to copy, del, rename, set attribs for files
atre27.exe 930211 Atree Adaptive Logic Network (ALN) Simulation Package 910826 Examples (in C) of a Mimimal MDI Application 921021 BiolerPlate: Startup for OWL Programming 940608 Win32 System Services: The Heart of Windows NT 931021 CBStateButton is an MFC class based on PushButton 930310 Catch Batch Programming Language for Windows 921102 Database Toolkit for Windows Programmers 930810 C-like batch language for Windows 910226 C Syntax Checker for Microsoft Windows (Alpha Release) 920718 Same as as a WPWin file 920414 List of routines req'd after a Win Resource is used 930902 C++ Graphics Class Library for MS Windows 940613 Code Keeper for Windows [980kb] 940607 Code Libararian for Windows version 4 [695k] 910412 Windows Programmer's Editor (80386 only/Crippleware) 931201 C++ Frequently asked questions in WinHelp (3.1) format 911027 Position Paper on Dynamic Data Exchange Spec 940315 Takes DDE script and passes to a specified DDE Server 940616 16 Bit MS-Win DLL libs for Data Encryption Standard 930917 Microsofts redistributable 3d library 911107 C-Library for the DPMI 0.9 940527 RSX the DPMI-DOS-Extender for EMX/GCC and DJGPP GNU-C 931012 Info on the internal structure of window .hlp files 920118 Dr. Frank: Windows Postmortem Debugging Tool 911106 Dr. Watson UAE Interpreter Version 0.79 930909 WinECJ Dynamic Link Library version 1.1 JPG decoder 930501 Ada programmers editor for Windows 3.1 940321 DLL for displaying 256-color bitmaps in .HLP files 930315 Windows NT - Exception Handling Example 920415 Fortran for the Windows 3.0 API kit
faultw.zoo 920715 Trap Application Exceptions 921215 GNU Sed 930210 Windows Help Authoring System (get too) 931209 HLPDK V10.0+ System Extension Library 940111 Hypertext Help Development Kit (part 1 of 2) 940111 Hypertext Help Development Kit (part 2 of 2) 940111 HLPDK System Library Documentation 921021 HyperLink: Link between src code and SDK online system 931209 Create your own interactive 3D programs in C 940411 Interrupt List to help dev kit conversion program 930719 Index for the 32-bit API help file (api32wh.hlp) 940216 Interrupt List -> WinHelp converter V1.01 940228 Image WorkFrame v1.2: Image Proc Prgrmmrs Tool [502k] 910705 Class Library for Borland C++ 920218 KnowledgePro Compile Utility (ver 1.0)
krnlkb.exe 931216 Win SDK Knowledgebase for API calls to Windows Kernel 920603 Sample MultiMedia File I/O Svcs to r/w RIFF Files (C) 920223 Windows LZSS Compression library 921125 MDI adaptation of the MAKEAPP application template 920111 Examine API funcs, .DLLs, and Device Drivers 920415 Create/Display Message Boxes 921021 menubar.dll: allows custom toolbars for programs. 921022 A Discussion of Metafiles 930315 MetaEdit, a multi-method graphical CASE tool
mndfra11.exe 940125 MindFrame for Windows: app to help learn obj modeling 911020 WW0440: The Dr. Watson and MSD Diagnostics 940411 FreeWare MSDN Index/Abstract Reader 910919 Microsoft Journal Vol 6 No 5 Listings 921126 Demonstrates an MDI Application with Edit Control 911108 NetBIOS DLL/Network Chat Utility for Windows 911110 Provide More Information about Windows NE exe file 910829 Clone of MicroSoft's SPY Program
odbc.lzh 921211 ODBC Interface Documentation 940525 ODBC Sniffer for Windows Version 1.1 930727 The Object Engineering Workbench for C++ 930917 Implement OLE 2.0 features into your application 930917 OLE 2.0 Design Specification Document (Postscript) 921118 Object Oriented Analysis Documentation Tool 910929 Fixes the bug with a multiline editbox /w sources 940113 Programmer's File Editor 911027 Programmer's File Formatter 920415 Windows Programmer's File Printer Utility 931130 32bit app spawns 16bit app/talks via named pipe (w/src) 940506 The Plumber Custom Control Pack 921101 Many Examples of Windows Programming Source Code 910826 printer.h: Defs of the funcs in _SORT, _BRUTE, _SPOOL 940502 A DLL for writing card games with Visual Basic or C++ 940411 Quick and Dirty Help writer's assistant 940503 Takes Win Res Desc files and makes a HLPDK template 921113 Sends a Repaint Event to Every Window 940329 Run EMX/GCC programs in a MS-Windows 3.1 window 930325 RTF PARSER module for applications 940221 Forth cross compiler for Harris RTX2000 chip
runtime.exe 921201 Runtime module for ObjectVision 2.0 910930 RX - a reverse Windows(tm)3.0 resource-compiler 920819 Schedule Rest Stops While Programming 920626 Implements a Segmented Heap in Global Memory (C) 920418 Provide quicker access to the SDKWIN.HLP help file 930315 Win32 SCSI Miniport IOCtl Program sample, SMPI.C 931123 Spelmate DLL allows you to add spelling to your App 930211 DLL to display status information in a window
stdg44.exe 940112 Stdg is a cross-platform graphics library 921211 DLL for Turbo Debugger for Windows 930330 9 functions to give your programs an expiration date 920226 Misc Tips/Tricks for TurboC 920416 Borland TurboDebugger Patch for Win3 930914 New Turbo Debugger Video DLL 940210 Port of WSOCK from 32-bit Visual C++ compiler 940303 Windows Application Template Sources 910622 TextViewDLL:Tools for Writing Text to a Window 940323 Standard I/O system w/Source 910811 Library to Implement Tool Bars (C source) 910701 TOOLHELP.DLL Alpha Release 2, May 9, 1991 921212 Return the Ascii Values of Each Character in a String 931004 UUPC/extended 1.12b Windows 3.x source (1 of 2) 931004 UUPC/extended 1.12b Windows 3.x source (2 of 2)
userkb.exe 931221 Windows SDK Knowledgebase for USER.EXE func calls 11/93 921216 Screen expander, hiercl group mgr, grphcl disk manager 921207 Displays version numbers of DISPLAY/GRABBER/VDD 931124 VISUALIB (c) Graphics Library 920204 Windows Graphics Library (for SDK or BCC) 921021 Determine whether app is full-screen or windowed 920104 Virtual 386 Write Protect Device System 940405 Windows CodeBack (WCB) disassembler 931020 WinEdit programming editor w/button bar 921021 Windows Enhanced Dialog Libary (C) 921204 Info on Constructing Windows Help Files 930210 Windows Help Authoring System (get too) 931116 DOC-file of the Microsoft Windows Help Author Guide 930728 Tools and templates for Help Authoring Guide (
win32kb.exe 931221 Windows SDK Knowledge base for Win32 API spec 11/93 910424 Windows Batch Language Version 3.0a 930313 Code from MS on working with bitmaps (capture to file) 930817 Windows DLL for Data Encryption Standard (DES) 930804 Quickly exit Windows (.exe with source) 940518 Neural Networks (NN) package for windows 3.1 [545k]
winprog.txt 920623 Join a Windows Programming Discussion Magazine
winsock.lzh 921211 Windows Sockets: Interface for Network Programming 940405 files needed for building winsock 1.1 compliant apps 911215 Intercepts FatalExit Msgs from Windows Debug Ver 910820 WPEdit: Programmer's Editor for Windows (ver 0.6) 930830 WinDevKit:inspect the format of a WordPerfect document
wpj-mag.inf 921210 Calls for Submissions: Win Prog Journal 930204 Issue #2 of the Windows Programmer's Journal 930303 Issue #3 of the Windows Programmer's Journal 930802 Issue #7 of the Windows Programmer's Journal 920608 Complete Multithreading Library for Windows 930222 WinTech Journal code listings July 1992 930222 WinTech Journal code listings August 1992 930222 WinTech Journal code listings September 1992 930222 WinTech Journal code listings October 1992 930222 WinTech Journal code listings January 1993 930912 WinTech Journal code listings August 1993 930727 Portable GUI toolkit for X and Windows 3

** Index of Borland C++ Windows Programming Files
** in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/programr/bcpp at []
** Last Updated: Tue Mar 22 21:51:04 1994
** 930929 App for Visual C++ based on dialog not Doc-View arch 930429 DLL to create ToolBar ctrl from resource script w/src 920418 BACHTOCC.C: Bach Toccata in D Minor Prog Example 920314 C Source to Load BMP onto Desktop 930420 design BWCC style bitmap buttons 930419 latest version of BWCC.dll 920226 Doc on TC++ container class libraries 930324 A Borland Resrc Workshop Custom Control Toolbar DLL 921021 Implement Descendant Shells around CommonDialogs 920115 How OWL Does Dynamic Dispatch Virtual Tables 940311 GrepBrowser from Oct93 Windows Tech Journal [700k] 930906 Allows C++ apps to use member funcs as callback funcs 920805 Using Microsoft Foundation Classes (Borland doc)
mfc& 930805 How to use MFC 2.0 with Borland C++ 3.1 920901 Create valid symbol files (*.SYM) from a BCPP map file 931012 Simple serial communications app (.cpp) 920212 Examples of Custom Controls with ObjWinLib (OWL) 920115 Examples of Using Dialog Boxes with ObjWinLib 930920 OWL Template Code Generator 931021 Screen saver (w/src) based on OWL screen saver 920212 Updated to BC++ WinSight Files

** Index of Windows Turbo Pascal Programming Files
** in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/programr/tp at []
** Last Updated: Tue Jun 21 21:32:58 1994
** 940104 3D Graphic objects library V2.5 for Turbo Pascal 921021 Implement Huge (64k+) Data Arrays 920115 Objects for Creating a Simple Calendar 910820 Code to Check if Windows is Running 921021 Borland demo routines for colordialogs 931005 TP Module to let you use CTL3D.DLL from Microsoft 921021 Custom Bitmap Buttons for TPW 940303 Assemble Turbo Pascal for Windows Units into a DLL. 921021 Two Drag & Drop demo programs 920115 Illust use of Icons, Strings, Menus and Dialog Resrcs 920616 TP Routines to access installed printers 921021 Drover Toolbox: Input validation routines for TPW 931004 DLL of Turbo Pascal commonly used routines
hugecoll.pas 920724 Implement Huge Collection in TurboPascal for Windows 940530 Dialogs as MDI childs version 1.31 940317 TheLister v1.03 source lister for Pascal 920115 TP Modem Routines 920115 TP OwnerDrawDemo 920828 TP DLL for Changing Printer Orientation (port/land) 940221 Recursive Decent Expression Parser for Turbo Pascal 921021 TP Routines for Control Windows in Dialog Boxes 910820 TPW Charting Program 920115 BitMap Printing Routines 920115 Windows Print Routines 910820 TPW Implementation of the Game of Life 921021 Setup non-MDI Child Window in MDI Window 920115 Rubberband Demo 940621 Calculate single image stereograms in TP (w/src) 920115 Splash Demo 920115 Set System Colors 921021 PowerCode: Extensible Code Generator Sample 910825 Extracts SYSTEM.TPS from TP6.0/TPW1.0 Runtime Library 920612 Combine TP for Windows Program into Fortran Subrtns 920413 Updated files for TP for use with Windows 3.1 921021 Samples of useful source code files for TPW 920115 Paradox Engine 2.0 under Turbo Pascal For Windows
tstrings.zoo 911210 Implement Null Terminated Strings 911218 TP4WIN Multimedia Extensions DLL-Link Units 910911 Turbo Pascal Case Converter Version 2.2
wint& 921021 Tips and Techniques for TP for Windows 920212 Turbo Pascal Sound Routine 920430 Update Time/Date Stamps on Files (w/TP src)
** Index of Windows Program Listings from Publications
** in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/programr/listings at
** []
** Last Updated: Thu Jun 25 16:46:28 1992
** 920115 Borland Language Express Spring 1991, v1 #2 920115 Borland Langauge Express, v1 #3: 920115 Borland Language Express Winter 1991, v1 #1 920115 Source code from PC Techniques (v2n5) 920114 Source code from WinTech Journal (v1n1)

