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24th Century News (last update 1/92)
RR #3 Box 4-B
Port au Port, Nf. A0N 1T0 Canada

Atlantic Canadian NEXT GENERATION Fanzine. For info. send SASE.

ASTAF (last update 1/92)
c/o Gabriele M. Wrubel
P.O. Box 365
A-1211 Vienna

Dues Austria AS 250, Europe AS 300, Ask for U.S. Membership rates. Monthly
Fanzine. Everything is published in German.

Beverlyophiles (last update 1/92)
2116 W. Garfield Blvd,
Chicago, IL 60609

Beverly Crusher/TNG correspondence zine. $10.00 per six months, $20.00 per
thirteen months. Published monthly featuring correspondence primarily oriented
toward Gates McFadden/Beverly Crusher as well as current TNG conversation.
Edited by Kimberley Junius.

Continuum (last update 1/92)
2753 Fourth Street
Wyandotte, Mi. 48192

Here is a Fanzine for all loyal Q fans. It is authorized and recognized by
John "Q" DeLancie. Write for info. Please send SASE.

Data Entries: A Brent Spiner Newsletter (last update 1/92)
1853 Fallbrook Ave,
San Jose, CA 95130

Quarterly fanzine focusing on Brent Spiner and TNG. $5.00 per year or $1.50
for single issues. Edited by Jim and Melody Rondeau. This was the first
regular TNG publication.

The Michael Dorn Appreciation Organization (last update 1/92)
P.O. Box 185
Ellicott City, MD 21043

Michael Dorn fan newsletter. $18.00 per year. Bimonthly fanzine focusing
primarily on Mr. Dorn and the Klingons. Edited by Marc B. Lee.

East Coast Trekkers (last update 1/92)
c/o Richard Brown
2 Rowan Road
Martham, Norfolk
NR29 4RY England

Send SASE for information.

The Electronic Male (last update 1/92)
7914 Creek Trail
San Antonio, TX 78250

Brent Spiner/TNG review/update fanzine. Send SASE for current prices.
Published quarterly. Fanzine features updates on Brent's career plus reviews
and TNG nostalgia. Edited by K. Joyce McDonald.

Enterprise America (last update 1/92)
Suite 271
12439 Magnolia Boulevard
North Hollywood, CA 91607

$12 payable to Jim Lyon. Send SASE for more information.

The Federation (last update 8/92)
c/o Bryan A. Ackerman
18225 Lost Knife Circle #104
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20879

Membership is $15.00 per person, or $20.00 per familiy in US funds. Non-US
funds, per person is $22.00. For more information, send a self-addressed
stamped envelope.

IAAPS: The International Audience Alliance For
Patrick Stewart (last update 3/92)
1411 Colonial Ave #B-5
Norfolk, VA 23517

Patrick Stewart fan organization. $18.00 per year domestic, $20.00 per year
Canadian, $22.00 per year foreign. Publishes "Stargazer", a bimonthly fanzine
dedicated to the career of Patrick Stewart. Contains reviews, articles and
other information. Very member-oriented. Edited by Kate Maynard and the IAAPS
Committee. Checks payable to IAAPS.

I.D.I.C. (last update 1/92)
15 Letter Dail
Cairbbaa, Lochgilphead, Argyl PA31 8SX, Scotland

IDIC ST CLUB: covers all of TREK. Bi-monthly fanzine roughly 60-84 pages
long. Send SAE + $1 to Janet Quarton.

IDIC Fan Group (last update 8/92)
8805 E. 12th Ave. #311
Denver, CO 80220

Membership is free. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope for more

Imzadi: The Marina Sirtis Newsletter (last update 1/92)
3084 Chastain Park
Atlanta, GA, 30342

Marina Sirtis and STAR TREK fan organization. $6.00 per year. Publishes
"Imzadi" three times per year. Dedicated to fan input, talks with Marina,
current news and more. Edited by William S. McCullars. A very chatty, newsy

Inside Trekkers Fan Club (last update 1/92)
Edgar B Schodde
5215 Powhattan St.
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15224

Dues $7.00 per year. Make checks payable to Edgar B. Schodde. Membership
includes Starship diagrams, StarFleet Officers regulations, Club roster,
membership card, and a quarterly fanzine. Send SASE for more information.

