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A S T A R T R E K (TM) C H R O N O L O G Y
by Allan Finkas and William Stone, III

Version 5.19, dated April 7, 1992
COPYRIGHT 1990, 1991, 1992 BY
William Stone, III and Allan Finkas

STAR TREK (TM) is a registered trademark of Paramount Communications.
All rights reserved.

Permission to download and/or reprint these articles in their entirety for
free distribution is hereby granted provided the authors' names and this
copyright notice are retained.
To Eugene Wesley Roddenberry
His vision of a better future, and his hope that we can
become a better people will inspire those who share
his dream from now to beyond the 24th century

c9,000,000,000 BC
The Black Cluster is formed in the Milky Way Galaxy. [211]

c1,000,000,000 BC
The Slaver Empire falls in a massive interstellar war that
destroys all intelligent life in the galaxy, leaving it to
re-evolve all over again. [11A]

1,741,647 BC
Last of "The Makers" from the Andromeda galaxy die leaving an
android population behind on an outpost in our galaxy.
Harry Mudd happens upon their world in 2265 AD and they declare
him, Mudd the First. [41]

c1,000,000 BC
The civilization that created the Guardian of Forever, dies off,
leaving a functioning time portal behind to be rediscovered by
future generations of space travellers. [28]

c600,000 BC Tkon Empire, a large technologically advanced interstellar
federation which occupied regions of the galaxy that would one
day become part of the United Federation of Planets frontier,
is wiped out due to a supernova in the Tkon home system. All that
survives is several outpost worlds which would leave reminders
of the Tkon legacy for future generations. [107]

c500,000 BC A great war between the possible pregenators of all humanoid
species in this galaxy ravages all participants. Survivors from
both sides: Sargon, Thalassa, and Henoch, preserve their minds in
receptacles on the planet Arret. Its atmosphere is ripped away
as a result of the war. [51]

c300,000 BC The Borg, a flourishing humanoid species, begin the process of
learning how to cyborg their species. Although their technology
is sufficiently advanced, they find it is still insufficient to
the improvement of their lifeform. It is the beginning of the
process which sees the Borg evolve by stealing the technology
of other species and absorbing those populations within
their own. * [142]

c50,000 BC Lokai of Cheron tried and convicted as a political traitor by
Bele, the Chief Officer of the Commission of Political
Traitors on Cheron. Lokai escapes, to be chased around the
galaxy by Bele until they both eventually return to Cheron
on the USS Enterprise in 2267 AD, finding it to be a dead
planet. [70]

c30,000 BC American Indians are transplanted to another world by a
mysterious race known only as "The Preservers". [58]

c7500 BC Star Fabrina goes nova. Inhabitants of habitable planet build
a generation ship called Yonada to carry its descendants
to a new world before nova occurs. [65]

3834 BC Birth of Flint, the immortal, in Mesopotamia as Akharin, a
foot soldier. [76]

c3700 BC Spock and McCoy trapped on planet Sarpeidon in this time by
time machine called the atavachron. [78]

c3500 BC Landru, a great scientist on the planet Beta III, dies, but
leaves his memories in a computer which would help guide
future generations of inhabitants. [22]

c2700 BC Humanoids from Pollux IV arrive on Earth. They are regarded
as gods by the native humans, classical literature would
eventually refer to them as the Olympian Gods. They would later
return to Pollux IV after human civilization grows tired of
worshipping them in favor of a new and growing religion,
Christianity. [33]

44 BC Birth of Parman of Sandara, Leader of the immortals living on the
planet Platonius. [67]

33 BC Birth of Philana of Sandara, another immortal later found on
planet Platonius. [67]

84 AD Parman marries Philana. [67]

c865 Civil war breaks out on Solais V. Bloody battles would rage for
next 1500 years. [132]

c1200 War destroys planet Zetar, leaving several inhabitants to flee
as little more than mental forces of light to search the galaxy
for a body to take over so they might live again. [73]

c1350 Battle of Aurilius IX, where the Menthas and the Promelians
fought their final battle in a legendary interstellar war. [154]

1367 "Ardra", a female representation of the Prince of Darkness,
allegedly strikes a deal with the natives of Ventax II so that
they would gain 1000 years of peace and prosperity in exchange
for their souls and eternal slavery at the end of that time.

c1760 Start of interplanetary war between planets Eminiar VII and
Vendikar. First known war completely waged by computer with
"casulties" reporting to disintegration chambers when they are
instructed. [23]