** Index of VisualBasic (VB) Files in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/programr/vbasic
** at []
** Note---The Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime Library (vbrun100.dll)
** Version 1 may be found in win3/util/ Version 2
** of the Runtime Library (vbrun200.dll) is also in the
** win3/util subdirectory. Version 3 of the Runtime Library
** (vbrun300.dll) also lives in the win3/util subdirectory.
** One of these versions will indeed be necessary to operate
** and run most Visual Basic applications contained herein.
** Last Updated: Tue Jun 21 13:03:28 1994
** 930222 Using CTL3D.DLL from Excel to apply 3D effects 931117 VideoSoft Custom Controls Library 920724 VB Picture Box Control w/256 colors
afxvbx.exe 931023 Display a VBX control in a dialog box resource AFXDLL 940105 Alarm Custom Control (VBX) 910712 Xref of Win API Calls to Their Defining DLL
atx_pa.exe 940504 edit box VBX allows mult fonts, colors, styles, fmting 940401 Bar Code Control (VBX) 911009 Doc Using BC++/IDE w/MS VBASIC Control Development Kit 930719 Browser for Biblio.MDB file in VisualBasic 3.0 Pro 940505 Message Blaster Custom Control Modifications 911106 Routines for .BMP Files From Within Visual Basic. 940401 List Box with Bitmaps Control (VBX)
bv0442.exe 920418 Huge array support for Microsoft Visual Basic
bv0447.exe 920418 WINAPI.TXT: Win 3.0 API Declarations for Visual Basic 930222 Basically Visual Issue 1 (.HLP fmt magazine) 930222 Basically Visual Issue 2 (.HLP fmt magazine) 940502 Visual Basic Animation Control 911106 Set WS_CLIPSIBLINGS style bit for all a Form's windows 930222 Using common dialogs from Visual Basic 940607 CodelbVB: A ver of Codelib that doesn't have data DLLs 910712 VB Color Editor Demo 930910 Load icon as custom cursor w/source 930827 Example of using the Visual Basic 3.0 Access engine
datmgr.exe 930803 Source code for the Visual Basic Data Manager 910712 VB Tool for Testing DDE Code 940105 Disk and File Info Control (VBX) 930222 DLL to get disk info from VB 930222 DLL callable from VB to end a task 911106 Allows Visual Basic to Call Windows API Font Functions 911106 Fake a Windows Style File-Open Box From Within VB 940401 File Mgr Drag and Drop Control (VBX) 930924 vbx file with various visual effects, fades, etc
generic.exe 930803 Missing files from Professional Features Book 1
grid.exe 930803 Updated GRID.VBX, version 3.00.0538 931106 GTICON.DLL is a VisualBasic 3.0 DLL 931129 GT Toolbar Kit v1.0 is a Visual Basic VBX
health.exe 930803 HEALTH: VB 3.0 Pen Healthcare Application 910712 VB & DLL for Creating Arrays <64K 930222 Enhanced huge array for VB 930222 Enhanced huge array for VB update with addl features 911009 Demo of Icon Drawing with Vbasic 940401 INI File Manager Custom Control (VBX) 920603 InpOut.dll: INP and OUT Replacement for Vbasic
insure2.exe 930803 Insure2: VB Pen Insurance Application 940614 IPX & SPX Custom Controls for Visual Basic 3.0/Win 3.1 940501 Joy Stick Custom Control (VBX) 930222 VB source file for keystroke detection
loanapp.exe 930803 VB Pen Loan Application 920809 MB-Boot Quickbasic Program 940214 MDS PowerBase - SQL query tool using ODBC [1.9mb] 940401 Menu Event Notification Control (VBX) 921022 Routines to create, draw, save SDK Metafiles 930222 Get a menu's control handle in a custom control 930222 Demo programs for Microhelp's tools for VB 930315 MhFormScroll allows controls to be scrolled on VB form 930725 enhanced listbox control for Visual Basic
mscomm.exe 930803 Updated MSCOMM.VBX, version 940613 Message blaster custom control 911106 VB MsgBox Places the Corresponding Code on Clipboard 940105 W4Wg Mailslot Control (VBX) 911106 Multiple Selection ListBox for VB 930222 Mouse monitor .dll for Visual Basic version 1 931006 Visual Basic Naming Conventions Cheat Sheet (.wri) 930222 VB custom control to use some of common dialogs 920229 Realizer Limited: A Basic Interpreter for Windows
receipt.exe 930803 VB Pen Order Application 930222 General Purpose DLL for VB (78 different routines) 940401 Percentage Bar Custom Control (VBX) 940201 Prompt VB Control allows users command-line input 930628 dll with playing card faces and backs 910712 One of 2 Scrolling Picture VB Demos
setup1.exe 930803 Updated SETUP1 files
setupkit.exe 930803 Updated SETUP.EXE & SETUP.INI, v1.00.002
setupwiz.exe 930803 Updated SETUPWIZ.EXE, version 1.00.0544 931023 Simple COM Device Control Block (DCB) data structure 911106 Create String Functions for VB 940401 Soundex and Metaphone Control (VBX) 910712 VB & DLL for Making Sound 911106 PropView Tool for VB
subvbx.exe 931023 Windows subclassing on a VBX control using MFC 2.0 940302 VBX enables VB apps tabbed-style dialog boxes 931106 GT Tabbed List Box Custom Control (.VBX) 931031 Visual Basic Toolbox demo with mini title bar 940504 VBX for easy implementation of a status bar 940516 Button-bars and status-bars in any Visual Basic App 931023 Visual Basic to DB-Library Interface API 940214 Custom control to give a 3-D look and feel to VB 911118 Four Design-Mode Custom Controls 911104 Create a System-Modal Program/Window in Visual Basic 930713 Issues the File/Save Project and Run command in VB 3.0 910712 First 2 InfoWorld Tech Talk Columns on VB 940617 .dbf of Vendors providing VB related tools and code 930727 vbx file that simplifies parsing of text files 931202 VB Backup/Restore your VB project files 940422 Visual Basic Module Files v1.0 common modules 931025 Calendar.vbx: pop-up calendar 930628 DLL for card faces and backs for use with VB 920316 Visual Basic Communications Demo 911106 Determine or Define the IDs of Controls in VB Forms 911106 Support function for getting the hWnd of any control 911009 Create a File Containing DLL Procedure Declarations 940119 VB Knowledge Base 12/93 Bugs and work-arounds (.hlp) 940119 VB Knowledge Base 12/93 Tips and Hints (.hlp) 920803 Visual Basic Online Knowledge Base 911009 Display Bitmap with Center of it Being Transparent 930628 Genric Visual Basic MDI-Application. REQ: VB2.0, VBX 930826 Visual Basic Office (VBOffice) add-on (original) 930826 Visual Basic Office (VBOffice) add-on (new release) 930907 VB Office ver 1.00 Full release 911106 DLL for Pointer Support 930315 Microsoft Visual Basic Version 2.0 Primer Edition
vbprint.exe 930803 Demonstrates Printing in Visual Basic 911106 Visual Video/Paradox Engine for database access 920813 Generate Dialog Templates from VB Forms 930727 VbReader application 930727 allows you to rotate fonts (tt only!) in a vb text box 931023 A VBSQL module? should be removed for no docs 930803 allow vb to view files larger than 32k 910712 Second of 2 Scrolling Demos (see 920316 Visual Basic VT100 Emulator (w/src) 930910 demo of a floating toolbox in VB 940601 Visual Basic Tips & Tricks 1.7 Help File 930727 vbx file and dll to allow you to create toolbars in vb 910805 MicroHelp VBTools Demonstration Program 930823 Demo use of transparant pictures in Visual Basic 940119 A Winsock Custom Control for Visual Basic (V0.1 alpha) 930325 A sample issue of VBZ- a visual basic digest pub 930628 Visual Basic patches for C++ 1/3 930628 Visual Basic patches for C++ 2/3 930628 Visual Basic patches for C++ 3/3 940124 MicroHelp VBTools Demonstration Program 940516 VISUALIB global declarations for Visual Basic 940601 VPrint v2.2 (rel) VB/Win Source Format/Print 940318 VideoSoft's V4.0 Elastic,Folder-tab,AWK custom controls 921215 VB Custom Ver of xBase DLL functions 921215 Documentation for 920627 3.1 Ver of Windows API Declarations for VB 931021 BASIC development system 911012 Complete Definition of the WIN API for VB 911109 Routines for Getting Windows Info (mem, etc) 930805 VBasic program to snoop around a window's attibutes 940105 ZIP File Info Custom Control (VBX)

** Index of Visual Basic Function Libraries in
** ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/programr/vbasic/vblib at
** [].
** Last Updated: Mon Jun 6 22:44:08 1994
** 940411 Functions for complex and real numbers 940411 Store large chunks of binary data in memory 940405 Fill a form with a bitmap 940517 Use API calls to clip cursor to windows/rectangles 940322 Dijkstra's Algorithm VB Function Library 940411 Library for saving and restoring a form position 940516 General-purpose lib Subs and Functions 940405 Install TT-fonts in Windows 940411 Functions to smoothen out dealing with WIN.INI

** Index of MicroSoft Supplemental Development Libraries (SDL)
** in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/sdl at []
** Last Updated: Nov 27 12:13 1990

diskindex 901031 Cumulative Index of the SDL Disks 1-7 901126 Disk One of the SDL 901126 Disk Two of the SDL 901029 Disk Three of the SDL (09-20-90 release) 901126 Disk Four of the SDL 901029 Disk Five of the SDL (HPPCL5A.DRV) (09-20-90 release) 901029 Disk Six of the SDL (PSCRIPT.DRV) (09-20-90 release) 901126 Disk Seven of the SDL
zipindex 901127 Zip Listing of SDLDISKS 1-7

