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Cello: An Internet Browser from the Legal Information Institute

Welcome to the Cello Internet Browser

This is version 1.01a, March 16 1994

What Cello is and does

Cello is a multipurpose Internet browser which allows access to
the myriad information resources of the Internet. It supports
WorldWideWeb, Gopher, FTP, CSO/ph/qi, and Usenet News
retrievals natively, and other protocols (WAIS, Hytelnet,
Telnet, and TN3270) through external clients and public
gateways. It can be used to view hypermedia documents,
including inlined images, text, and digital sounds and movies.
Cello was developed by Thomas R. Bruce of the HREF="">Legal Information
at Cornell Law School.

Please take a look at the online help section called "a
tour of Cello" if you're not familiar with hypertext applications.

Some good starting points

The Legal Information Institute

In addition to
software development, we offer substantial amounts of legal and
government information (and some slightly less serious material
as well). Click here
to look at our Web server, and HREF=gopher://>here to see our Gopher

If you're new to the Net:

There are many good places to go for information about Net terminology
and practices. You can find a listing of several of them in
O'Reilly and Associates Global Network Navigator. HREF=>Click
to access it.

If you're interested in learning about the WorldWideWeb and how it
works, you should look at the information at HREF=>CERN
-- the birthplace of the Web project.

Lots of resources

offering access to large numbers of resources include CERN's HREF=>Virtual
, the HREF=>EIT list of
network information services
, and the HREF=>NCSA What's New page.
You might also want to look at HREF="gopher:// Gopher and
Information Servers">all the Gophers in the world
or a HREF=>comprehensive
list of FTP sites

Other weird and wonderful stuff
for Cellists

You might try taking a trip through a
museum or two at Sunsite's HREF=>Expo,
or checking on the status of several HREF=>Internet
Coke machines
. You can find out what happened on this day in
. You might also take a look at news of the Net and
other things in O'Reilly's HREF=>Global Network

Getting help with Cello

There are three excellent sources for help with Cello:

Online help
Cello's online help file contains a great deal of information about how to use Cello and how to solve problems
you might encounter with it. The items in the "How do I..." section and the explanations of error messages can be very useful
if you're having trouble.
The Cello FAQ
The Cello FAQ can be viewed by clicking here.
It contains up-to-date information on commonly-encountered problems. The FAQ editors are in the process of adding
information about specific networking configurations to the document.
Other Cellists.
Discussion of Cello tricks, traps, and features takes place on a listserv list called CELLO-L. This is often the best place to go for information about specific configuration and networking problems. Many of the list subscribers have been
using Cello since early alpha testing and are quite knowledgeable about it. It is also a great place to propose new features for
future versions and find out about other Web tools for serving and accessing information under MS-Windows. There is also
an archive of CELLO-L messages which is text searchable.

If you've already configured a mail gateway and set up your e-mail address, you can subscribe to the listserv right from this screen. To subscribe to the listserv, click here. A mail form will appear; put the text

sub cello-l Your Name

into the body of the mail message and send it.

In addition, the following newsgroups may help with general information about Winsock, networking on PCs, and the Web:

Tools for use with Cello

Cello is well-integrated with other software tools which you can use to prepare HTML documents, serve WWW information,
view graphics from the Net, listen to digital sound files, and
many other things. One section of the FAQ
is devoted to a list
of the latest and greatest of these, and you will want to check it from time to time.
Also, a great deal of MS-Windows software is available from This site is very busy, and you may not get an anonymous login immediately. However, many other sites mirror the CICA collection.

Reporting bugs

We hope you don't have any trouble using Cello.

If you do, send us mail at [email protected], and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Enjoy Cello!

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Archive   : CELLO101.ZIP
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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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