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interestellar ship to depart Earth's solar system. The ship's
telemetry fails and is never heard from again [TNG 138].

The DY-500 "Woden" class space freighter is built. Over the next few
years, the "Woden" class will total six vessels, as will the
"Helsinki" class. The last of the DY-Series, the DY-500 ships will
remain in service until the mid-2100's [DYC].

Rubindium (Element 120) is discovered in the asteroid belt (Sol
system). The crystalline element is a natural laser if properly cut
[MRM, PF].

The starliner "Enterprise" makes Earth's first successful interstellar
expedition of the Alpha Centauri system. In the 2050's, 7 or more of
these 120 meter long, 35 crew starliners will be launched at various
target stars within 15 light years of Sol. Only this UESPA
"Enterprise" reaches its destination. With the advent of warp drive,
these early interstellar probe ships will be phased out [STM].

Television becomes obsolete as a form of entertainment [TNG 126].

The Klingons clash with the Daa'Vit Confederacy and will remain
enemies for more than three centuries [GN 9].

2042, 13 November
O-Chlorobezyl-Malononitrite and related chemical gas weapons of war
are developed on Earth [WoE].

This is also the era during which Spiderweb is most likely developed
[TOS #2].

The Ka'Hat plague spreads throughout the Klingonii worlds [MRM].

The bloody Mind Control Revolts start on Earth [ST-TMP].

The S.S. "Charybdis" is contaminated by an alien life form. Colonel
Richey, the last survivor, finds himself within a simulacrum created
from the novel 'Hotel Royale,' on the planet Theta VIII [TNG 138].

A Vulcan scoutship crashlands on Earth. The survivors secretly leave
Earth in a stolen DY-100 vessel with help from Captain Kirk and his
officers (transported from 2259). The entire incident is covered up
until the late 23rd Century [GN 2].

Sessek of Vulcan studies alien physiologies [MRM].


The Mind Control Revolts end on Earth [ST-TMP].

The U.N.S.S. "Icarus" makes contact with the inhabitants of Alpha
Centauri VII. This is Earth's first official extraterrestrial
contact. The Centaurians are quite humanoid, descendants of Greeks
transported from Earth in the 3rd Century [GN 2, STM, TM].

Dilithium (Element 119) is discovered on Jupiter's fifth moon. The
major properties of this crystalline element will not be known by
Earth for the next two centuries [MRM].

The Kzinti, a race of felinoid warriors, invade the Sol system. All
UESPA spacecraft are commandeered for military use. The DY-500 series
is the most advanced of these vessels and is best equipped.
Asteroid-based lasers, placed on defensive outposts in the outer solar
system decades earlier by the UNPF and providing propulsion for UESPA
probe spacecraft, are turned against the Kzinti invaders [SW/a, EOM].

The famous Knossus archeological dig on Earth yields accounts of
Drantos, a popular Cretan monarch of the middle Bronze Age [TNG #20].

Dr. Zefram Cochrane discovers the space warp at the Alpha Centauri
Scientific Institute [Mt, LOR].

Cochrane's Factor, the curvature of space-time by the presence of mass
in subspace, is discovered [STM].

First Generation warp drive is developed and tested by Zefram Cochrane
[GN 2].

Construction begins on the Bekeem colony ship, initiated by the third
Supreme Primary Lans [TNG #14].

Professional baseball succumbs to mounting losses. Only eight
franchises remain of the thirty-two that had populated the American
and National Leagues at the peak of their prosperity [TNG #15].

Lavinius V is attacked by flying parasites. All the inhabitants are
used for slave labor and killed [OA].

Cochrane's team succeeds in producing a prototype field device of
massive proportions. Described as a fluctuation superimpeller, it
finally allows an unmanned flight test vehicle to straddle the speed


of light "wall," alternating between two velocity states while
remaining at neither for longer than Planck time. The first continuum
distortion propulsion (CDP) engines (only informally dubbed warp
engines) are developed and incorporated into existing spacecraft
designs. Eventually Cochrane and his team of engineers relocate to
the Alpha Centauri colonies (a 4-year CDP-powered voyage) to continue
to pioneer warp physics. The S.S. "Bonaventure" (NCC-S1100) galactic
survey cruiser, the first starship with warp drive, will be built and
launched, and will mysteriously disappear on her third voyage [NTM,
EOM, STM, Tr/a].

John Burke, the Chief Astronomer at the Royal Academy of Great
Britain, maps the UFC 24187 (Sherman's Planet) region [TT].

The "Great Awakening" occurs on Argelius II [WF].

A major earthquake strikes Oldtown San Francisco, Earth. It will take
20 years to rebuild the city [GN 5, TOS #54].

