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(This document has been brought to you in part by CRAM. See the
bottom for more information, including instructions on how to
obtain updates.)



Release 0.5, October 1993

Compiled/copyright by Maggie Parhamovich ([email protected]),
Government Documents, Dickinson Library, University of Nevada Las

This document is available via anonymous ftp at the University of
Nevada (ftp directory /liaison).

This guide was compiled primarily for librarians who provide
reference assistance for U.S. Government Documents and contains
telnet, gopher and ftp sites which may assist in providing
reference service for library patrons who need government
information. It is impossible to fully index Internet sites and
I recommend utilizing Veronica, Archie and gopher servers to locate
more information. FreeNets also provide easy access to government
information especially for local and state information. A new
feature on the gopher at the University of Syracuse is Oliver which
provides easy access to many U.S. government sites and gophers.
Also, check out the NST and USDA Gophers which provide easy access
to many U.S. government databases. Government information,
especially electronic is constantly changing and I welcome any
corrections and suggestions.

A word about gophers; if I know the telnet address and password for
a gopher I have included login instructions. However, I recommend
you "point your gopher client" to other gophers instead of using
telnet. This not only facilitates login but may also be easier to
use. Your computing services can provide you with information on
your institution's gopher capabilities.

Original funding and research was conducted with the support of
ALA/USIA Fellows Program. As a Fellow to Dalhousie University,
Halifax, Nova Scotia and the University of New Brunswick, Canada I
conducted a number of workshops on U.S. government information. I
appreciate the support of the ALA/USIA Fellows Program which
provided the opportunity and time necessary to investigate
electronic government information.

Reproduction/distribution without my permission is allowable for
nonprofit educational purposes so long as this document is left
fully intact and includes the copyright notice.

Please send any comments and suggestions to [email protected].

Table of Contents
Internet Sites......................................
Library Catalogs...................................
Discussion Lists...................................


Internet sites are listed by agency or topic. Use telnet, gopher, or
ftp commands to access the following sites. Login passwords for
telnet sites are provided when known. For gopher sites, you may use
either telnet or gopher to access the site. To obtain government
documents and information on ftp sites, use the ftp command and login
as anonymous and use your e-mail address as your password. IP
addresses are listed when known.


Extension Service, USDA In addition to USDA information, this
gopher contains a variety of government information including the
"National Performance Review" and Presidential publications.
Address: gopher OR gopher
Login: password unknown - use local gopher client

GRIN: National Genetic Resources Program
Address: gopher
Login: password unknown - use local gopher client

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Gopher Includes
information from the USDA Extension Service, National Agriculture
Library and Americans Communicating Electronically (ACE).
Address: gopher
Or gopher

PENPages U.S. agricultural database administered by Pennsylvania
State University which contains information on agriculture and
Address: ftp
Username: U.S. state abbreviation or "world" if outside


Merit Contains 1990 Census data.
Address: telnet (
Login: gopher
Select: um-ulibrary


Economic Bulletin Board (EBB)
Available free of charge through September 30, 1993.
Address: telnet
Login: trial

Also available through several gophers:

University of California - Santa Cruz
Address: telnet
Login: gopher

University of Maryland
Address: telnet (
Login: gopher

University of Michigan
Address: telnet
Login: gopher

National Export Strategy, TPCC Report to Congress
Address: ftp
Directory: pub/export


United States House of Representatives Constituent Electronic Mail
System This is a pilot program to test the feasibility of
establishing an e-mail system. For information, send a request for
information to: [email protected]

United States Senate Bibliographies Contains bibliographic records
from the 99th Congress to the present.
Address: ftp ( OR***
Directory: /pub/ncsu/senate
Address: gopher
Directory: library without walls/study carrels


LOCIS - Library of Congress Contains copyright information and
records from 1978 to the present.
Address: telnet (


Department of Education/OERI Institutional Communications Network
Address: gopher


Auburn University (1966-)
Address: telnet (
Command: select Application
Note: requires a TN3270

Syracuse University (1984-)
Address: telnet ( OR
telnet (
Command: suinfo
Address: gopher

University of North Carolina
Address: telnet (
Login: launch
Name/Password: select and remember your password for future
Command: Select Topical Documents Search (WAIS)

University of Saskatchewan (1983-)
Address: (
Login: sonia

National Education BBS
Address: telnet (
Login: guest


Comprehensive Oil and Gas Information Source (COGIS) Contains up
to ten years of oil and gas data collected by the Energy
Information Administration. For information on subscribing, call
EIA's National Energy Information Center 202-586-8800.