1888 Redjac entity kills six in London on Earth. [36]

1930 Time vortex Guardian of Forever places McCoy, Kirk and Spock back
in time in Depression-era New York. [28]

1932 Redjac entity kills seven women in Shanghai, China on Earth [36]

1936 USS Enterprise (CV-6) commissioned

1939 Birth of Ralph Olphemhouse, future financier. Will live until
the 24th century through cryogenic technique. [126]

1946 USS Enterprise (CV-6) dismantled

1948 Birth of Roberta Lincoln, Gary Seven's secretary. [55]

c1950 A group of scientists begins clandestine experimentation which
leads to advanced practical genetic engineering techniques by
about 1960, with the goal of uniting the world. [24, ST2]

1959 Birth of Claire Raymond, future homemaker. Will live until
the 24th century through cryogenic technique. [126]

1963 USS Enterprise (CV(N)-65) commissioned

1965 The entire population of Miri's World dies from a virus created in
an effort to prolong life. Only children under age 15 survive.

1968 Two agents from an unknown race (Gary Seven and Isis) are assigned
to earth and meet Roberta Lincoln. A rocket carrying a nuclear
weapon malfunctions and explodes, causing world powers to agree to
keep nuclear weapons out of space. The incident is not made
public but is reported in historical documents which are
eventually revealed. Unfortunate timing brings the Enterprise
back in time to this same date via a planned slingshot effect.

1969 Accidental slingshot effect takes Enterprise back in time. [21]

Mid July: Man walks on the moon.

1974 Redjac entity kills five women in Kiev, USSR on Earth. [36]

1976 USS Enterprise (OV-101) - ALT Test Vehicle commissioned

1977 First of the "Voyager" series of space probes launched, designed
to explore the outer solar system and near interstellar space.
several of these probes are sent out during the following decades.
Contact is lost with Voyager Six when it encounters with a black
hole. [ST1]

1987 Slingshot effect carries HMS Bounty back in time. Two humpback
whales and Dr. Gillian Taylor are displaced to 2286. [ST4]

1992 "Chicago Mobs of the 1920s" published in New York. The Book
which Iotian culture would eventually be based upon. [49]

USS Enterprise (CV(N)-65) decommissioned

1992-1996 Eugenics War. Previously unknown race of "supermen" are
introduced as adults by scientists as the future of the human
race. Aspirations of power has these supermen take over several
key governments, leading to a major war between them and their
scientist creators against the rest of the world. Eventually
overthrown, some "supermen" leave Earth on the sleeper ship
`Botany Bay'. Some of the scientists involved leave Earth as
well, among them Dr. Stavros Keniculus. [24, 2A]

1994 Cryogenic satellite launched containing the bodies of Claire
Raymond, Ralph Ophemhouse, and L.Q. "Sonny" Clemens. Satellite
lost, but apparently never missed. Later retrieved in
interstellar space 370 years later. [126]

1996 SS Botany Bay, a DY-100 vessel, leaves earth. [24]

"Nightingale Woman", a love sonnet, written by Phineas Tarbolde
on the Canopus planet. [2]

2010 Earth-Saturn probe, led by Col. Shaun Geoffrey Christopher
launched. * [21]

2018 The use of DY-100 class Sleeper Ships is discontinued. [24]

2020 Space probe "Nomad" launched from Earth to explore space outside
August the solar system. Perhaps the first attempted extrasolar mission
by NASA, but without a crew. Nomad designed and built by Jackson
Roykirk. [37]

2029 Birth of Zefram Cochrane, discoverer of the space warp. [31]

2037 The `Carybdis', NASA's 3rd attempted extrasolar mission ship
July 23 launched, Col. Steven Richey commanding [138]

2040 Television fades away as a source of entertainment. [126]

2044 `Carybdis' mysteriously disappears. Assumed that telemetry
had failed. Ship's fate remains unknown for next 321 years.

c2050 "The Great Awakening" on planet Argelius II [36]

Cryogenics abadoned as a fad. Never proven to this point that
it would be feasable and cast as nothing more than a scam. [126]

2053 The New United Nations establishes that no Earth Citizen can be
held responsible for the crimes of his race or forbearers. [721]

2053-2079 The United States of America has 52 states. [138]

c2060 First of 6 planetary conquests over 300 years on planet
Mizar II. [166]

2061 Zefram Cochrane and his development team produce first prototype
warp engine which could "straddle" the speed of light barrier
while cutting down the effects of time dilation and other
effects as theorized in Einstein's Theory of Relativity. [TNG TM]

c2066 SS Valiant launched and encounters energy barrier at the edge
of the galaxy. [2]

c2070 The region of space that includes Sherman's Planet first observed
by John Burke, Chief Astronomer of the Royal Academy of Great
Britain. [42]

c2079 World War Three, (may also have been known as Colonel Green's
War [77] or possibly the Mind Control Revolts [ST1 novelization]).
Nuclear devastation is widespread, known as "the Post-Atomic
Horror". In some areas, populations must resort to controlling
their military with drugs. [721]