The Kzinti make one more attack on the Sol system. The Kzinti are
once and for all defeated by Earth forces. Their Patriarchy is
stripped down to a handful of planets by the Treaty of Sirius and they
are confined to a spherical volume of space 50 light years in diameter
[SW/a, STM, EOM].

The 'temporary' consolidation of UESPA with the UN security forces
becomes a necessary and permanent one, following the four Kzinti raids

The Terra 10 interstellar colonization ship is launched from Earth,
complete with 1st generation transporters [Te/a].

Intensive archeological study of the Meztorien civilization begins
[TOS #65].

Interstat code becomes outdated [Te/a].

Jason Nyere dies from an unspecified fever [GN 2].

The U.N.S.S. "Amity" rescues a Vulcan ship trapped on the outskirts of
Sol. This is Earth's first official contact with Vulcans. The S.S.
"Cochrane" will later establish contact with the planet Vulcan on
stardate 1135.7 [GN 2, EOM].

The fourth-dimensional (second-level) nature of dilithium crystals is
discovered. On Earth, a mad dilithium rush occurs when it is
discovered that dilithium crystals have a dozen different
three-dimensional physical configurations which can make them resemble
common crystals. Many Earth museums become incredibly well-funded
overnight simply by tearing apart their geology exhibits to find


dilithium crystals which had been misidentified as quartz for
generations. It will be some time until the crystals are used to
their full potential in warp drives [GN 7].

The Djanai settle their neighboring planet Inar--which later becomes
uninhabitable via nuclear catastrophe, forcing them to reclaim Djana
[GN 5].

The Myzarians are conquered. In the next 300 years they will be
conquered five more times [TNG 166].

The "Great Exodus" begins when the Totality is banished from the
planet Alaj. They colonize the neighboring world Etolos [TNG #14].

A sublight nuclear waste ship is discarded by an unknown world. In
three centuries it will reach Gamelan V [TNG 183].

The Saren contact the warring, pre-spaceflight planet Vemla. A
trading agreement is established, providing the Vemlans with advanced
technology, positronic microprocessors in particular [TNG #20].

Diplomatic relations are established between Earth and Vulcan [GN 2].

The last case of mind-rape is encountered and treated among the
Ullians--until the 24th Century [TNG 212].

Ralph Seron makes the first advances on toroidal space-time distortion
[ST IV].

The last emperor rules the Klingon Empire. Afterwards the Empire will
be ruled by a High Council [TNG 249].

The Tau Ceti system is explored. Contact is made with the Kaferians,
an insectoid race from Tau Ceti III (Kaferia), and trade relations are
quickly established with Earth [STM, LOR].

The S.S. "Valiant" (NCC-S1104) galactic survey cruiser disappears near
the edge of the galaxy [WNM, EOM, STM].

Synthococcus Novae, a bacillus strain, is created by accident on
Tiburon (Omega Fornacis III) [MRM, WEd].

The U.S.S. "Lynx" (NCC-4600) timeship, on her seventh mission,
explores the legends of a black hole in the Gamma Hydra sector [LTP].



United Earth is temporarily un-unified as the Post-Atomic Horror
reaches its peak on Earth [TNG 101].

The "Wanderer," the first L5 Earth structure, departs Sol system.
Essentially a sublight generation ship with fusion drive, contact will
be lost and the vessel assumed to be destroyed [ON 15].

Colonel Steven Richey dies on Theta VIII in the alien "Hotel Royale"
simulacrum, the last of the S.S. "Charybdis" [TNG 138].

Epsilon Rays are first detected when the baffle plate is torn off an
old "Woden" class freighter during a passage through a comet's
radioactive tail [MRM].

The Ceres expedition is lost. They are later believed to have founded
the Ten Tribes of Capella IV [STM, ST 3].

A feud starts between the Lornack and Tralesta clans on Acamar III
[TNG 157].

Beginnings of the United Federation of Planets [GN 2].

The stardate dating system is established [GN 2].

Zefram Cochrane takes his last interstellar voyage [Mt, STM].

Earth vessels encounter the Vegan Tyranny. The decisive actions of
the S.S. "Cochrane" and S.S. "Krushchev" cruisers prevent a major
interstellar war [EOM, ST 2].

Sarpk becomes famous on Vulcan for his Vulcan lyrettes [TM].

The groundwork for the United Federation of Planets is layed out in
San Francisco on Earth. The Second History alternate timeline begins
when Romulan androids from 2264 A.D. assassinate Dr. Palmer and his
two associates. As a result, the prospace exploration faction loses
much of its status. After several years Earth begins to exhaust its
natural resources and its nations begin fighting among themselves
until the environment is almost totally destroyed [TOS #24].