Dendrome Gopher A collection of specialized forest tree genome
databases which is being developed by the Institute of Forest
Address: gopher

EPA Includes EPA publications including the full text of Access.
Address: telnet (
Login: public

Address: gopher

National Environmental Data Referral Service (NOAA)
Address: gopher

Office of Environmental Safety and Health (DOE)
Address: gopher

Smith's BigFun List I have no idea what this contains but it looks
interesting! Documents located in directory /pub/bigfun.
Address: ftp

Address: gopher
Also available on listserve: [email protected]
sub fedjobs firstname lastname
Also available as ftp: ftp
directory fedjobs


Counterpoint Publishing/Internet Company Provides free access to
the Federal Register.
Address: telnet
Login: fedreg
Password: register
Or gopher

FEDIX (Federal Information Exchange Inc.) and MOLIS (Minority
Online Information Service)
Address: telnet (
Login: fedix OR molis
ID: new

FEDWORLD (NTIS) Provides connections to many government bulletin
boards and online systems as well as full text for some government
publications including the "National Information Infrastructure:
Agenda Action".
Address: telnet (
Login: new


FDA Bulletin Board Contains news releases, aids information and
consumer information.
Address: telnet (
Login: bbs


GAO Daybook on CapAccess The GAO Daybook lists the reports and
testimony issued daily.
Address: telnet
Login: guest
Password: visitor
type "go federal"

Address: ftp (
Directory: GAO-REPORTS

see also USGS

Earth Science Data Directory
Address: gopher

Geographic Name Server Provides information by city or area code
on population, latitude and longitude, and elevation.
Address: telnet 3000
( 3000)
Login: name of city and state (phoenix, az)

Global Land Information System (GLIS) Contains land use maps.
Address: telnet (
Login: guest

see also science

CancerNet Contains cancer information from the National Cancer
Institute's Physician Data Query (PDQ) in English or Spanish.
Send e-mail message to: [email protected]
Enter "help" in the body of the message for a content list
Also available via gopher:
Address: gopher

National Center for Biotechnology Information Compiled by the
National Institutes of Health, the directory contains databases and
software which has been deposited at the NCBI.
Address: (
Directory: repository

National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID)
Address: gopher

NIH Server Includes reports from GAO, the President, Department of
Labor and the National Institute of Health. The NIH Server is also
adding full text of government documents including the "National
Performance Review".
Address: ftp (
Address: gopher

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) Contains a variety of
health statistics including statistics on AIDS.
Address: gopher


LAWLIB Contains legislative bill information, full text of
treaties, Canadian statistics and indexes to legal periodicals.
Address: telnet (
Login: lawlib
Address: gopher

Legal List - University of Maine A consolidated list of all of the
resources available on the Internet.
Address: ftp (
Directory: public/nic/

LOCIS - Library of Congress Contains current status of federal
legislation from 1973 to present as well as copyright information
and the LC catalog.
Address: telnet (

unknown name
Contains copies of laws for each state in /pub/law.
Address: ftp (

Address: telnet
Login: washlaw

see Library Catalogs


Defense Data Network (DDN) The how-to guide to the DDN is located
in the netinfo directory, filename nug.doc. Also available is a
directory of internet addresses of people who have registered on
the DDN.
Address: ftp (

Navy News Service (NAVNEWS)
Contains official news and information about fleet operations and
exercises, personnel policies, budget actions and documents.
To subscribe to NAVNEWS: e-mail to:
[email protected]
Documents available through e-mail to:
[email protected] (include return e-mail address)
OR ftp

US Military Academy, West Point The USMA gopher contains a variety
of data including math info and USMA news plus access to the USMA
library system and the US Army Personnel Information Systems