The New United Nations is abolished. [721]

2082 Col. Richey dies in 'Hotel Royale' on planet Theta VIII [138]

2105 Redjac entity kills eight women at the colonies on Mars. [36]

2116 Zefram Cochrane disappears, presumed dead at age 87. [31]

2123 SS Mariposa, DY-500 class, launched for Ficus Sector with two
Nov. 23 separate groups of colonists. [144]

c2140 Kal Dayno, fleeing from criminals in the mid 27th century, hides
the Tax Utat in a cave in Rhysa. [167]

2156 Redjac entity kills two women at Heliopolis on Alpha Proxima II.

2157 First contact with the Romulan Empire leads to immediate
hostilities, due to the aggressive, imperialistic nature of
Romulan culture. The Romulans declare war. *

c2160 Planet Deneva first colonized as part of a trading line between
colonized planets [29]

2161 United Federation of Planets formed. [217]

2164 Birth of Sarek of Vulcan [44, 171]

First contact with Delos star system by Federation scout ship.
Reports two inhabited planets, Brekka and Onarra, one close
to space travel technology, the other, a simple agricultural
society. [123]

2165 Plague strikes planet Onarra. Cure provided by Brekkans which
is eventually to be found to be a narcotic. [123]

The Federation/Romulan War ends in stalemate. A peace treaty is
negotiated via subspace radio. The Romulan Neutral Zone is
established, entry into which - by either side - constitutes an
act of war. [9]

c2167 Guinan and Q have some sort of encounter. [161]

Daedalus-class starship USS Essex (NCC-173) lost. [215]

c2170 USS Horizon visits planet Iotia, leaving behind a book called
"Chicago Mobs of the 1920s", which the culture eventually
imitates. [49]

USS Archon visits planet Beta III. Ship is pulled from orbit
and destroyed by computer, Landru. Survivors mix with natives
and implant the seeds of rebellion against Landru. [22]

2194 Birth of Robert April [22A]

2212 Birth of Amanda Grayson, 1st wife of Sarek, mother of Spock *

2214 Birth of Christopher Pike (Mojave, Arizona, Earth) *

2215 First Federation contact with planet Eminiar VII by USS Valiant.
Valiant never heard from again, assumed destroyed in the ongoing
war of that planet with its neighbor, Vendikar. [23]

c2215 First hostilities and mutual tolerance between the Federation
and the Klingon Empire. [66]
Because of the circumstances surrounding the Klingon first
contact, leaders of the Federation establish the Prime Directive,
which prohibits Federation ships from interfering with the
progress of a growing society. [189]

2224 Birth of Montgomery Scott (Aberdeen, Scotland, Earth) *

2227 Birth of Leonard H. McCoy (Georgia, Earth) [721]

2231 Birth of Spock (Vulcan)

2233 Birth of James Tiberious Kirk (Riverside, Iowa, Earth) [40]
March 3

2234 SS Columbia (a research vessel attached to the American Continent
Institute) crash lands on Talos IV with one survivor--Vina.
[1, 16]

2236 Sarek of Vulcan becomes Vulcan's ambassador to sixteen planets
before becoming ambassador to Earth. [3A]

2237 Mr. Brack (Flint) purchases planet Holberg 917G as a personal
retreat. [76]

2239 Birth of Hikaru Sulu (San Francisco, California, Earth) *

2240 Birth of Nyota Upenda Uhura *

2241 Dr. Richard Daystrom develops the Duotronics. This new technology
would be the prototype of all future Federation computers. [53]

Birth of Kevin Riley (Tarsus IV) [13]

2243 Battle of Donatu V is fought near Sherman's Planet on the Klingon
boarder. [42]

2244 Birth of Pavel Andreievich Chekov (Russia, Earth) [33]

2245 Governor Kodos of Tarsus IV declares martial law and executes
most of the population in his solution to save the colony.
There were few survivors including James Kirk, Kevin Riley,
and Thomas Leighton. [13]

Population of planet Lavinius V wiped out by flying parasites

2246 Birth of Lenore Karidien. Daughter and only child of Anton
Karidien, AKA Kodos the Executioner of Tarsus IV. [13]

2247 Capt. Robert April heads the "Starship Project." USS
Enterprise constructed. [FINAL FRONTIER by Diane Carey]

2248 Spock of Vulcan receives Starfleet commission

Birth of Charlie Evans [8]

2249 James T. Kirk enters Starfleet Academy

Birth of Joanna McCoy [5A]

2250 Dr. McCoy leads a mass-inoculation program on Dramia II to
conquer Saurian virus. Plague strikes the planet after the
medical team leaves Dramia, killing many of the inhabitants.