Klingon Assault Group [KAG] (last update 6/93)
PO Box 421
Reese, MI 48757

{no information available}

Klingon Legion of Assult Warriors [K.L.A.W.] (last update 6/93)
c/o Scott Kuhr
PO Box 5302
Winter Park, Florida 32793-5302

Membership is $12.00 for new memberships and $10.00 for renewals. For more
information, send a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Klingon Strike Force (last update 6/93)
Thought-Admiral Keel Epetai K'Ta-ri
c/o David L. Christensen
12601 22nd Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98168-2323

{no information available}

LASTASAM STELAL ROM'LNZ (last update 1/92)
R.R. 3 Box 107
Egg Harbor, NJ. 08215
in care of Admiral Tomianus or Commander S'Letya.

Romulan Fan club $12.50 per year. Send $25.00 to include a T-shirt. Make
checks payable to Neil T. White. Send a SASE for more information.

Leonard Nimoy's Fan Club (last update 1/92)
Barbara Walker
17 Gateway Dr.
Batavia, NY. 14020

Leonard Nimoy's only officially, personally authorized fan club. Send SASE
to address above for a flyer.

The Picardian (last update 1/93)
c/o Marilyn Wilkerson
1008 S. Parker Ave.
Evansville, IN 47714

This is a pure fun fanzine that takes a look at TNG from the lighter side of
the show and pokes fun at _everything_. It is also considered the home of the
DSPSG (Drooling, Slobbering, Pactrick Stewart Groupies).

Romulan Star Empire (last update 6/93)
Cheryl Whitmore (Supreme Praetor Aidoann T'Dhiemn)
Star Empire
PO Box 3508
Dayton, Ohio 45401

"Romulan Star Empire" is an organization whose purpose is to bring together
Romulans of the Galaxy. Like Starfleet and the various Klingon groups (KAG,
Mortaas-Te-Kaase, etc.) they meet, help the community out, and in general make
new friends and have fun. They develop fictitious characters for themselves and
make "assignments" to one of several departments in the Star Empire. These
include the Homeworld/Senate, Imperial Fleet, Office of Information Services,
and more.
Memberships include a handbook, membership card, and a subscription to the
bi-monthly newsletter "The Star Path." Memberships, currently, are $8 in the
US, $10 (US) for Canada or Mexico, $12 (US) overseas.

STARFLEET (last update 6/93)
c/o Robb Lerman
P.O. Box 980008
West Sacramento, California 95798-0008


Annual membership in STARFLEET begins with a package containing a membership
card, memo pad, and a listing of chapters throughout the world, including the
one nearest you! The membership handbook will introduce you to STARFLEET's
unique infrastructure that offers two membership options. One allows you to be
an associate member with no obligation other than receiving membership
materials and newsletters. The other option provides a more futuristic
atmosphere for those fans intrigued by the fleet structure of STAR TREK's
universe. After receiving the membership package, a new member will have the
opportunity to sign aboard the starship (chapter) of their choice, hold a
fictional rank and position and take part in the chapter's STAR TREK related
activities and community service projects.
Another element of STARFLEET is the annual subscription to the COMMUNIQUE,
our bi-monthly newsletter that members receive. The COMMUNIQUE contains
current information on STARFLEET operations and chapter activities, list of
upcoming conventions, news and information on STAR TREK media and articles on
the space program and related areas.


United States: $15.00 per year for 1 member, $19.00 per year for 2 Members,
$22.00 per year for 3 or more. Overseas, Canada, & Mexico: $20.00 (U.S. funds)
per year for 1 member, $24.00 (U.S. Funds) for 2 members.
When joining please send check or money order (U.S. Funds only).

Starfleet Academy
P.O. Box 2312
Evansville, IN 47728

For more information, send a SASE.

STARFLEET COMMAND (last update 12/92)
P.O. Box 26076
Indianapolis, IN 46226-0076

Starfleet Command is a fan run organization based loosely on the Starfleet
organization. Membership includes and ID card, duty orders, and assignment to
either an academy training ship, or the closest starship to your sector. If
you are a member of another fan organization, you join Starfleet Command at the
rank you are in the other organization. If this is your first organization
with a rank structure, you join in at Cadet. You are then given the option of
taking the Cadet Promotion Examination. If you score at least 70%, you become
an Ensign. If you score 100%, you become a Lt.(j.g.).
Members are encouraged to join the Unit that is in their sector be become
more knowledgeable about Star Trek and various space exploration events.
Members also receive a quarterly news letter (Activity Report) on other units
in the US (Sector 01 units) and Europe (Sector 02 units). Units range from
simple planet-bound outposts to various star-farring vessels (tugs, scouts,
destroyers, cruisers (light & heavy) and dreadnoughts).


