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Quick Command Reference

General directions can be commanded through the number keypad or
by your mouse or joystick. In keyboard mode, weapons are aimed at
the center of the view screen. In mouse/joystick mode, weapons are
aimed by the cursor.

Note that the commands indicated below are "hot keys" and generally
duplicate the normal Command Icons available. Instead of choosing
Mr.Sulu and then choosing "shields", for example, you can just hit the
letter "S". (F3 will toggle between your targeting cursor on the bridge
and the cursor to select crewmembers and their related icons, if you
wish to do so).


S - Shields: Toggles shields on and off.

O - Orbit: Enters or exits orbit around the nearest planet.

N - Navigation: Takes you to the main Star Map. Refer to the
Star Map in you manual for star names. Simply position the
cursor around the star you wish to visit and select it.

D - Damage Control: Mr. Scott will always concentrate his
repair work on the most damaged system of the ship. However,
you can override this function by choosing "D". This brings
up the Repair Icons. You must then select the icon you want
Scotty to concentrate on from here.

DAMAGE STATUS can be assessed from the side monitors on the
bridge. These display views of the Enterprise with any
damaged areas indicated in red. Additionally, shields will
dim as they absorb enemy fire. (Hitting "A" will alter these
monitors to display the damage status of the last enemy
ship you have hit.)

E - Emergency Power: This activates emergency power if it is
available. This only lasts a short time and the strain on
the engines is such that it will take several minutes before
such a command can be issued again.

H - Hail: Activates Uhura's Communications Icon. Uhura will open
hailing frequencies and try to establish contact. Once
communications are established you can order her to send
computer data files or other information by selecting the
Communications Icon again. (Note: Uhura can sometimes remind
you of your last message/orders from Starfleet, etc).

T - Talk Spock: Ask Mr. Spock for advice. He will offer
valuable advice if you select the Talk Icon. Upon entering
orbit, he will scan the area with the ship's sensors and
give you a report. Mr. Spock also has access to the Computer
Icon from his console.

C - Computer: (also available from Spock's console) Activates
Spock's Library computer. Type in the subject you wish and
press . You may wish to take note on names, places
and things during the game.

K - Kirk: This brings up Kirk's Options. Select "Transporter",
"Captain's Log", "Save Game", "Load Game", "Music On/Off"
or "Sound Effects On/Off".

Note: Captains Log will show you any performance evaluations
you have so far received from Starfleet).

Note: When transporting, your landing party automatically
takes along basic equipment such as communicators,
tricorders and McCoy's medical scanner and medical treatment

W - Weapons: Toggles Phasers and Photon Torpedoes on and off.

SHIP POSITION MONITOR: This is just above Kirk and below
the Main View Screen. It shows the relative position of
enemy ships to the Enterprise. A dot on the left of the
screen indicates a ship is to the left of the Enterprise.
If the dot is to the extreme edge of the monitor, it
indicates the enemy ship is almost directly behind the
Enterprise. The quickest way to get an enemy in your view
screen is by steering directly towards the dot!

PHASER READY MONITOR: This is above and to the left of the
Main View Screen. A yellow light indicates the phasers are
armed and charging. A green light means the phasers have
charged and are ready to fire.

PHOTON TORPEDO READY MONITOR: This is above and to the right
of the main view screen. A yellow light indicates the
photon tubes are being loaded. A green light means they are
loaded are ready for firing.

V - View. This toggles between the normal bridge view and a
closeup of the Main View Screen. You will not have access
to the bridge crew in this closeup mode, but you get a
more panoramic view of the action.

P - Pauses the game.

A - Will "analyize" the damage control status for the last
enemy ship you have hit. (Hit key again to return to your
own vessels damage info).

F1 - Fire Phasers command. (or you can use the key)

F2 - Fire Photon Torpedoes. (or you may use the key)

F3 - Toggles the cursor from targeting mode to selecting bridge

- Rolls the Enterprise counterclockwise.

- Rolls the Enterprise clockwise.

< - Reduces Main View Screen magnification.

> - Increases main View Screen magnification.

CTRL-S Turns off sound effects.

CTRL-M Turns off the music.


T - Talk: This will change the normal cursor to the talk cursor.
Select the character you wish to speak with as normal.
(also can be selected as the "mouth" with the Esc key)

L - Look: This will change the normal cursor to the look cursor.
Select what you wish to look at as you normally would.
(also can be selected as the "eyes" with the Escape key)

G - Get: This will change the normal cursor to the "get" cursor.
Select as normal. This is the same as a "take" command.
(also can be selected as the "empty hand" with the Esc key)

U - Use: This will change the normal cursor to the "Use" cursor.
After hitting "U", you can specify a crewmember if you wish.
If you do, click on the appropriate crewmember, then move
the cursor to the object/equipment you want to be "Used" or
operated. Items you have brought with you or have acquired
can be accessed through the "hand holding sack" option which
should be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.
(This icon represents your "inventory" option). If you have
chosen to use something that now needs a target, then click
one last time on the object that is to be your "target".

Note: You can assemble some objects by combining the
seperate pieces with this command (or possible the
"get" command in some cases).

I - Inventory: This can only be chosen after you are in the
"get" or "look" modes.

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