Command BBS.
Address: gopher
Login: password unknown - use local gopher client

USMA Ranger
Address: gopher (
Login: password unknown - use local gopher client


Ames Research Center
Address: ftp (

COSLINE NASA's computer software management and information center
which is maintained at the University of Georgia. Needs vt100
Address: telnet (
Login: ENTER for first time users

ENVIRONET Space environment information service.
Address: telnet (
Login: envnet
Password: henniker

Goddard Space Flight Center This gopher will enable you to connect
to a variety of NASA sites and other government gophers. Also
referred to as "toybox".
Address: telnet
Login: gopher

Address: telnet
temporarily removed

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Address: telnet
Login: gopher
Address: gopher

Lunar Planet Institute Includes information on geology, solar
systems and astronomy.
Address: telnet (
Login: lpi

NASA Extragalactic Database (NED)
Address: telnet (
Login: ned

NASA Headline News Contains daily press releases from NASA. Use
the finger command instead of telnet.
Address: [email protected]

NASA Mid-Continent Regional Technology Transfer Center In addition
to technology information, Mid-Continent provides gateways to other
government bbs' and wais'.
Address: telnet (
Login: bbs

NASA Science Internet Network Information Center E-mail address to
the help desk at the Goddard Space Flight Center for questions on
NASA software, files or general NASA topics.
Address: [email protected]
Phone: 301 286-7251
Fax: 301 286-5152

NASA Spacelink Provides the latest NASA news including shuttle
launches and satellite updates.
Address: telnet (
Login: newuser

NASA Technical Reports Contains reports produced at NASA Langley
Research Center including technical papers and reference
publications. Electronic reports may omit illustrations and the
database is experimental as of April 1993.
Address: ftp

Network Applications and Information Center This site is both a
gopher and ftp site.
Address: telnet OR ftp
Login: naic

NICOLAS (Network Information Center On-Line Aid System)
Address: telnet (
Login: dftnic

NODIS National Space Science Data Center The official site for
publicly available NASA data.
Address: telnet ( OR
telnet (
Login: nodis

NONA (National Science Internet Online Network Aid)
Address: telnet (
Login: nsinic OR nsi_db

NSI File Cabinet Contains Internet RFC's, software, and general
information on networking.
Address: ftp (

Planetary Data System (PDS)
Address: telnet (
Login: pds_guest

Planetary Data System Geosciences Node Located at Washington
University, St. Louis, Missouri, this database provides a direct
source of assistance in using Magellan data.
Address: ftp (
Directory: graphics/magellan

Miscellaneous NASA Anonymous FTP Sites ( ( ( (

Miscellaneous NASA sites Login procedures are unknown but many are
available through the gopher at the Goddard Space Flight Center.
These may also be FTP sites. (


Library of Congress Gopher Contains files from NARA.
Address: gopher

NIH Server Contains information on SEC data files and other NARA
Address: ftp (
Login: anonymous
Password: guest
Address: gopher

Address: gopher
Or gopher


Earth System Data Dictionary (NOAA)
Address: telnet (
Login: noaadir

National Environmental Data Referral Service (NEDRES)
Address: gopher

NOAA - Space Environment Services Center Clearinghouse for
informational resources on solar coronal structure, magnetic
reports, geophysical alert reports, etc.
Address: telnet
Login: SEL

see also NREN

Address: ftp

Address: telnet (
Login: wais

National Science Foundation Provides a wide variety of government
information including easy access to many U.S. government gophers.
Address: telnet (
Login: public
Address: gopher


National Science Foundation Contains the NSF plan for NREN under
/pub/recompete/impl.ascii and program reports under
Address: ftp


NATODATA Provides NATO Headquarter public information as well as
NATO studies and reports.
E-mail: send mail to "[email protected]" with text
"subscribe NATODATA firstname lastname".
Address: ftp (
Directory: /pub/history/military/nato
Address: telnet (
Directory: educational resources/international/nato


ES&H Nuclear Safety Gopher Contains energy and nuclear energy
information. Experimental as of 9/29/93.
Address: gopher

Nuclear Data Center Contains national nuclear data.
Address: telnet (
Login: nndc

Office of Management and Budget

National Science Foundation Includes directory of selective OMB
Address: ftp

See also Reference Texts which contain many presidential documents
and proposed budgets.

