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planet-wide [MRM].

Montgomery Scott, transported by Weyland of Cragon V, fights for his
life in Scotland on Earth [TOS #52].

Interplanetary war begins between the neighboring planets Eminiar VII
and Vendikar. The war will last five centuries [TA].

The Klingons develop the S-2 graph unit FTL propulsion system [LOR].

Wu is born on Omega IV [OG].

The Great Blight: Saurian virus spreads throughout known worlds

Savar is born on Vulcan [GN 2].

The Vegan Tyranny conquers many pre-Federation worlds [MRM, EOM, ST

On Vulcan, Grand Master Siryk develops the Siryk Variations approach
to 3-D chess [GN 7].

The Zeator encounter the Slaughtered Worlds and their ships begin to
vanish. They temporarily retreat from space long enough to build up
their weapons technology and establish a defense around their
homeworld [TOS #32].

The Klingon Empire (based in 2264) attempts to alter Earth's history
by assassinating Aaron Stemple, a minor government official. The
attempt fails due to Commander Spock's intervention [TOS #23].

Hundreds of criminals from the Ux-Mal system are seperated from their
physical bodies and sent into exile on the moon of Mab-Bu VI [TNG

The inhabitants of the planet Alaj develop spaceflight [TNG #14].

The moons of Peliar Zel are colonized [TNG 197].

1873 (Karsid Imperial Year 1056.3)
The Karsid Empire attempts to infiltrate Earth. Increased resistance
delays, and later cancels, Karsid takeover. Revolts in the Orion
systems complicate matters [TOS #23].


The office of offworld exploration is created on Vulcan. Prefect
Savar proclaims "Destruction before detection" as the first
application of the Vulcan Prime Directive [GN 2].

The Redjac entity kills six women in London, England on old Earth

1889, 30 November
Mark Twain's watch is engraved [TNG 226].

1893, 13 August
Lt. Commander Data, transported by a temporal disturbance on Dividia
II (Morov sector) from 2368, finds himself in San Francisco, Earth
where he meets Mark Twain and Madame Guinan [TNG 226].

An away team, originating from the same future era, rescues Data and
ends the invasion of shape-shifter beings. Samuel Clemens is briefly
transported aboard the "Enterprise" in the future and then returned to
this time [TNG 227].

Johannes Brahms (a.k.a. Flint the Immortal) "dies" [RM].

The Steam Age on Earth: electricity and electronics are developed

1908, 30 June
An uncrewed Vulcan probe prevents a cometary fragment from wiping out
half of central Europe by diverting the body to explode over an
uninhabited region of Siberia, flattening and burning the forest [GN
7, TWS].

After having retreated from spaceflight for decades, the Zeator begin
to cautiously move back into space towards the Slaughtered Worlds [TOS

The Bekeem, the first dissident group, are banished from the planet
Alaj. At least 11 more will follow in the next half millennia [TNG

The planet Omicron IV is destroyed by a nuclear conflict [AE, STM].

Dr. McCoy (from 2261) alters Earth history, accidentally. Captain
Kirk and Spock restore history when social worker Edith Keeler dies in
an automobile accident [CEF].


The Redjac entity kills seven women in Shanghai, China on Earth [WF].

The character of Dixon Hill first appears in a short story published
in 'Amazing Detective Stories' [TNG 113].

1936, 23 February
In an alternate timeline, Edith Keeler confers with President FDR.
She founds a pacifist movement called World Peaceways which delays the
U.S.'s entry into World War II, eventually enabling Germany to conquer
Earth [CEF, ST 2].

The first Dixon Hill novel, 'The Long Dark Tunnel,' is published [TNG

An American buffalo-head nickel minted this year will fall into the
possession of Dr. McCoy by the year 2264 [TOS #50].

Ralph Offenhouse is born on Earth [TNG 126].

Pavel Chekov, transported by Weyland of Cragon V, fights for his life
in Stalingrad on Earth [TOS #52].

15 November
Lt. Pavel Chuikov is lost in action over the Baltic Sea, on Earth [TOS

On Omega IV, the warrior Kohms develop immmunity to most diseases [OG,

The planet Vulcan begins observing Earth. No official contacts are
made [GN 2].

Louise is born on Miri's World (UFC 347601-III/Juram V) [Mi].

Miri is born on Miri's World [Mi].

Roberta Lincoln is born [AE].

