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Library FTP files at University of Western Ontario

Last Update: July 25, 1992 EDT


Hytelnet is a database of Internet sites accessible by Telnet. The PC version
is limited to providing a TSR database, it currently cannot make
connections for you. This directory also contains .TXT files describing new
sites that come online between editions of hytelnet.

HYTELNET.TXT } how to obtain VAX/VMS and UNIX versions of Hytelnet
HYTELN62.ZIP } version 6.2 of pc hytelnet
HYTELNET.HQX } a binhex'd self extracting archive: Hytelnet
for the Mac. Requires about 1.4Mb free hard disk space
and HyperCard 2.x. (and BinHex 4.0 to unencode the file)

PCUNZIP.COM public domain utility to extract .zip files on a pc
PCUNZIP.DOC documentation for pcunzip

Phil Eschallier's list of public access UNIX sites.

FULLCAT.EXE Richard H. Duggan's Microsoft Windows 3.0 Toolbook application
for a hypertext telnet database called CATALIST, similiar
to HYTELNET. A self-extracting archive file.

CATALIST.TXT Text file describing the CATALIST program and files.

DIALOG.EXE Computer-Based Tutorial for teaching online searching
on Dialog. Self-extracting archive file. Noted in CD-ROM
Professional (Sept 1991)

SLASHBAR.EXE Mini-programming language for TSR lotus-123 style
interface. Can be used to develop a CCL front-end as
noted in Online (Sept 1990). Includes source code,
documentation, sample programs, and help files for
Dialog. A self-extracting archive file.

Thomas A. Kreeger's list of BBS systems on
the Internet. Noted in CIL (Nov 1991)

John Sadler's list of Canadian Library OPAC's you can
Telnet to on the Internet. Noted in CIL (Nov 1991)

QUESTIONS.EXE Database of online questions in dBase, comma delimited
ASCII, and text format. Used for teaching online and
CD-ROM searching as noted in CD-ROM Professional (Sep 91)
A self-extracting archive file.

ARCHIE.COM Documentation on the Archie archive listing and indexing
database at McGill. Contains a user's guide in WordPerfect
5.1 format (uses info from archive) and a text file from
Robert Maas (Maasinfo). Self-extracting archive file.

Richard Hintz's What is an Archie? text file.

CWIS.TXT Judy Hallman's list of campus wide information systems (CWIS)
accessible by Telnet on the Internet. Noted in CIL (Nov 91)

Uses same software as hytelnet. Self-extracting archive.

THESAURI.EXE Tim Craven's thesaurus construction program. Assists in
creating, modifying, viewing, and printing out a small
thesaurus. Includes source code in basic and turbo
pascal for ms-dos machines. THSRS recognizes the standard
USE, UF, BT, NT, and RT relation types and also handles
brief scope notes (SN). It also protects against simple
errors of thesaurus construction. Self-extracting archive.

THSRS.EXE THSRS Reference Manual in WordPerfect 5.1 format. THSRS
Help Sheet in Ventura Publisher (2.0) format. A self-
extracting archive.

THSRS.TXT THSRS Reference Manual in ASCII format.

CASSY.TXT Text (ASCII) file describing CASSY,a program to print
Catalog Cards and Accession & Shelf Lists

CASSY.EXE Self-extracting archive of CASSY.

LIBNET.EXEC Libnet exec provides a menu of libraries which may be reached
using telnet on the internet. when a choice is made, the
internet IP address is pushed on the stack, instructions are
provided for logging in, and when the user hits enter to
continue, telnet is executed using the chosen IP address.
written by James Powell, Automation Services, August 8, 1991
Text (ASCII) file.

CDPLAY.EXE J.S. Hensinger's CD-ROM utilities disk from Online '89. These
are audio utilities for your cd-rom player. Self-extracting

GOVDOX.EXE Clyde W. Grotophorst's gov't docs check-in system for IBM PC's
and clones. Written in dBase III this trial version is limited
to 150 records. A self-extracting archive.

Susie Speer's online monthly statistics database written in
dBase III. A self-extracting archive.

HYPERREZ.EXE Neil Larson's hypertext construction program. This is the one
used to produce HYTELNET and HYCLASS. Create your own system!
A self-extracting archive.

GEAC_DOCS.EXE GEAC library system documentation in ASCII. A self-extracting

CDLOCK.COM J.S. Hensinger's CD-ROM utilities disk from Online '89.
Locks the CD-ROM player through software. Self-extracting.

CDNAP.COM J.S. Hensinger's CD-ROM utilities disk from Online '89.
Puts the CD player "to sleep" after 9 minutesof inactivity.
A self-extracting archive.

