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PSILink compressed file use & password

Using the PSILINK.ZIP file
The complete EXPLORER hypertext system includes a copy of PSILINK.ZIP,
compressed binary file containing Version 3.11 of the PSILink Internet
communications interface shareware program. This version was current at
writing, August, 1992.

If you don't have the PSILINK.ZIP file, check with the source from which you
obtained this part of the system. He/she/they should be able to help you
locate or obtain a copy.

You can also check for more current versions on PSI's computer. Use anonymous
ftp to, and check for PSILINK.ZIP and .DOC files in the /psilink
directory. You should be able to tell quite easily, from the date of the .ZIP
file, or from the .DOC files.

The complete PSILink working system takes up 1-1/2 meg or more space on a hard

To install the PSILink program:
** Create a hard disk subdirectory named psilink
** Unzip (decompress) the PSILINK.ZIP file into that directory (use the
PKUNZIP utility)
** Change to the new directory and run the INSTALL program. This will
configure PSILink, creating needed subdirectories and working
** Examine the READ.ME file for current system information.
** Run the program by entering "psilink" - the F1 key will get you help
at most places.

Logging on to PSILink:
You can try out an automatic batch session and file download by logging onto
PSILink as username "guest" with password "guest". The demo account is
restricted to sending and receiving mail. You will automatically download some
of the informational files, and sample email messages from other guest users.
You can use the demo account for contacting the support desk or marketing

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