Capt. Robert April leads a rescue mission to the Romulan Neutral
Zone [FINAL FRONTIER by Diane Carey]

Late 2250 USS Enterprise undergoes post-shakedown refit *
- mid 2251

2251 USS Enterprise commissioned. Captain Robert April is C.O on six
month shakedown cruise. *

A colony ship crashes on the planet Thasus, leaving only a
three year old survivor, Charlie Evans. [8]

2252 Capt. Christopher Pike takes command of the Enterprise *

The Enterprise intercepts a distress call from Talos IV and
investigates. The discover a race of beings with incredible
mental powers. General Order Number Seven is esablished,
prohibiting any Federation ship from visiting Talos IV. To do so
is punishable by death (the only remaining instance of the capital
punishment for a violation of Starfleet regulations). [1, 16]

2253 Ensign James Kirk serves on the USS Republic, NCC-1373 [15]

Federation starship (possibly the USS Republic) first visits
planet Neural. Lt. James Kirk leads survey team that finds planet
to be in relatively primitive state. [45]

2254 Lieutenant James Kirk serves on the ill-fated USS Farragut,
which encounters a gaseous cloud that drains red blood cells
from living organisms on planet Tycho IV. [47]

2255 Treaty of Armens signed between representatives of the
Federation and the Sheliak Corporate. Contact between these
parties severed after this for next 111 years. [149]

Guinan's home world is ravaged by a fleet of Borg vessels
which swarm on the planet and cause the inhabitants to flee
to various portions of the galaxy. [142]

2258 Carter Winston helps planet Cerberus, which experienced major
crop failure and faced mass starvations. Dr. McCoy's daughter
was going to school on Cerberus during this time. [5A]

2259 Spock meets Leila Kalomi on Earth. [25]

2260 Birth of David Marcus

Roger Korby sends last transmission from archeological dig site
on Exos III. Two expeditions cannot find caves team apparently
found and no further contact is established. All believed to
have perished on the planet, which had a mean surface temperature
of close to -100F. [10]

SS Beagle, Class 4 stardrive vessel commanded by Captain
R. M. Merik, damaged by Merik so that he can maroon his
crew on planet 892-IV. [43]

Ruins of Teigas III made off limits to offworlders, including
archeologists. All further archeological studies conducted by
native scientists. [193]

2261 Birth of Saavik (Hellguard)

2263 Carter Winston, successful space trader and a noted
philanthropist, disappears. It is later learned that he dies and
his identity is assumed by a Vendorian shape-changer. [5A]

Population of planet Ingraham B wiped out by flying parasites

Enterprise returns from latest five-year mission. Pike is
promoted to Fleet Captain and assigned to Starfleet Academy [16]

2263 - Major refit/reconstruction of USS Enterprise
late 2264

2264 Boothby, future groundskeeper of Starfleet Academy, is born. [219]

Redjac entity, as Beratis, kills women on Rigel IV. [36]

Capt. James Kirk takes command of Enterprise

2264 - Unchronicled adventures. Up to and including "Where no Man Has
early 2265 Gone Before"

2265 Minor refit of Enterprise following events at the edge of the
galaxy [2]

Episodes of STAR TREK's first season

Talosians allow crippled Fleet Captain Pike to remain on Talos IV

SS Botany Bay recovered with all hands by USS Enterprise. Khan
Noonian Singh, genetic superman from Eugenics War, tries to
overtake ship. Khan and his followers are marooned on Ceti Alpha
V to prevent exposure to rest of the Federation. [24]

Abortive Federation/Klingon war. Organians intervene, establish
the Organian Peace Treaty and the Federation/Klingon Neutral
Zone. [27]

Ceti Alpha VI explodes, throwing Ceti Alpha V off its orbit,
laying the planet to waste and forcing Kahn's colony into chaos to
survive. [ST2]

2266 Episodes of STAR TREK's second season

The Enterprise hosts a number of dignitaries going to the planet
Babel to debate the admission of Coridan into the Federation. En
route, ambassador Sarek of Vulcan suffers cardial problems at a
particularly inopportune time. [44]

"Official" end of the clan wars that had ravaged on planet
Achamar for generations. Group of Achamarions calling themselves
"The Gatherers" split from popular Achamarion culture and leave
the planet to find their fortunes plundering neighboring solar
systems. [157]