On Vemla, the first androids are constructed, designed as military
hardware [TNG #20].

The Synthococcus immunization is developed by John Pearce [MRM].


The Earth-Vulcan cultural exchange begins. Many new treatments and
techniques in the field of medical science result [MRM].

The S.S. "Hokule'a" is launched on a deep space exploration mission to
the Ficus sector, a DY-500-C ship commanded by Melinda Snodgrass [TNG

The "Lafayette" starliner colonizes New Paris [EOM].

The Redjac entity kills eight women in the Martian Colonies [WF].

'The Starship's Medicine Chest and First Aid in Space' is published
for the first time [MRM].

The V.K. "Yuri Gagarin" DY-732 ship, commanded by Winrich Kolbe, is
launched on a colonization mission to the Ficus sector [TNG 144].

Naja is born on Dalzell [ON 16].

Zefram Cochrane is reported missing [Mt, STM].

The Cicada star system (sector 4423) is briefly explored. Over the
next 150 years, a ship will disappear in this region exactly every
27.346 years [LS/a, Log 2].

A cure is found for hyperthyroidism [TOS #56].

The "Marco Polo" encounters the Galactic Maelstrom, henceforth known
as 'Polo's Bolos': twin black holes in motion [ON 15].

Peter Lauritson commands the S.S. "Tomobiki" RT-2203 vessel on a deep
space exploration mission of the Ficus sector [TNG 144].

The S.S. "Seattle" commanded by Wendy Neuss (NAR 18834 ship) is
launched on an A.D.R. looping mission to the Ficus sector [TNG 144].

The H.M.S. "Lord Nelson," DY-500-B ship, commanded by Young Jae Kim is
launched on a deep space exploration mission to the Ficus sector [TNG

2123, 27 November
Captain Walter Granger, commanding the S.S. "Mariposa" (NAR 7678, a


modified DY-500 vessel with Yoyodyne pulse fusion drive) departs Sol
system. The vessel will colonize the Ficus sector's Mariposa and
Bringloid V worlds [TNG 144].

The first Federation congress meets. The Vulcan delegation introduces
a referendum on Federation-wide Warrantorship [TOS #25].

The Federation Era begins. Over a hundred people, accompanied by
staffs totaling more than a thousand assistants, begin to draft the
Articles of Federation of the U.F.P. on Babel (Wolf 424) [MRM, TOS

Vulcan Fleet Commander Savaj, commanding the "V'Kreeth," opens up a
whole quadrant of space and single-handedly attempts to keep Vulcan
from joining in forming the United Federation of Planets [TOS #5].

2127, 8 May (stardate 0965)
The Articles of Federation are signed on Babel. The United Federation
of Planets is formed, consisting of the United Nations of Earth (Sol
III), the Planetary Confederation of 40 Eridani A (Vulcan), the United
Planets of 61 Cygni (Tellar), the Star Empire of Epsilon Indii
(Andor), and the Alpha Centauri Concordium of Planets (Centaurus VII).
The U.F.P. sphere of influence is a 90 parsec diameter sphere
centered on Sol, approximately 380,000 cubic parsecs [STM, EOM, TM,

Under the Articles of Federation, expenditure is granted for the
construction of an initial total of fourteen heavy cruiser starships
and seventeen starbases [TM].

A ship disappears in the Cicada/Taurean region [LS/a].

The Worlds Court bans the ownership of synthetic consciousnesses [TOS

Alpha (Procyon A) III (Terra 4) becomes the 6th U.F.P. member--the
first colony to be launched after the advent of warp drive, a pacifist
culture settled by Buddist Chinese [STM, LOR].

Maxwell Grandisson III is born [TOS #16].

Bonner the Stochastic is born [ST 2].

2131, 10 February
The U.S.S. "Durance" (FR-250) cargo/tug is commissioned. The class
will number 15 ships (FR-250-FR-264). These warp 2 capacity vessels,
with laser emplacements, a ship's complement of 40, and the most
advanced turbo elevator system of its time, will serve for 33 years


Vega IX becomes the 7th U.F.P. member [STM, LOR].

The U.S.S. "Carrizal" flyby of the Romulan home worlds (128
Trianguli) results in the Rihannsu preparing for a war against the
U.F.P. [TOS #35].

A Star Fleet Academy is opened on Vulcan [EOM].

The H.M.S. "New Zealand," a DY-732 (N) ship commanded by Bob Lederman,
embarks on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan in the Ficus sector [TNG

The U.S.S. "Balboa" enters the Romulan system on a peace mission. A
squadron of fifty Rihannsu ships destroy the "Balboa" with massed
particle beams. The Romulans then use high-powered lasers to
decompress the crew compartments of the U.S.S. "Stone Mountain," and
after studying the ship, gain warp drive technology. The First
Romulan War begins [TOS #35].

