Category : Information about the Internet from the early 1990's
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The Internet Pearls Database - HUGE database
of valuable Internet information: hundreds of
sites, hundreds of pointers to What's Best on
the Internet. Full-fledged Database - Add,
Delete, Sort, Query, Find, Import, Export, and
Print Data to customize your Database of
Important Internet Connections. Calendar and
File-Find utilities included, to use from
within the Database. Never lose track of your
favorite Internet information again. Search
hundreds of Internet Sites instantly. FTP,
Gopher, WWW, and Finger sites included point
to info on the Government, Astronomy, Biology,
Geology, Ecology, Business, Military, NATO,
Medicine, AIDS, U.N., Physics, NASA, Grant
Funding, Weather, News Services, Universities,
Games, MUDs, MUSHes, MOOs, Chess Servers, the
game of DOOM, Magazines, Literature, On-line
References, Acronyms, and the best Internet
starting points. Shareware. Registration
gives bonus programs, only $35. From SoloTech.