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Alliance of Planets [TOS #24].

The planet Lorca is settled by colonists from Earth [TNG #7].

The M'dok are defeated by the U.F.P. and, like their Kzinti relatives,
are stripped of their empire and confined to a small area of space
[TNG #8].

The Star Fleet Lunar Hall of Justice is constructed in Oceanview on
Earth's moon [GN 7].

The Omega Sejanus system is colonized [TNG 130].

Privately funded genetics labs on Earth produce the first Human-Vulcan
hybrid. The accomplishment is kept secret for almost a century [TOS

Guinan meets the Q [TNG 142].

Rigel (Beta Orionis) becomes the 11th U.F.P. member [STM].

The U.F.P. border is redefined between Rigel, Deneb, and Antares; 480
parsecs in diameter [STM].

Rampart (Rho Ophiuchi) is colonized by Earth [TNG #11].

The Chyrellkans make their first landing on their sisterworld Vancadia
[TOS #55].

The Ab'brax tradition is phased out on Betazed [TNG #18].

Starbase 12 is commanded by Admiral Uttan Narsu [TNG 215].

The U.S.S. "Essex" (NCC-173), "Daedalus" class starship, commanded by
Captain Bryce Shumar, is lost with all hands at Mab-Bu VI's moon [TNG

The Bekeem colony ship is completed [TNG #14].

The Tseetsk encounter the Human colony of Koban's ancestors on
Foothold (Joost-klaara) and enslave them, using the colony as a
breeding planet [TNG #21].

The U.S.S. "Almeida" (GCC-120) heavy cruiser/freighter is
commissioned. A dozen ships of this class (GCC-120-GCC-131), with
crews of 93 and laser bank weaponry, are built [HCFP].

The genetically-perfect integrated Earth colony on Moab IV is founded
[TNG 213].


The ambassador of Kreos is born [TNG 221].

The White Rhino becomes extinct on Earth [TNG 210].

The S.S. "Aurora" (NCC-C1200) space cruiser is built. A total of 237
of these six-person, warp 1.6 capacity, ships will be produced by
2180, with over 34 variations on the basic design [ACP, EOM].

The Habishium burial vaults on the Cardassian homeworld are unearthed
and plundered [TNG 237].

Civil war breaks out on the planet Oriana between the Torlick and
Venturi clans [TNG #24].

Colony Terra (Alpha) 5 is established on Eta Serpentis IV [STM].

Kavis Alpha, a neutron star, explodes [TNG 150].

U.F.P. impulse engine design changes radically [TNG 230].

Cait (15 Lyncis) becomes the 12th U.F.P. member [STM].

Nisus (Vulcan Colony 9) is established. In later years it will be
known as the finest example in the galaxy of cooperation among
intelligent life forms [TOS #38].

2173 (8700 Vulcan Years)
The Vulcan Outreach period ends [MRM].

The "Montcalm" and "Meridio" space cruisers are built, two variations
on the S.S. "Aurora" class [ACP].

Antos IV becomes the 13th U.F.P. member [STM].

Radioactive pollutants on Scalos begin to cause drastic mutations
[MRM, WE].

Catulla (Theta Pictoris) becomes the 14th U.F.P. member [STM].

Singa, the Sleeping God, offers his services to the U.F.P. [ON 6].

The Type 1 40 MM Hand Laser is developed [SFD].

Sarek observes the World Series, on Earth [GN 4].


Tiburon (Omega Fornacis III) becomes the 15th U.F.P. member [STM].

A ship disappears in the Cicada/Taurean region [LS/a].

Star Fleet is officially established as the peace-keeping branch of
the U.F.P. [LOR, SFD, ST II].

Donald Mora is born [TOS #61].

The D.E.V "Eagle Valley" DY-950 ship, commanded by Dan King, is
launched as the 3rd colonization mission into the Ficus sector [TNG

Trititanium (Element 128) is discovered on Motherlode (Acadia III).
It will soon become the most popular metal used in starship hulls
until the discovery of tritanium and quadrotanium [MRM].

Edos (92 Trianguli-Rho) becomes the 16th U.F.P. member [STM].

Theta Cygni XII, a dead planet wiped out by the Flying Parasites, is
discovered by the U.F.P. [STM, OA].

Sarek invents the "satchel" crypton scrambler [GN 4].

The DY-245 type ship S.S. "Hatteras" is launched on a deep space
exploration mission to the Ficus sector, commanded by Gary Loes [TNG

The ruins of Temaris IV, located in the Romulan Neutral Zone, are
abandoned as agreed to by treaty [GN 10].

