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FlashPoint (TM)
ZIP Tools for Windows (TM)

FlashPoint WIZiper (TM), Release, July, 1992 (WIZ311.EXE/ZIP)
FlashPoint ZIP/ZIPX (TM), Release, July, 1992 (ZIPW311.EXE/ZIP)

Copyright (c) 1991, 1992
Richard Patterson, FlashPoint Development, Houston, Texas
All Rights Reserved.
U.S. Government Limited and Restricted Rights.


o Notice to current registered ZIP/ZIPX users
o A description of the WIZ###.EXE and ZIPW##.EXE packages
o What's new?
o Quick installation instructions
o Special discount for users who register before September 30, 1992
o Future shareware distribution packages


All registered users of FlashPoint's ZIP/ZIPX package, who have
registered before September 30, 1992, will be upgraded, at no additional
charge, to the combined WIZiper and ZIP/ZIPX package. Such users will
receive the appropriate user registration codes and upgrade disks by mail.
Thanks for your continued support.


Tired of waiting for PK? Wait no more! FlashPoint ZIP Tools for Windows
are here.

FlashPoint ZIP Tools are 100% Windows applications that create, modify,
test, expand and otherwise manage ZIP archive files. FlashPoint ZIP
Tools are compatible with the PKZIP 1.1 ZIP file format, and support
all PKZIP 1.1 compression methods. Any file created or modified with
ZIP Tools for Windows, remain fully compatible with PKWare's DOS ZIP

FlashPoint ZIP Tools for Windows are distributed, through shareware
channels, in two (2) self-extracting archive packages:

Package 1 -- FlashPoint WIZiper (WIZ311.EXE)

WIZiper (pronounced "wiz-per") is distributed in the file
WIZ311.EXE. This is the complete ZIP Tool package. It
contains all files distributed in Package 2 (e.g., FPZIP.EXE,
FPZIPX.EXE, etc.), and additional files, including
FlashPoint's WIZiper (WIZ.EXE).

WIZiper or "WIZ" is a Windows Interface for ZIP/ZIPX, that runs
under Windows 3.0 or 3.1, supports Windows Drag and Drop, and
provides a 3-D, mouse controlled shell for every function
available in the FlashPoint ZIP/ZIPX "command line only" modules.
In addition, it includes a ZIP member file "List" tool and
both a file and directory browser, which all but eliminates
user keyboard input; as a result, users can now create, modify,
test, view or expand ZIP archives without taking their hand off
their mouse.

This is the file most users should download. If you have it, you
don't need or want the ZIPW311.EXE distribution package.

Package 2 -- FlashPoint ZIP/ZIPX (ZIPW311.EXE)

This package includes only the FlashPoint ZIP and ZIPX "command
line" modules, without a traditional Windows interface that allows
files to be opened from pull-down menus, dialogs, etc. This means
that the applications are "launched" from another applications
"Run" command (e.g., WinNAV or Windows File Manager), with all
commands, filenames, switches and parameters appended to the
command line -- like using PKZIP at the DOS prompt.

FlashPoint ZIP and ZIPX (FPZIP.EXE and FPZIPX.EXE) are the ZIP
Tools for Windows engines. They do the actual work of compressing,
expanding, testing and managing ZIP files, and, as indicated above,
are distributed in both packages.

If you want to program your own user interface from scratch,
loved typing long command lines at the DOS prompt and are missing
them under Windows, or wish to use them in conjunction with
another utility -- this package may be what you want and you don't
need to wate time downloading the larger WIZ311.EXE file.

Again most Windows users will want the click, drag, drop, popup
and scroll style of WIZiper, and, therefore, should get
WIZ311.EXE and not ZIPW311.EXE.

For those that simply are not sure which package will best fit
their needs, they should get WIZ311.EXE.


With this release of FlashPoint ZIP Tools for Windows, their are several
major new improvements and features, as well as seveal bug fixes and speed

The most significant features are the new "Open/Run" and "Print" commands
which allow the user to select specific ZIP file members, extract them and
automatically (1) load them into the associated application, (2) in the case
of executable files, run them, or (3) output them to the print device via
their respective associated applications. Thus, the member file can be
viewed, edited or printed in its "native" format, provided the user has
previously associated the file type with a supporting application.