The Atomic Age on Earth: fission power and weaponry are developed

The F8 star 1212 Mus is initially cataloged by the Skalnate Pieso
stellar survey on Earth [TOS #50].


Captain Kirk, having been subjected to the Klingon mind-sifter in 2264
and transported through the Guardian of Forever, is temporarily
institutionalized on Earth [ON 2].

The first legitimate, two-dimensional photograph is taken of a Vulcan
probe ship by a Terran. By 2018, the number of photographs will total
at least 18--and all will be dismissed as frauds and hoaxes [GN 7].

The Designers account for other UFO cases, especially abductions and
extraterrestrial contacts [TOS #5].

Khan Noonian Singh, the Earth's first "eugenic superman," is born.
Genetic experimentation will continue in secret and, by 1990, some 190
"supermen" will have been bred [SS, EOM].

Clare Raymond is born on Earth [TNG 126].

A life prolongation experiment kills the entire adult population on
Miri's World, an exact duplicate of Earth [Mi].

Gillian Taylor is born on Earth [ST IV].

The Space Age on Earth: the beginning of space flight and computers

In the Andromeda Galaxy, the Kelvan Empire launches a probe ship to
explore our galaxy as a prelude to conquest [AON].

On the Klingon homeworld, the Kamorh'dag (Northern continent clans/Sta
Mura) ascend to power. Their grip on the Empire will last for little
more than ten generations [TOS #58].

The Maze of Zondrolla is constructed on Imprima (Dante Maxima VII)
[TNG #15].

1968, December
The U.S.S. "Enterprise" (from 2262) is sent to this time to study
Earth's history. With the aid of Gary Seven, an agent trained by
extraterrestrials, World War III is delayed until the 1990's through
the sabotage of a suborbital nuclear warhead launch. This is the
first large-scale U.F.P. time travel project [AE, ST 3].

A multi-parallel space-time inversion briefly transposes William
Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and DeForest Kelley with Captain Kirk,
Commander Spock, and Dr. McCoy in the 23rd Century [ON 2].



The U.S.S. "Enterprise," enroute to Starbase 9 in 2261, is
accidentally time-warped into this era by a black star. It is spotted
on Earth radar, and reported as a UFO by Captain John Christopher.
This is the starship "Enterprise's" first journey back into history.
Using Sol's gravitational attraction, the "Enterprise" returns to the
future [TY].

16 July
The first manned moon shot, consisting of three astronauts, is
launched on Wednesday, 6 A.M. E.S.T. Humans first set foot on Earth's
moon. It is the first of twelve successful landings on the Moon prior
to the building of Base One [TY, GN 7].

A print-out run of the master computer at Security Control, Omaha MFB,
reveals "unusual material" (updated technical orders accidentally
transmitted from the library computer of the starship "Enterprise" a
year ago). A top security lid is clamped on the matter while an
investigation is launched to identify the source of the transmission

The Vegan Tyranny dominates space outside of the Local Group [ST 2].

1972, 2 March
The space probe "Pioneer 10" is launched from Earth. In 2288, Captain
Klaa of the Klingon Bird of Prey "Okrona" will destroy the probe [ST

1973, 15 April
Col. Robert Argon, Director of Security Control, Omaha MFB, declares
the "data sheets" of the 1969 transmission to be a hoax. The
technical orders are given to Franz Joseph of Franz Joseph Designs.
The consequences will be far-reaching, to say the least [TM, Log 7].

On Earth, Element 106 is discovered in Russia [MRM].

On Earth, the Redjac entity kills five women in Kiev, Russia [WF].

The "Enterprise" (OV-101) orbiter is commissioned. This first
reusable space shuttle is used as a test vehicle. It is named
"Enterprise" because one of the project managers for Rockwell
International, the builder of the vehicle, had lost a brother
stationed aboard the aircraft carrier of the same name during World
War II [ST-TMP, TOS #54].

Gillian Taylor begins to study whales [ST IV].

On Earth, Colladium (Element 114) is discovered in the United States


On Earth, Element 107 is discovered in Russia [MRM].

On Earth, Element 108 is discovered in Germany [MRM].

On Earth, Element 109 is discovered in India [MRM].

On Earth, Element 110 is discovered in India [MRM].

1986, 17 February
Tom Raymond is born in Secaucus, New Jersey, on Earth [TNG 126].