2267 Episodes of STAR TREK's third season

Doctor Leonard McCoy diagnosed with a fatal, rare disease,
xenoplycythemia. He is gives himself about a year to live. Cure
for the disease is found on the asteroid world, Yonada. [65]

Birth of Uta of the Trelestas (Achamar). [157]

First recorded occurances of wormhole phenomena in the
39 Titaura star system. [188]

2268 Establishment of Nimbus III, publicly touted as "The Planet of
Galactic Peace." It is jointly governed by the Romulans,
Klingons, and Federation and colonized by races from all over the
known galaxy. [ST5]

Episodes of animated STAR TREK's first season

A giant clone of Dr. Stavros Keniculus (one of the scientists
responsible for the gentic supermen of the Eugenics Wars) is found
by the Enterprise on the planet Phylos. As the Phlosians are a
dying race, both he and a giant clone of Spock are left on that
planet to try and save them from extinction. [2A]

2269 Episodes of animated STAR TREK's second season

2270 Early in year, Enterprise returns from five-year mission. Of the
original 13 Constitution-class starships launched circa 2251, she
is the only to return relatively intact. James T. Kirk promoted
to Admiral.

2270-2271 Enterprise mothballed

2271 - Enterprise undergoes major refit/reconstruction
mid 2273

2273 Vejur Incident [ST1]

Mid 2273 - Unchronicled second five-year mission *
late 2278

2274 Colony ship 'Artemis' launched for system Septimus Minor.
Accident causes ship to go off course and eventually crash land
on Tau Cygna V, a planet, by treaty, belonging to the Sheliak
Corporate, but uninhabited. Survivors start colony which
thrives for next 92 years. [149]

2275 Sarek begins first of a series of negotiations with the
Legarans which would take 93 years to culminate in a
settlement that would see the Legarans finally become members
of the Federation. [171]

2278 Minor refit of Enterprise. James Kirk appointed Superintendant
of Starfleet Academy.

USS Bozeman (NCC-1941) disappears in a temporal rift. [218]

2279 Enterprise assigned as Starfleet Academy training vessel [ST2]

Birth of Admiral Mark Jameson [112]

2281 Record of when Kevin Uxbridge, a botanist, is supposed to have
been born on Earth. Uxbridge is later found to have been a
wandering immortal of the species, the Dowd. It is uncertain
if this was when he arrived on Earth. [151]

2284 Rashan Uxbridge, a future botanist, born on Earth. She would
eventually fall victim of an attack on her colony by a hostile
race, the Huwsnok. [151]

c2284 Boothby hired as groundskeeper of Starfleet Academy. [219]

2286 Khan Noonian Singh and followers who had been exiled on planet
Ceti Alpha V hijack starship USS Reliant, steal the Genesis
torpedo, and ultimately die while trying to seek revenge against
Star Fleet Admiral James T. Kirk. The Genesis Planet in the
Mutara sector is formed by the Genesis device from the Mutara
Nebula. [ST2]

Captain Spock dies of extreme radiation poisoning. Body is
left on the Genesis Planet. [ST2]

Science vessel USS Grissom destroyed by renegade Klingon forces.

David Marcus, son of Admiral James T. Kirk, killed on Genesis
Planet by renegade Klingon forces. [ST3]

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) self-destructed over Genesis Planet.

Whalesong Crisis. Doctor Gillian Taylor is displaced from 1987
in order to care for pair of humpback whales also displaced
by James Kirk and associates to help end the crisis. [ST4]

Klingon ambassador to Earth vows: "There shall be no peace so
long as Kirk lives!" [ST4]

Terrorist takeover of Nimbus III, the "Galactic Planet of
Peace" by renegade Vulcan, Sybok. [ST5]

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) hijacked by Sybok to planet
Shakaree. Sybok killed by godlike entity, possibly an exiled
Cythurian. [ST5]

Trelesta clan thought to be wiped out by Lornak clan on planet
Achamar, ending a 200 year blood feud. [157]

2287 Last known occurance of a systems-wide technological failure
on a starship. [150]
Note: The above could have referred to USS Enterprise,
NCC-1701-A [ST5]

2288 Mysteriously, the Organians disappear, leaving the treaty without
its enforcers *

2289 Rising tensions of the last twenty years combined with the recent
Purge of Klingon non-Imperial races and the withdrawal of the
Organians ignite the Federation/Klingon War.

