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From: Lt. Konnu/Capt. Picard

"_Who_ is Nikctalos?" asked Konnu.
Jack shook her head. "He's a Borg. Believe me, it would take
too long to explain."
"Not the Borg I saw in Sick Bay?"
Konnu raised his eyebrows. "A Romulan at Tactical and a Borg
in Sick Bay--this is the strangest ship I have ever been on.
Well. You say, Commander--" he looked at Barnabas-- "that you
think the Borg ship should be crippled by now. But we have no way
of knowing how far the Nanite infection has spread."
"True," said Barnabas reluctantly. "According to our previous
calculations, the Nanites would have infiltrated the whole Borg
network by now _if_ all of the hand-helds had operated at optimum
efficiency. We can't be sure how effective the Borg have been at
stopping this infection. All we can say is that they appear to be
crippled and that they have not fired a shot since the one that
destroyed the Fermi."
"So any second now, the Borg could be tearing this ship
apart!" Konnu looked grim. "We need to distract them until we can
be sure the Nanites have done their work."
"Captain," Mac Scott reported from the engineering console at
the back of the bridge. " The cloaking device will only operate for
another 5 minutes until I have to shut it down."
"Well," Jack addressed the bridge crew, "any suggestions?"
"Captain," Salek turned around from the Ops station. "We could
lead the Borg on a high warp chase. It would buy us time..."
"Bah!" Konnu almost spat out a racial slur until he checked
himself. The Romulan was a higher ranking officer.
"Perhaps the Klingon has a better suggestion?" Salek spat.
"That will do Centurion." Picard was getting upset. The
Klingon and Romulan were already exchanging deadly looks. "Well Mr.
Konnu, have your say."
"We could make for the Lodge asteroid cloud. Once there, we
could use the asteroids to our advantage! We could hide amongst
them and wait for the time to attack the Borg!"
"That might not--" began Jack, but Salek interrupted her.
"Captain! Incoming transmission... It's being forced to the
The crew gasped as they watched the form of a Klingon-Borg
appear on the main viewer.
"G'arecth!" Konnu shouted after recognizing his old friend in
this new, hideous form.
"The G'arecth unit no longer exists. I am Laboitor, of Borg.
Your preparations are irrelevant. Your attempts to harm us with
small creatures are irrelevant."
"He's bluffing!" said Barnabas.
"Bluffing is irrelevant. You will now unconditionally
surrender to the Borg. We will reclaim the Borg unit we seek, and
you will all be assimilated. Any further resistance will result in
the destruction of your vessel."
Jack made a slashing motion across her throat to cut
communications. The main viewer returned to showing the outside of
the imposing Borg ship.
"They may or may not be right about the Nanites," she said.
"Mr. Konnu, I think we're going to have to take your suggestion.
Mr. Slike, take the helm; I'm counting on you to keep this ship
from colliding with any of those asteroids. Estimated time to the
Lodge asteroid cloud?"
"Five minutes at Warp Nine, Captain."
"Plot cours 127 bearing 280 mark 7. Cloaker to half-power,
Mr. Salek, and... engage." Jack turned and sat down in the
Captain's chair as the _Enterprise_ wheeled and shot off into the
void, the Borg vessel in lumbering pursuit.
"It appears to be barely able to keep up with us, Captain,"
said Barnabas. "I think the Nanites aren't quite as irrelevant as
the Borg thought they were."
"Good," said Jack. "Let's see how long it takes before
they're _really_ relevant..."