** Index of Windows Sound Files and Utilities in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/sounds
** at []
** Last Updated: Tue Jun 21 21:27:11 1994
** 920714 14 .WAV Files for Windows 3.1 920416 84 .WAV Files for Windows 3.1 920616 Play WAVE files through the adlib sound card 921205 Audio CD player, Also Catalogs CDs in Paradox format 940223 Audio Lab V1.1d sample editor for Windows 3.1 930814 Alarm clock plays your favorite .WAV file 940124 Aleatoric Composer Music System for Windows 921101 American Pie Song **REMOVED: COPYRIGHTED** 930502 Plays a random WAV file at Windows 3.1 startup/exit 910902 Simulate Various Types of Equalizers and Crossovers 921026 Windows 3.1 Audio CD Player (w/src) 940614 A Whole New World Sequenced Song [3.2mb] 920625 Bob Barker WAV File 931101 Beatles Revolution Number 9 .WAV 921101 Few sounds from the movie Big Trouble in Little China 930222 Miscellaneous WAV Files 930222 Miscellaneous WAV Files 920716 106miles/94dollar/mission WAV Files 940517 Play your favorite WAV files based on Windows events 930923 BeatMaster: sequencing software for Windows 930928 Twelve WAVs from Married with Children 931101 Twenty more WAVs from Married with Children 921101 Several Cantonese Songs in WAV Format
cdaud150.exe 940131 CDAudio for Windows, version 1.50 940202 Windows 3.1 CD Player/Database
cdjmr211.exe 940330 Freeware CD Player for Windows 920415 Play CDs on your CDROM Deck 940127 CD-Player Pro 4.5 Windows Audio CD Player 921021 Cheers TV Show Intro Song (WAV) 930814 Play constrained random notes through MIDI 940103 Convert WAV and VOC files to Covox sound file formats 931214 Cool Edit v.1.31 is a waveform editor 930223 Combination CD, .WAV and .MIDI player 930728 WAVs from the Star Trek: The Next Generation 940209 Exmple of cyberpunk-techno-thrash music (.voc) [2.09mb] 931006 Digital signature calculation and management package 930215 Drag & Drop *.WAV & *.MID files to play 921003 Drag and Drop WAV Files to Play Them 920501 Petzold's MIDI Drum Machine for Multimedia Windows 921026 Sounds from movie The Dune (part 1) 921026 Sounds from movie The Dune (part 2) 921026 Sounds from movie The Dune (part 3) 940112 22Khz WAV files of snippets from Duran Duran 930927 Music transcription/MIDI prog 930401 Finale 2.2 upgrade from Finale 2.0.1 (Coda Music Tech) 910910 Use FM Synthesis Abilities of Your Sound Card 930310 Update for FMSOUND10, the fm music driver program 940201 Digital sound editor, player, and recorder 930402 Monty Python and the Holy Grail .WAV sound clips 930402 Monty Python and the Holy Grail .WAV sound clips 930402 Monty Python and the Holy Grail .WAV sound clips 930402 Monty Python and the Holy Grail .WAV sound clips 930402 **REMOVED: COPYRIGHTED SOFTWARE** 921003 WAV Files from TV Show Home Improvement 940307 The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy WAVs [1.3Mb] 940307 The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy WAVs [1.43Mb] 940307 The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy WAVs [1.28Mb] 940307 The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy WAVs [1.34Mb] 940307 The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy WAVs [1.22Mb] 921021 Sounds from the film Highlander 930520 More Home Improvement Wav files 940328 Improvise 1.20, algorithmic real-time MIDI composition 931206 SHAREWARE sound file player for WIN 3.1 931213 Versatile MIDI and WAV jukebox for Windows 940131 Kawai K4 synthesizer patch editor 940426 Plays and records Karaoke songs on your PC [484k] 920418 Petzold's Keyboard MIDI Player for Multimedia Windows 921213 Simple .WAV file player for kids 921021 Star Trek The Next Generation Soundbite 940112 22Khz WAV files of snippets from Logans Run
m2m_v12.arj 930312 Convert Amiga MOD files to MIDI files 940222 MOD file player (standard version) [345k] 940222 MOD file player (extended version) [1.4mb] 930713 WAV files from the movie M*A*S*H, 22khz, mono 940218 v1.12 of MAUI control program 940218 Programmers interface to MAUI information 920917 Sample Sound Mix (WAV) File 930719 WAV and MID player, supports 4DOS description 920418 Petzold's Multimedia Windows MIDI Device Capabilities 940620 MIDI JukeBox for Win 3.1 v. 1.09
midikap.exe 920609 MIDI Interface for Windows (req. sound board) 930217 Midi Monitor, displays incoming MIDI streams 940620 Midiplyr is a Windows midi and wav player 931107 MidiThru 1.0 - Windows MIDI utility; requires BWCC.DLL 921213 Makin' Waves Ver 1.21 Sound Util 931115 Multimedia Workshop for Windows 931207 MOD file player for Microsoft Windows 940314 Various MOD sounds and songs [1.45mb] 940314 Various MOD sounds and songs [1.45mb] 940314 Various MOD sounds and songs [1.17mb] 930317 .WAV file of a cow 921118 Sounds from TV and Movies 931103 MPEG AUdio Player for Win3.1 921110 Util to Show Message Boxes and Play Associated Sound 940330 Music Sculptor for Windows v1.2 930927 Same as Encore, except max of 6 staves vs 64 930816 Music Notation System for Windows 930930 Samples (.au) from Married with Children 940104 NoiseMaster 2.01 is a shareware sample-editor 930724 Sound clip of Bill Clinton 920512 39 .WAV files (was; file is 1Mb comprsd) 911008 Original Version Sounds 921219 ProAudio sound drivers for Win31 v1.44 940603 Talking Clock files for Plug-In 920907 Sounds from Rally's Commercials (ChaChing?!) 921214 Windows Program to play .wav file on the command line 940303 WAV File Player 930226 RockBox, .WAV jukebox player 920707 Ren and Stimpy VOC and WAV Sounds (zipfile is 1.1Mb) 920829 Random WAV Sound System
repowavs.lzh 920812 Sounds from Repoman Film 920822 Randomize Windows System Sounds 920716 RoboCop WAV Sounds 920907 Rocky Horror Picture Sounds 940322 S-Tools conceals files within Windows WAV sound files
sb31m.exe 930215 Creative Sound Blaster Driver for MCA Bus 931214 SoundBlaster Pro Deluxe Driver disk 1 of 2 931214 SoundBlaster Pro Deluxe Driver disk 2 of 2
sbp2w31.exe 930923 Latest Sound Blaster Pro 2 Drivers
sbpupd.exe 940119 More Latest Updated Sound Blaster Pro Drivers
sbw31.exe 920922 Creative Sound Blaster Pro Drivers (Sep92)
sen-snds.lzh 920730 Various Music .WAV Files 931103 Railroad sounds - Santa Fe steam loco .wavs 920913 Street Fighter2 Sounds 921105 Windows 3.1 drivers for the ATI Stereo F/X Card 911003 Using SOUND.DLL v3 w/ Excel & Word 920708 SoundPro Tool 1.51e 920604 Sound Source Driver for Win3.1 931008 SoundTool v3.3 to Play Sounds 930727 SonoWave 1.0 WAV Player 910927 Sounder 3b: Play Sounds on Your PC 910330 Several Sound (.SND) Filse 910330 Several More Sound (.SND) Files 910331 Even Several More Sound (.SND) Files 920714 SOund eXchange: Universal Sound Sample Translator 940121 Digitized Music in a wav file (2.3mb zipfile) 931106 Railroad sounds - Southern Pacific steam loco .wavs
speak.exe 920603 Microsoft PC Speaker Driver (updated) 930905 Mycroft's MIDI Surfer: "jukebox" plays of midi files 930328 STARFOX sound file in the beginning of mission 921217 Covox Speech Thing Driver for Windows 931115 Opening theme (.wav) of ST:TNG (3.4Mb!) 921025 Various Soundbites from Star Trek: The Next Generation 921025 Various Soundbites from Star Trek: The Next Generation 921025 Various Soundbites from Star Trek: The Next Generation 921025 Various Soundbites from Star Trek: The Next Generation 921025 Various Soundbites from Star Trek: The Next Generation 921025 Various Soundbites from Star Trek: The Next Generation 921025 Various Soundbites from Star Trek: The Next Generation 921025 Various Soundbites from Star Trek: The Next Generation 921025 Various Soundbites from Star Trek: The Next Generation 930216 Opening Music and Kirk's Speech from Classic Star Trek 930808 Audio Toolbox for Windows WAV Files 930727 Surf's Up! allows you to attach sounds to your icons 920415 Synth Manager for Yamaha TX81Z and Casio MT-260 920826 The Drums Sound Maker 921211 Yamaha's Win Driver for TG100 from a PC serial line 931023 WAV files of Locutus (Picard) from Star Trek:TNG 930221 Play/Organize WAV Files Quickly 930210 Four Grunts by Tim Allen of Home Improvement (WAVs) 931001 Transcribe: figure out how to play various songs 931123 Intro to Time Traxx 920901 Converts .voc->.wav and Raw Voice Files to .wav 931207 A librarian for the Ensoniq VFX synth familly 920413 .VOC->.WAV and .WAV->.VOC File Conversion 920807 Voyetra V22, V24s, and V24sm Midi Drivers 931108 Railroad sounds-Virginia & Truckee RR steam loco .wav 930713 Waynes World Wav files 940619 Warner Bros cartoon wavs (11mhz, 8 bit mono) [835k] 921020 Warp Sound from Star Trek 920818 Wav After Wav: Plays all of your WAV files 921028 WAV File Editor 920410 .VOC to .WAV Converter 920415 WAVEPOOL programming language for creating sound files 920725 Point and Shoot WAV Player 931129 Filter and analyze Windows sound files 930302 Wave file player for Windows 3.1 - version 1.0 921130 Simple WAV File Player 940202 A simple .wav player: Multi-file select and play 931210 The Wave Utilities 2.3 931013 High performance editor for sound files 920723 CDROM Audio Support for Win3.1 (CDROM req'd) 940117 Easy to use, powerful audio CD player 920716 Welcome.WAV File 930826 Waveform Hold and Modify Tool for Digital Sounds Files 930727 Whoop It Up!--Maximize the sound functions in Win3.1 921118 Pro Audio Spectrum Plus/PA Spectrum 16 Drivers 940315 Windows CD (Audio) Player 940103 Covox sound drivers for Windows 920816 WinMOD is a MOD file player for Windows (386/sx req) 930818 Easy to use MIDI sequencer
winplay.zoo 910326 Windows Music Player 931105 Winwave, the wave associator program 940214 WinJammer 2.30 - Windows Multimedia Sequencer 940427 WinJammer Pro 930727 WAV-Sorter 2.1 940105 Misc utilities involving Midi and Roland SoundCanvas 930717 Mod player for Microsoft Windows 931028 20 sounds from Wolfenstien 3D 931028 Windows Play Any File - version 0.9b

