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This list was originally published in SSN issue 9207 by Bill Lambdin
With Bill's permission I have taken the list, which many have
contributed to, and added all the new TNG books that have been relased
since that time. I have also shortend some of synopses to conserve
space. Many thanks to all those who have helped with the list.
METAMORPHOSIS: While investigating gravitational disturbances on
Elysia, Lt. Data is granted his wish to become human. By Jean

ENCOUNTER AT FARPOINT: En route to Deneb IV (farpoint station),
the Enterprise is boarded by Q who threatens the crew with
execution. By David Gerrold.

VENDETTA: The Enterprise is on one last attempt to stop the
returning Borg from destroying the entire Federation. By Peter

UNIFICATION: Based on the television episode of the same name.
Spock is now an ambassador who has Journeyed to Romulus on a secret
mission. Picard & the Enterprise must find out why. By Jeri Taylor

REUNION: One of Picard's old crew mates from the Stargazer is
being crowned ruler of his world. He invites all his living
senior officers to join as part of the custom, and the Enterprise
is their transportation. But there's an assassin on board, can
the combined efforts of both crew find him? By Michael Jan Friedman

IMZADI: Explores the relationship of Will Riker & Deanna Troi
through time, from the moment of her early death back to how they
first met. Riker goes back in time to try and change history.
By Peter David.

RELICS: based on the television episode of the same name. After
horible accident, Montgomery Scott is trapped in a Transporter for
75 years only to be rescued by the current crew of the Enterprise By
Michael Jan Friedman

THE DEVIL'S HEART: It is a legendry object of unsurpassed power and
mystery. Worlds that believe in magic consider it Darkness's mightiest
talisman. Some say the Heart enables its possessor to control men's
minds, and to amass wealth enough for a dozen. By Carmen Carter

#1 GHOST SHIP: 300 years ago a creature absorbed the life-
essences of the crew of a Russian aircraft carrier. Now Deanna
Troi senses the voices of the lost crew. By Diane Carey

#2 THE PEACE KEEPERS: Lt. Data and Lt. Geordi are transported
light-years away into a station which was used to keep the people
on the planet below at peace. By Gene Deweese.

#3 THE CHILDREN OF HAMLIN: 50 years after the Hamlin Massacre an
outpost whose entire adult popluation was slaughtered the Choraii
ships have reappeared. By Carmen Carter.

#4 SURVIVORS: Data and Lt. Tasha Yar are sent to investigate on
Treva where a violent rebellion is underway. By Jean Lorrah

#5 STRIKE ZONE: The Kreel have discovered powerful weapons which
are being used against the Klingons. Mediation must be used
before a full scale war begins. By Peter David

#6 POWER HUNGRY: While the Enterprise is trying to deliver
supplies to Thiopa, they realize that the inhabitants are under a
severe dictatorship. By Howard Weinstein

#7 MASKS: While traviling to Lorca to establish diplomatic
relations, the crew discovers a world where masks are used to
show rank. By John Vornholt.

#8 THE CAPTAINS HONOR: The Enterprise and the starshop Centurion
are dispatched to Tenara which has been attacked by the M'Dok
Empire. By David & Daniel Dvorkin

#9 A CALL TO DARKNESS: A lifeless Federation research vessel is
discovered and a mysterious disease breaks out on board the shop.
By Michael Jan Friedman.

#10 A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE: Riker is sent to a planet named
Paradise to aid in a terraforming project that soon turns into a
life and death struggle. By Peter David

#11 GULLIVER'S FUGITIVES: The Enterprise is sent to search for
the USS Huxley and discovers the planet Rampart where crime is
imagination. By Keith Sharee.

#12 DOOMSDAY WORLD: After arriving at Kirlos (an artificial planet)
the crew begins to unearth many archaeological treasures. By Carmen
Carter, Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, & Robert Greenberger.

#13 THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDERS: Captain Picard and his crew come
across a space graveyard full of ships and an Artifact which
causes death and insanity. By A.C. Crispin.

#14 EXILES: Negotiation and rescue efforts are needed between
Alaj and Etolos before both worlds perish. By Howard Weinstein

#15 FORTUNE'S LIGHT: Riker and the Enterprise are drawn to
Imprima to investigate the disappearance of Fortune's Light. By
Michael Jan Friedman.

#16 CONTAMINATION: Lynn and Emil Costa had received high
achievement in scientific research. When Lynn is murdered, Lt.
Worf and Troi take the case. By John Vornholt

#17 BOOGEYMEN: While Picard's friend pleads for protection,
Wesley's holodeck project goes awry when his childhood fears
come to life. By Mel Gilden.

#18 Q-IN-LAW: Two rival families choose the Enterprise to be the
site of the wedding of their children, Q appears and takes an unusual
interest in one guests, Deanna's mother. By Peter David

#19: PERCHANCE TO DREAM: on a mission to Domarus IV a Enterprise
shuttle is captured by Tenirans. While negotiating for its relase,
the shuttle vanishes & Picard and the Teniran captian are transported.
to the planets surface where they must work together to solve the
mystery. By Howard Weinstein

#20 SPARTACUS: The Enterprise comes to the rescue of a Vemlan ship
dammaged by a violent storm, but things are not what they seem and
the Enterprise is soon deep in a dispute between the ship they rescued
and an entire vemelan fleet. By T.L. Mancour

#21 CHAINS OF COMMAND: The Enterprise comes across a group of human
slaves who see the Enterprise as their chance to revolt against a
birdlike race called the Tseetsk. By Bill McCay and Eloise Flood

#22 IMBALANCE: The Enterprise is sent to open negotiations with the
Jarada reclusive Insect beings little is known about. Friendly at
first, things swiftly change as the Jarada cut off the away team and
attack the Enterprise. By V.E. Mitchell

#23 WAR DRUMS: The Enterprise is sent to Selva to render assistance
when violence breaks out between colonists and a group of young
Klingons. By John Vornholt

#24 NIGHTSHADE: The Enterprise has been sent to the planet Oriana
to help negotiate an end to a civil war. Picard, Lt Worf & Troi
beem down to the planet just as the Enterprise gets called away on
another urgent mission. By Laurell K. Hamilton.

#25 GROUNDED: The Enterprise is infected, it is sloly begining to
disintegrate and Starfleet has ordered its evacuation and distruction.
Picard and crew race against time and Starfleet orders in order to save
the Enterprise. By David Bischoff

#26 THE ROMULAN PRIZE: On Routine patrol the Enterprise discovers a
Romulan War Bird adrift and lifeless, investigating the vessle the
Enterprise is drawn into a devious trap that leads to a planet that was
quarantined over 30 years ago. By Simon Hawke

#27 GUISES OF THE MIND: Picard and the Enterprise are sent to finalize
the signing of a treaty with Capulon IV. They find a once friendly
crown prince now hostile and changed. They must find out happened before
the cornation making him King. By Rebecca Neason

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