From: Capt. Jacqueline Picard

"Borg vessel remains in pursuit," said Maverint. "Now
entering the Lodge asteroid belt."
"Steady as she goes, Lieutenant." Jack rose from her chair
and began slowly to pace the bridge. "There is no time to call an
official council on this matter, but I would like your input.
Lieutenant Konnu, you may consider yourself part of this council
for the moment."
"My thanks, Captain," said Konnu.
Jack gave him a short nod of acknowledgement. "It seems clear
that the Nanites are doing their job. The Borg ship is unable to
maintain a prolonged pursuit and has made no effort to fire its
"Electromagnetic shield strength is decreasing steadily," said
Maverint, his eyes on the helm readout.
"That's consistent with the projected results of a late-stage
Nanite infection," said Barnabas. "I think there can be no doubt
that our operation has been a success."
"In that case, we have the potential to destroy the Borg
ship," Jack continued. "The question is: should we?"
"If you will permit me to suggest, Captain," said Salek from
above, "such an attack upon a crippled vessel might be considered
grounds for an all-out war between the Borg and the Federation."
"And if the Borg decide to make a war out of this," Barnabas
added sombrely, "we won't be able to use the same tricks on them
again. They learn from every battle. They'll develop a complete
defense against future Nanite infiltration, and a resistance to
detonite explosives, and we'll be no better off than anybody who'd
never met the Borg before. We'd be dead in the water."
"It is certain that the Federation could not withstand an all-
out Borg assault," rumbled Konnu. "One ship was able to destroy
six Federation vessels during the last encounter with the Borg.
The reappearance of another Borg ship suggests that they may have
a great number of other vessels which, if employed in this battle,
could conceivably destroy the Federation as we know it."
Jack looked grave. "I am aware of that, Lieutenant. However,
the danger of not destroying this ship may be just as great."
"What is the purpose of the Borg in invading this sector?"
Konnu asked, heavy brow furrowing. "They do not seem to be bent
upon conquest. They treated the _Pach'Iw_ as if it were a mere
obstacle to their real goal."
"It was," said Jack. "They want the Borg unit you saw in Sick
Bay--Nikctalos D'pyrann. However, he is a Starfleet officer, and
I do not intend to let him go."
"Is one Borg worth the lives of three crewmen?" asked Salek in
"For once I find that I agree with a Romulan," said Konnu.
"This does not seem to make sense."
"When I entered this battle," said Jack tightly, "it was not
my intent to lose _any_ crewmen. The fact that we have lost three
is indeed a blow to the _Enterprise_. However, the Borg are a threat
which must be dealt with. They are not known for compassion: who
is to say that, given Nikctalos, they would not immediately destroy
this vessel and move on to conquest of the entire sector? That is
a risk I am not inclined to take, sirs. No, Nikctalos will remain,
and we _will_ finish this battle."
An asteroid tumbled past the screen and on into the reaches of
space. "That looked a little close, Mr. Slike," said Jack.
"Sorry, sir. Electromagnetic fluctuations from the Borg
vessel seem to be altering the trajectories of these asteroids.
Recommend we exit the field as soon as possible."
"Recommendation accepted," said Jack. "It would be extremely
embarrassing to beat the Borg and then be pummelled to death by
Maverint laid in the new course. "The Borg's electromagnetic
field is off, Captain. They seem to have experienced major power
loss to their systems. Regeneration rate has dropped to 10% of
normal capacity."
"They're dying," said Barnabas. "They're no threat to us
"Agreed," said Jack. "Mr. Salek--"
