Category : Information about the Internet from the early 1990's
Archive   : DBPERL10.ZIP
Filename : INSTALL.TXT

Output of file : INSTALL.TXT contained in archive : DBPERL10.ZIP

Quick-Start for the Internet Pearls Database program.

1. Copy the file to the directory of your choice.

2. Unzip the file in the directory you chose, expanding the archived files.

3. Enter "dbperls" at the command prompt or from within your DOS shell to
begin the program.

4. Use the mouse to click on the [Enter] button, or press the [Enter] key on
your keyboard to move to the next page.

5. You will next see the Shareware Concepts page. After you have read this and
learned about the benefits of registration, you can just hit the [Enter]
key twice to quickly bypass the Shareware Screen each time you start the
program. This screen is absent in the Registered Version.

6. Most of the functions are intuitous, but if you have any trouble at all,
press the [F1] key for Help. Notice that the button "Registration Benefits"
appears in the "Help" section. This can also lead you to the order form
which you can print out to register the program.

7. The program does not run under Windows at this time.