** Index of Asymetrix ToolBook Applications
** in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/toolbook at
** []
** Last Updated: Tue Jun 21 14:01:07 1994
** 930807 Sample ToolBook application in Chemistry 930920 Anatomy & Anaesthesia of the Mandibular Nerve Tbook
avisamp.tbk 930218 How to Use a Video for Windows .avi file in TBook 920416 BBS ToolBook Application 940218 TB app:Telnet library IP nodes by region,alpha [600K] 920421 Parent/Child ToolBook Example 921025 Crayons for Windows ToolBook Application (Part 1) 921025 Crayons for Windows ToolBook Application (Part 2) 930920 Dental Development Courseware for Tbook
fullcat.exe 911010 Catalist 1.0 ToolBook Application 921204 A Book Created by Third Grade Children from Italy 940112 Toolbook Guide of Communicative Positioning Program 940106 Interactive Document Compiler for Toolbook 920416 Import Toolbook Application 931108 'Lectric Toolbox Application 930802 convert &/or import from tab-delimited files into TBK 920416 Loadlong Toolbook Application 940610 Front end for a variety of different ToolBook apps 930925 Provides access to all ToolBook objects and properties 930420 Demo showing the use of the Pie Menu 940611 The MULTIMEDIA CATALOGUE v. 1.0 UK 931102 Multimedia Desktop Toolbook App (req sounds/mmwslt10) 920416 Must Have Toolbook Application 920416 Dialog Application for Toolbook 931118 The Pen Command Area (for Pen Windows) Toolbook App 930803 Menuing System for Hypermedia Applications 911031 Pinboard Wizzard V.1.0 ToolBook Application 910923 The Ruler ToolBook Application 920828 Icon Bar/Launch Toolbook Application 921030 Simple Stop Watch for Toolbook 930805 Demo catalog of backgrounds and buttons for TBK 920416 Communications Toolbook Application 931108 Proceedings of the first UK TBK Users Conf(1 of 2) 931108 Proceedings of the first UK TBK Users Conf(2 of 2 3mb!) 921030 Control Up to Four Serial Ports in Toolbook 940621 ToolBook 1.53 Run-Time (1 of 4) 940621 ToolBook 1.53 Run-Time (2 of 4) 931025 ToolBook FAQ in Windows HLP Format 940621 ToolBook 1.53 Run-Time (3 of 4) 920416 Adds Open Dialog Box Capabilities to Toolbook 920416 Adds Sorting Capabilities to Toolbook 940621 ToolBook 1.53 Run-Time (4 of 4) 921030 TIF Graphics File Import Filter for Toolbook 921029 Toolbook Application Development Kit
** Index of Windows Utilities Files in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/util
** at [].
** Last Updated: Tue Jun 21 13:11:03 1994
** 931220 2Do 1.1B Personal Task Manager (PIM) for Windows 930920 VGA video benchmark program 930814 easy-to-use method of producing labels for 3 1/2" disks 921213 Calculator Utility 930820 File Launcher Browses Disk Drives 910821 A 4DOS-Like Shell for Windows (ver 1.10) 910513 Collection of Utilities for Windows (shell,memory,etc) 921206 Accent Version 2.0a - The Diacritic Key Translator 920203 Accessess 2.10 for Windows Desktop Organizer 920831 Windows Access CompuServe Manager (Beta version) 921116 Ack Clip: Text Format Clipboard Stack Saver 930906 Simple checkbook program 940111 Account Manager 1.3 -- Time usage tracking program 910606 ASCII Chart for Windows 931129 Accumulated-sum calculator 920707 AddMenu: Add options to your system menus (w/src) 921029 Address Manager, Envelope Printer, Phone Dialer 940506 AddressBook 1.01 address organizer/lbl printer [WinMag] 940104 AddressBook is an address manager for Windows 3.1 940613 1/4 size pocket address booklet, labels, envs, lists 940106 Adressverwaltung V0.99 for Windows 3.1 (German ver) 940203 Adressverwaltung V1.0 German Address Book for Win 3.1 901205 Advent Calendar, ver 1.0 930420 AIM-Spice simulator package 930718 INI file editor 940527 ALLOALLO! V1.0a Communication Software for Windows 931004 Version 3.1 of Almanac for Windows 3.1 940603 Astronomy Lab v. 1.14:Prediction, Graphing & Simulation 910404 Active Life 1.1 Scheduler for Windows 930419 Master Amortizer for loan analysis 940601 Print Screen 1.3 for Windows 921102 ArcMaster for Windows: Pkzip Front-End 921206 Answering Machine for Windows 910809 A NeXT-like Tool Bar/App Dock for Windows (w/icons) 901121 Documentation for Aporia 940321 A project/event planner v2.2 901109 Powerful Object-oriented User Interface for Windows 930921 Application Pad: Formerly NeXT App Bar (ver 4.0a) 931106 Win3.1 update of Application Bar (ver 4.6) 911009 App Shell 1.0 - Template for File-oriented Applications 920826 Archon Desktop Information Management Tool 920203 Archives: Pkzip/unzip Front-End for Windows (ver 3.08) 930713 ArcShellL zip/arc/lzh/arj shell for Windows (ver 1.3) 920910 ARJ File Interface for Windows 920713 ASCII Table and Font Viewer 910312 ASCII Table for Windows 930421 Kill one Windows COM app so you can run another 930521 Easily edit file association settings 910127 Schedule Program Events Under Windows 940616 A-Talk multi-featured telecomm package [660k] 931209 All The Time: Customizable Clock w/Resource Mon 920427 AUDIT.ZIP: Stats on GDI/User heaps/MemMgr (w/src) 921102 AutoSave Feature for Window Applications 920725 Launch Windows from WinAPP from DOS (w/ASM src) 920109 DOS device driver that directs AUX output to CON 921130 Archiver shell for windows 921204 OpenAccess File Selection Dialog Enhancement 910919 Combines BackMenu and BigDesk 940523 BailOut v2.0 - Windows Quick Exit Utility 930823 BioBase: bibliographic database for Win (req vbrun200) 940621 BCalc! is a replacement calculator for Windows 940606 Business Calculator V2.00 for Windows 3.1 940516 BusinessCards free form database program 940404 Bedit v1.4: MS-Windows text editor w/drag-drop [648k] 931104 Configurable editor for Windows with good vi emulation 910115 PC Magazine Windows 3 Benchmark Test Suites 920313 Print Envelopes/Labels via Windows 930910 buttonFile 1.0. Easy to use Windows database (1 of 5) 930910 buttonFile 1.0. Easy to use Windows database (2 of 5) 930910 buttonFile 1.0. Easy to use Windows database (3 of 5) 930910 buttonFile 1.0. Easy to use Windows database (4 of 5) 930910 buttonFile 1.0. Easy to use Windows database (5 of 5) 940322 BiblioFile Version 1.2 is a reference library manager 930325 View bitmaps in .EXE or .DLL files 930728 Business/Financial Calculator 921108 Bibliographic Database Manager for Windows 3.X 930405 The Total Mailing List Manager for Windows 930226 Tracks U.S. Savings bonds 921116 BOOKBase: Win3.1 Database Manager for Books 920917 Create Dialog Boxes to open/save freq used files 910820 Create Box Plots for Loudspeakers Version 1.3 940516 BinaryPrinting is a drag-and-drop utility for printing
bputil.exe 930205 Win3.1 Update of Barry Press Window Utils 921205 Blood pressure monitor, chart your measurements 921209 NeXT Program Manager/File Manager Replacement 930819 One-click launching (PCMAG) 901103 An Applications Util Builder 930323 Windows Quick exit utility 930419 Command Line, a program launcher for Windows 930728 Windows scientific calculator program 940404 version 1.1 of Calendar Master 920906 CapsControl: Config CapsLock/Ctrl Key 940519 Extract useful info from a cardfile (.CRD format) 930728 Translates Wincard files to Text and back 920723 Audio Cassette Label Maker 930804 Print Audio Cassette Liners 931123 Client Biller v.1.2 for Windows 3.1 940329 Colorado Backup for Windows Lite, Version 1.10 [887k] 920910 ZIP File Management Utility for Windows 940504 Credit Card Plus 1.2 for Windows [473k] 940611 CD Jewel Box Label Maker 930902 Change drive letters in any .GRP, .INI, or .PIF file 920908 Prevent Children from Accessing Areas of Windows 930508 Cherry Hill VM Replacement COMM Buffer Driver 920519 Converts Master Index file to comma and quote file 940207 Manipulate CICA Index Files 930323 Circular File v1.0: Drag and drop deletion utility 940407 CoolEdit-Win Command History and Filename Completion 930814 Three apps to organize your icon, sound and .BMP files 910705 Click! 1.3 Filer Util for Windows
clinr39c.exe 940314 Print Cassette Tape Liners 920202 Windows Clipboard Phone Dialer 940111 A personal/network program scheduler for Windows 3.1 920519 Cinetic Internet Mail Mgr (was EZ-Mail) Win3.0 Engine 920519 Cinetic Internet Mail Mgr (was EZ-Mail) Win3.1 Engine 930310 Clock of Doom: Clock with U.S debt, murder rate, etc. 931101 CodePrint, ascii file print utility w/fmt controls 921204 Delete (flush) files using drag-n-drop technique 920508 Freeform Recipe Database Manager for Windows 921201 Command Post Text-based Shell 8.0g for Windows 930508 Utility for Central Point Backup for Windows v7.x 921012 CPU Usage Indicator Version 1.6 940503 CmpQwk v1.4 Win 3.1 QWK off-line mail reader [1.6mb] 940128 Print up to four text pages per sheet w/TT fonts 930718 Convert Cardfile (.CRD) files to text files 930905 Personal Credit Repair and management software 930818 Convert Unix style text files to DOS files 930807 Chart Tamer: Creates graphs and charts 931111 CMPQWK Version 1.31 Update Module Only 901222 Custom Buttons 1.0 (Customize Buttons for Hotkeys) 930403 Convert It! measurement unit conversion program 910103 Cycle Among Active Windows 931129 Disk at a Glance, hard drive usage charts 910211 Data Conversion (Ver. 1.0) for Windows 920609 Set Date/Time on Range of Files 911219 DAYCROSS v. 1.10 Calendar (req VBasic Runtime DLL) 901214 Toolbook Util Daily Gold (Bible verses, trivia, etc.) 901112 Windows dBase .DBF File Browser
dbankwin.exe 940131 GUI OS 4 time-series data (filer/editor/exporter) 930922 Disk Copier for Windows 940618 Drag and Drop Printing, Version 2.00a 931122 DingDang Chinese word processor for Window 3.1 920920 Debt Buster Financial Program for Windows 920831 Preliminary Keyboard Macro Program 940513 Delta reports on changes in your drive due to installs 930815 View/Edit 4DOS File Descriptions in Windows 940506 General purpose dialer for Windows ver1.0E 930330 Take a Scanned X,Y Plot and Digitize it (ver 0.9)9 930831 Digital Architech, a circuit simulation program 930813 Directory/File Utility for Windows 931020 dirinfo lists all directories on the hard drive 931102 manipulate directories, Size, Delete, Change Attributes 940429 DiskFactory:multitasking copy/compare/format utility 921014 Display Free Disk Space Utility 910610 Compliments FileManager (Disktool Ver 1.50) 930302 Directory Copy Utility for Windows 920630 Print Double Sided Pages on DeskJet500 940513 Reports which DLLs are called by an app and vice versa 940615 Windows Dynamic Link Library Investigator v1.9 910204 Disk Map Util (shows free space, disk stats) 930226 Right click brings up launch menu 930302 Create Multiple Associations for Document Files 910524 Provides a Gateway to a Directory in DOS or App 910412 A DOS Command Line Doorway from Windows 930310 Puts Menu Bar with Help Dialog into Windowed DOS 940225 Dough Boy Install Program and Disk Set Builder 940506 Drag And File File Manager [896k] (WinMag) 930309 File Viewer 931129 Drag and Zip, ZIPfile manager add-in for File Manager 920207 DriveWatch: Monitor hard disks and system memory 910821 MicroSofts Diagnostic Tool for UAEs (ver 0.75) 910711 Dsize: A Win3 Utility to Manage Drives 930419 Diskette Cataloging Program 931020 Tracks file usage/accesses to identify unused files
dswvb1.exe 940210 Disk sweep: moves old files out to floppy (nagware) 931020 Print directory tree 940621 Quick access to phones, fax, internet addresses [1.4mb] 921215 Detect Changes to Your Hard Drive(s) 920904 Dump files to printer
dumpv12.zoo 911216 Print Files in Background (v 1.2) 930907 Find duplicate files on your system and clear off 930310 TeX .dvi Previewer Util for Windows3 (ver 2.6) 930728 TeX DVI viewer and printer with graphics support 920725 xBase File Manager for Windows 930510 Drag and Drop Files into PKZIP'ed 2.04g Files 930405 Pop-up help of system.ini settings 940616 EDITEUR V1.4 text editor for Windows 3.1 930915 Enhances DOS in Windows 386 Enhanced Mode 940105 Quick-exit from Win or Reboot or Restart or run DOS App 931008 Essential Home Inventory for insurance purposes 910820 REMOVED: BUGGY. TRASHES WINDOWS. 910820 Periodic Table of Elements 940617 WinEliza v0.97 AI application 940506 Private Cryptographer, version 1.19 (WinMag) 921203 Three Procomm Plus for Windows scripts 940422 Enigma v.2,0: A Win3.1 Data Encryption Engine (DES) 940516 PrintEnvelope V2.33 prints any env or lbls (WinMag) 940502 RPN Calculator for Windows 921203 Et Cetera, Macro Language to Automate Windows Apps 930215 Exit Windows, Run a DOS App then Restart Windows 901204 Windows Debugging Tools 931101 ExecFile Manager Version 1.0 900731 Exit to dos from Win 3 Util--fast! 921205 Create your own screen saver from a 16-color .GIF file 911025 ExtractorPC Expands Files in CompactPro archives 920802 Windows UUEn/Decoder 940429 ExitWin 3.1a - Utility to exit Windows (WinMag) 921021 Easy to use address book using vbrun100.dll 940427 FaxMail for Windows (V1.33) Fax App for Windows [600k] 920129 Folder Builder for Windows (ver 1.4) 920914 FileCommander 2.0c: FileMgr Extender for Windows 940304 FileClip, File Manager substitute w/clipboard features 921222 Prints Federal Express airbills on dot matrix printer 911016 Send Commands to EPSON compatible printers on LPT1 930801 Fast File Find for Windows 930816 Shareware X-Y plotting program for Windows 930902 Rplcmnt for FileMgr plus provides a Clipboard stack 920313 Small File Mgr for (copy/move/rename/delete)-ing files 921016 Util to find files, print out dirs, etc. (vbrun100.dll) 930906 Save files automatically in all active apps 910204 Utility to Autosave your Work 930215 Easy to Use File Manager for Win (req vbrun200.dll) 920723 Windows Loan Amortization Program 930805 FIND.DLL: A Text-Search Utility (PCMag) 931129 File finder, even searches inside archives 940426 Freeman Installer v1.1 beta 920725 Repair Windows 3.x Program Groups Files 930825 Util that predicts your typing, lets you complete it 910117 Change Printer Orientation (Port/Land) via Icon (11/90) 930420 Create Q.71 and Q.73 information flow diagrams 940523 Flash Card Memorization Program 930927 Flash Cards program to aid in vocabulary memorization 930419 File Magician, dual-screen file manager 940210 Applications menu for Win File Manager 940221 File Manager Extension adds analysis by file types 940606 File Manager StepUp Additions v.2 for Windows 3.1 940621 File Manager Toolbar v.1.0 for Windows 931208 File Mgmnt sys, 116 custom Buttons, Menus, & Macros 931129 FormatMaster 1.2 floppy formatting util 930802 File management system for Windows 910820 Folders: Allow Groups within Groups Ver 3.1 931129 DiaLog phone dialer with logging feature 940405 Foreigner: Copy Spcial Characters to the Clipboard 930907 Continuously displays the amount of free disk space 931005 Metz Free Memory Utility 940216 GDI,System and User heaps display 920215 Windows Compression Utility (Ver 1.0 Beta) 920829 Free System Resources in Icon 920513 FrontWindow: Sophisticated File Manager 921205 Tracks last 15 programs run; launch with mouse click 940321 File Seek & Destroy 1.30a 930323 PCMAG's Free System Resource Utility and source 940325 FTaskman is a replacement for Windows Task Manager 940618 FundManager:monitor your investment's performance 930728 FrameView: desktop publishing software (alpha ver) 910905 Windows File Viewer 940310 Select Different Configs at Windows Start up 940509 Reads the resource version information out EXE/DLLs 930315 GFile combines often used features of the Prog/FileMgrs 940309 GilaMenu: small popup menu system 940516 Type less with Global Abbreviations v1.5 [690k] 940304 Medical abbreviations for 910725 Glue v1.0; glues DOS programs to Windows programs 930419 Fast/powerful dbms that uses internal SQL Statements 940103 Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) Dialer App 921102 Graph Paper Printer for Windows 930728 GNUplot for windows and dos ver 3.4 930728 GNUplot for windows and dos ver 3.4 931002 GNUplot for windows and dos ver 3.5 930211 Grammar Expert Utility 940408 Windows Grep Version 1.5 940426 Graphmatica equation plotter 931130 Edit Program Manager .GRP files 930510 GhostScript Fonts 930728 GhostScript Execs for DOS/Windows, docs, ini, examples 930728 GhostScript Sources 940511 Ghostscript for Windows 2.6.x Command Line Interface 930805 Graphical interface for MS-Windows Ghostscript 930420 A Command Line GUI for Ghostscript for Windows 940527 GT Task Manager is a replacement for the TaskManager 900810 Latest Guitar Modes and Scales Program Util 920927 Trouble Shooting Util for Windows 920413 Heap Alert 1.1 GDI Snooper (VBRUN100.DLL req) 930328 Hangul (Korean) Editor for windows v.3.1 930403 Handicapping calculator for horse races 920628 hDC MicroApp Manager Upgrade (ver 0x0212) 940112 HEdit v1.2, Hexadecimal Editor for Binary Files 931123 Help Edit V1.9 Windows Help File Generator 910805 Hex/Decimal/Binary File Converter for Windows 921102 Hex Editor for Windows 930906 Gopher Client For Windows 3.1 (Version Beta 1.0) 910826 High Finance Personal Financial Management System 930419 Yet another system monitor/free res reporter 930429 Help System Development Kit for Windows 931118 Windows Help files creator 930906 Gopher+ Client For Windows 3.1 Version Beta 2.2 920606 File Hunter and Finder for Windows 930419 Windows Home Accountant 900813 Assign WinApps to Single Keystroke Util 930205 Windows 3.1 Diagnostic Utility/Error Handler 901118 RPN Calculator 940524 Track your Windows usage (in hours) 940620 HTMLed - An HTML Editor for Microsoft Windows 940530 Help Writer's Assistant for Windows 1/2 [509k] 940530 Help Writer's Assistant for Windows 2/2 [429k] 920126 HyperDisk Cache for Windows/DOS Apps 930728 Program for analysis of enzyme-kinetic data 940616 Adds file management to any application 930226 International Keyboard Kit: switch languages in Winapps 911102 An Electronic In/Out Board 920704 InControl: PCMag App to Control App Installations 930916 Index-It V1.0 Windows Text file Index Program 921205 Performance Meter for MS-Windows 3.1 930224 Resource Monitor for Windows 3.x 931101 Shows Heap, Windows, Tasks and Modules 920628 INI 1.0: PCMag DOS-based command-line INI-File Editor 920302 IniEdit: WIN.INI Editor 931101 Another .INI file editor/manager 930728 Automate Windows program installation simply 920501 EDI Install for Windows (Version 1.3) 931008 Version 1.00 of Investment Manager 930323 Invoice-It makes sales invoices, uses .dbf format 920415 Batch Utility: test if Windows is loaded 940531 Keep track of IP addresses 920716 I-Queue Print Queue 94062- Issue Manager 1.1 -- An issue/problem tracking system 931216 The It Utilities: File Manager Add In (1 of 2) 931216 The It Utilities: File Manager Add In (2 of 2) 920723 Journal Program: Daily Information Manager for Windows 931108 Sensible Home Journal Database System 920908 Home Inventory System for Windows (vbrun100.dll req) 930821 KeyPro Text File Editor Version 1.2 940310 Kfree - free memory & disk space monitor Util 901105 Dynamic System Resource Indicator 921213 Kermit for Windows Ver 0.75 910810 Turn Keyboard into Mouse for Windows 940502 Makes] labels for 3,5" disks 920913 LAN Print Manager for Windows 900816 Cardfile of Las Vegas area hotels and casinos 940613 All-purpose label utility program 940620 LetterBox: replacement DOS subsystem for MS Windows 911102 LoadMon: Yet Another System Load Monitor for Windows 910322 Lock Your Windows Terminal 920820 Windows Line Printer Utility 940309 LaserUser prints a cover page for any document 900921 TASKS and DRIVES Utility for Windows (status programs) 920427 Memory Alert 1.1 WinApp (VBRUN100.DLL req) 910815 Multiple Alignment Construction & Analysis Workbench 940504 Read/Write Macintosh Disks on Your PC 900626 Mark Applications "safe" for Windows 3 Util 910527 Un*x like "diff" Utility for Windows (ver 1.10) 940104 MicroBoot, multiple-boot and sys conf utilities 920904 Micro-View File Viewer for Windows 920619 PCMag Masters of Ceremony App Launcher 921125 Mortgage Designer Tool for Windows 940310 MegaEdit 2.08, ASCII/Binary Text Editor for Windows 3.X 921008 A Cornicopia of Utils: WIndows Mekanix Ver 1.1 920927 MemoryPro: Memory Analyzer/Status Utility 901128 Metric Converter: handles fourteen metric conversions 920415 Windows Magazine disk space meter 930420 METRIX Metric/Imperial Converter 931005 Metz Desktop Lock Utility 900629 Metz Runner Util 921013 MicroEmacs 3.11c Port to Windows (.exe package) 921013 MicroEmacs 3.11c Port to Windows (help file) 921013 MicroEmacs 3.11c Source for Help Files 921013 MicroEmacs 3.11c Full Sources 931220 MF is a high-performance Windows 3.x database 940104 Gizmo Mini-DB, small, all-purpose database program 921207 Change the Case in Text Files 940516 MicroWerks Microlink Version 1.05 Comm Software 931109 Match files between two diff drives and/or directories 940621 MasterMind Typing Tutor for Win 3.x (Ver 1.04) 921112 Utility to Display Loaded Windows Modules 930928 MoneyMath,v1.1, Financial Analysis Tools for Win3.1 931206 Mom for Windows PIM v2.0a, Events, Alarms,Names,dialer 931129 Disk, resource, memory monitor (PC Mag) 940617 MouseKey V1.3 - Assign keys and command to mouse bttns 910409 Mr. Edit: Yet Another Windows Editor 940221 Background disk formatter 940428 MailRoom Manager for MCI Mail v1.3f [490k] 930510 MailRun PROCOMM+4Win ASPECT script for auto BBS work 930215 Money Smith Financial Calculator 940503 Music Plus:database to track your music collection 920602 MessageMaster Fido/BBS Message System 940405 MAPI Message Pad 3.0a Telephone Message System W4WG 931020 MswLogo Version 3.5 for MicroSoft Windows (1 of 3) 931025 MswLogo Version 3.5 for MicroSoft Windows (2 of 3) 931025 MswLogo Version 3.5 Source (3 of 3) 921001 Metz Task Manager 930907 Micro-Tools v1.1 Tool Box Launcher 910118 MultiPad Multiple File Editor 920814 Updated Music Librarian Tool/Music Media Management 930719 MiddleWorld Menu is an enhanced shell for MS-Win 3.x 921021 Simple Clock and Reminder 921222 Date Reminder Program for Windows 3.x 921201 NagMe 1.0 - With 8-bit Samples 920819 Align your Clock with the Naval Observatory 920622 Puts Clock in Norton Desktop's Title Bar 920730 Norton Desktop Util: Deletes Old Drive Info Files 931104 Addr bk, note mgr, journal mgr, schedlr, task mgr, PIM 930727 A Newsbyte reader for Windows 931110 Chartist: Create and Print Org and Flow Charts 940328 Util for Norton Desktop: create .NILs from ind icons 920422 Delete the Final CR/LF from the Clipboard 910921 Strip ^D's (reset) from PostScript Print Jobs 930204 Hinders the user from exiting Windows 920629 Allow older WinApps to run under Windows 3 Util 920628 Removes Nag Screen from Apps 940321 Information storage system 910828 A Windows Text Editor 931129 Notebook text editor handles large files 910404 A Notes Database Manager 940520 Notify for MS MAIL (version 1.1 beta) [520k] 931110 Prints envelopes, and serves as a contact manager 930810 Mail-Aware OLE-Object Manager 930820 Reports sys,GDI,Usr Res,Mem, disk, etc. 940418 Credit and debit journal editor 940615 OmniCon 1.0 - Powerful and fast unit converter 911202 Execute Commands on Windows Exit 940316 Opportunity for Windows 1.0 PIM 921222 Orator: Off-Line Mail Reader for Windows 930727 Organize!: Windows 3 Personal Information Manager 940505 OttoSource 1.6a:Search/browse files with stream editing 931117 OttoTask - An Enhanced Task List for Windows 3.1 910211 Win Debug Tool re/direct in/output to/from AUX device 930217 Fast-Paste clipboard function enhancer 920902 Calculate Payments for Loans 940119 PayWindow, automated payroll package 930813 PowerBBS System for Windows 920801 Powerbook Notepad Editor with Toolbar 940308 Offline SLNP/Helldiver news reader 930714 Button Bar for Windows Write Editor 931216 PC Financial Advisor Version 2.0 920809 PowerBBS Frontend 910806 Windows Performance Meter (Histographic Icon) 940323 PenGy is a Windows text editor [414k] 920908 Drag-Drop File Delete Util/Pattern File Delete 921110 Switch Printers without using Control Panel 910711 PhoneMessage Utility (need too) 940216 PhoneView: address and telephone dbms for Win [877k] 930215 Phonebook Manager V0.5 921001 Metz Phones for Windows 921222 PhoneVu, phone call tracking database 920415 PIF Helper Ver 2.0: Start App from PM w/one icon 920827 PIF Viewer 920424 PinUp Notes Version 1.2 940422 Install application for windows (beta freeware) 931020 PkBackup is a utility acting as a front end to PKZIP