Russell Miller's periodicals database written in dBase III.
A self-extracting archive.

Jim Harrington's computer based tutorial to teach basics of
online searching. Seven lessons with a quiz. Self-extracting.

Text file listing the lessons and describing the Learn to
search tutorial.

INTERNET.COM Laine Farley's excellent "Library Resources on the Internet
Strategies for Selection and Use" in Wordperfect 5.1 format.
A self-extracting archive.

LIBCAT.TXT Text (ASCII) copy of L. Farley's "Library Resources on
the Internet: Strategies for Selection and Use".

PACSL_DBMS.TXT How to Search the PACS-L Message Database
By Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Scott Yanoff's file of services on the Internet you can
connect to with Telnet or Kermit over tcp/ip.

NETNEWS1.TXT Dana Noonan's NetNews Newsletter
NETNEWS2.TXT great info on resources available on
NETNEWS3.TXT the Internet. A text (ASCII) file.

FTP_HELP.TXT Using "anonymous ftp" to get files from other Internet
machines by Mark Moraes, University of Toronto. Slanted
towards UNIX machines, but a useful guide to beginners.

FTP_GUIDE.TXT Odin's Questions and Answer's to using FTP. Text file.

FTP_SITES.TXT Jon Granrose's list of sites accepting anonymous FTP. This
is a text (ASCII) file.

UK_LIBS.TXT List of interactive library catalogues on JANET.
Compiled for the JANET User Group for Libraries
by the University of Sussex Library.
([email protected]). A text file (ASCII).

WAIS.TXT WAIS, A Sketch Of An Overview by Jeff Kellem, Beyond Dreams.
Text file describing Wide Area Information Servers.

ARTBASE.TXT Bob Gale's Bibliography of Arts Online - not all on Internet.

DOWNLOAD.TXT Dan Mahoney's guide to Downloading Internet Files to a PC

EMAIL_GUIDE.TXT John J. Chew's Inter-Network Mail Guide. How to send mail
between the various networks.

David DeSimone's "Services Available via Standard E-Mail".

Richard Griscom's "Bibliography for MLA Networkers".

LIBCONFERS.TXT Charles W. Bailey Jr.'s "Library-Orientated Computer
Conferences and Electronic Serials". An ASCII file.

MAILSERVERS.TXT I. Sandor's list of FTP Mailservers. Due to patron abuse
FTP mailservers do not seem to last long. Please use
restraint in requesting files by e-mail. An ASCII file.

SOURCE_CODE.TXT Jonathan Kamens manual on how to search for and obtain
source code on the Internet. An ASCII file.

FTP_HOW_TO.TXT Brian O'Neill's Guide to FTP. An ASCII file.

Dennis Viehland's Resource Guide to Listservers

Charles Bailey's introduction to the Public Access Computer
Systems mailing list. An ASCII file.

Brian O'Neill. An ASCII file.

GETTING BINARIES VIA FTP. Copyright (c) 1991 by Brian O'Neill

Jonathan Kamens guide to finding someone's e-mail address.

Erich Neuwirth. An ASCII file.

LIBINET.EXE Ernest Perez's hypertexted version of L. Farley's Guide to
Library Resources on the Internet. Self-extracting archive.
LIBINET.DOC Text file describing libinet.

NEPHIS.COM Tim Cravens's string indexing package. Includes a user manual
in WordPerfect 5.1 format and text notes. A self-extracting
archive. Assumes some knowledge of string indexing.

Mark Kantrowitz's summary of how to find email addresses for
undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff at
various colleges and universities.

DTSEARCH.ZIP Powerful freetext searching of separate ASCII and selected
word processor files such as WordPerfect 5.1. Requires
PKUNZIP to extract the files. Uploaded by Ernest Perez.

DTSEARCH.TXT ASCII file describing DTSEARCH program.

LOOKFOR.TXT Text file describing LOOKFOR text search program.
LOOKFOR.ZIP LOOKFOR text search program. Uploaded by Ernest Perez.
Requires PKUNZIP to extract the files.

GUIDE2.TXT Updated Library List - part 2 of the Guide.

DAVID BIGWOOD's guide to the Internet for librarians. An
ASCII file.

BITNET_FTP.TXT How to use the Princeton BITNET FTP Server. This service
allows users without FTP capability to FTP files from
Internet sites. An ASCII file.

Computer Networking Bibliography contributed by Elliott Parker.
An ASCII file.

List of ListServ Mailing Lists that are gated to Usenet. Gives
the name of the Bitnet list and the corresponding Newsgroup.
An ASCII file.

NEWS.INI Function key settings for ANU NEWS.
NEWS_KEYS.TXT Function key template for ANU NEWS.