2290 Klingon Battlecruiser Tong launched on secret military mission to
Federation frontier with her crew in suspended animation. [146]

2291 Hikaru Sulu is promoted to Captain. *

2297 Hikaru Sulu is posted to commander of the USS Excelsior. [ST6]

First Klingon contact with planet Ventax II [187]

2298 The Klingon/Federation War ends in stalemate, due to the
reticence of the Romulans to become involved. *

2300 Klingon moon Praxis explodes, causing environmental catastrophe
in the Klingon home system. Because of the massive military
spending of the previous decade and general depletion of the
wartime economy, the Klingons lack the resources to combat the
catastrophe. Chancellor of the High Council Gorkon sues for
Federation assistence. [ST6]

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) decommissioned.

Kirk, McCoy, and Scott retire from Starfleet. [ST6]

Spock strikes up a friendship with an apparently moderate
Romulan senator named Pardek at the Khitomer Conference. [208]

2302 Last known contact with planet Angel I by Federation starship
before visit by USS Enterprise in 2364. [115]

2305 Birth of Jean-Luc Picard (LeBarre, France, Earth) [214]
July 13

2307 Launch of USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-B, an EXCELSIOR-class
starship *

2311 The Romulan Empire and the Federation sever diplomatic relations
following the Tomar Incident. The battle had cost thousands of
lives. [126]

2313 Kevin and Rashan Uxbridge married on Earth. [151]

Penthar Mohl of Lornak clan killed by microvirus engineered by
Trelesta clan and transmitted by Uta of the Trelestas on planet
Achamar. [157]

2314 Future Admiral Mark Jameson marries [112]

2319 Civil war rages on Mordan IV. Gov't kidnaps 63 passengers and
crew of a passing starliner. Jameson sent by StarFleet after 2
Federation negotiators are killed to bargain for the hostages.
Jameson violates Prime Directive by providing Mordanians with
Federation weapons for the release of the hostages. This results
in 4 decades of continuing civil war on Mordan IV. [112]

2322 Jean-Luc Picard enters Star Fleet Academy [214]

2324 Birth of Beverly C. Crusher (Copernicus City, Luna) [214]

2327 Jean-Luc Picard graduates from Star Fleet Academy [214]

2330 Ensign Jean-Luc Picard gets into a ballroom brawl with a trio of
Norsicans at Starbase Eirhardt. Picard is impaled and requires
cardiac replacement in order to survive. [143]

2334 USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-B decommissioned *

c2335 Lieutenant Jean-Luc Picard attends the wedding of Ambassador
Sarek's son. [171]

Birth of William T. Riker (Valdez, Alaska, Earth) [140]

Launch of USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C, an AMBASSADOR-class
starship *

2336 Android Data created by Dr. Noonian Soong (Omicron Theta) [214]
Feb. 2

March 29 Birth of Deanna Troi (Betazed) [214]

c2337 Civil war breaks out on colony world Turkana IV, leading to an
anarchist society that still rules the colony [180]

Birth of Tasha Yar (Turkana IV) [103]

2338 Birth of Worf, son of Morgh (Kronos) *

Lt. Cmdr. Data found by a landing party from the starship
USS Tripoli on the planet Omicron Theta while investigating
the disappearance of the planet's colony. [114]

2340 Birth of Larren Ro (Bajorha) [214]
Jan. 17

2341 Data enters Star Fleet Academy [214]

2342 Negotiations for Federation/Klingon alliance begin.

Parents of Tasha and Yshara Yar killed in civil strife on
planet Turkana IV. [103]

April 9 J.L. Picard stands up the future Jenise Manhiem by not showing up
at the Cafe des Artistes in Paris before end of shore leave on
Earth. Shipped out on the USS Stargazer, Picard's first command.

2343 Galaxy Class Project is approved leading to the eventual
construction of such ships as the USS Galaxy (prototype),
USS Yamato and USS Enterprise [TNG TM]

2344 NCC-1701-C, Captain Rachel Garrett commanding, destroyed while
defending Klingon outpost Nirendra III from Romulans.
Several crew members are taken prisoner and interrogated including
Lieutenant Tasha Yar. [163, 200, 201]

A Federation starship is destroyed by the Harada during
diplomatic contact when the ship's captain mispronounced a
Haradan greeting, outraging the insectoid race. [113]

2345 Birth of K'Hern, brother of Worf, son of Morgh. [165]

Birth of Sela, daughter of Tasha Yar and a Romulan General. [201]

Data graduates from Star Fleet Academy [214]

2346 Romulan/Klingon Alliance collapses as the result of a Romulan
attacks on Klingon bases (including Khitomer).

2347 Federation/Klingon Alliance begins, directly as a result of
Enterprise-C's sacrifice in defense of Nirendra III. Among
the Federation representatives who negotiated the treaty with
chief negotiator Riva was Federation ambassadors from Vulcan,
Sarek and Spock.