pktmux12.exe 930216 TSR to Allow Multiple TCP/IP Stacks in Windows (v1.2b) 940216 Packet controller program for Amateur Radio [390k] 930215 Plug-In Enhancements for Program Manager 931020 The Phone Master for Windows 920811 PageMaker4 Toolkit: tool bar for PM4 940502 Poll Taker 1.1 automated questionnaire for Windows 3.x 930727 Month-at-a-time perpetual calendar with clock 910514 Postman -- Windows PostMessage Utility (w/src) 940104 PowerLine offline .QWK reader 920314 PowerBBS Front End for Windows 910409 PowerPad Windows Text Editor 940218 Page Plus Intro: desktop publishing pkg (1/2) [620k] 940218 Page Plus Intro: desktop publishing pkg (2/2) [703k] 930923 Integrated To-do list and program launcher 921211 Complete Windows Mailing System (envelopes/barcodes) 931129 PrintFlip is a quick printer changer and setup 930226 Print a copy of your drive's directory tree 910821 Progset: Clean Up Your win.ini (PC Mag w/src) 940119 Rename .QWK packets in ProComm Plus/WIN 920819 A Command Shell for Windows 940531 v5.4 of PSpice elec circuit sim app (1/3) [1.0mb] 940531 v5.4 of PSpice elec circuit sim app (2/3) [1.2mb] 940531 v5.4 of PSpice elec circuit sim app (3/3) [930k] 930228 PSpice 5.1 for Windows 3.x (2 of 2) 930726 PrintSwitch 1.3 utility to switch default printers 930811 Periodic table for windows 920624 Parity Technical Analysis System Ver 1.2 940601 Collection of Windows Power Toolz v1.00 900912 PubTech FileOrganizer/BatchWorks/TextEditor **DEMO** 930907 LaserJet printer utility 940120 A front end for Phil Zimmermanns PGP 920628 hDC PowerTool Box Button Bar (needs 930913 Replacement for Cardfile 921021 Use DOS Editors to Create WinHelp Files 921021 Searches Win EXEs to Create Help 921222 Prints fax cover sheet, keeps log, db of addressees 931101 QFind, index-based fast file finder 930828 Fast & easy Install Program for Windows 940308 App to view attribs of files and launching apps 931208 Read text files quickly and easily in Windows 920416 QuickSwitch: Switch Between Windows 920723 Quick Notes for Windows 940314 Quickly exit Windows 920927 Another Windows Shutdown App 940228 QVTNet 3.97: TCP/IP Services (Telnet/Ftp/Rcp) for Win 930303 Windows zip and unzip (Pkzip 2.04 compatible) 920415 Raise and Lower Windows by Placing Pointer 940620 Talking RPN Calculator for Win 3.1 v. 1.05 921213 Database Tracks Mutual Fund Transactions 920807 Util to Design/Print Business Cards 910820 Recipe Maker for Windows 930717 RecBase 1.0d Windows Database System 920415 Yet Another Quick Windows Shutdown Util 940509 Util for create/browse/maintain reference databases 940330 Yet Another Reminder Utility 910722 A Reminder Utility 930916 Windows Phone Book Utility 940517 Tell which DLLs an application requires (PC Mag) 930311 Resource Changer: animates the arrow cursor 920908 Windows Resources Gauge (w/src) 901127 Backup/Restore for Windows 921022 Restores Program Manager 940209 Windows-based front-end to ASCII-based email services 930323 Right mouse button emulates any keyboard key 940329 RK-Install 2.3 : Install program with data compression 930915 Windows Reminder 2.0A 940324 Removes hard returns within paragraphs w/drag-drop 920428 Random Configuration Program for Windows 3.1 910820 Run programs maximized, minimized, normal, etc. 930329 Ron's Print To Printer program, RPTP V4.0 930223 Rapid Exit and Restart of Windows 921024 Monitor Serial Port Activity 940513 Allows a DOS PC to execute NT commands remotely 940223 RSXWIN2a:run EMX/GCC programs in a DOS window 940425 Execute Tasks For at Specific Times (ver 1.40) 921221 Duplicate file finder and deleter 930315 Run a Windows App from a DOS prompt w/in Windows 910402 Alternative to ProgMgr "Run" Command 931129 SAB Diskette utility; copy, format, compare diskettes 921021 Manage/Recover Deleted Files 930215 Salvation: Combination File and Program Manager 920823 SitBack Lite: Backup/Restore Utility 940520 Scanner .TXT editor Program 930814 Automatic backup of important system files 920702 SpellEdit 1.0 930825 Full Text Retrieval Program 940301 SecureGroup - Protect your program manager groups 940104 Security Launcher w/passwd, also disables "" 910412 Stores port addr you specify in the BIOS for COM1-COM4 930228 Allows up to 4 custom user profiles in Windows 3.1 920913 Software Catalog Program for Windows 931017 Info on any .pif file 930930 View/print your cardfile 921015 File Shredder 940404 Simple replacement/add-on for Program Manager 940105 SkyMap 2.0 Windows 3.1 Planetarium (1 of 2) 940105 SkyMap 2.0 Windows 3.1 Planetarium (2 of 2) 930217 SkyView 1.00 is an astronomy application 920415 Superload: Another way to launch Apps at startup 930215 Disk cataloguer with scanner, archive interfaces 931102 Xfer files from one computer to another via floppy 940523 SmilerShell v2.0 - Windows commandline 931020 SmilerShell v1.2 - Windows commandline 940111 Smart Accounts V1.3 - Personal Account Mgmnt 940217 Smart Address V1.2 - Address Management [231k] 940111 Smartcat Plus V1.6 - Windows Disk/File Cataloger 940224 SmartDoc 1.2 - Converts Windows Help to PlainText 940602 SmartSum 1.2 - Windows Printing Calculator 920927 SoftTerm Plus Terminal Emulator (w/Zmodem) 1 of 3 920927 SoftTerm Plus Terminal Emulator (w/Zmodem) 2 of 3 920927 SoftTerm Plus Terminal Emulator (w/Zmodem) 3 of 3 920926 Daylight Position Map for Windows 940301 Algebraic Mathematical Software for Windows [968k] 930318 SOT-Calc v2.0 Calculator for Windows 920413 Change PC speed by modifying refresh rate 930226 Graphics and display speed test for Windows 940506 Spelling Sentry; spelling checker for TXT and WRI files 940411 Win spell checker: checks/corrects .wri/.txt/clipboard
sp] 930308 A Macintosh like File Manager for Windows 3.1 (ALPHA) 940322 SPLOT V2.21: HP-GL (or DXY-GL) pen plotter simulator 940404 SuperBar 2.0h Toolbar App 930714 Search BBS file lists for filename or string 920415 StampBase: Stamp collection inventory system 940518 Change the Date/Times on a range of files 940104 Utility to selectively bypass programs in Startup group 920309 Analyze Windows Startup Config (via load= statement) 921020 Statistical Package for Windows (needs VBRUN100.DLL) 940214 Create demo or tutorial for any Windows 3.x app 930106 Very simple inter-PC comm using PostIt Notes Metaphor 920606 Micro Message Object Compiler (OLE) 931129 Controls shift, num, scroll lock keys on keyboard 920307 Windows Stop Watch: Measure tim in apps 930822 SofTrack is a software/hardware inventory database 921208 Calc Transmission Props of microstrip/strip lines 910412 Start Windows and an App by typing application name 911029 SoftBlox Resource Monitor for Windows 3.0 940620 Stopwatch for Win 3.1 v. 1.04 940517 Windows System Files Backup Routine 910815 System Load Average as a Graphic Version 4 920804 Yet Another System Usage/Loadmon Utility 940103 Utility for Showing Windows Uptime 921023 Utility for Showing System Resources 911106 Switch Between Five Alternative SYSTEM.INI File Configs 940404 Txt2Crd: Create .CRD files from ASCII input 920414 Statistical Table Generator 920807 TakeNote: Rolodex/Note System for Windows (Buttonware) 910330 Speed Up your Multi-tasking Environment 940418 Total Control Converter unit converter for Windows 940523 Maintain a list of "to do" items 930814 Judy's Tenkey calculator with onscreen tape feature 930930 Windows utility for printing text files 910418 Text File Searcher 940427 GNU grep for TKERN port of GNU's UNIX grep for Win 940317 THINDISK v1.1: File Deletion Util (PCMag) 930217 Organizes info on people, tasks projects, meetings, etc 900412 Tron Invoice Manager 940429 TimeCard: track time spent on multiple projects 931005 Metz Time Utility 931020 A time calculator 931208 TimeKeeper: clock program with several alarm settings 920829 Track Time Spent in Windows Apps 940610 Tisk Printing/Spooler Utility 910715 Two Utils: Uptime and Reset for Windows 930720 Enhanced TaskManager Replacement 920415 Another TaskManager Replacement 931105 Simple To-Do manager for Windows 3.x 930323 Windows video subsystem test from Steve Gibson 940506 TraxTime 1.0a is a personal time/punch clock [772k] 940513 Calculate time necessary to download files (modem) 920724 Terminate Apps and Tasks (with C source) 940323 Command line shell w/Source (needs programr/tkern091) 931221 Synchronizes the local PC clock with a remote unix host 921222 Things To Do task list and reminder 940613 Time Tracker for Windows 940221 TurboEditor for Windows 921125 TextWatch: Monitor/Log Document Changes 940222 Text Manager Editor V2. 920629 TextScan: Reports Stats on ASCII Files (word count,etc) 940218 Text View, file viewer for ASCII text files 910424 Set Typematic Speed 940404 Convert Unix text files to MS-DOS 920730 UniCom 3.0g: Windows Communications Pkg (NagWare) 930628 MicroEMACs-Complete development SRC-all platforms 1/2 930628 MicroEMACs-Install kit for OS/2,DOS, DOS Win3.1 2/2 931007 Uninstall for Windows 921213 Shell to extract/list .ARJ files 940608 Windows .QWK Mail Reader (Multilanguage) 940511 Adds Windows commands to any DOS prompt 930330 UNSIT and UNHQX for Windows (Mac utils) 931004 UUPC/extended 1.12b Windows 3.x executables (1 of 3) 931004 UUPC/extended 1.12b Windows 3.x executables (2 of 3) 931004 UUPC/extended 1.12b Windows 3.x executables (3 of 3) 940523 Manage files on two machines via floppy 910519 UpDown: Control Program/File Mgr restore/minimize 930823 Keep newest ver of data with you and all computers 910812 Usher Assists Windows Users Find/Launch Applications. 930301 Uuencode/Uudecode for Windows 920512 U/Win Utilities Ver 1.1a 911204 Source Code for UW Server (see 930926 MultiWindow Interface to Unix Connected to Windows 940408 utility for writing Windows help files 911009 Print ASCII files to LaserJets in Booklet Format 930215 VBReader: .QWK format offline mail reader 931115 VbReader 2.01 is an off-line QuickMail reader 910610 MS Visual BASIC Runtime Library (vbrun100.dll) Ver 1 921117 MS Visual BASIC Runtime Library (vbrun200.dll) Ver 2
vbrun300.exe 930803 MS Visual BASIC Runtime Library (vbrun300.dll) Ver 3
vbrun301.exe 940322 MS Visual Basic Library 3.01 fix for vbrun300.dll 930727 quickly browse large text files
vehpro.exe 931207 Vehicle management software for home or business 921021 Simple Text File Viewer for Windows 931026 Visual Help-A Windows 3.1 Help File Creating Program 940331 Via Commander, resizeable toolbar launcher 940104 ViaPrint prints labels, business cards, more 920829 Examine/Alter Settings Visually for USR/HST Modems 931108 Volume Library File Manager 930324 Popup vocabulary builder 940324 VPrint v2.2 Public Beta #2 940429 VidSwitch 1.4c - allows quick changing of video res 920913 Remap Terminal Program Keypad for VT100 Compatibility 910117 Configure COM3/COM4 for Windows 931005 Basic Checking System V0.3a 940502 Win_One Enhanced DOS Command Shell for Win 3.1 [1.7m] 910903 Strings-like Util for Files (uses Notepad for Display) 921014 WinASCII: Ascii File Viewer 930727 WINBACK 3.1c Windows Backup Program 931008 WinBatch Interpreter version 4.0Q Win Batch Language 940104 Bank Expert, home accting and pers financial management 910409 Windows Bar Code Generator 930226 Win3 Data Collection, Storage, and Retrieval Utility 920627 Wilson WindowWare's WinBatch version 3.1c 930730 Chemical for Windows Version 1.4 930718 Globally change data in .INI, .PIF and .GRP files 930509 PCMAG dynamic link library for the WINCMD utility 950531 Windows Commander V1.30, NC-like winfile-replacement 910412 Yet Another CPU Meter 930317 Windows Task Scheduler (ver 2.3) 931022 Access Windows faster, Watch Mem, Task Manager 930820 WinCIS Utilities (a.k.a. WCUTIL) version 1.0 930303 Windows Disassembler Ver 1.3 930628 Auto-dialer for XTALK 930727 WinDisKlone v4.11: one-pass diskette copier 940328 Windows zip file ID generator 931022 Windows Directory Comparison Utility 940524 Quickly Exit Windows Util 931123 WinFileX V1.20 - A Filemanager Extender 940315 Windows File-Finder v2.2 930814 Wyndfields: A Relational Database System for Windows 920519 Windows Grep-Like Utility 920904 Windows HelpFile Viewer (Win 3.0) 920609 Command-line Interface to Win .HLP Files 940322 File finder for Windows 920117 Program Mouse Macros 930904 Super-notepad for Windows 940330 Track your Windows usage (in hours) 910727 Kermit Communications Package for Windows 930929 Run 32-bit Apps (w/no NT features) under Win3.1 910707 Win3Load: Multiple Statements WIN.INI "load=" 920628 Create Groups w/in Groups in Program Manager (Win3.0) 910912 Another Series of Windows Benchmarks 921204 reboot/exit/restart Windows Automatically 920413 Win3.x Battery Monitor for Toshiba Laptops
winben.exe 940103 WinBench 4.0 from PCMag 930328 PC Labs WinBench Version 3.11, Feb 16 1993 930907 A Windows multi-reboot program 940429 WinCat: Disk&CD Catalog/FileManager 911003 WinCD 1.1 E: Make Apps Run in Specified Directories 930818 Another periodic table: Smaller than 920415 Windows Checkbook Program 931008 Version 1.2 of Doug Boling's PC Mag Utility WINCMD 940610 Windows/Win-OS/2 Command Line Processor (WCL) [422k] 931020 WinCode, freeware UUencoder/decoder 901107 Windows Cardfile Text Conversion Program 910929 Windows Cron-like Task Scheduler 930727 displays the National Debt in real time 940118 REMOVED BY AUTHOR REQUEST 920603 Wind-Mail Mail/BB-Mail Software for Windows 920415 Drag-Drop WinApp Launcher 930905 Closes windows, runs dos app, then restarts windows 940414 WinDirUsage V1.4 Pie chart of disk usage stats 920801 Dhrystone Benchmark System for Windows 920616 Disk Usage Utility for Windows 921102 Windows Disk Copier, Formatter, and Comparison Util 930330 Win-Emacs 1.00.02 beta (req 12Mb free disk space) 910723 Increase Power of File Associations in FileMgr (PCMag) 940303 A very short way to exit windows 921210 Windows Exit Version 1.1 921125 Windows Shell/Launch Utilities 920626 Windows Financial Calculator 921125 Nonlinear Least Squares Fitting Program 920421 Windows Flashcard Program 921023 File Finder for Windows 910723 Windows Information Utility (video, sys, etc.) 920306 Monitor Windows Free System Resources 930209 Graphical Program Launcher for Win 3.1 910801 Read Chinese GuoBiao Coded Files Under Windows 930920 Telephone Contact Manager, Envelope and Label Printer 931020 compute the space used by directories 910729 WinHV 2.0: Windows HexView 940119 WinImage 1.0:Powerful Windows disk copy tool 940221 configure INI files based on any DOS env variable 930901 Continuously displays the amount of free memory 921126 Restarts or quits Windows or Reboots PC 940131 WinKnow: knowledge index util to store/find info 931025 Rosenthal Winlite compresses MS-Windows programs 910104 Load Windows at Bootup 930813 Windows Terminal Locking Program 930807 Windows 3.1 program for comparing two text files 930714 WinModem V 3.00 920628 Displays the Mode in Which Win is Running (PCMag) 911211 Windows Navigator 930201 W-Net: A user-oriented network manager 940127 UK Version 2.04 of WinNET Win Mail and UUCP [670k] 900731 Park your disk from inside Win 3 util 921202 Windows Telephone Book 920415 Windows Poem Program 930316 Windows Grammar checker 920728 WinQwk: Win-based message reader for Qwk packets 930907 Selectively updates two directories both ways 930730 Converts GIF, PCX, & others to RIP icon format 920606 Specify Programs at Windows Startup 930215 Windows installation utility for authors and vendors 900922 Utility to edit SYSTEM.INI to make utilities run as a 940310 Windows Print Spooler 920712 Check Your Spelling in ANY Windows Application 931020 Winston Install:Install your programs into Windows 3.1 920628 WINSTART/WINGO:Start WinApps from DOS Cmd Line (PCMag) 911030 File Browser for Windows 930908 Wintach video benchmark 931112 WinTeX:text editor dedicated to TeX or LaTeX files 910412 Linear Tide Clock 930831 Wintimer is a timer and alarm program for Win3.1 930818 Windows Magazine Test and Tune-up Suite 940119 Updated Windows client package for Novell NetWare 920805 Selectively Boot Windows at Startup (w/PAS src) 920801 Wealth Management System for Windows 940323 WinZip version 5.0b w/Built-in ZIP & UNZIP;Drag & Drop 920317 2.10 of ZOO Compiled for Windows 940609 WipeForWin 1.0 wipes out files dropped on its window 930323 Wiz Format, diskette formatting and one-pass copying 920912 Create a light version of Windows 3.1 on a floppy 911217 Asynch Loader for Win3+Topclock (time on all windows) 930318 Multiple configurations for Windows
wn100k.exe 900710 Windows3 VT100 Terminal Emulator Util 940510 MS Win32s Ver1.15 [1.2m] 940427 Mail Notice for UUPC,Waffle,FSUUCP,Pegasus,MHS, PC-NFS 940429 Drag and Drop Windows File UU{en,de}coder 920415 Single Pass Disk Copier for Windows 920820 Winders: Chose to Run Windows at Boot 940615 Prevent Program Manager groups or items from damage 911109 Windows Kermit 2.3 921015 Drag/Drop File Printer for LaserJets and Compatibles 921221 Mail System for Windows 930810 Netware Util for Win: Inform Others of Your Whereabouts 940224 Will Notes v. 2.1a 930928 WinQVT 4.80 Windows Communications Package 920902 Windows Gradebook Utility 910629 Util intercept FatalExits from Win Debug (get 920415 WinSpeed 1.0 - Windows 3.0 Performance Analysis utility 920831 Windows Envelope Printing Utility 920818 Words and Terms Util for Windows 930908 WPcrak Password Retrieval Software for WPCorp Files 921125 Windows LinePrint v2.0 920418 Win 3.1-specific: Print a text or bitmap files 920818 Windows Print Screen Management System 930913 McAfee Windows Integrated System Analyzer and Viewer 921021 A Quick Help viewer for Windows 940503 Wave Rider, .QWK and BlueWave-format mail reader 1.20 930825 WinRefer v3.0 - A Reference Management Sys for Windows 940601 Writer's Cramp word proc, keeps db of letters [1.3mb] 930320 Exit Windows/Reboot PC 920822 Windows Group Application Launcher 921029 Waffle News Reader for Windows 940211 WRN... Windows Read-News 921022 Extensive File Finder Utility for Windows 940609 Windows Restart Version 3.00 940617 McAfee Viruscan for Windows 3.1 ver 1.15b 931203 Front-end for Netware's SEND.EXE command 920415 LAN Broadcast Message Utility 930318 Windows File shredder (drag and drop) 920610 Command Line Shell for Windows 930902 Windows 3.x based Simtel/CICA Index Search Program 930905 Windows Performance Meter Util 901022 PC Mag SMOOTH File Scroll Util for Windows 931213 WinTune tests CPU, FPU, video, disks (1 of 3) 931213 WinTune tests CPU, FPU, video, disks (2 of 3) 931213 WinTune tests CPU, FPU, video, disks (3 of 3) 930728 NCSA-Telnet for Windows (ver 1.0 beta 2) 940619 WAIS Toolkit for Windows 931221 Synch the clock in your PC with AutoComputerTimeService 930831 Trumpet NNTP news reader/POP mail interface for Win 930216 Windows User Magazine Benchmark Suite 930828 Windows Archive Extraction Utility 931206 Windows Info-ZIP Unzip, Version 2.0 940117 WinWages v1.0a - Wage Calculator for Windows 920531 WAIS client for Microsoft Windows 3.x 940310 Time & usage monitor: track your tasks in Win [582k] 920223 WXLS: Xlisp-Stat for Windows 920723 While You Were Out Messaging System for Windows 921211 WinZip(TM) version 4.0 beta - PKZIP front-end 931012 Windows 3.1 File Manager add-on 940524 ZZZip Shell 2.0 for Windows [842k] 920514 Windows Info-ZIP Unzip, Version 1.1 (source code) 930319 Exit Microsoft Windows v3.1 quickly 911003 Win3 Application for Driving the X10 Powerhouse 940104 Hypertext/hypergraphics authoring environment v2.03 930804 Reverse Polish Calculator (requires 940325 NotGNU is a lightweight emacs style editor for Win&NT 930714 Application for personal time usage recording 931105 Periodic Table for Windows (.HLP) 920716 Windows Calendar Program 930826 Win app to catalog .ZIP files 930727 Zippity Do Da: Windows PkZip 2.04g shell/util 940403 Another zipit shell for pk{un}zip{fix}, zip2exe v2 930718 Zipit Shell for PKware's PKZIP 2.04g utility 930730 Zip Manager 4.0 for Windows 920321 Flashpoint ZIP/ZIPX Utility for Windows (ver 3.01.03) 931209 ZipManager version 5.00, self-contained archive manager 940601 ZipMaster v1.0 for Windows 940330 ZipShell Pro 3.1, archive manager for ARJ,ZIP, LZH, ARC