STANTON.BIB De Stanton's internet/networking bibliography. An ASCII file.

NETNEWS2.TXT Corrected Network News #2 by Dana Noonan
NETNEWS4.TXT Network News # 4 (Jan 92) by Dana Noonan

CARL.TXT Using Unix to compare the output of a CARL search
against local journal holdings by Dan Mahoney. An ASCII File.

by Sharyn J. Ladner and Hope N. Tillman. An ASCII file.

ONLINE_HELP.EXE Series of ASCII help files for various online services such as
BRS, Can/Ole, Dialog, etc. Various Procomm script files for
Online services. These were used as part of a TSR menu and
help system for each online service. A self-extracting archive.

HYPERDISS.EXE A MS-DOS hypertext version of Ernest Perez's Ph.D. dissertation
on hypertext. The title is "A study of traditional information
access models applied in a hypertext information system."
A self-extracting archive.
HYPERDISS.DOC Text file describing hyperdiss. Contributed by Ernest Perez.

The Assistant Jacqueline S. Wright and Timothy N. Holthoff
BiblioTech Software Betty Howell
Carlyle Systems Steve Hunt
Data Trek Library Software Linda Register
INMAGIC Robert E. Riger
INNOPAC Jane Walsh
Information Navigator Sandy Gold
NOTIS: An Overview Diane I. Hillman
PALS Integrated Library System Christopher Noe
Sydney Library System Jane Reynolds

AUT1101.TXT Automatome V11 no 1. Reviews of 5 more library systems.
How to Go After a Library
Automation System Without an RFP Carol Ebbinghouse
Dynix Library System Lucinda Harrison-Cox
Intelligent Catalog Richard C. Amelung
Marquis Library Automation Pamela R. Soreide
Total Library Computerization
(TLC) [see askSam] John H. Harbison
VTLS Integrated Library System Rosalie Sherwin
askSam John H. Harbison
Paradox Linda Clough
Q&A Version 4.0 Alison Perry

GOFTP.COM A VAX/VMS DCL script by Dana Noonan to automate FTP access
to 25 sites.

GOVMAIN.PRG A government documents check-in program written in dBase.

Information Services by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek,
Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

PILOT.DOC } Hypertext Program by John Doyle.
PILOTTXT.EXE } archive of files used to demonstrate law library stuff
} - needs PILOT.EXE to work.

SERMAIN.PRG A serials acquisitions system written in dBase IV.
SERMAIN.TXT - creation & searching of titles
- adding payment data
- checking in serial issues
- reporting/administration)
NETNEWS5.TXT Dana Noonan's Network News newsletter no 5.

List of WAIS servers. An ASCII file.

Peter Kaminski's List of publicly-available Internet
access systems. (See also public_unix.txt). An ASCII File.

NETSTART.TXT Selected readings in computer communication.
Elliott S. Parker, comp. An ASCII file.

WRB-REVIEWS.TXT Review and summary of Writing, Researching, and Bibliography
Programs by Prescott Smith ([email protected]). ASCII

HWGUIDE.ZIP HyperWriter hypertext from Ernest Perez. Just enter START,
that's a bat file that invokes mouse drive and starts up
"hw guide". Once you're there, the mouse left button executes
a link; the right button backtracks. Based on Dana Noonan's

HWGUIDE.TXT Documentation file describing hwguide.

INFPOP16.ZIP Clyde W. Grotophost's Internet/Bitnet/Compuserve/BBS tutorial
and guide. Both TSR and non-resident versions of this hypertext
program are provided. Requirpkunzip to extract the files.

UV_DOC.PS "An Internet Gopher for the University of Victoria", by
UV_DOC.TXT Michael O'Henly. ASCII (.txt) and postscript (.ps)
UV_INTRO.PS versions.
UV_INTRO.TXT Some laser printers crashed on the version.
UV_DOC_FIX.PS The version should work.

FREEBIES.TXT MetroLine's freebies and cheapos list. Although there is a
north country flavor to the list, it includes items that may
interest folks from outside the region. Contributed by
Dana Noonan. An ASCII file.
previously announced under the title CD-NET NEWS, but its
title was changed to reflect its new, wider coverage. This
is an electronic journal produced by the UK's JNT
Information Networking Group. An ASCII file.


Information Sources: the Internet and Computer Mediated
Communication by John Arthur December. An ASCII file.


Paul's Guide to Using the Internet. Contributed by Scott
Yanoff. An ASCII file.

