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This list is obviously not complete I hope to continue adding to it.
Special thanks to Donna Haynes and Michael Dieckmann for all their help
with this list.

Best Destiny - By Diane Carey

Probe - Picks up the story where Star Trek IV left off, what happened to
the probe after it left earth, can Kirk figure out its secrets and keep
it from comming back. By Margaret Wander Bonanno

Prime Directive - A world is devastated Kirk and 4 of his crew were
forced to resign a fifth given a dishonorable discharge. Can they
manage to get back to "Kirk's World" in time to save the population and
their careers? By Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens

The Lost Years - Explores the years after the end of Kirk & crew's 5
year mission and before Star Trek the Motion Picture By J.M. Dillard

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - Takes a look at George Samual Kirk
(James Kirk's Dad) on one of his secret mission. By Diane Carey

Star Trek VI : The Voyage Home - By Vonda McIntyre

Spocks World -Spock, Sarek, & Kirk must work together to prevent
vulcan's sucession from the federation By Diane Duane

Enterprise - By Vonda N. McIntyre

Strangers From The Sky

Final Frontier - Takes a look at George Samual Kirk (James Kirk's Dad)
and the early days of the Enterprise.


#1 Star Trek The Motion Picture - Kirk regains command of the
Enterprise but must prove himself by saving earth By Gene Roddenberry

#2 The Entropy Effect

#3 The Klingon Gambit

#4 The Covenant of the Crown

#5 The Prometheus Design

#6 The Abode of Life

#7 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn

#8 Black Fire - Someone has sabotaged the Enterprise...Spocks
investigation leads him marked as a traitor. Kirk must find out what
really happened and prove Spocks innocence. By Sonni Cooper

#9 Triangle - A love triangle between Kirk, Spock and a Federation "free
agent" named Sola Than. By Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath

#10 Web of the Romulans - The Romulans, ravaged by a virus, trick the
Enterprise into an attack. Meanwhile the ship's computer has fallen in
love with Kirk. By M.S. Murdock

#11 Yesterday's Son - Spock discovers that he sired a son with Zarabeth
(TOS episode "All Our Yesterdays") 5000 years ago. While Spock is using
the Guardian of Forever to visit his son, the Romulans attack. By A.C.

#12 Mutiny on the Enterprise - An alien named Lorelei bewitches the crew
into pacifism during a critical diplomatic mission to negotiate peace
between two planets and puts the crews lives in danger when a show of
force becomes necessary By Robert E. Vandeman

#13 The Wounded Sky - Kirk and crew are to test the new intergalactic
inversion drive, and engine system that transcends warp By Diane Duane

#14 The Trellisane Confrontation - The Enterprise rushes to war-torn
Trellisane. Kirk finds himself on a Klingon ship, McCoy is having
dinner with cannibals and the ship is surrounded by Romulans. By David

#15 Corona - The Enterprise and its crew are caught between a new life
force that could distroy the universe and a new computer that can
overide the Captains Orders. By Greg Bear

#16 The Final Reflection - A Klingon war strategist is sent to Earth.
Will he stop the Empire's covert plan to ruin the Federation? By John
M. Ford

#17 Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

#18 My Enemy, My Ally - Kirk joins forces with a female Romulan
commander to free Vulcans kidnapped for mind-power experiments. By
Diane Duane

#19 The Tears of the Singers- The Enterprise must stop a time/space warp
which somehow involves the inhabitants of Taygeta, creatures hunted and
killed for their tears. By Melinda Snodgrass

#20 The Vulcan Academy Murders - Someone is killing patients at the
Vulcan Academy Hospital. Illogical murder on Vulcan? Who dunnit???
By Jean Lorrah

#21 Uhura's Song - Uhura must reveal a sacred song sung to her in
confidence and then with the help of the crew of the Enterprise discover
its meaning in time to stop a deadly plague by Janet Kagan

#22 Shadow Lord - Accompanying young prince Vikram to his planet, Spock
and Sulu are thrust into a bloodbath against forces afraid of
modernization. By Laurence Yep

#23 Ishmael - Spock sent back to 1867 Seattle. From Here Come's the
Bride's series. By Barbara Hambly

#24 Killing Time - A Romulan time tampering project called Second
History puts the Enterprise into an alternate dimension of reality where
Spock is captain and Kirk is a bitter ensign. By Della Van Hise

#25 Dwellers in the Crucible - The Federation daring experiment to
prevent war among its members. Each warrantor, man or woman hostage for
the goverment of his native world. By Margaret Wander Bonanno

#26 Pawns and Symbols- Threatened by a deadly famine, the Klingon Empire
is on verge of igniting a mad interplanitary war of conquest. By
Mayliss Larson

#27 Mindshadow - A Romulan plot, a double agent, and Spock, with his
mental powers crippled and weak, holds the key. By J.M. Dillard

#28 Crisis on Centaurus - Centaurus, a beautiful and peaceful planet, is
bombed and annihilated. Oh yes, it's also the planet where Dr. McCoy's
daughter, Joanna, lives. By Brad Ferguson

