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Information sources, contributors

Most of the information contained in this compilation was
collected from files available in different nooks & crannies of
the network.

I have collected material from such sources as:

** PACS-L messages and archival database (Univ. of Houston)
** LIBSOFT ftp directory at Univ. of Western Ontario
** LIBRARY ftp directory at Univ. of North Texas
** SIMTEL20 ftp archive at White Sands Missle Range
** E-mail communications, "cards & letters" on the public domain
network message boards

Copyrighted Permissions:

** _Getting binaries via ftp_, Copyright (c) 1991 by Brian
O'Neill. Included per his notice: "Permission to copy this file
freely is given, so long as the file remains unmodified."

** _Inter-Network Mail Guide_, Copyright 1992, is included by
permission of John J. Chew, [email protected]

** _Library-oriented computer conferences and electronic
serials_, Copyright 1992, is included by permission of Charles W.
Bailey, Jr., [email protected]

** _Social Scientist's Guidebook_, Copyright 1992, by Dr. T.
Matthew Ciolek, [email protected], is included per his
notice: "Copying is permitted for non-commercial use by computer
conferences, individual scholars, and libraries, as long as a
standard bibliographic description is provided."

- Ernest Perez
August, 1992
Ernest Perez, Ph.D
Access Information Associates
2183 Buckingham, Suite 106
Richardson TX 75081
INTERNET: [email protected]
BITNET: [email protected]

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