TELNET_DBMS.COM Sample databases, organized by subject, accessible by
Telnet on the Internet. These are WordPerfect 5.1 tables used
to make overheads for a presentation on Databases on the
Internet to demonstrate the wide variety on information
available. Useful for a course or training program. Uploaded
by Gord Nickerson - use as you wish. This is a self-extracting
file. Set binary mode before transferring.

JNL_HUNTER.PL Doing the journal hunt in MS-DOS or UNIX by dan mahoney.
After each Dialog search, the log is checked to see if we
hold any of the journals. This is done via a perl
program that extracts the ISSN and CODEN fields from
a dialog record. After perl works on the capture log
it passes a file of issn numbers and codens to fgrep,
which in turn searches the file against a file of
local journal holdings. NOTE: only the perl source code
is provided, instructions are given for obtaining copies
of perl and fgrep for ms-dos.

NETNEWS6.TXT Number 6 of Dana Noonan's NETWORK-NEWS electronic


SURAnet's Guide to selected sources available on the Internet.
An ASCII file.

Documentation on the history of the Internet and a guide to
selected networks and sources. An ASCII file.


Lee Hancock's comprehensive list of health science resources
available on the Internet. The list includes listserv groups
Usenet newsgroups, Freeneets, data archives, Electronic
newsletters and health science orientated databases. An ASCII

Merit Network's A Cruise of the Internet. The "Cruise" is an
interactive instructional guide to the Internet which
runs on a color Macintosh computer. The Introduction section
compares the Internet to an ocean. In the Navigation Tools
section, you will be introduced to some of the tools which
can help you navigate the Internet such as e-mail, File
Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Telnet. The Applications
section includes several examples of how people are using
some of the Internet resources and how you may access those
resources. "Merit's Cruise.sea" is a self-extracting archive
(.sea). To extract the Cruise from the archive and run the
presentation you will need the following:

Macintosh II or Quadra with color monitor and FDHD disk drive
System 6.07 or higher
Approximately 2 MB of available disk space
4 MB RAM is recommended

Describes the Merit Internet Cruise Program for the Mac.
An ASCII file.

US_LIBS.EXE The Bates Directory of U.S. Public Libraries -- Ver. 1.0
Shareware for the IBM-PC & Compatible The Bates Directory of
U.S. Public Libraries is an easy-to-use
database of nearly 9,000 main U.S. public libraries. It lists
addresses & telephone numbers, information on the number of
branch libraries, tells the population base each library system
serves and lets you print mail labels. Self-extracting archive.

Features include:

VIEW lets you scan quickly through a list of
libraries or view the selections one by one.
EDIT allows you to edit the selections.
LABELS produce mailing labels for each library.
REPORTS Prints out a hard copy of all libraries listed.

PC_CAT.EXE PC-CARD CATALOG is a cataloging program designed to provide
your personal, church, school, or corporate library with a
powerful & easy to use online catalog. Self-extracting archive.
Allows searching by TITLE, AUTHOR, and SUBJECT. Items may be
scrolled forward and backward. You may search
for specific strings. Searches are not case-sensitive.

PAPERSDB.EXE PAPERS is a custom database for scientific literature. It has
fields for author(s), title, journal (book), year, volume,
pages, keywords (6), and notes (64K). Files can be sorted,
merged, are dBASE-compatible and records may be in
MedLine or ASCII formats.
HYGLOS.ZIP HyGlos Hypertext System. The HyGlos system is easy-to-use,
memory-resident or TSR hypertext system, operating in 70K of
memory. HyGlos is useful for "online help" and "online
reference" systems (such as Peter Scott's HYTELNET). This
is a compressed file - use PKUNZIP to extract. Uploaded by
Ernest Perez.

HYGLOS.DOC A text file describing Hyglos.

AGGUIDE.WP NOT JUST COWS. A Guide to Internet/Bitnet Resources in
Agriculture and Related Sciences. Written and compiled by
Wilfred Drew. This is in WordPerfect 5.1 format.


BSD.ZIP BiblioFile CD-ROM Searcher. A program for automated searching
of BiblioFile using BackSeat Driver. Uploaded by Art Rhyno.
Requires Backseat Driver program. Contains input and output
demo files and a README file. Compressed archive requires
PKUNZIP to extract.

EJOURNALS.TXT Edition 2.1 of Michael Strangelove's Directory of Electronic
Journals and Newsletters. An ASCII file.

RELIGION_TXT The Electric Mystic's Guide to the Internet: A Complete
Bibliography of Networked Electronic Documents Relevant to
Religious Studies. Contributed by Michael Strangelove.
An ASCII file.

RELIGION.ZIP Same as above in WordPerfect 5.1 format. A binary archived
file. Requires PKUNZIP or PCUNZIP to extract.

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