2348 Last attempt of reconcilliation between the Achmarions and the
Gatherers. [157]

Birth of Wesley Crusher [150]

2349 Dr. Paul Manhiem leaves Earth to find a planet suitable for
conducting experiments relating to his time theories. [124]

Tasha Yar attempts to escape from Romulus with her four-year-old
daughter. She is apprehended and executed. It is a turning
point in young Sela's life. She regarded her mother's escape as
an act of treachery toward her father. [201]

Beverly Crusher enters Star Fleet Academy. [214]

2350 William Riker leaves home to join Star Fleet Academy. [140]

Salia of Dalid IV taken as an infant to grow up on Clavdia III
where she would be educated until she returns to her homeworld
to reunite two warring factions of a centuries-old civil war.

The Klingon planet Kronos (apparently the Empire's homworld) has
become contaminated and uninhabitable due to the explosion of the
moon Praxis fifty years earlier. [ST6]

c2351 USS Stargazer (Captain Jean-Luc Picard, commanding) is chased from
sector 21505 by a Cardassian warship. The Stargazer was to
attempt peace treaty negotaions, but was attacked when she lowered
shields as a gesture of good faith. * [186]

Dr. Paul Manhiem and collegues take up shop on planet Vandor IV.
Begins time experiments that would come to a head and take the
lives of all of his collegues an nearly himself 15 years later.

2352 Tasha Yar escapes from her homeworld, Turkana IV, eventually to
join Starfleet. [103, 180]

2353 Kyle Riker was a civilian strategist advising Starfleet in
their continuing conflict with the Tholians. The Starbase he was
on is attacked, leaving Riker the sole survivor. Riker meets
Kate Pulaski at this time, nearly marries her. [140]

Jeremiah Rossa born on colony world Gaelin IV. [176]

2354 While commanding the USS Stargazer, J.L. Picard visits planet
Chalna. [166]

2355 USS Stargazer (NCC-2893) attacked by a then unidentified Ferengi
vessel. The Stargazer is abandoned in the Maxia Zeta star system.

Beverly Crusher graduates from Star Fleet Academy. [214]

Deanna Troi enters Star Fleet Academy. [214]

2356 J.L. Picard cleared in court-martial proceedings following
the loss of the USS Stargazer. He doesn't see Phillipa Luvoir
(the JAG officer assigned to prosecute his case) for 10 years.

Last Terallian plague ship believed destroyed by the Alcians.
Another ship is encountered in 2364. [105]

2357 Gaelin IV attacked by Tellerian military forces. Jeremiah Rossa's
parents are killed in the action. Jeremiah survives and is
rescued by the Tellerian captain responsible. By Tellerian
custom, Jeremiah is raised as the Captain's son. [176]

Accident befalls the freighter Odin in space near the Romulan
Neutral Zone. Four survivors in escape pods reach planet
Angel One where they seek refuge. [115]

2359 Civil war ends on Mordan IV [112]

Deanna Troi graduates from Star Fleet Academy [214]

2360 Birth of Alexander, son of Worf and K'Eylar. [181]

2361 Turkana IV visted by USS Potemkin, colonists warn starship that
if anyone beams down to the planet, they will be killed. [180]

Kevin and Rashan Uxbridge move from Earth to their retirement
home on planet Delta Rana IV. [151]

2362 Lt. Geordi LaForge, serving aboard the USS Victory (NCC-9754),
unknowingly contracts a parasite during away duty on planet
Tarchanan III while investigating the disappearance of 49
colonists. Fate of the colonists would remain unknown until the
parasite became active within LaForge and other members of that
away team five years later. [192]

2363 Galaxy-class USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D, commissioned and launched
Oct. 4 from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards above Mars, Capt. Jean-Luc Picard
commanding. [721, TNG TM]

Miles Edward O'Brian transferred to USS Enterprise after
serving aboard the USS Rutlidge (Captain Benjamin Maxwell
commanding) as tactical officer. The Rutlidge was a front line
ship involved in the Federation/Cardassian conflict. * [186]

2364 Episodes of TNG's first season

William Riker promoted to Commander and transfered from USS
Hood to USS Enterprise as First Officer. [721]

USS Stargazer recovered during a Ferengi attempt to discredit
Captain Picard in the Zendi Sabu star system. [110]

Admiral Mark Jameson lured to Mordan IV where he eventually
dies from a drug overdose. [112]

Tasha Yar killed by Armus on planet Vagra II [122]

Lt. Worf named new Security Chief on the Enterprise. [124]

Conspiracy to take over Star Fleet by an alien life form thwarted
by the actions of a few individuals, followed through and
ended by Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Cmdr. Will Riker of the
USS Enterprise. [125]