** Index of Windows Sockets (Winsock) Interface Apps in
** in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/winsock at
** []
** Last Updated: Tue Jun 21 13:09:18 1994

bsdchat.exe 940321 Berkeley WinSock Daemon Talk Client 940218 Cello WWW Browser Release 1.0 (16 Feb 1994) 940311 NCSA Collage for Winsock [203k] 931002 Cookie server for windows sockets interface
eudora14.exe 931217 PC Eudora 1.4 WinSockAPI 1.1 POP3/SMTP mail client 940517 EINet WAIS client application for Winsock [1.5m] 940615 EWAN a free Winsock 1.1 Telnet 930810 Windows Sockets Finger Client
gcp_24.exe 940402 GCP++ TCP/IP Tools for Winsock v2.4.2 [1.06mb] 930713 GopherBook, ToolBook based Gopher Client for WinSock 940422 GoSlip: A Winsock SLIP dialer (VB app) 940117 H gopher 2.4 is a Winsock compliant gopher client 940613 Internet-Connect, Version 1 Winsock Internet Access 940510 Internet VoiceChat, Version 1.0 (Winsock API) 940531 Launch a win app via URL from Cello/Mosaic WWW Client 940407 Full and free CCSO ph client using the winsock 1.1 API 940307 Windows-Sockets compliant version of TCP/IP WinQVT/Net 940325 qws3270 winsock tn3270 emulator 3/25/94 release 931209 World Wide Web Server for Windows 3.1 and NT 940311 Sticky POST-IT(TM) Notes for Winsock 940311 Tektonix (4000) Terminal Emulation for Winsock 940311 Trumpet TELNET (VT100) Terminal for Winsock 940119 Winsock app sets your PC's clock to match a remote host 931002 ext server for Winsock API; speaks finger protocol
vt220.exe 940519 Dart Communications VT220 for workgroups Winsock 940322 Web4Ham - A World Wibe Web Server for Winsock 940614 Windows FTP daemon 1.9c for Winsock 1.1 940201 Gopher for Windows Version 2.2 931201 Winsock apps that were prev bundled with 940319 WinElm E-mail reader for Winsock 930810 FSP download application which uses WINSOCK.DLL 940111 WinSock FTP program executables for Windows NT 940311 Green Pages for Window Sockets 1.1 Winsock [951k] 940311 Panda:gopher, ftp, e-mail & news clients for Winsock 940202 Peter Tattam's Trumpet Winsock ver 1.0 931202 NCSA Telnet for MS Windows (unsupported beta 3) 940615 Windows Winsock Internet Relay Chat Client [463k] 931202 WinVN the NNTP newsreader for Windows (winsock) 940318 WLPRSPL v4, a Windows Sockets based print spooler 940502 NCSA Mosaic v. 2.0 alpha 4 for MS Windows 940325 Windows Sockets FTP Client Application Ver 94.03.25 931003 Windows Sockets PING Client Release 1 Version 93.10.03 940322 Mar94 version of WSArchie, Archie Client for WinSock 940311 WSA Test Program for Winsock 940318 Multiplayer Winsock Chess Beta 1 931029 Allow PC-NFS v5.0 to handle any Winsock compliant app 940427 Windows Sockets Host V1.00 (IP number to hostname) 931002 Winsock Line Printer Daemon LPD for Windows 931027 Windows 3.1 and NT SimpleMailTransProtocol Daemon 940518 Winsock Echo, Ping, Finger client apps 930728 WinSock: Socket-DLLs for NCSA Telnet for Windows 940422 Version 1.1 of Winsock talk client/server 931002 Trumpet Newsreader NNTP for Windows Sockets API