Daniel Corrigan is born [TOS #20].

Chhay is born [GN 1].

The "Perth" PB-18 series dilithium-energized circumferential warp
drive engine is developed by Cochrane Warp Dynamics, and will be first
installed aboard the "Horizon" and "Archon" classes. Allowing an
emergency velocity of warp 4 and a cruising velocity of warp 2, these
engines will remain in production for half a century [SFE].

05 October
The U.S.S. "Caracal" (CC-750) command cruiser is commissioned with an
experimental dual phaser system and a ship's complement of 220.
Fifteen ships of this class will be built (CC-750-CC-764), and will be


in service until 2232 [CCP].

Robert T. April is born [CC/a].

Tricobolt (Element 129) is discovered on Janus VI [MRM].

(8756 Vulcan Years)
Kironide (Element 139) is discovered on Vulcan [MRM].

Sarek negotiates the Vulcan-Terran Interstellar Comprehensive Trade
Act [GN 4].

Merak II becomes the 17th U.F.P. member [STM].

In Second History, the first incidents of Romulan vessels invading
Alliance territory begin [TOS #24].

T'Prylla is born [TOS #15].

The Cygnia Minor and the Beta 6 Colonies are established [STM].

The last of the "Daedalus" class starships is decommissioned [TNG

10 October
The U.S.S. "Horizon" (NCC-1000) cruiser is commissioned with laser
banks, a complement of 203, and a warp capacity of 4 via PB-18
dilithium-energized warp engines. This class will total 13 ships.
The U.S.S. "Horizon" will be lost on a deep space survey mission. The
"Horizon," and all other vessels of this time, lack subspace radio,
and are similar in general design to the previous "Daedalus" class
starships [HCE].

The U.S.S. "Horizon" surveys Sigma Iotia II and leaves behind the book
'Chicago Mobs of the Twenties.' The Prime Directive is not as of yet
in effect. The Book will set the pattern of the society's future [PA,

In Second History, Vulcan scoutships establish preliminary contact
with the existing Terran government [TOS #24].

2202 stardate 0290.10
The U.S.S. "Archon" (NCC-1370) cruiser is commissioned. This class,
externally identical to the "Horizon," but with greater endurance,
will total 7 (NCC-1370-NCC-1376). The U.S.S. "Archon" will be lost
with all hands on a survey mission to UFC 611-Beta III [RA, HCE].


04 December
The U.S.S. "Republic" (NCC-1371) cruiser is commissioned [HCE].

Dr. Alonzo Richter first publishes the Richter Scale of Culture. In
time it will become the U.F.P's most important tool for determining at
which point in a civilization's development the Prime Directive no
longer need apply [GN 7].

Amanda Stemple Grayson is born in Seattle, Washington, U.S. on Earth
[EOM, TMoST, Log 1, TOS #23].

Rohgan is born on Vancadia [TOS #55].

In Second History, Earth is formally admitted into the Alliance [TOS

George Kirk is born [GN 3].

Enzo Piretti is born in Sicily, Italy on Earth [TOS #33].

Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri III) becomes the 18th U.F.P. member [STM].

The U.F.P.'s first known contact with the Klingon Empire occurs when
the U.S.S. "Sentry" meets the I.K.V. "Devisor" [TOS #16].

Theodore Wallace is born [ST 7].

Trititanium is used in the construction of the disc-shaped primary
hull of starships [HCE].

The Star Fleet ship and small craft classification system begins,
utilizing a 2- or 3-letter code for defining type and sequence within
that type [SotF1, SotF2].

Transporter Psychosis, a breakdown of neural chemical molecules during
transport, is first diagnosed by researchers on Dilidia IX [TNG 228].

A ship disappears in the Cicada/Taurean region [LS/a].

2210 (8810 Vulcan Years)
Dikironium (Element 112) is discovered on Vulcan [MRM].

The Type 1/2A (Agronska 30 series) Hand/Pistol Phaser is developed by
Star Fleet. The Phaser 1 unit is a palm-sized weapon worn under the
uniform shirt. The Phaser 2 weapon consists of the Phaser 1 unit
locked into a pistol mount, the handle of which greatly increasing the


range, power, and energy charge of the weapon. They will remain in
service for well over half a century, alongside more cruder hand
weapons [SFD, FRS, TMoST].

The Janus VI pergium production colony is established [STM, ST 4].

