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Miscellaneous Neat Information Systems

Telnet Information Systems

I collect below some computerized information systems available for use via
Telnet connect on the Internet.

The Telnet connection prompts you for a login i.d., and specific logins are
provided below.

These systems are generally menu-driven. They usually have an information line
or prompt giving instructions for online help, such as entering "?" or "H" or
some such.

These are educational, free, and fun, so go to it....


Univ of North Carolina "Extended BBS"
telnet Besides other features,
this provides gateway to
Gopher at UMinn Usenet news groups
login: gopher

CWAIS at UMinn
login: info

login: hytelnet (lower case)

login: wais

SIMTEL20 - White Sands Missle Range Colossal File Archive
anonymous logon, enter your [email protected] as the password

MC2 - Meckler Electronic Information Service
login: nicol **system run by Meckler Publishing, Inc.
select: MC(2) lots of material relating to their
publications and conferences

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