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All dates in Old (Earth) Calendar unless otherwise noted

? B.C.
The Great Barrier, an accretion disk 13 light years in radius from the
center of the Milky Way galaxy, is constructed by an unknown race
(possibly the Cytherians) to imprison a non-corporeal superbeing [ST
V, TNG 193].

9,000,000,000 B.C.
The Black Cluster is formed in sector 97 when protostars collapse in
close proximity--eventually one of the most ancient formations in the
galaxy [TNG 211]

The Nagha, an immense super computer, is constructed by an unknown
organic race. Millions of years later it will evolve into a thinking
intelligence, enslave its own creators, and exterminate them [ON 6].

5,232,113,390 B.C.
The planet Kazh (Klingonki Kazara II) is formed [FRS].

4,000,000,000 B.C.
The first of the humanoid races seeds worlds throughout the galaxy
with humanoid genetic code. An advanced computer algorithm message is
imbedded within the DNA and scattered in pieces throughout at least 19
planets [TNG 246].

Tectonic activity begins on Vulcan (40 Eridani A) with continental
plates moving apart at major fault lines at the rate of several
centimeters per year [EOM].

Pollux IV is formed [WM].

3,000,000,000 B.C.
An advanced (extragalactic?) race creates a series of planet-killers:
automated "doomsday machine" robot weapons of immense size and power
to combat the Borg. The collective consciousness of "the Many" are
transcribed into the final such machine [DMa, ST 3, GN 8].

Ay-nab, the "god" of Lyra, instructs its people to create a Dyson
sphere world [ON 9].

1,000,000,000 B.C.
The galaxy-wide Slaver Empire is destroyed when one race revolts
against the Slavers. Most intelligent life of this time is destroyed,
and the only remnants of the Slaver Empire are stasis boxes and their
contents. One such stasis box, containing a flying belt, will be the
key to the artificial gravity field used by starships [SW/a].

300,000,000 B.C.
An alien ship of insectoid beings is invaded by a magnetic organism.
Trapped in orbit of Questar M17, the crew disable their own ship to
prevent the spread of the entity [BFS/a].


2,502,786 B.C.
On Kazh, an island continent breaks off from the main continent land
mass. It drifts to a point on the planet subject to relatively high
doses of ultraviolet radiation from the secondary star, Kazara.
Consequently, the Bur Chak race will diverge from the main
evolutionary path, eventually evolving gland-ridge sun-screens along
their skulls--more developed than in any other Kazhian race [FRS].

2,000,000 B.C.
The Preservers seed various planets with carbon-based, predominately
humanoid, life. They take a special interest in the peoples of Earth
(Sol III) and throughout the centuries establish duplicate "Earths"
populated by relocated humans or humanoids. Some of these species are
genetically altered and unique societies are formed, many of which are
computer-dominated, while others are given extended life-spans or some
such outstanding abilities [PSy, TOS #35, TBoT #4].

1,997,700 B.C.
The First Winnowing: all land life on the Cetacean homeworld is
destroyed by an asteroid impact. Surviving emigrants may have become
the ancestors of the Erisian Ascendancy cultures [GN 10].

1,741,651 B.C.
The Makers, an advanced race of humanoids from the Andromeda galaxy,
die out when their home star goes nova. Only their androids (on UFC
257704-II) live on in our galaxy [IM].

997,800 B.C.
Oyya, the 2,000 square kilometer city of the Guardian of Forever, is
established on the Time Planet (Gateway) by the Originators [Log 1,
TOS #39].

597,730 B.C.
The Arretians colonize the known galaxy [RT].

597,636 B.C.
The Tkon Empire dies out when its home planet's sun goes nova [TNG

497,740 B.C.
The star Exo begins to dim and will continue to do so over the next
half million years. The inhabitants of Exo III will be driven
underground, resulting in a mechanistic culture [LG].

497,736 B.C.
The F9 star Careta gradually begins to fade [TOS #65].

497,710 B.C.
The Cetacean Probe's construction is completed, having taken centuries
of time and half the resources of the creators' world. Its purpose is
to search for life forms similar to its creators [GN 10].

497,700 B.C.


The planet Arret's atmosphere is ripped away during civil war. A
handful of survivors take shelter in subterranean caves [RT].

497,600 B.C.
The Ylans complete their Artifact, an interstellar museum of art.
Over the next half million years it will become a starship trap [TNG

304,710 B.C.
At the galactic rim, tens of thousands of Borg ships attack the
Cetacean Probe, inflicting damage to its crystal memory [GN 10].

