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R a N d O m A c C e S s H u M o R RAH! RAH!

Volume 0 Number 3 December 1992

A rag-tag collection of fugitive humor, some of which
is vaguely related to the BBS/Online System world.

Editor: Dave Bealer

Copyright 1992 Dave Bealer, All Rights Reserved

Random Access Humor is an irregular production of:

VaporWare Communications
32768 Infinite Loop
Sillycon Valley, CA. 80486-DX2
USA, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way

VaporWare Communications is an operating division of VaporWare
Corporation, a public corporation. VaporWare Corporate Officers:

Luther Lecks
President, Chief Egomaniac Officer

Dorian Debacle, M.B.A. Gabriel Escargot
V.P., Operations V.P., Customer Service

Pav Bhaji, M.Tax.(Avoidance) Carlos Goebbels
V.P., Finance V.P., Political Correctness

Kung Pao Har Hoo, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc. F.A.C.S, C.P.A., S.P.C.A.,
Y.M.C.A., L.E.D., Q.E.D., op. cit., et al.
V.P., Research & Development

The "look and feel" of Random Access Humor has been specifically
earmarked, spindled and polygraphed. Anyone who attempts to copy
this look and feel without express written consent of the publisher
will be fed to rabid radioactive hamsters by our Security Director,
Vinnie "The Knife" Calamari.

Editorial - Attack of the Holiday Modemers.........................01
Cereal Communications 101..........................................02
Online Song Book: The Twisted Pairs................................03
My Computer and I..................................................05
'Twas the Night Before Installation................................06
Taglines Seen Around the Nets......................................07
Masthead - Submission Information.................................A-1

Random Access Humor Page 1 December 1992

Editorial - Attack of the Holiday Modemers
by Dave Bealer

According to a recent statistic the online world gains about 9000 new
users each day. This statistic is merely an average. A large share
of these new users flood into the online world around the holidays,
having received a modem as a present.

Unfortunate timing, since this is precisely the time of year when the
sysops, those crisis counselors of the online world, are most likely
to be distracted from their hotlines by bothersome family matters.

New modemers are easy to spot, since they fumble around a system like
a freshly decapitated chicken. Their posts, when they finally
discover the E)nter Message command, are usually something along the
lines of the following:

"Send me mail!"

"How do I download, and where is the pirate software?"

"Where is the 'ANY' key?"

Obviously many holiday modemers received their new modem as part of a
package deal with an equally new PC. These folks haven't even
mastered DOS yet, and are woefully unprepared for the challenge of
serial communications with distant computers.

On other matters, the FidoNet Nodelist Monster has swallowed Net 261
(Baltimore, Maryland) whole again. NODELIST.332 does not include
*any* of the nearly eighty FidoNet systems in Baltimore. This mess
effectively disables 25% of RAH distribution systems. Godzilla has
been summoned from his retirement home inside Mount Pinatubo in the
Philippines and is expected to make the Monster disgorge his ill-
gotten meal. With any luck Baltimore will be back for a triumphant
return in NODELIST.339.

This edition of RAH has somehow turned into the computer poetry and
song issue. Speaking of songs, did you hear that the Clinton
Administration is going to replace "Hail to the Chief" with "Dueling
Banjos?" I am still amazed that the people of this country elected a
president from the Land of Inbreeding. Sorry...the politically
correct term is Land of the Genetically Challenged.
Sound Byte:

What's the difference between a virus and Windoze?
- A virus always works.
- A virus does not occupy *all* available disk space.
- A virus is less annoying.
- A virus doesn't ask for original disks.

Random Access Humor Page 2 December 1992

Cereal Communications 101
by Dave Bealer

With the PC industry unit counter approaching "Over 100 Million
Served" it seems appropriate to discuss one of the most common
elements of any modern PC, the cereal ports.

The earliest personal computers where fruit-based, with the majority
being Apples. These early machines although personal, were
definitely not personable, and rarely communicated with other
computers. Some of them actually had printers attached locally
through parallel ports, which transmit all 8 bits in a byte of data
simultaneously. Parallel ports were fine for slow, early PCs. Hook
one up to a flame throwing 486 with a static memory cache bigger than
the back forty, however, and a parallel port ends up looking a lot
like the Los Angeles Freeways at rush hour, and it's just as speedy.