"N'Dok to Picard," crackled James's voice through the
communicator. Jack touched her badge. "Yes, Doctor?"
"I've just managed to isolate Nikctalos D'pyrann completely
from the conscious part of the Borglink! Or so Counsellor T'Pryn
tells me."
"That is correct," confirmed T'Pryn's quiet voice.
"How is he?" asked Barnabas.
"He's pretty ragged out, but I'll say he should be back to
normal within a couple of days."
"That's good news, Doctor," said Jack. "Keep us posted.
Picard out."
"Captain!" said Maverint. "Energy levels increasing on the
Borg ship!"
"Communication coming through," said Salek almost at the same
"Open channel," said Barnabas.
The half-Klingon, half-Borg Laboitor appeared on the screen.
One hand was clutched to his chest as if he were suffering the
advanced stages of a heart attack; the other gripped the metal pole
beside him for support. "Borg unit 889 349 246 345 001 has been
terminated," he rasped. "It has become irrelevant."
"So it has," said Jack crisply. "And so have you. Mr. Salek,
prime all weapons--"
"Captain!" shouted Maverint. "The Borg ship is about to self-
"Warp Eight, Lieutenant! Engage!"
Maverint's hands flew across the console. The _Enterprise_
veered and shot out of the asteroid belt like an arrow from Orion's
bow, just as the Borg ship convulsed, glowed white-hot and exploded
like a supernova. Chunks of flaming debris hurtled past the
_Enterprise_, and the ship rocked.
"Captain! Aft shields down by 30%!" came Mac Scott's voice
over the intercom.
"Transfer all power to the aft shields!" shouted Jack.
"Lieutenant, increase to Warp Nine!"
"Increasing... we've made it!"
"On screen, Mr. Slike."
The main viewer filled with the image of the vast black
reaches of space, what had once been the Borg ship now a mere
twinkling star among a thousand.
Jack took a deep breath. "Drop to Warp Two, Lieutenant. Lay
in course for Starbase 643. Mr. Salek, open a frequency to the
"Hailing frequency open," said Salek, and Jack found herself
looking at the weary face of the _Pach'Iw_'s Captain. "Captain
Krador," she acknowledged. "May I congratulate you and your
crewmen for their valiant efforts in the service of the Klingon
Empire and of the Federation. And may I also extend my condolences
on the loss of your crewmembers. We too have suffered losses in
this battle, but as you can well see the struggle was not in vain."
"Indeed," growled Krador. "We have your Ensign Amburil on
board our ship. She was responsible for the rescue of one of our
officers. For that you have our gratitude."
"We will rendezvous at Starbase 643, if you are amenable to
the arrangement," said Jack, "and we will retrieve our Ensign
there. You would also be very welcome to stop and refresh
yourself, and I feel certain also that the Starbase will be glad to
provide you with whatever resources you will need to repair your
ship for the journey home."
"Our thanks, Captain Picard," said Krador. "We will meet you
at the Starbase. Krador out." His image vanished.
Jack let out a long breath and turned to see Barnabas looking
at her. He looked more tired than she had ever seen him before.
"Mr. Cole," she said quietly, "you are dismissed. Go and get some
Barnabas looked as though he were about to protest, then
nodded slowly and trudged up the ramp to the turbolift. Jack
turned to Konnu. "Lieutenant, I appreciate your great service to
this ship, but you are no longer required for the present: I offer
you the freedom of the _Enterprise_. If you wish, quarters will be
provided, or you may wish to engage in a battle simulation on the
Konnu bared his teeth in a slow Klingon smile. "You know your
Klingons well, Captain." He saluted her and headed after Barnabas.
Jack watched him go and then collapsed into her chair.
"This has been the longest day of my life," she said.