The Borg trace the path of the Cetacean Probe back to its homeworld (a
distance of some 30,000 parsecs) and strike the planet. This Second
Winnowing slaughters thousands before the inhabitants shatter their
own homeworld's moon to construct an evacuation fleet from the rubble
[GN 10].

297,736 B.C.
The xenophobic Kh!lict civilization arises on the planet Careta IV.
Over the next 100 millennia they will exterminate every intelligent
race they encounter. The Kl!lict extermination will account for 73%
of the 'orphan' cultures in the sector [TOS #65].

197,736 B.C.
With the sun dimming and Careta IV's geothermal resources tapped to
the max, the Kl!ict civilization collapses [TOS #65].

197,635 B.C.
The Iconian Empire dies out when the homeworld is annihilated by
orbital bombardment [TNG 137].

170,236 B.C.
The Meztorien civilization arises [TOS #65].

97,800 B.C.
Atomic warfare on Talos IV destroys the surface of the planet and
drives the Talosians underground [Me, EOM].

97,736 B.C.
The Meztoriens explore the Careta system and unearth the artifacts of
the Kh!lict on the 4th planet. Realizing their danger, the Meztoriens
shield the ruins with sensor-jamming fields [TOS #65].

The Meztoriens eventually succumb to the Darneel Invasion in the
Dulciphar star cluster. The surviving fragments of their empire fall
into a dark age from which they never emerge [TOS #65].

97,710 B.C.
All Erisian worlds are evacuated, including Temaris IV--possibly due
to the presence of the Borg [GN 10].

87,035 B.C.


The interstellar gate system is abandoned [TOS #43].

67,710 B.C.
Edris goes nova as predicted by the Erisians 30,000 years earlier [GN

47,737 B.C.
Lokai, a political criminal, escapes from his home planet Cheron.
Bele, a law enforcer, goes in pursuit [LB].

47,735 B.C.
A marked decrease in volcanic activity occurs on Vulcan [EOM].

47,725 B.C.
The U.S.S. "Lynx" (NCC-4600) timeship takes measurements of the Coal
Sack Nebula and tests the Expansion Theory on her fifth voyage [LTP].

27,725 B.C.
The U.S.S. "Lynx" (NCC-4600) prototype timeship catalogs x-ray sources
in the Cygnus star clusters on her second mission [LTP].

27,630 B.C.
The Vorathum civilization in the Gamma quadrant reaches its height,
spanning over two dozen systems interconnected by a highly developed
trade and communications network [DSN 407].

20,000 B.C.
The inhabitants of Altair IV colonize Altair VI. A system-wide civil
war is later waged, dropping both worlds into savagery [LOR].

17,736 B.C.
All intelligent life on Beekman's Planet (Hydrilla) is exterminated
[TOS #30].

17,735 B.C.
Kremaster, an extragalactic cyborg, becomes entrapped in the final
nexus interstellar gate system, intent on destroying it [TOS #43].

12,735 B.C.
The Aragos civilization is destroyed [TOS #32].

Half the galaxy is occupied by the Danons (who may have visited Earth
and started the devil legend). Near the center of the galaxy, they
encounter the slug-like Torgas and war breaks out which will last
thousands of years. The Danons will eventually be driven back to
their homeworld where they will construct their Great Machine as a
last line of defense against outside attack, and will worship it [ON

11,800 B.C.
The Senate hall on the Klingon homeworld is built [ON 1].

10,000 B.C.


The planet Vulcan is at war with itself. It is the beginning of the
Age of Expansion, and the unification of Vulcan starts [GN 4].

The Stone Age on Earth: animal domestication and fire are developed

9,736 B.C.
The Tam Paupa is first worn on the planet Pandro (Garo VII) [Log 9].

9,632 B.C.
A Curlon Nestos sculpture is constructed by a Master of Tarquon Hill
on the planet Curl in the Third Dynasty [TNG 246].

8,064 B.C.
War between the Joost-Tseetsk and Loor-Tseetsk races destroys their
culture spread throughout fourteen worlds in nine star systems. The
former retain their Sphere of Clans to some extent. The latter
degenerate into cave-dwellers on the planet Koorn [TNG #21].

7,737 B.C.
A 'controller' is installed by the Eymorgs in their underground city
on Sigma Draconis VI [SB].

7,735 B.C.
Fabrina goes nova. The Fabrini escape aboard an immense generation
ship called "Yonada" [FW].

7,640 B.C.
The guard post 'repositories' are constructed by the 'Builders' [TNG

7,631 B.C.
The first of 9 "Tears of the Prophet" orbs appear in the skies of
Bajora--all but one will be taken by the Cardassians [DSN 401].

6,635 B.C.
The Zakdorns gain their reputation of having the most inately stategic
minds in the galaxy [TNG 147].