For individuals, $10.00 per year or a lifetime membership for $75.00. For a
family of two, $17.00 per year or a lifetime membership of $100.00. For
families larger than two, $24.00 per year or a lifetime membership of $100.

For more information, send a SASE to the above address.

Star Trek The Official Fan Club (last update 10/92)
P.O. Box 111000
Aurora. Co. 80011
1 year $ 11.95/USA, $14.00/CANADA, $23.95/FOREIGN

You receive 6 bi-monthly magazines, a membership card, and an Official Fan
Club patch. Send a SASE for more information.

Star Trek Toronto Inc. (last update 12/92)
Suite 0116, Box 208
65 Front Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Holds monthly meetings for members and mails out newsletters each month as
well. Send SASE for more info.

The Star Trek Welcommittee (last update 12/92)
P.O. Drawer 12
Saranac, MI 48881.

THE STAR TREK WELCOMMITTEE, a non-profit volunteer organization,
licensed by Paramount Studios, is a central information exchange. Its'
volunteer members answer questions and provide information about Trek fandom
for only the price of a SASE. It is a service organization and NOT a `club'
that one can join. It supports itself through the sales of the "Directory of
Star Trek Organizations", as well as other sales items. It also welcomes
donations of salable SF/ST merchandise, as well as money gifts.
The Star Trek Welcommittee has many volunteers in the US and overseas
(Great Britan and Europe). Most are "Crew Members", which answer general Star
Trek questions. Others are specific "experts" in their field, such as
Convention Listings, Costuming, Foreign Fans, Library Computer, Newsclipping,
Penpals, PC Consultants, Sight-Loss services, Space and future resources, Star
Trek educational programs, and fanzine aquisition and publishing. Also, the
"Directory of Star Trek Organizations" strives to accruately list as many of
the various Star Trek organizations as possible, including those of the major,
sanctioned fan organizations such as STARFLEET, Starfleet Command, the
International Federation of Trekkers, The Federation, Klingon Assault Group,
and KLAW.
An information sheet, listing the addresses of the above services and
departments of the Star Trek Welcommittee, is available by sending a SASE.

Trek Guide (last update 1/92)
P.O. Box 2522
Renton. Wa. 98056-0522.

Send SASE for information.

Tribbles Fan Club (last update 1/92)
P.O. Box 543 Mendocino, Ca. 95460

Send SASE for information.

UTOPE (last update 1/92)
P.O. Box 1031
Carthage, Tx 75633

The United Trekkers Of Planet Earth is a fan communication/news exchange
group dedicated to the original crew. The newsletter is published monthly.

The William Shatner Connection (last updated 11/92)
Joyce Mason, Editor
7059 Atoll Avenue
North Hollywood, CA. 91605

The Connection sends out quarterly fanzines with photos, columns of various
topical subjects, a column written by Bill, his appearance calendar, reviews, a
column by his wife Marcy, notes from his personal secretary and other
Shatner/Hollywood stuff.
Probably the highlight to joining the Connection is the invitation to attend
the annual Shatner Weekend. This is a three day event with cocktail parties,
auctions, visits in person with Bill which are usually more intimate and
different than is convention appearances. There is also an evening dinner
where everyone dresses up and he and his wife come to dinner with the group.
This year and last we attended a horse show where Bill rode, (and won first
place) in Santa Barbara. The group is diverse and yet shares one thing in
common and that is a fondness for Bill Shatner.
Cost: $20.00 US/$22.00 Canadian/$25.00 Foreign.

Please send me any updates that you have. Also, please send me any information
you have on other national/international fan clubs pertaining to Star Trek (any
and all incarnations). Please, do not send me information on local clubs for
inclusion into this list. They will mysteriously disappear.


Jim Buntjer

Snailmail: RIME Network: FidoNet netmail:
PO Box 5514 ->233<- or 1:3406/15
Salem, OR ->CHEMEK<-

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