From: Doctor James N'dok

James was busy at work. He had just managed to sever the new
Starfleet Borg completely from the Borg-consciousness. A report was
due and...
"James!" It was Kate. N'Dok wheeled around to come face to face
with a Borg.
"Abduction is irrelevant. Return our malfunctioning unit."
James was getting angry. "Wanna know something you piece of
tin? YOU'RE irrelevant." He raised his phaser and fired at the
Borg, apparently killing him. "And so are the Borg," he added.

"N'Dok to Picard!"
"What's up, Doctor? How's our patient doing?"
"Just fine Captain, but we've, uh, had a vistor."
"A visitor...?" Jacqueline paused. "A Borg?"
"Yes sir. I killed it."
There was a brief pause. James concluded that Jack was
checking with the bridge staff to confirm. "We didn't detect it,
"Uh oh. This doesn't seem good, Captain."
"I agree, Doctor. Senior Officers meeting in 10 minutes."
"Yes sir."
James took a moment to reflect. "I hate this..." he muttered.

From: Capt. Jacqueline Picard

"The Borg Dr. N'Dok shot may have been the only one," said
Jack. "But we can't be sure of that. Our sensors aren't telling
us anything."
Silence. She stopped pacing around the council table and
gazed at her officers. Barnabas, having enjoyed precisely thirty
seconds of sleep before the meeting was called, sat at the far end
of the table looking like the creation of an unusually inventive
taxidermist; James was a little wild around the eyes after his
encounter with the Borg; Salek and Konnu were busy exchanging
baleful glares; and even the effervescent Mac looked sombre. Jack
herself felt like she'd been dragged backward through a Tigellian
harvester. The only one who seemed to have it all together was
T'Pryn--but then with Vulcans, one never knew.
"I've tried modifying the sensors to pinpoint the Borg," said
Mac wearily, "but nothing seems to pick them up. They've got to be
wearing some sort of sensor-jamming device--or maybe it's built
into them. Or there aren't any more Borg on board, but for some
reason I kinda doubt that."
"So do I," said Salek dryly. "It would seem logical--" T'Pryn
glanced at him sharply, then smiled-- "that if the Borg were able
to transport any units off the ship before it exploded, they'd do
so. Not as we would, to save individual lives, but rather in one
last attempt to destroy us."
"How many Borg do you think would have made it here, then?"
"There is no way to be certain," growled Konnu. "Except to
make a complete manual sweep of all decks."
Jack nodded. "Mr. Salek, coordinate Security and make it so."
As Salek rose from his seat and headed toward the door, Konnu
said, "May I be permitted to participate in the sweep, sir? I
would like to familiarize myself with this vessel."
"And you'd hate to miss a good fight, no doubt," said Jack
with a half-smile. "Proceed, Mr. Konnu. Oh, and both of you--"
Salek and Konnu stopped and looked back.
"Try not to kill each other, will you? It's the Borg we're
supposed to be fighting, not ourselves."
The grin that tugged at the Klingon's mouth was a little bit
sheepish, Salek's raised eyebrows equally so. The door hissed shut
behind them and Jack continued, "Well. The question is--"
"I have a question," said Mac abruptly. "If there are any
Borg units left on board, how are they functioning? On board their
ship they depend on a computer network, so they can act together.
Without that Group Mind, they're useless."
"In fact, they generally die," added Barnabas, who was
starting to look somewhat less stuffed and more like his old self
"Right," said Mac. "So how are they functioning now?"
Barnabas looked at Mac. Mac looked at James. James looked at
T'Pryn. T'Pryn looked at Jack. And a single word came from five
mouths at once:
"Did you call me, Captain?" came the familiar cultured British
voice over the intercom. Now, however, it sounded unusually
strained. "My pardon, but I am finding myself somewhat taxed at
the moment."
"I imagine you are," said Jack crisply. "How long ago did
they penetrate your system?"
"Approximately fifteen minutes ago a Borg unit appeared in
Holodeck One and jacked itself in."
"Is it still there?"
Moriarty's voice had a catch in it. "I--don't know, Captain.
I have been cut off from assimilating any sensor readings.
Jacqueline, is this what it's like to be blind?"
The plaintive note in the last sentence made Jack's throat
tighten, but she refused to let it show. "Can't you fight them?"
"I am making every effort--Jacqueline, I have no time to speak
to you! My pardon! Moriarty out."
"Mr. Scott," said Jack. "I want an Engineering team working
on restoring sensor functions. Give Moriarty all the help you
can." She touched her communicator. "Mr. Salek, you may find a
Borg unit in Holodeck One."
"...Aye, sir. Proceeding."
Jack took a deep breath and sank down into the Captain's chair
at the head of the table. "Well, Mr. Cole," she said to the
silent, brooding figure beside her, "any further suggestions?"
"If you don't mind, Captain, I'm going to steal James, and
we'll go have a look at Nikctalos's internal schematics. We might
be able to figure out some sort of chemical compound to release
into the ship's atmosphere which would paralyse or kill any Borg on
board, but leave us unharmed."
"Of course we'd have to put Nikctalos in a quarantine unit
first," put in James, with a lopsided grin. "Can't forget that,
can we?"
"I should say not," said Jack. "But the idea sounds an
excellent one. Make it so. Counsellor T'Pryn, you may accompany
me back to the bridge... This meeting is adjourned."