Economic Plan (President Clinton)
Address: ftp

National Information Infrastructure Agenda
Address: gopher

President Clinton's e-mail
Address: [email protected] OR
[email protected]

Vice-President Gore's e-mail
Address: [email protected]

White House Press Releases May be found on many gophers and also
available through a variety of discussion/distribution lists:

To receive press releases via e-mail, send e-mail request to:
[email protected]
Releases can be tailored to specific topic areas such as speeches
or economic policy. Specify "help" in the subject line for more

Archives of the press releases are available through several sites:

Address: ftp
File: /pub/bjmccall

Address: ftp
File: /clinton/logyymm (select time frame)

University of North Carolina
Address: telnet (
Login: swais
(Also available with FTP command under


CARL (Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries Catalog) Contains
the full text of the "Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance" under
Government Publications or Information Databases.
Address: telnet

Center for Electronic Records (NARA) Provides copies of government
reports including GAO reports and the President's Economic Plan.
Address: ftp (

Cornell Law School Contains information from government agencies
including full text of reports.
Address: telnet
Login: gopher

Law Library Contains NAFTA agreement in /pub/lawlib/nafta.
Address: ftp (

OSS-IS Contains many FAQ's, FTP lists, library and service lists
plus government documents. To obtain an index: mail
[email protected] with "send index" as your message.
Address: ftp

PANDA (Pan-Campus Data Access Network) Contains a variety of
sources under reference works including the World Factbook.
Address: telnet
Login: vt100
Select: online info sources/online libraries/reference

Rutgers CWIS Includes some basic U.S. government reference sources
and texts.
Address: telnet (

Syracuse University Includes Oliver, a gopher connection to many
US government internet sites.
Address: gopher

UC-Santa Cruz InfoSlug contains a variety of data including
presidential documents and U.S. documents including the World
Address: telnet
Login: gopher

University of Maryland University of Maryland CWIS has collected
a wealth of information on a variety of topics including the 1992
Presidential Campaign, Census information, Supreme Court Decisions
and GAO reports.
Address: telnet (
Login: gopher or info
Select: info-gopher interface/government

University of Michigan
Address: telnet OR
Login: gopher (for first address)

University of North Carolina Contains the United States Budget,
Health Care Plan and a variety of government documents.
Address: telnet (
Login: swais Or gopher
Or gopher
(Also available with FTP command under

University of Pennsylvania Contains a variety of U.S. government
information including Clinton's administration, government
directories and speeches.
Address: telnet (

Internet Wiretap Contains a variety of interesting and informative
materials on the U.S. government.
Address: gopher

World Wide Web
Contains CIA World FactBook as well as other reference texts.
Address: telnet (


Genetic Sequence Data Bank (NLM)
Address: gopher

National Referral Master File, Library of Congress Listing of
organizations which are qualified and willing to provide
information on science, technology and the social sciences.
Address: telnet (

NEWTON Government bulletin board for those teaching and studying
Address: telnet (
Login: cocotext

Oceanic Information Center
Address: telnet (
Login: info

Ribosomal Database Project (RDP) Contains ribosomal sequence data.
Address: ftp (
Directory: pub/RDP
E-mail Access: [email protected]

Science and Technology Information System (STIS)
Address: telnet (
Login: public

Spacemet A science and space bulletin board.
Address: telnet (
Login: guest

Supreme Court decisions are available through several gophers and
ftp sites.

Cleveland Free Net Contains U.S. Supreme Court decisions under
Address: telnet (
Username: visitor

Case Western Reserve University Decisions are contained in the
directory /hermes.
Address: ftp (

Address: telnet
Login: gopher

Youngstown Free Net Contains Supreme Court and Ohio State
decisions as well as weather information, U.S. budget figures and
freedom documents.
Address: (
Login: visitor

also available on many gophers

St. Olaf
Address: telnet
Located under: /gopher/databases/us-state-department-

Address: ftp
File: /pub/travel-advisories/archive OR
The latter file contains the most recent advisory for a particular

You may also subscribe to the travel advisories list. To subscribe
send your e-mail address to: [email protected].