Furthermore, should the user modifiy any file during the "Open/Run"
operation, he are she will be prompted as to whether or not the original
member file should be updated in the ZIP archive. If the ZIP is to be
updated, the operation will be performed prior to deleting the file
during the "Open/Run" cleanup phase.

The "List" window also fully supports the new "Open/Run" and "Print"
commands via dialog push buttons. Simply mark the desired file in the
list box, and press the appropriate button. Also note, by double clicking
on a member file name, in the list box window, the "Open/Run" command
is performed on the selected file.

Please note: The evaluation User's Manual has not been
updated for this release, so if you have printed the
previous release manual, do not reprint the
manual contained in this release.


The quickest way to install FlashPoint's ZIP Tools for Windows is as

(1) "Run" ZIPW311.EXE or WIZ311.EXE, whichever you have, from the drive
and path where you wish to extract the archived files.

(2) If you extracted WIZ311.EXE, and are running Windows 3.0, you will
then need to run WIN30DLL.EXE which is also a self extracting archive
file which contains TOOLHELP.DLL, COMMDLG.DLL and SHELL.DLL.

(3) "Copy" the extracted files, to the indicated locations.

(a) Put all files ending with the "DLL" file extension in your
Window's \system directory (where GDI.EXE is located). Note,
only the WIZ311 package contains any DLL's.

(b) Put the files ending with "EXE" in any of the following

-- The Windows directory, where WIN.INI is located

-- Put them in any directory named in your DOS "PATH" environment

(4) Be sure you have installed either a permenant Windows SwapFile are
have designated a temporary DOS drive in your Windows WIN.INI or
SYSTEM.INI files, as the new "Open/Run" and "Print" commands will
check for these variables in the appropriate file to determine where
they should create their temporary files.

(5) Print the FLASHDOC.WRI documentation or load into Windows Write, and
read the instructions on advanced configuration and how to use each
applications "Setup" or "Options" dialog panels. (Note this file
is formated in the Windows Write 3.1 file format.)


You are granted a thirty day, free evaluation license, but FlashPoint's ZIP
Tools are distributed through shareware channels for the ultimate purpose
of sale. Therefore, you must register or license the applications you
choose to use, if any, beyond the thirty day period.

To encourage registration of this, the first release of WIZiper, anyone
who registers or purchases a licensed version of the complete ZIP Tools
WIZiper, ZIP and ZIPX package, before September 30, 1992, will be given
a twenty percent (20%) discount off the total license fees. This twenty
percent (20%) applies only to the "license fees" and not any additional
charges, such as media costs or sales taxes; also, it applies to single and
multiple copy and to site license fees.

This means, until September 30, 1992, you can register the complete WIZiper,
ZIP and ZIPX, ZIP Tools for Windows package, for the same cost as
registering the ZIP and ZIPX only package (Package 2). This discount
applies only to orders physically "received" by September 30, 1992; it
also only applies to registration of the full WIZ package, and not to the
ZIP/ZIPX or ZIPX only packages.

Information on ordering and licensing, together with order forms and site
license areements, can be found in the appendix of the Evaluation Users'
Guide (FLASHDOC.WRI), which is formatted for printing with Windows Write.
Just fill in the discount line if you register before the deadline.


Future releases of the WIZ and ZIP/ZIPX shareware, evaluation packages will
be consolodated into a single package; this will result in the distribution
of a single, complete package containing all files included in both the
current WIZ### and ZIPW## packages, together with some additional utilities.
While the exact file name of the future distribution packages has not been
determined, it most likely will be named either ZIPW## or WIZ###.

Along this line, the multilevel registration and licensing fees for the
various ZIP Tools for Windows packages as they are currently licensed, may
be combined or discontinued -- resulting in a single license fee for the
combined packages.

These steps appear to be necessary to avoid confusion resulting from
uploading and downloading multiple files to and from various BBSs and
on-line services, and the general costs resulting from trying to keep track
of multiple licensing levels. We are certainly sorry for any inconvenience
and confusion this may cause for some users, however, in the long run, we
believe it will prove beneficial.

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