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<<(*=-- DREAM FORGE --=*)>>

<<((*=-- The electronic for your mind! --=*))>>

Dream Forge, Inc.,
6400 Baltimore National Pike, # 201
Baltimore, MD 21228-3915
Modem: (410) 437-3463 (data to 28800 bps)

Publisher: Dave Bealer
Managing Editor: Rick Arnold

DREAM FORGE (tm) is a monthly emagazine for a thinking and literate
readership. Dream Forge, Inc. is seeking Official DREAM FORGE
Distributors (ODFDs) throughout cyberspace. The ODFDs will sell
individual copies of the current issue (and back issues) of DREAM
FORGE to their callers on a pay-by-download basis.

The list price of individual DREAM FORGE issues is $2.95. (All
amounts are in US dollars.) As additional online sales technologies
become available, the ODFDs will be encouraged to offer DREAM FORGE
using these new techniques.

Responsibilities of ODFDs:

1) Make DREAM FORGE available to their callers using any
available online sales technology (e.g. sale by download).
The ODFD warrants that all DREAM FORGE downloads will be
counted and paid for on a monthly basis.

2) Promote the availability of DREAM FORGE to all callers
during the logon process.

3) Resolve any customer complaints related to obtaining
DREAM FORGE from their system (i.e. broken archives,
aborted downloads, etc.). Dream Forge, Inc. will assume
no liability for any such problems, other than replacing
any broken DREAM FORGE archive sent to the distributor's
system by the publisher.

4) Provide a monthly report to the publisher showing the
download count for each DREAM FORGE issue carried by the

5) Remit the publisher's share (60%) of all DREAM FORGE sales
to the publisher promptly on a monthly basis. Any credit
card or transaction processing fees incurred in selling
DREAM FORGE are strictly the responsibility of the ODFD.
If an ODFD chooses to sell DREAM FORGE for a discount, the
publisher's share remains 60% of the official list price
of the magazine ($1.77/copy at the list price of $2.95).

6) Provide a complimentary account on the ODFD system for
the use of DREAM FORGE staff. The account need not have
any sysop privileges, except that it should allow DREAM
FORGE staff to view the current download counts for all
DREAM FORGE issues being sold. The account should have
all upload and download privileges normally offered to
those with "free, shareware uploader" status.

Benefits for ODFDs:

1) The ODFD retains 40% of all DREAM FORGE sales ($1.18/copy
sold at a list price of $2.95) made, less any transaction
fees incurred (see #5 above). The ODFD also retains any
time based fees incurred by any user as they download the

2) The right to advertise their system as an Official DREAM
FORGE Distributor. A logon screen may be (indeed, should
be) displayed to all callers so identifying the system.

3) A listing in each DREAM FORGE issue identifying the ODFD,
including System name, primary data telephone number,
number of lines, and location of system (City/state/country).

4) A 20% discount on any advertising purchased in DREAM FORGE
to advertise the ODFD system, or any products or services
offered by the firm that owns the ODFD. This discount is
cumulative with any other applicable discounts.

5) A 40% discount on a display subscription to DREAM FORGE for
the ODFD system. Applies only to a prepaid annual
subscription, and is not cumulative with any other offers.
(e.g. The operators of a 100 line BBS that is an ODFD will
pay $597/year to display DREAM FORGE to their callers rather
than the normal fee of $995.)

Interest Sysops should contact the publisher, Dave Bealer.
Internet e-mail: [email protected]
FidoNet netmail: Dave Bealer @ 1:261/1129

* DREAM FORGE is a trademark of Dream Forge, Inc.
{DF Document: ODFD.TXT}
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