United Nations Development Program Gopher
Address: telnet

see also geography

Seymour State of Maryland gopher which includes information from
the Maryland Geological Survey and USGS.
Address: gopher

USGS Gopher
Address: gopher
Or gopher

USGS Weekly Seismicity Report
Address: gopher


Weather Service Contains city and state forecasts, ski conditions
and earthquake reports.
Address: telnet 3000



Air Force Institute of Technology
Address: telnet (
Login: afitpac
Password: library

Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries (CARL)
CARL maintains a U.S. documents database for post-1976
publications. In addition to Colorado Library Catalogs, CARL
maintains gateways to other CARL sites such as University of Hawaii
and University of Wyoming. CARL also has gateways to other systems
including Melvyl, Boston Library Consortium and databases such as
Choice and Journal Graphics.
Address: telnet (
Login: carl
Terminal type: vt100

Access to CARL's Government Documents is possible through other
CARL sites including:

Arizona State University
Address: telnet (
Login: carl
Terminal type: vt100
ASU also maintains a database of Arizona and United States


Library of Congress (Data Research Associates)
Address: telnet (

Library of Congress
Address: telnet (
Or gopher

Access to libraries nationwide including the Library of Congress.
Address: telnet (
Login: launch

United States Military Academy
Address: telnet

University of California and the California State Library (MELVYL)
An impressive variety of databases and library catalogs are
maintained in the Melvyl system. In addition to UC catalogs,
Melvyl has gateways to NASA, Rutgers reference texts, Dartmouth's
reference tools, and a weather database.
Address: telnet ( or 31.1.01 or or
Terminal type: vt100

University of California at Berkeley
UC Berkeley has fully cataloged their government documents
including U.S. pre-1976 documents, however, not all U.S. documents
are classified by SuDoc call number.
Address: telnet (


BAYOUDOC (Bayou Area Government Documents Discussion Group)
Subscribe: send message to [email protected]
with message sub bayoudoc user@nodename firstname lastname

CALDOC-L (California Documents Librarians)
Subscribe: send message to [email protected]
with message subscribe caldoc-l

COGOPUB-L (Colorado Government Documents List)
Subscribe: send message to [email protected]
with message subscribe cogopub-l

DOXNJ (Government Information in New Jersey Forum)
Subscribe: send message to [email protected]
with message subscribe doxnj firstname lastname

GOVDOC-L (Government Documents Discussion List)
Subscribe: send message to [email protected]
with message subscribe govdoc-l firstname lastname

Subscribe: send message to listserv@uga
with message subscibe maps-l firstname lastname

NATOSCI (NATO Science Programme)
Subscribe: send message to [email protected]
with message subscribe natosci firstname lastname

TXDXN-L (Texas Documents Information Network)
Subscribe: send message to [email protected]
with message sub txdxn-l firstname lastname

WINDY-L (Restructuring the Depository Library Program Conference)
Archives: send message to [email protected]
with message index windy-l

Author's note

I am sending out the 5th edition Internet Resources: U.S. Federal
Government Information. New on this edition: the list moves from
Dalhousie University to UNLV and will be placed on a ftp site. Also,
I have added some discussion lists and am particulary interested in
local government documents discussion lists. I hope to add to the
Library Catalogs section in the next edition with more catalogs which
maintain a separate documents catalog.

This list has grown almost beyond what is reasonable and I am seeing
increases in the number and availablity of government gophers. I
see this as a positive development as more information becomes accessible
on the net and easier to find.

Please forward any changes and corrections to me directly.

Maggie Parhamovich
Head, Government Documents
University of Nevada Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV 89154-7013
[email protected]

DISTRIBUTION: How to obtain this document

This document has been brought to you in part by CRAM, involved in the
redistribution of valuable information to a wider USENET audience (see
below). The most recent version of this document can be obtained via
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This FAQ is available from the standard FAQ server via
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This FAQ is posted every 21 days to the groups

CRAM: the Cyberspatial Reality Advancement Movement

In an effort to bring valuable information to the masses, and
as a service to motivated information compilers, I
(L. Detweiler) will help others unfamiliar with Usenet
`publish' their documents for widespread dissemination via the
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I have found these compilations tend to appear on various
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