From: Lt. (JG) Konnu

Konnu could feel his adrenaline rush as he and Salek ran into
the first armoury they came across. The two began selecting
several weapons they could use to remove the Borg from Holodeck
One. Konnu wedged a Type IIB phaser into his belt, and picked up a
Klingon combat blade from the ship's limited supply of Klingon
weaponry. Salek holstered a Type III phaser rifle. Salek looked
from his rifle to Konnu's blade and smiled.
"The knife is a good weapon!" Konnu growled.
Salek's smile turned into a small chuckle.
"Bah!" Konnu turned and began running down the deck towards
the Holodeck. Salek followed, trying not to laugh.
The two were met outside the Holodeck by a small security
force. "Lieutenants!" the leader of the security team, Ensign
Stone, shouted. "The Borg is inside... jacked into the computer!"
"What is he doing?" asked Salek.
"Nothing sir. He's just ignoring us." Stone answered. Indeed,
as Konnu and Salek stared into the open holodeck, the Borg was
standing just inside the `arch'. A small cord was connecting his
sensor arm to the computer console. Konnu and Salek prepared to
"Sirs!" Stone protested. "Aren't we supposed to give a
"FIRE!!!" Konnu and Salek said in unison. The Klingon,
Romulan, and five-member security team fired at the Borg. To
Konnu's dismay, the familiar Borg shield sprang up and absorbed the
phaser blasts as if it had been water hitting a thirsty sponge. Not
to be daunted, Konnu ordered the computer to clear the safeties on
their phasers. All Federation issue phasers and phaser rifles were
tied into the ship's computer system, and an automatic safety
program would not allow any of the phaser's to fire on a setting
greater than a setting of 7, unless overridden.
"Maximum power!" Konnu shouted. "FIRE!" Once again, the
yellow-orange beams of energy lashed out at the Borg, and once
again the blasts were absorbed by the Borg's shields.
"What!?!" Salek said in disbelief. He switched the rifle to
rapid fire and began peppering the Borg with phaser blasts. The
Borg shields annulled them all. The Borg continued his assault on
Moriarty, totally ignoring the trigger happy people outside of the
"Are you quite done, sir?" Konnu barked.
"I don't understand! Even on maximum power..." Salek looked at
the rifle. It had overheated and had automatically shut down.
"The Borg is tied into our computer. It knows the frequencies
of all our weapons." Konnu explained.
"Of course... why didn't we think of that. What now?" Salek
asked. He had thought about trying to rush in and use physical
force to remove the Borg, but he had heard what could happen in a
holodeck when the safety measures were overridden, and no doubt,
the Borg knew about such things now.
"Well," The Klingon turned his back to the Borg and drew the
Klingon blade from the ceremonial sash he wore over his uniform.
"We could surrender and prepare for assimilation..." Konnu pressed
a button on the knife and two smaller blades popped out from either
side of the sharp, larger blade. The Borg spoke:
"Assimilation is relevant."
"Yaaagh!" Konnu spun and quickly threw the knife, not at the
Borg, but at the Borg's lifeline to the _Enterprise_'s computer. It
neatly sliced the cord in two. The Borg shorted out. Electricity
arced all over the cyborg's body for a brief moment, and then the
man/machine fell immobilized to the floor. Small puffs of yellow
smoke rose from his ears. Konnu looked at Salek.
"The knife IS a good weapon." Konnu cracked a rare Klingon
"I still liked the rifle." Salek pouted.
"It isn't bad..." Konnu tapped his communicator. "Konnu to
Captain Picard..."
"Picard here. Report Lieutenant."
"The intruder in Holodeck One has been... dealt with." Konnu
noticed that Salek smiled at this interpretation of events. Perhaps
this Romulan was different from the rest of the lowly race...