#29 Drednought - First in class of Super Starships of outgunning any
Klingon Crusers. On eve of her maiden voyage she is stolen by
terrorists. By Diane Carey

#30 Deamons - A Starfleet expedition unearths an ancient force intent on
destroying the galaxy starting with Vulcan. By J.M. Dillard

#31 Battlestations - (sequel to Dreadnought) Kirk is accused of stealing
top secret technology dealing with transwarp propulsion. By Diane Carey

#32 Chain of Attack - Enterprise is hurled million of light years
through space, into distant galaxy of lifeless worlds and into middle of
endless war. By Gene DeWeese

#33 Deep Domain - Spock & Chekov are missing, Kirk must find them and in
doing so accidently uncovers a long buried secret of the people of
Akkalla. By Howard Weinstein

#34 Dreams of the Raven - A mysterious Alien attacks and cripples both
the Enterprise & also Dr.McCoy. By Carmen Carter

#35 The Romulan Way - Dr. McCoy trapped behind the Neutral Zone in the
heart of the Romulan empire. The truth behing the Romulan race. By
Diane Duane & Peter Morewood

#36 How Much for Just The Planet - The greatest source of dilithium
crystals is discovered on Direidi. Who will successfully negotiate for
the rights...Kirk or the Klingons? Just for laughs) By John Ford

#37 Bloodthirst - A class one medical emergency summons the Enterprise
to outpost two of the three researchers are dead their bodies drained of
blood. By Jim Dillard

#38 The IDIC Epidemic - Nisus a Vulcan Science colony where countless
races live togeather under the IDIC philosophy is threatened by a
plague. By Jean Lorrah

#39 Time for Yesterday - (sequel to "Yesterday's Son") The Guardian of
Forever begins to malfunction. Spock's son, Zar, can help but he's
having his own problems in the past. By A.C. Crispin

#40 Timetrap - Kirk is stranded in a strange new Klingon Empire 100
years in the future. By David Dvorkin

#41 The Three-Minute Universe - A race called the Sackers create a rip
in the fabric of space through which another universe is leaking. By
Barbara Paul

#42 Memory Prime - A deadly assassin is stalking the greatest scientists
of the federation as they gather for the Nobel and Z-Magnees prize
ceremonies. By Gar and Judith Reeves-Stevens

#43 The Final Nexus - A series of inter-stellar gates created by an
unknown race begins to break down, taking stars with them. The
Enterprise must find out why and how. By Gene DeWeese

#44 Vulcan's Glory - Spock's first mission on the Enterprise. Features
Capt. Pike, Number One and a very young new engineer named Montgomery
Scott. By D.C. Fontana

#45 Double, Double

#46 The Cry of the Onlies - Kirk must stop a experimental Starfleet
vessel that has accidently fallen into the hands of children. By Judy

#47 The Kobayashi Maru-a shuttlecraft accident with no hope for rescuse
gives Kirk, Checkov, Scotty, and Sulu time to reminise about each of
their Kobayashi Maru experiences By Julia Ecklan

#48 Rules of Engagement

#49 The Pandora Principle

#50 Doctor's Orders - by Diane Duane

#51 Enemy Unseen - The Enterprise is on a routine mission to ferry
diplomatic personnel, the mission turns out to be anything but routine.
By V.E. Mitchell

#52 Home is the Hunter

#53 Ghost Walker - The Enterprise is threatened by a unseen being who
roams the Enterprise corridors and plots great evil. By Barbara Hambly

#54 A Flag Full Of Stars- 2nd book of the lost years. Kirk has married
and started a new life. His quiet life is intrupted when he meets a
Klingon scientist G'dath who is living on earth teaching. G'dath's
invention draws the attention of the Klingons By Brad Ferguson

#55 Renegade - By Gene Deweese

#56 Legacy

#57 The Rift - a rift in spaces that only opens every 33 years is about
to open and Kirk and the Enterprise must take a diplomatic group to the
rift to meet with the Calligar from the other side. By Peter David

#58 Faces of Fire

#59 The Disnherited - Peaceful Federation colonys are being attacked,
The Enterprise must find out who is causing the complete devastation of
these planets and stop them from completing their deadly plans. By
Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, and Robert Greenberger

#60 Ice Trap- Kirk and crew are sent to an ice planet to find a missing
research vessel and get drawn into an investigation of a mysterious
outbreak of insanity - By L.A. Graf

#61 Sanctuary - By John Vrnholt

#62 Death Count

#63 Shell Game - The Enterprise encounters a Romulan space station adrift without
crew, Kirk must find out why before he and his crew are drawn into a
deadly shell game by Melissa Crandall

#64 The Starship Trap - Ships are missing. The Federation as well as
ships from other races like Klingon and Romulans are disapearing without
a trace. The Enterprise is being sent to investigate. By Mel Gilden

#65 Windows on a Lost World - The Enterprise is exploring ruins on
Careta IV. They discover strange artificats which resemble windows.
While trying to figure out what they do, Kirk and Chekov get dragged
through and must figure out a way to return. By V.E. Mitchell

#66 From The Depths - By Victor Milan


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