Evidence of unknown species that "scoops" away inhabitants and
technology of several Federation and Romulan outposts along
the Neutral Zone. [126]

2365 Episodes of TNG's second season

Beverly Crusher promoted to head of Star Fleet Medical. [127]

Geordi LaForge promoted to full Lieutenant and made Chief of
Engineering on the Enterprise. [127]

Sector 23 JAG, Captain Phillipa Luvoir presiding, upholds
previous Starfleet ruling that LCDR Data - while admittedly a
machine - is a sentient being, deserving the rights and
priviledges granted all other sentient life forms. [135]

IKV Tong arrives at Federation frontier [146]

Enterprise thrown 7000 light years by Q to system J-25 where
they make first contact with the Borg, a cyborg species
described by Guinan and Q as the perfect "users" [142]

2366 Episodes of TNG's third season

Beverly Crusher returns as CMO to starship Enterprise to remain
closer to her son. [150]

The android Lore, Data's "brother" found floating in space by
a Paklid starship. Fate of the Paklid crew is unknown, presumed
dead. [177]

Peace treaty signed between the Cardassians and the Federation
after a protracted interstellar war. [186]

A star-faring race, the Huwsnok, are exterminated by an immortal
being of a race called the Dowd (Kevin Uxbridge) living on colony
planet Delta Rana IV. After a Huwsnok warship destroys the
colony, killing 11,000 humans, the Dowd kills 50 billion Huwsnok.
Delta Rana IV is quarantined by Starfleet Command to avoid contact
with the lone Dowd inhabitant. [151]

Late 2366/ Borg starship kidnaps Capt. Picard of the Enterprise, destroys
Early 2367 39 Starfleet vessels (11,000 hands lost) and nearly has the
opportunity to assimilate the inhabitants of planet Earth into
their collective. Attempt repelled by Enterprise under Brevet
Captain William T. Riker, and Picard is retrieved. [175, 195]

2367 Episodes of TNG's fourth season.

Doctor Noonian Soongh, creater of the androids Data and Lore,
found to still be alive on planet in uncharted star system.
It is believed Soongh died shortly after an encounter with
the starship USS Enterprise. [177]

Transporter Chief Miles Edward O'Brien marries [185]

Wesley Crusher enters Star Fleet Academy. [183]

Captain Benjamin Maxwell is arrested and transported back to
Starfleet when he uses the USS Phoenix to make preventative
strikes against Cardassian bases and ships. Evidence that the
Cardassians are re-arming for war is discovered. [186]

An interstellar con artist uses the legend of Ardra to attempt to
gain control of Ventax II. The entire planet is nearly duped into
believing a goddess of evil had returned. [187]

Late 2367 Klingon civil war. Aided by the Romulans, the Duras family
early 2368 succeeds in splitting the Empire. While regaining his family
honor, Worf resigns his Starfleet commission. When the Romulan
conspiracy is uncovered by a fleet commanded by Jean-Luc Picard,
the civil war collapses. Worf returns to Starfleet. [200, 201]

2368 Episodes of TNG's fifth season.

Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan dies. [207]

Ambassador Spock of Vulcan apparently defects to Romulus, when in
fact he was invited there by Romulan Senator Pardek as a prelude
to reunification of the planets Romulus and Vulcan. The
invitation turns out to be a ploy by the Romulans to use Spock
as a decoy leading to the invasion of Vulcan, in the heart of
Federation space. The attempt is thwarted and Ambassador Spock
remains on Romulus in an effort to facilitate the inevitable
reunification sometime in the future. [207, 208]

Soliton Wave first experimented with as new propulsion method
to propel a starship at warp speeds without the need of warp
engines. While the wave succeeded in propelling a ship at
warp speeds, the experiment was an initial failure as there
were problems with the stability of the wave which caused the
destruction of the test ship. [210]

USS Bozeman (NCC-1941) reappears from temporal rift. It
temporarily threw the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) into a
causility loop for 17.4 days before a solution to end the loop
is found. [218]

c2590 Unnamed historian from Earth embarks on a trip to 22nd century
Earth to study the society of the period. This historian would
have the misfortune of meeting with a 22nd century inventor
named Berlingoff Rassmussen, who would steal his craft to do
his own time travelling. Fate of historian is unclear, presumed
to have died sometime in the 22nd century. [209]

c2650 Kal Dayno invents the Tax Utat--a quantum phase inhibitor in the
shape of a large crystal. It is capable of halting all nuclear
activity within a star. Two Vorgon criminals attempt to steal the
Utat and Dayno flees to the 22nd century. He hides it on Rhysa.

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