** Index of MicroSoft Word for Windows (WfW) Files in
** ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/winword at [].
** Last Updated: Tue Jun 21 12:59:46 1994
** 930921 Macro to print 2 column of filenames per page 940124 Winword format of 542x user guide / rel 1.41 940607 APA American Psychological Association Stylesheets 911021 Print Booklets with Word for Windows without Paste-up 930804 WfW macro to manage WinHelp src. Get, 940407 Update to Pretty C Code Printer Macro 940418 HTML doc template for Word for Windows 2.0 and 6.0
default.dir 910110 Configure WfW's Default Working Directory 910221 Macro to Insert Dingbats, Symbols, and W4W Chars (v.2) 940513 DocuPower Pro 3.0 - WinWord Docmnt Mngmnt 940325 DocuPower Pro 2.9/w2 - WinWord 2.x compat Doc Mngmnt 931022 Macro to translate Word files to WinHelp files 940601 Dave's Windows Help Template for Word4Win v6.0 910513 Enveloper 3.2: WfW Macro to Print Envelopes on HPLJs 910315 Beta Version of MicroSoft's EPS Filter for WfW 1.1 930405 Patch remedies WinWord's formula spacing problem 920128 Macro to DwnLoad PostScript Fonts 920111 Macros for Displaying and Printing Font Samples 940113 Macro: display a string in different available fonts 940325 Fileware 3.0/W2 - WinWord 2.x Tools 940325 Fileware 3.0/W2 - WinWord 6.x Tools 910207 InsertExtSymDing Macro to insert Symbol/Dingbats 910520 BorderPage: Macro draws a rectangular box around page
gcd30.exe 920918 ChooseDirectory: Macro to set working directory 910520 Macro Inserts a Print Field at the Current Insertion Pt 910531 PrintPSEnveope Macro (PostScript Envelope Printer) 910531 InsertPSMark: Insert watermark across a page (Pstscrpt) 910520 ShadeParagraphPCL: Macro to grey-shade paragraphs 920519 29 Macros and 35 Additional Commands for WinWord 901208 Document of Macro Examples, Tricks, etc. 930728 Word for Windows 2.0 Tricky Stuff 940619 HELLLP! v2.3a Windows Help File Author aid for WinWord 940520 Windows Help File to Winword Document File Conversio 940429 HTML for Word 2.0 940322 Styles and some macros to aid in HTML file creation 940124 Small macro to insert non-common chars easy and quick 910917 Doc for WfW's Macro Utility MacroAssignToKey
macros.txt 921012 Font Macros for WinWord 921108 Two Macros for WinWord 921220 Equation/Figures/Toolbar Macros 931109 Enhances and debugs MS Word 2.0 equation editor 911202 WfW Reference Database Macro (for biliographies) 930907 LaTex type macro for WinWord 930907 Toolbar-buttons for WinWord 940617 ScriptWright is a Word for Windows add-in 910409 Help with Symbol Set/WfW 910801 Table Numbering Macro (RichText Format) 940510 Button replacements for WINWORD V2.0
w4w6.exe 940216 MS Knwldgbase of bugs, features for Word 6 (.hlp) [2mb] 940122 WordBook V1.7 is a WinWord Address/Phone Book Manager 920530 WfW 2.0a Import Filter for PageMaker 911030 Attach WinGRAB's DB Program to your Utilities Pulldown
winword.fonts 901108 How to Access Fonts in WfW
winword.trk 910101 Trick to Display Fireworks/Authors in WfW Ver1.1 920618 WfW2 Office Power Pack Macro Collection Part A 920618 WfW2 Office Power Pack Macro Collection Part B
word60a.exe 940221 Upgrade to Word 6.0a *REMOVED: ILLEGAL PRERELEASE* 930924 Electronic mail program for Word for Windows
ww2sconv.exe 920612 WfW File Conversion Utility 930730 Paste from clipboard directly into Winword text 930714 Use multiple Icon bars in Winword 2 920626 Update WinWord Converter to Accept Excel 4 Files