Jennifer Anne MacIntyre marries George William Jeffries. Their
grandson, Frederick William Jeffries, will design the Jeffries tube
[TOS #52].

The S.S. "Buckaroo Banzai," a BBI-993 spaceship commanded by John
Whorfin, is launched on a mission to Planet 10 (Dim 8) in the Ficus
sector [TNG 144].

Chan is born [GN 7].

The S.S "Urusei Yatsura" DY-430 spaceship, commanded by Dave Glick,
embarks on a nebula survey project into the Ficus sector [TNG 144].

The Theta VII mining and subterranean farming colony is established

Naw-Rocki is born [TOS #33].

Deneb (Alpha Cygni) becomes the 8th U.F.P. member [STM].

Navigational buoys are placed at each sector corner and along
spacelanes for commercial and private interstellar craft [LOR].


The Eristaffe-Zynn Defense and Space Systems Division is established
on Sebaldhesta Sennis [SsD].

With the androids' unification of the planet Vemla, war is
abolished--until the androids revolt in 2347 [TNG #20].

Tetsuo Inomata, Hikaru Sulu's great-grandfather, is born [TOS #47].

Emanuel Tagore is born [TOS #16].

Marcos XII becomes the 9th U.F.P. member [STM].

Trivium (Element 127) is discovered in the Denevan asteroid belt

A ship disappears in the Cicada/Taurean region [LS/a].

Military salutes go out of style [GN 11].

2156 (8650 Vulcan Years)
The Vulcan Outreach period begins [MRM].

The Redjac entity kills two women in Heliopolis on Alpha Proxima
(Eridani) II [WF].

Izar (Epsilon Bootis III) becomes the 10th U.F.P. member [STM].

The first "Merchantman" Class J cargo ships are constructed. 1,827 of
these warp 1.3, 12-man vessels will be built by 2175 and many will
remain in service well into the late 23rd Century [MCP].

Alonzo Richter is born [GN 7].

S'chn T'gai Sarek is born in ShiKahr, Sas-a-Shar on Vulcan [JB].

The last Danon is born on Heartland (NC513-II) [ON 13].

Gene Roddenberry commands the DY-1200 ship V.K. "Velikan" on a mission
into the Ficus sector to explore strange, new worlds [TNG 144].

The Quantum II 'time warp' star drive is developed. This PB-series
circumferential (2nd generation) warp drive, based upon an exponential
scale of time warp factors, will enable the "Horizon/Archon" class
starships to extend the boundaries of the U.F.P. by hundreds of
parsecs [STM, HCE].


Deneva is colonized [OA].

The planet Eden (UFC 3676543) is discovered by shipwrecked U.F.P.
forces in Romulan space [STM].

An unspecified federation is founded [TNG 217].

Atomic warfare rips away the atmosphere of Alpha Xaridian IV,
obliterating the populance [TOS #59].

The Battle of Cheron ensures U.F.P. victory over the Romulan Star
Empire [TNG 158].

stardate 1200.5
The Romulan War ends with the Treaty of Alpha Trianguli (Algeron),
between Praetor Karzan of the Romulan Star Empire and Cristofur
Thorpe, Governor of the Federation Council of the U.F.P. It is the
first treaty in U.F.P. history to be negotiated entirely by data
upload over subspace radio [TOS #35, TNG 158, TM, STM, BT, ST 1].

The Romulan Neutral Zone, an egg-shaped area of space 10 light years
in width, 750 parsecs along the galactic longitudinal plane and
extending to the outer boundary of the galaxy in the vertical plane,
with 128 Trianguli at the center, is established and construction
begins on asteroid outposts bordering on the Zone [TM, STM].

A woman challenges the Right of Supersedence on Ligon II--the last to
do so til 2364 [TNG 104].

The U.F.P.-M'dok War begins [TNG #8].

The Delos system is first contacted by a U.F.P. scoutship [TNG 123].

In the Delos system, the planet Onara is stricken by a plague and the
cure (felicium) is found on the neighboring world, Brekka. A trading
agreement is established [TNG 123].

The Energy Barrier at the edge of the galaxy is first detected [LOR,

The Hoshan are attacked in space and mistakenly assume the Zeator are
responsible [TOS #32].

Singa stows away aboard a ship bound for Raga's Planet [ON 6].

In the Second History timeline, Romulan ships attack Vulcan. After 6
months of battle, the Vulcans succeed in infiltrating Romulan
surveillance vessels and are quick to adapt Romulan stardrive. They
contact neighboring systems to push back the Romulan warships. The
Vulcan High Council establishes the groundwork for the Interstellar

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