From: Capt. Jacqueline Picard

"Good work, Lieutenant," said Jack from her seat on the
bridge. "Centurion, have you found any other Borg units on the
"I've ordered the Security teams to do a full-deck sweep,"
said Salek. "So far we have received no reports of Borg
encounters, but there are still several decks to be explored."
"Acknowledged. Keep me posted." Jack turned the intercom off
and raised her head. "Moriarty!"
There was a long pause.
"Moriarty! Respond, please."
When the silence persisted she rose from her chair and headed
over to the empty Ops station. Her fingers flashed across the
touchpad, and her lips tightened in a frown.
"It would appear that the Borg have rendered Moriarty deaf as
well as blind," observed T'Pryn.
"More or less. He's suffered full sensor shutdown." Jack
tapped her badge. "Picard to Scott."
Mac's voice echoed in the stillness of the bridge. "Captain?"
"What's the status in Engineering? Have you been able to
isolate any further Borg intrusions into the system?"
"For all we know there might still be a Borg somewhere in
here. I've got a couple of ensigns crawling around the power
conduits with randomized phasers, but they haven't found anything
so far. We're working on restoring sensor functions, but there
still seems to be a lot of butter in the works."
"Some crumbs must have gotten into it," murmured Jack. "You
shouldn't have put it in with the bread-knife."
"But it was the _best_ butter." She heard the laugh in Mac's
voice. "Didn't think you'd pick up on that one so fast."
"I must have played _Alice in Wonderland_ on the holodecks
about a thousand times as a child," said Jack. "I could hardly
miss it. Very well, Mr. Scott, proceed. Keep me informed on your
progress. I _need_ Moriarty back."
Mac sounded faintly surprised. "Okay, Captain... Scott out."
Jacqueline sat down at the Ops console, lips folding between
her teeth as she concentrated. If she could just get some sort of
line of communication open between Moriarty and herself, he might
be able to tell her where the rest of the Borg might be, or how
many there were, or something.
A long moment passed. Then the reply crawled hesitantly
across the screen: --MORIARTY HERE--HOW MAY I ASSIST YOU?--
Jack touched her communicator. "Mr. Salek!"
"Yes, Captain?"
"Have you found anything yet?"
"Nothing, sir. So far all teams have reported the decks
"Moriarty says there's still a Borg jacked in somewhere. Keep
looking, Centurion!"
"Aye, sir. Salek out."
Jack took a deep breath. She needed to relax a little. She
needed to think. There was nothing more she could do now; her crew
was doing everything that could be expected of them.
"Lieutenant," she said to Maverint Slike, "You have the bridge
for the time being. I'll be in my Ready Room."
Slike nodded, rose from his seat and moved toward the
Captain's chair; Ensign Yarno took his place at the conn. Jack
took one last glance at the bridge to reassure herself that all was
well, walked into the Ready Room--
--And came face to face with a Borg.
It was jacked into the mini-console on her wall, and it paid
her absolutely no heed. Jack whacked her badge so hard she just
about stabbed herself to death and barked "Security to the Ready
Room on the double!"
The Borg's head swivelled around. "Acting Captain Jacqueline
Marie Picard, offspring of Locutus of Borg. You will be
"I think not," said Jack between her teeth. But the Borg had
jacked out. It moved between her and the door. She backed up
slowly as the Borg approached, reaching for the emergency phaser
clipped to the side of the desk. Then she remembered that it would
be of no use to her whatsoever; the Borg was shielded.
_Think, Jack! Think!_ But her thoughts were in fragments.
She took another step back and bumped into the wall. The Borg
reached out--
Then all at once she knew what to do. With a sudden surge of
adrenalin she ducked away from the Borg's grasp, darted behind it,
grabbed the two power couplings at the base of its neck and pulled
with all her might. The Borg screamed--a high, inhuman, metallic
whine--and convulsed. Sparks flew, burning Jack's hands, jolting
her away from the Borg. She fell to the floor, just as the door
burst open and Konnu rushed in, wielding a huge Klingon dagger. He
hefted it and threw it with full force at the Borg unit. It buried
itself in its back. The Borg dropped to the floor, still twitching
but otherwise lifeless. They stared at it.
"Captain," came Mac Scott's voice through her communicator,
"the Borglink has gone off-line. We're breaking up the new code
and restoring normal computer functions. Internal and external
sensors should be on-line within the hour."
Jack had to take a few deep, heaving breaths before she could
reply. "Acknowledged... Mr. Scott. Good work. Picard out."
Salek reached out to help Jack to her feet. She shook her
head and stood up on her own, brushing dust from her uniform. She
felt eerily calm, but when she looked down at her scarred and
bleeding hands she saw that they were shaking.
"Well done, Lieutenant," she said to Konnu. "Mr. Salek, I
would be obliged if you would accompany me to Sick Bay--"
And then, for the first time in Jack's life, she fainted.

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