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Gene Roddenberry
(1921 - 1991)

by Allan Finkas

The day I write this is December 28, 1991. It is two months and four days
since the death of Gene Roddenberry, the man who will be best remembered for a
single contribution to the entertainment industry. That contribution being
Star Trek.

I've fired up my word processor several times over the past couple of months
to try and put to words exactly how his passing effected me. Each time I
couldn't find the appropriate words to try and sum it up. I still can't. It
is perhaps best that I don't attempt it.

Many commentaries have been made of the man and what he brought to us. Most
of them favorable, although as with all things and all people there were
detractors. I am not among them. If anything, although Gene Roddenberry
could never duplicate the success he achieved with Star Trek in all of his

other creations before and since then, he is due a great deal of applause for
the one thing that has surely effected more people in more walks of life and
more countries than any other piece of entertainment in this century.

Peace, harmony, contentment, the pursuit of knowledge. These were the goals
Star Trek said we would achieve. It is a noble goal and something that
probably helped in the success of the series, even if it did take a few years
after it first aired on NBC for it to sink into the viewing public. It helped
make Star Trek a modern legend that Gene Roddenberry would live to see occur.

It is most fortunate that when Gene finally passed away that Star Trek was
still riding a wave of popularity even stronger now than it was even a few
years ago when he finally got the go ahead to begin production on "Star Trek:
The Next Generation".

So, who was Gene Roddenberry? Like the rest of us, he was just a human being.
But he was a human being with a vision that things could be much better than
they were now...and if we hit a snag of something that perhaps wasn't as great
as we would like it, we would find a way to fix it.

I mourned the loss of the man. I was at my workplace when I first heard it
from friends...but would not believe it until I got the confirmation of it
later in the evening on the late night newscast. It was a loss the same that
would have been felt by any other fan of Star Trek, the loss of somebody
important in the life of something we truly enjoy. Knowing he is gone means I
will feel that little bit of void any time I see a Star Trek production.
However, we can be comfortable in the fact that he has left a legacy which can
carry on his beliefs for many years yet to come. He left it in very capable
hands and we know that we can continue to enjoy his creation.

As one of his creations, Doctor Leonard H. McCoy, states at the end of the
movie "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan", he isn't really gone, so long as we
remember him. To paraphrase it a bit, it can be said that so long that Star
Trek lives, Gene Roddenberry is still alive. As long as Star Trek is vibrant,
Gene Roddenberry will be remembered. How many series creators can claim this
for themselves when they pass from this existance to the undiscovered country?

There's probably much more I could say, but as with each other time I have sat
down to do this, I can no longer come up with any more words. Perhaps they
aren't that necessary then, although I'm glad that I gave it a couple of
months to reflect on just what it was I wanted to commit to his memory.

I will remember Gene Roddenberry since it was he who gave me something that
helped shape many of the things I believe in today. His body may have passed
on, but his spirit is going to live on for a long time to come.

- Allan Finkas

Copyright (C) 1991 by Allan Finkas. Permission to reprint or distribute the
text of this article in its entirety is hereby granted and encouraged,
provided the author's byline and this copyright notice are retained.

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