Eminiar, in Star Cluster NGC 321, is first charted [TA].

stardate 1098.07
The U.S.S. "Republic" (NCC-1371), an "Archon" class cruiser, is
drydocked and fitted with a new disc-shaped primary hull at
Christianshaab Station, Titan. Further redesigning and hull stress
testing leads to the development of the "Constitution" class heavy
cruiser [HCE].

2211, 26 September
The U.S.S. "Constellation" (NCC-1017) cruiser is commissioned [HCE].

Sarek returns to Vulcan and is officially rewarded the position as
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary from Vulcan, to Earth [GN

Richard Daystrom is born [UC, ST 9].

Henson is born.

Harcourt Fenton "Harry" Mudd is born on Antares Pi IV [EOM].

The Tarsus IV colony is established [STM, EOM].

The Ekosians colonize their sister planet Zeon [PF].

The Pleshun Company For Warp Studies develops the "Perth" PB-25 series
warp drive system. These engines have a faster dilithium decay rate
and a shorter operational life than other contemporary models but
provide faster acceleration times between incremental warp factors.
Originally intended for use in various defensive classes, such as the
"Detroyat" (NCC-1100) class destroyers, they will eventually find
their way into fledgling high-speed scout and superscout designs,
including the "Podish" (NCC-310) and "Tuverlind" (NCC-341) classes.
Cruising velocity is warp 4, maximum velocity is warp 8 [SFE].

Refrigeration fields which produce cold external leakage become
outmoded in the U.F.P., being restricted to specialized functions such
as long-term storage of biological materials [TOS #65].

2214, 11 April (stardate 1260.7)
Christopher Robin Pike is born in Mojave, California, U.S., Earth

Hudson's World gains its independence [GN 7].


Abdul Ramesh Kaul begins his study of the long-dead Meztoriens. In
time he will become the U.F.P.'s foremost authority on the Meztorien
culture [TOS #65].

The first U.F.P. contacts are made with the Sackers, a nomadic race of
non-humanoid beings, revolting in appearace to Humans and humanoids
[TOS #41].

On Boaco VI, the freedom movement starts [TOS #46].

03 November
Construction begins on the U.S.S. "Constitution" cruiser, the most
successful starship class in U.F.P. history [HCE, SotF].

Ardana (Mu Leonis) becomes the 19th U.F.P. member [STM].

The Alpha Majoris system is discovered [STM].

Roger Korby is born [ST 11].

An asteroid belt is created in the Selcundi Drema system from the
destruction its 5th planet [TNG 141].

Star Fleet begins work on the development of two different photon
torpedoes. One utilizing a simple 1:1 matter/antimatter collision
device consisting of frozen deuterium slugs backed up by carbon-carbon
disks and driven by microfusion initiators into antideuterium
cavities. The other utilizing variable amounts of matter/antimatter
in thousands of minute 'packets.' The latter torpedo will not see use
for over half a century [NTM].

Kel Titiac, a member of the warp engine design team at Cochrane Warp
Dynamics, develops the "Titiac" PB-30 and PB-31 series warp drive
engines (the former design will be discontinued in the early 2250's)
which allow a sustained emergency velocity of warp factor 7, and a
cruising velocity of warp 5. These PB-31 warp engines will allow the
"Constitution" class and other large cruiser-sized vessels to begin
truly long-range, extended duration missions [SFE].

2217, 16 March
The U.S.S. "Constitution" (NCC-1700) cruiser is launched [EOM, SotF,

30 June
The "Constitution" class cruisers are reclassified as heavy cruisers

George Stocker is born [ST7].

2218, 20 January (stardate 1265.3)


Leonard Horatio McCoy is born in Georgia, U.S., Earth [EOM].

Sybok is born [ST V].

03 May
The U.S.S. "Constitution" (NCC-1700) heavy cruiser is commissioned.
This starship class will total 14 ships and, as other heavy cruisers
of similar design are constructed over the next century, this class
will be uprated to match the current state-of-the-art technologies
[HCE, SotF].

16 July
The "Enterprise" is laid down at UESPA in San Francisco Yards on Earth
[HCE, SotF].

Merak II is colonized [STM].

Tranquility Park on Luna becomes a holiday resort [GN 7].

Heartland (UFC 513) is discovered by the Klingon Empire [ON 13].

Commodore van Anling tells Robert April that he will be the first
captain of the "Enterprise." Over the next year, April will oversee
the assembly of the starship and consult with her chief construction
engineer, Franz Joseph IV, on her internal configuration [Log 7,

Skorpios/Kanaris E.T.M. is contracted to develop plans for both
destroyer and scout type starships utilizing components developed for
the "Constitution" class starships [FRS].