The drug Coradrenalin is developed on Earth from Adrenalin, to treat
severe exposure and frostbite after its unsuccessful use in cryogenic
labs [MRM].

Admiral Kirk lands in San Francisco on Earth from 2288 in a Klingon
scout vessel. With the help of his crew, he transports two Humpback
whales and Dr. Gillian Taylor to the 23rd Century to stop an alien
probe [ST IV].

On Earth, Marcus Nichols "invents" transparent aluminum with help from
Commander Scott of the ex-U.S.S. "Enterprise" [ST IV].

The drug Cordrazine is developed on Earth and used in cryogenic labs

Construction begins on the S.S. "Savannah" (DY-100) series, Earth's
first interplanetary sleeper vessel. This collaborative development
between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. marks the beginning toward eventual
world-wide peace [DYC].

Eddie Raymond is born in Secaucus, New Jersey, on Earth [TNG 126].

1990, 16 March
The eugenic "supermen" are revealed to the public [EOM].

The Fusion Age on Earth: fusion power and weaponry are developed [LOR,

Earth's World War III begins: the Eugenics Wars result in the death of
over 37 million people over the next four years. It starts as a
hidden and secretive conflict of science and politics, not an open
conflict of munitions and armies [SS, BC, EOM, GN 7].

'Chicago Mobs of the Twenties' is published in New York on Earth.


This single book will serve as a guide for the society on Sigma Iotia
II in the next two centuries [PA].

The eugenics "supermen" seize power across Earth [SS].

The United Nations Peace Forces (UNPF) is formed on Earth. The
jurisdiction of this multi-national police organization will later be
extended to include the supervision of national arms and technology.
After the Clone Wars of the 2030's, it will replace national militias
entirely [EOM].

A ship of cryogenically frozen dead are launched from Earth. They
will be recovered and revived in over three centuries later [TNG

Koban's ancestors flee Earth aboard an interplanetary vessel. A
wormhole transports them across light years into deep space where they
will eventually colonize Foothold (Joost-klaara) and become enslaved
by the Tseetsk [TNG #21].

The U.S.S. "Lynx" (NCC-4600) prototype timeship observes Earth's
Eugenics Wars on her fourth mission [LTP].

The Planet Age on Earth: interplanetary travel is developed, and work
starts toward the colonization of the inner planets, with emphasis
upon Mars and Earth's moon [LOR, SFD].

The last DY-100 series sleeper vessel is built. The series now
consists of ten ships--only eight of these will be officially
accounted for over the next few centuries [DYC, EOM, SS].

24 April
On a demonstration run in the Black Sea, the "Gorshkov," a U.S.S.R.
nuclear aircraft carrier, is destroyed by an alien creature. The
entire crews' life-essences are absorbed [TNG #1].

Khan Noonian Singh, absolute ruler of more than a quarter of Earth,
from South Asia to the Middle East, escapes aboard the S.S. "Botany
Bay," (DY-102) sleeper vessel with a crew of ninety "supermen." Their
destination is Tau Ceti [SS, EOM, ST 2].

01 June
T.K. Isenson publishes an article, 'Primary space as a "solvent"; the
evidence for a nonisotropic entropy gradient' in Volume 15 of
'Paraphysical Cosmology' [TOS #13].

The Eugenics Wars comes to an end. Dr. Stavos Keniclius, Earth's
first cloned human, is banned from the community [MRM, IV/a].


"Nightingale Woman," a love sonnet, is written by Phineas Tarbolde on
Canopus III [WNM].

The Second Dark Ages begins on post-Eugenics Wars Earth. It will be
at its worst over the next three years [MRM].

Stalik is born on on Vulcan [TOS #27].

The Second Dark Ages ends and the Second Renaissance begins as Earth
continues to rebuild. Medical sciences regrows. Emphasis is on
controlling population and improving the quality of life [MRM].

Construction of the DY-200 Series begins. The "Brenton" class sleeper
vessel becomes the first successful American-designed interplanetary
vessel. Constructed for extensive use as planetary survey and mining
vessels, ten ships will be built [DYC].

The "Green Death," Vegan Choriomeningitus, ravages Vega IX. The Vegan
Tyranny begins to decline [MRM, STM].

Morse code goes out of use [ST 2].