The device which revolutionized PC communications is called the
Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter, or UART. To me this
acronym always sounds like an American actress from the deep south
trying to do Shakespeare: "Romeo! Romeo! Where U-ART thou, Romeo?"
The first UARTS were made from farina, and turned out to be slightly
runny under many conditions.

As technology advanced, oatmeal UARTS made their appearance, which
had lots of body and were less prone to breakdown under hard use.
Modern UARTS are usually constructed of some form of bran medium and
constitute "high fiber" communications. This medium was found to be
most effective when formed as a series of rings.

When networking, cereal communications were found to be more
effective when the media rings were laced with orange, lemon and
cherry artificial flavorings. This type of network came to be known
as a "fruit loop," although the officially adopted name was Toucan
Ring Network.

UART technology continues to advance quickly. Industrial Smoke and
Mirrors, the hardware division of VaporWare Corp., is currently
working on a new super-high speed UART. It is called the
ISM16555550MCT, and is a milk-cooled, turbo-charged UART. Early
testing has yielded transfer rates of almost 256KB/sec. The major
limitation is the requirement for a super-conducting transmission
medium. Dr. Hoo, Director of Research for ISM, has revealed that a
new form of super-conducting strawberry licorice whip is being
developed in the ISM labs.

Random Access Humor Page 3 December 1992

Online Song Book: The Twisted Pairs
by Dave Bealer

Almost everyone is familiar with how computers are influencing the
musical arts. MIDI hardware and software proliferate. Some it is
even affordable.

What many are only now becoming aware of is the influence that
computers are having on the *content* of song lyrics. The following
are some lyrics from the increasing popular folk-rock group, The
Twisted Pairs.

Online America
by the Twisted Pairs

(* Sung to the tune of "America" by Paul Simon. *)

Let us be sysops,
We'll marry our modems together.
I've got some shareware
On my C: drive.
So we bought a pack of floppy disks,
And Procomm for Windows,
And logged on
To Online America.
"Kathy," I said,
As we Freq'ed some files from Pittsburgh,
"BinkleyTerm seems like a dream to me now.
It took me four tries
To logon to Maximus.
Welcome to Online America."

Laughing at the twits,
Playing games in the doors,
She said the man with 286
Was a spy.
I said "Be careful,
His upload is really a virus".
"Toss me a floppy disk,
I think there's one in my raincoat."
"We filled the last one
An hour ago."

So I looked at the user list,
She read the system log;
And a user hacked into our system.
"Kathy, we're lost," I said,
And I knew she was weeping.
"C:'s empty and it's shaking and
I don't know why."
Counting the callers
On the New Jersey Chat Line.
They've all called
Online America.
All called Online America.

Random Access Humor Page 4 December 1992

The User
by The Twisted Pairs

(* Sung to the tune of "The Boxer" by Paul Simon *)

I am just a user
Though my modem seldom works,
I have squandered my phone bills
For a hard-drive full of software
What's this lunacy?
All games and GIFs,
Still a man D/Ls what he wants to use,
And disregards the rest.

Ignoring my home
And my family,
I am no more than a toy,
In the clutches of hackers
In the humming of the carrier
Running scared,
Paying tolls,
Seeking out the multiline boards
Where the power users go,
Looking for the systems
Only they would know.

In the clearing stands a user,
And a file-leech by his trade,
And he carries the reminders
Of every sysop who twitted him,
Or cut access till he cried out
In his anger and his shame,
"I am starting my own board."
But the user still remains.

Bridge Over Troubled Routers
by The Twisted Pairs

When you're bleary, the net is down.
When sleep is in your eyes, the pager goes off.
Who's on your side, when times get tough?
When backups can't be found,
Like a bridge over troubled routers
I will save your butt.

Like a bridge over troubled routers
I will save your butt.

When you're down and out,
When you're offline,
When throughput drops so hard
I will comfort you.
I'll take your part,
When downtime comes.

Random Access Humor Page 5 December 1992

When blame is all around,
Like a bridge over troubled routers
I will save your butt.

That new net version,
Bring it up,
Your time has come to shine,
All your users on their way.
See how they smile.
If you need a break
I'm logging on right now.

Like a bridge over troubled routers
I will save your butt.
Like a bridge over troubled routers
I will save your butt.