2220 March
Free-space assembly starts on the "Enterprise" [Log 7].

16 June
A christening projectile is perfectly aligned and fired to intercept
the "Enterprise" in exactly 2 weeks, 4 days, and 16 hours [Log 7].

04 July
The U.S.S. "Enterprise" (NCC-1701) is launched from Earth. Captain
Robert April takes her out on a shakedown cruise, following her
christening by the U.F.P.'s President Samuel Solomon Qasr [Log 7,

Finnegan is born [SL].

Sekar is born on Vulcan [GN 5].

2221, 05 January
The U.S.S. "Enterprise" (NCC-1701) heavy cruiser is commissioned with
two (4680 TEV rarium) laser banks, monotronic computers, and a


complement of 403. Captain Robert T. April takes her out on her first
deep-space mission: galaxy exploration and investigation, beginning
with the patrol of the 9th quadrant, from Alpha Centauri to the outer
Pinial Galaxy limit [HCE, SotF, TMoST].

The first hostilities occur between the U.F.P. and Klingon Empire [ST

Argelius II becomes the 20th U.F.P. member [STM].

Chag Gara is born in Tara on Kyros [ON 1].

2222, 03 March (stardate 1268.5)
Montgomery Edward Scott is born in Aberdeen, Scotland, Earth [EOM, TNG

2223, 08 February
The U.S.S. "Lexington" (NCC-1703) heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF,

12 February
The U.S.S. "Farragut" (NCC-1702) heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF,

20 March
The U.S.S. "Yorktown" (NCC-1704) heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF,

03 July
The U.S.S. "Excalibur" (NCC-1705) heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF,

17 July
While on patrol seven parsecs from Klingon space, the "Audace"
(CC-757) heavy cruiser is lost. The victim of a Klingon sneak attack

10 August
The U.S.S. "Exeter" (NCC-1706) heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF,

15 August
The U.S.S. "Hood" (NCC-1707) heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF,

Nancy Crater is born [MT].

Winston Matthew Kyle is born in Sydney, Australia on Earth [TBoT #8].

James Atheling is born [ON 5].

Jeffrey Ryan Adams is born in New Orleans, U.S., on Earth [TOS #37].


In Second History, Romulan space boundaries change [TOS #24].

2224, 28 March
The U.S.S. "Saladin" (NCC-500) destroyer is commissioned. Twenty of
these single propulsion unit ships (NCC-500-NCC-519) will be
constructed, each with a complement of 200 [FRS, TM, SCP].

30 April
The U.S.S. "Ptolemy" (NCC-3801) transport/tug is commissioned. These
unarmed transports, like the "Saladin" destroyers, utilize the same
modular components originally developed for the "Constitution" class.
Fifteen transport/tugs of this class will be built
(NCC-3801-NCC-3815), each with a complement of 220 and PB-18 engines,
along with five different variations on specially-designed transport
containers built strictly for this class [FRS, AES, TM].

stardate 2459.82
The U.S.S. "Intrepid" (NCC-1708) heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF,

The U.S.S. "Symma" (NCC-G128) cargo vessel is commissioned. These
unarmed, unmanned ships, with warp 4 capacity, will form the "Sherman"
series, introduced in 2235 [FRS, CDP].

10 September
The U.S.S. "Valiant" (NCC-1709) heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF,
stardate 2478.21
The U.S.S. "Kongo" (NCC-1710) heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF,

03 November
The U.S.S. "Detroyat" (NCC-1100) heavy destroyer is commissioned.
Star Fleet's most expensive ships, these destroyers will total ten
(NCC-1100-NCC-1109), each with a complement of 316 [DCP, AES].

06 November
The U.S.S. "Potemkin" (NCC-1711) heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF,

Jose Tyler is born [TOS #57].

The Irapina fleet makes telepathic contact with the Arivne [ON 5].

Silek visits Georgetown on Earth as an exchange student in a doctoral
program. He teaches linguistics to undergraduates and shares his
office with Amanda Grayson, whom he gives advice to on marrying Sarek
[TOS #30].

2225, 26 March (stardate 1272.7)
Xtmprszntwlfd S'chn T'gai Spock is born in ShiKahr, Sas-a-Shar,
Vulcan. He is the first product of genetic manipulation between two
different hominid beings, Sarek of Vulcan and Amanda Grayson of Earth

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