2002, August
Jackson Roykirk's interstellar probe, "Nomad," is launched from Earth
to seek out new forms of life. It will later be reported damaged by a
meteor and lost in space, in the vicinity of Zeta Reticuli [Cg, STM].

A vaccine to Cygnian Plague is developed by Zilzu on Tellar (61 Cygni
V) [MRM].

The tenth, and last, DY-200 Series sleeper vessel is constructed

The Icelandic public databank is established. It is the first attempt
at creating a synthetic consciousness [TOS #42].

The Martian Fever ravages the Martian Colonies [MRM].

Algobarium (Element 115) is discovered on Mars in Martian Colony 3

The last legitimate, two-dimensional photograph of a Vulcan probe ship
is taken by Earth, and dismissed as another hoax [GN 7].

The Alpha Centauri expedition is Earth's first starflight attempt [ST



The "Forty Families" generation ship is launched from Earth. This is
the first Earth interstellar ship to use a Bussard ramjet for
propulsion (not counting two robot probes). The "Forty Families" will
be lost. Two more ramjet generation ships will be launched. One
ship, the "Marilee," commanded by Captain Wayne Perry, will colonize
Perry's Planet [ON 11, ON 14].

Work begins on the development of an ion internally-metered pulse
drive. Ion-impulse, utilizing beryllium fusion coupled with low-level
continuum distortion resulting in a fast-moving jet of monatomic
oxygen atoms, will in time provide ships with speeds surpassing 0.78c
[DYC, LOR, SS, GN 3, NTM].

A cancer-inhibiting plant compound is discovered on Ganymede (Jupiter

Surveys indicate that the body of baseball enthusiasts is less than
half the size it had been two decades earlier [TNG #15].

The Star Age on Earth: interstellar travel is perfected [LOR, SFD].

Topaline (Element 117) is discovered on Ganymede, the third moon of
Jupiter (Sol V). It will in later years become vital for the life
support systems of planetoid colonies and starships [MRM, FC, SFD].

Experiments with new power sources over the next four years leads to
the development of two DY-300 prototype vessels. Experimental test
drones for the new ion-impulse drive, they will be tested till 2029

On Mercury (Sol I), two new elements are discovered: Celebium (Element
103) and Pergium (Element 111), two trans-hahnic radioactives.
Pergium, in later years, will be used in many fission reactors and
will be in great demand [MRM, DD].

Over the period of five years, four baseball teams have gone bankrupt
and another eight have changed hands a total of nineteen times [TNG

The Irish Reunification occurs on Earth: terrorism wins out [TNG

Zefram Cochrane, the creator of warp drive, is born [Mt].


Buck Bokai, a shortstop from the London Kings, breaks Joe DiMaggio's
hitting record in the game of baseball [TNG 113, DSN 416].

07 October
The game of baseball in decline, the Phoenix Sunsets play against the
Fairbanks Icebreakers. The final score is four to three [TNG #15].

Irillium (Element 116) is discovered in the asteroid belt in the Sol
system [MRM].

The United Earth Space Probe Agency (UESPA) is re-established by the
United Nations. In time it will replace NASA [DYC].

A famous novelist from Orion writes a classic using the theme 'Let me
help' [CEF].

The Power Age on Earth: antimatter power is developed and research
into warp drive is begun [LOR, SFD].

America gains its 52nd state [TNG 138].

On Earth, Colonel Green's War begins. The last of the Eugenics
scientists make a futile effort to gain power. Green takes advantage
of Hanson Smith's surprise development of the particle curtain ten
years earlier than thought possible by the scientific community. They
are eventually annihilated, but not before nearly pushing Earth back
into the Second Dark Ages [SC, MRM, GN 7].

Soljenov escapes Earth aboard an experimental long-jump sleeper ship.
Centuries later he will conquer the Zarans, form the Totality, and
have a daughter, Sola Thane [TOS #9].

The newly re-established United Nations declares that no Earth citizen
can be made to answer for the crimes of his race or forbears [TNG

Kazanga of Omega Cygni researches respiratory disease [MRM].

The DY-400 "Helsinki" class science survey/research vessels are
constructed. Built with a new advanced second generation ion-impulse
propulsion system, travel time is reduced to half. Cryogenic units
are no longer used, but larger crews are needed [DYC].

23 July
The NASA starship S.S. "Charybdis," commanded by Colonel Steven
Richey, departs the Sol system. This is the third manned

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