4,745 B.C.
Omicron Delta IV, the so-called "Shore Leave planet," is established
by an unknown alien race [OUP/a, Log 3].

4,250 B.C.
On the planet Vulcan, thousands die of the Skag Maug plague [MRM].

4,032 B.C.
Extraterrestrials abduct a male and a female from Earth. They and
their descendants will be given generations of training to help
prevent Earth's civilization from destroying itself [AE].

3,834 B.C.
Akharin (a.k.a. Flint the Immortal) is born im Mesopotamia on old


Earth. Over the next millenia he will greatly influence Humanity

3,740 B.C.
Landru, a political figure on UFC 611-Beta III, dies. All his
knowledge lives on in a computer of his own design which will rule
this world for the next six thousand years [RA].

3,725 B.C.
The U.S.S. "Lynx" (NCC-4600) timeship, on her sixth mission, studies
NGC-42583 to prove the Cephid Variable Theory [LTP].

3,000 B.C.
All intelligent life in the Beta Portalan system is destroyed by the
Flying Parasites [OA].

The Kalandan Empire is destroyed by a disease organism [TWS, MRM].

2,750 B.C.
Kohl becomes the Klingon God-patron of medicine on the Klingon
homeworld [MRM].

2,738 B.C.
Apollo, an extraterrestrial humanoid, comes to Earth. He will set the
pattern of the Greek Gods [WM].

2,737 B.C.
Commander Spock and Dr. McCoy are trapped in the Ice Age on the planet
Sarpeidon, having been transported 5,000 years back through time by
the Atavachron. Zarabeth, an exile banished by Zor Khan the Tyrant,
bears Spock's son, Zar [AY, TOS #11].

Zar, in the Lakreo Valley region on Sarpeidon, helps to found society
[TOS #11].

2,730 B.C.
S'harien becomes known as Vulcan's greatest swordsmith [TOS #18].

2,718 B.C.
Zarabeth dies in Sarpeidon's Ice Age [TOS #11].

2,712 B.C.
Using the Guardian of Forever, Commander Spock rescues his son, Zar.
Zar is transported to the 23rd Century and later returns to 2,737 B.C.
via the Guardian [TOS #11].

2,634 B.C.
The Howling God doomsday world of Kirlos is constructed by the Ariantu
in their battle against the K'vin Hegemony. The Ariantu Empire
collapses and Kirlos is abandoned by the Ariantu. The Sullurh remain
behind [TNG #12].

2,000 B.C.


The Metal Age on Earth: agriculture and engineering are developed

1,900 B.C.
On Vulcan, Sikar founds the Vulcan School of Medicine [MRM].

1,198 B.C.
Parneb of Thebes designs a temple and supervises its construction on
Earth [GN 2].

933 B.C.
Solomon (a.k.a. Flint the Immortal) "dies" [TOS #46].

869 B.C.
Kahless The Unforgettable unites the Klingon homeworld. He sets the
pattern for the Klingon race's ruthlessness and honor. After having
fought his brother, Morath, for 12 days and nights for the sake of
honor, and having invented the bat'telh weapon, Kahless points to a
star in the sky (Boroth's star) promising one day to return there.
His achievements will be recorded in the Sacred Texts [TNG 249].

750 B.C.
The Chatalia home star supernovas. Prior to the disaster, an
interstellar ramjet vessel is launched [ON 11].

740 B.C.
Zetar expands into a red giant destroying all corporeal life in the
system. The minds of the planet's inhabitants live on, however, and
go in search of a host body [LZ, STM].

736 B.C.
The Taygeta system is irradiated by a nova [TOS #19].

500 B.C.
The Sandarans, fleeing from their home star's nova, arrive on Earth
and set the pattern of Classical Greece [PSt].

450 B.C.
The first Vulcan manned landing on Charis is aborted following the
extermination of the High House by T'Thelaih [GN 4].

400 B.C.
Vulcans make the first landing on Charis (T'Khut), Vulcan's sister
planet [GN 4].

300 B.C. (1433 Vulcan Years)
Vulcan's Glory is won as a prize of war from the house of Kawarda, in
the battle of T'zal [TOS #44].

239 B.C.
Eeiauo is colonized by the Sivaoans as a penal colony [TOS #21].

67 B.C.


Surak is born on Vulcan. The Eye of Fire, light from the Sigma-1014
Orionis nova, reaches Vulcan [TOS #35, GN 4].

48 B.C.
Parmen is born [PSt].

37 B.C.
Philana is born [PSt].

22 B.C., 18 January (139954 Vulcan Old Date)
Duthulhiv (pre-Orion) pirates land on Vulcan in an attempt to loot it.
This first extraVulcanian contact will result in a split in Vulcan
society and lead up to the first Vulcan interstellar colonization [TOS
#35, GN 4].