** Index of MicroSoft Windows 3.1 Resource Kit (WRK)
** in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/wrk at []
** Last Updated: Fri Oct 30 12:10:06 1992

diskindex 901031 Cumulative Index of the WRK Disks (below) 920610 Windows Resource Kit 4/3/92 920610 Windows Resource Kit 4/3/92 920610 Windows Resource Kit 4/3/92 920610 Windows Resource Kit 4/3/92
mswrk31.txt 920515 Text file to accompany WRK
testps.txt 920407 PostScript Printer Test 920530 Windows Resource Kit (Newer) 920530 Windows Resource Kit (Newer) 920530 Windows Resource Kit (Newer) 920530 Windows Resource Kit (Newer) 920530 Windows Resource Kit (Newer) 920530 Windows Resource Kit (Newer) 920530 Windows Resource Kit (Newer)
wrk_doc1.exe 920610 Windows Resource Kit 4/3/92

** Index of WordPerfect for Windows Files in
** ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/wpwin at
** []
** Last Updated: Mon Jun 6 22:42:50 1994
** 930712 Bookmark Macro and Dual File Save Macro 930224 Two Bibliographic Management Macros 940516 Graphcat Clip Art Cataloger v3.1/Win 920908 WPWIN Macro to Expand Words from a Glossary 930712 Replacement for WPWin 5.2 (May 93 rel) glossary.wcm 930713 Macro re-opens the files at the bottom of the File menu 931003 Cycles through the open docs, logs filename, bookmarks 920625 WPWIN Macro to Save All Files 930220 Repeat Text or Macro a Specified Number of Times 921031 WPWIN Macro to Create Doc Summary in Current Doc 921126 WPWIN Macros to Convert Quotes/Apostrophes/Dashes 931020 WordPerfect File Parser

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