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----Order the Registered Version of the Internet Pearls Database-------
and Receive:

The Internet Pearls (tm) Database, the registered version, has over 100
additional pages that cannot be included in the download version due to
size. The registered version boasts over 1.5 megabytes of Internet Pearls,
special sites of interest, their addresses, and methods of access. In
addition receive the Internet Pearls Collection as described below. These
are pop-up, TSR viewer programs that allow you to keep important Internet
information at your fingertips.

Receive a compression utility that allows you to optionally work with the
database in compressed form, taking up only 50% of the size of the original

Learn which are the "Hot Spots" and "Cool Sites" on the net, and how to find
them. Expanded coverage of the WorldWide Web.

Game information is included, including the DOOM [(tm) of Apogee and Id
Software] pages and the sites devoted just to the DOOM (tm) game. Learn
about MUDs, MUSHes, MOOs,and other games played on the net, including
traditional sites, such as Chess Servers.

Other topics include: the latest Government sites to go online, expanded
University coverage, more commercial sites on the Internet, as well as access
providers. Science, Astronomy, Geology, Biology, NASA, and Medicine are all
covered in greater detail in the registered version of the program.

Of course, you still have the ability to add or delete whatever entries you
choose, including the pages that come with the program. You can totally
customize the Database, so that it represents YOUR interests and objects of

Also receive the Internet Pearls Collection, free!

------The Internet Pearls (tm) Collection--(Freely Distributable)----------

Internet Pearls - Viewer/TSR Documentation

Current Internet Pearls include: Yanoff's "Guide to Internet Services". John December's "Computer-Mediated Communications List". EFF's "Guide to the Internet", version 2.3. EARN Associations's "Guide to Network Resource Tools". Directories of Site "". Highlights of Files of Site "". Listing of "OAK.Oakland.Edu" SimTel msdsos Files. Listing of Site "" msdos Files. Healthtel's "Guide to Online Medical Resources". Matthew Gray's "Ton of Web Sites" listing of Web addresses. Listing of Federal Government Gophers with URL addresses. Current List of Names of All the World's Gophers. Index to RFC's (Request for Comments). Listing of Files in Archive at "". Entire listing of "What's New" on the WWW since June 1993. "Hitchiker's Guide to the Internet". Listing of Files in Archive "". Games, MUDs, and MOOs on the Internet. Outline of Contents of Library of Congress's "LC Marvel". Electronic Frontier Foundation's ftp Site Files . List of Sites that Send a Report with the Finger command. Over 11,000 Computer & Internet Acronyms and Abbreviations. Listing of Usenet Newsgroups, including "Alt" groups.

The Internet Pearls Collection consists of at least 23 different sources
of information that are helpful when using the Internet. Each "iperls-x.exe"
file is a viewer program that displays the text information and makes it
easy to search, view, and print the desired text. It can be installed
as a pop-up TSR program, or run just from the command line. The
program can be "popped-up" by the use of a combination of "hot-keys"
that you choose from a menu at the time of installation. This allows you
to pop-up the program and look-up the desired information without
leaving your favorite application, such as your word processor or
communications program. Up to four different files can be loaded at a time,
each with its own Hot-Key combination.

The Internet Pearls (tm) Collection is free and freely distributable. This
pertains to the collection above and not the Internet Pearls Database. With
the Registered Version of the Internet Pearls Database, you will receive
these all as one collection. This hopefully will save you the time and
expense of downloading each of these from your favorite BBS.

William Hogg M.D.