7 B.C.
Following their departure from Earth, the Sandarans arrive on
Platonius [PSt].

6 B.C. (140005 Vulcan Old Date)
Zakal the Terrible, the greatest of the Kolinahr masters, dies on
Vulcan [GN 5].

S'task recruits 12,000 Vulcans to depart Vulcan with him. Many more
will follow, totalling 80,000 [TOS #35, GN 4, GN 5].

0 A.D.

Parmen and Philana are married on Platonius [PSt].

150? (12 Ahhahr 140005 Vulcan Old Date)
The 80,000 leave Vulcan orbit in the first interstellar Vulcan
migration outside 40 Eridani. "Rea's Helm" is the first ship followed
by "Warbird," "Starcatcher," "T'Hie," "Pennon," "Bloodwing," "Corona,"
"Lance," "Gorget," "Sunheart," "Forge," "Lost Road," "Blacklight,"
"Firestorm," "Vengeance," "Memory," and "Shield." They will later
found the Romulan Star Empire [TOS #35, GN 4].

The ancestors of Sarek gain ceremonial ground on Vulcan where the Pon
Farr ceremonies will be carried out [AT].

The Tullvans of Zeta Geminorum die out [ON 6].

The surgo-op procedure is developed by the Aquans on Argo [Am/a,

Kassaba Fever destroys entire populations on Rigel IV [MRM].



Extraterrestrials transplant inhabitants from Persia on Earth to the
planet Argelius II [LOR].

The Vulcan colony ships encounter the Iruhe in the 4408 Beta Trianguli
system--and suffer massive casualties [TOS #35].

The Tam Paupa is stolen from the premier of Pandro (Garo VII). Chaos
and civil wars will result, lasting for three centuries [Log 9].

The Metron spokesman is born [Ar].

Warring factions on Areta (Beta Circinus III) unleash a nuclear
holocaust that devastates large portions of the planet [TOS #44].

The Solari Wars begin on Solais V [TNG 136].

Zora experiments with the body chemistry of tribes on Tiburon (Omega
Fornacis III) [SC, MRM].

The U.S.S. "Lynx" (NCC-4600) observes the formation of the Crab Nebula
of 1054 on her first mission [LTP].

1081 (5459 Vulcan Years)
Seton radiation is discovered by Seton on Vulcan [MRM].

Kukulkan visits the Mayan and Aztec civilizations on Earth. He
provides them with an accurate calendar and instructions to build a
city according to its cycles. They only use parts of Kukulkan's
knowledge [HS/a].

Within the Delta Triangle region of space, in a different
time-continuum, the Elysian council is formed. By 2264, Elysia will
contain members of over 123 different races [Tr/a].

The Irapina fleet leaves the Sagittarius Arm and heads toward U.F.P.
space, conquering or destroying everything in its path [ON 11].

An unexplained phenomenon melts the polar ice cap of the planet
Vestalan [ON 6].

The Menthar-Promellian War exterminates both star-faring races in the
Battle of Aurius IX [TNG 154].


Ardra grants the people of Ventax II one thousand yers of peace and
prosperity, according to myth [TNG 187].

Kamen lives out his life on Kataan (Silarian sector). The sun goes
nova, but not before the Kataanians launch a probe to be remembered by
[TNG 225].

The Science Age on Earth: mathematics and physics are developed [LOR,

K't'lk is born on Hamal (Alpha Arietis IV) [TOS #13].

A sleep Interval begins for the Shapers of Domarus IV [TNG #19].

1486 (500th Cycle of Algol/Shem)
The Karsid Empire makes its first contact with the planet Klinzhai
[TOS #23].

Leonardo Da Vinci (a.k.a. Flint the Immortal) "dies" [RM].

1540 (Karsid Imperial Year 930)
Klinzhai becomes a full member of the Karsid Empire and adapts Karsid
technology, customs etc [TOS #23].

Hikaru Sulu, transported by Weyland of Cragon V, fights for his life
in feudal Japan on Earth [TOS #52].

The inhabitants of an unnamed planet construct sleeper units for
unlimited pleasure and escape. Within the next 600 years the people
will be in agony [ON 6].

Guinan's father is born [TNG 233].

The U.S.S. "Lynx" (NCC-4600) timeship, on her third mission, observes
the formation of a tribal system on Fornax III [LTP].

The people of Megas-Tu are forced to leave Earth in Salem,
Massachusetts, New England [Mtu/a].

Great Diaspora on Andor (Epsilon Indi VIII): hive medicine spreads

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