Of course, most musically aware people remember The Twisted Pairs'
first big hit, the science fiction ballad, "You Can Call Me HAL".
My Computer And I
by Bettie Dendekker (Fido 1:271/236)

My computer and I don't see eye to eye;
It thinks that it's perfect, you see.
Which causes such stress (enough to depress)
When it says, "I have no drive c:"

I panic! I scream! You silly machine!
Enough of this kind of talk!
The drive's in its slot (don't tell me it's not)!
Do you think it went out for a walk?

Please try once again, my dear little friend.
I feel that you've just overlooked it.
Take a good look around; it's sure to be found
You mindless, electronic nitwit!

While I sit befuddled, the computer (unruffled)
Disdains and ignores me completely.
It digs its toes in, (if it could, it would grin)
And repeats, "I have no drive c:"

I plead, I cajole, I offer my soul!
(By now, I'm becoming quite desperate.)
I offer it bribes--two more floppy drives!
Find c:, I really do need it!

That fiend with a screen is loathsome and mean,
It cares not one whit about me.
I swear I hear chortles, remarks about "mortals",
And STILL it won't find drive c:

Random Access Humor Page 6 December 1992

I'm beaten, I know it, but darned if I'll show it!
I push retry just to annoy.
As I live and breathe, do my eyes deceive?
There's DOS! Oh, rapturous joy!

Wait a minute, I cry! You're caught in a lie!
Explain this discrepancy to me!
It says not a word to explain the absurd.
It thinks that it's perfect, you see.
'Twas The Night Before Installation

(From an anonymous printout from somewhere in California)

'Twas the night before installation,
And all through the shop,
Not a program was working,
It sure was a flop.
The programmers hung by their tubes in despair,
In hope that a miracle soon would be there.

The users were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of inquiries danced in their heads.
When out in the hall there arose such a clatter
I sprang from my desk to see what was the matter.
And what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a Super-Programmer (with a six-pack of beer).

His resume glowed with experience so rare,
He turned out great code with a bit-pusher's flair.
More rapid than eagles, his programs they came,
And he whistled and shouted and called them by name:
On Update! On Add! On Inquiry! On Delete!
On Batch! On Closing! On Functions Complete!

His eyes were glazed over, fingers nimble and lean,
From weekends and nights in front of a screen.
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head
Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
Turning specs into code; then turned with a jerk,
And laying a finger upon the "Enter" key,
The system came up and worked perfectly.

The Updates updated, the Deletes, they deleted;
The inquiries inquired, and Closing completed.
He tested each whistle and each bell,
with nary an abend, and all had gone well.

The system was finished, the tests were concluded;
The users' last changes were even included.
And the users exclaimed with a snarl and a taunt,
"It's just what I asked for, but not what I want!"

Random Access Humor Page 7 December 1992

--- Taglines Seen (by Dave and Robin Kirkey) Around the Nets

SENILE.COM found . . . Out Of Memory . . .

I call things as I see them; If I didn't see them, I make them up!

Open mouth, insert foot, echo internationally.

Docs? Why would I want to look at the Docs. Nurses are better 🙂

Tag line thievery ... On the next Geraldo!

"Could you continue your petty bickering? I find it most intriguing."

Drop your carrier ... we have you surrounded!

We now return to our regularly scheduled flame-throwing.

Do what you will with this tagline, just don't bother me about it!

A feature is a bug with seniority.

Not tonight, dear. I have a modem.

Two most common elements in the universe: Hydrogen & Stupidity.

Illiterate? Write for FREE HELP!

DOS never says "EXCELLENT command or filename"...

If it wasn't for C, we would be using BASI, PASAL and OBOL!

If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.

Take my advice, I don't use it anyway.

A clean desk is a sign of a cluttered desk drawer.

File not found, I'll load something *I* think is interesting.

Practice safe fax...ALWAYS use a cover slip.

BRAIN.COM file closed. (A)rgue (R)etry (F)orget It

The dead outnumber the living more than 30 to 1.

Support safe housing; use condos.

Jesus Saves! Passes to Moses, He shoots. He SCORES!

If at first you don't succeed, skydiving isn't for you!

He who smiles in a crisis has found someone to blame.

Random Access Humor Page A-1 December 1992

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